The Spirit of Prophecy Vindicated

We have a Fresh New Look!

~ An Introduction ~

        It is my opinion that Ellen G. White was a true prophet of God, faithful to God her entire life. But, that is just an opinion.
        What happened after Ellen wrote something on a piece of paper is another story, one we make public on this site.

        I spent 50 years in the SDA church and then discovered I'd been lied to.

        The facts tell us, Ellen was inspired, she was a true prophet, it was God who spoke to his church through the words he caused her to put on paper.

        Though not an addition to the Bible, yet, "God has seen fit in this manner to bring the minds of his people to his Word, to give them a more clear understanding of it." No.27 p.153

        The original Testimonies were published by number. They number 1 through 30, hence the reference above. The first number was published in 1855. The last of the originals was published in 1881, the year James, Ellen's husband, died. Immediately upon James' death W. C. White took control of all the production of everything called "The Spirit of Prophecy;" and maintained that control till his death in 1937.

        The facts are clear that God used Willie to fulfill his words as stated in No.20, pages 42-49, that "...because light has been set aside, neglected, and despised. And God will remove them [the Testimonies] away from the people, and will deprive them of strength, and humble them."

        This same information can be found in the interpolated, i.e. counterfeited, version known as Testimonies for the Church, Vol.2, page 607, just below center. It will not read exactly the same as the original, which I quoted, but then again, that is what a counterfeit is all about.

        You can read the facts for yourself, prove all things, don't just take my assertions for it, go read the proof.

        It is found on pages 217 to 219 of The Lonely Years, by Arthur L. White. Read what they say (they, meaning those who produce the official position to the public). Look at the admissions they make. Read also what they do not say.

        Allow me to point out a few details.

        1.) When did this work start?

        Right after James' death. Exactly ten (10) days after James died the first Review and Herald article appears, August 16, 1881. Now mind you, Ellen was very sick, so sick that a year later they thought she was going to die. So who is writing for the R&H? It is Willie, not Ellen, she is too sick. What does the book say? "Late in 1881..." is when they started. So they claim, but... you can put anything in print.

        Further proof of this claim can be found by searching on the phrase "ellen dreams of james" and you will find a letter which is addressed from Ellen to Willie. In this letter Ellen, allegedly, has a dream, in the which she visits with the now dead James, who gives her counsel...from God. I have been told to sit down and shut up about this, "It's just a dream." But such overlook the most important sentence. It is next to last, "The Lord forbids me." Meaning, what the dead James told her. This is blasphemy. God never uses the dead to communicate with the living; that is the special work of Satan. This letter can be found in two places that I know of: 1.) The Retirement Years, page 161, (1990) and 2.) 1MR - Manuscript Releases Volume One [Nos. 19-96] (1981), with this citation, {10MR 38.2}.

        2.) What exactly did they do?

        Right at the bottom of page 217 is the answer, "revising the wording...." Now why would they do that? Where did they get the authority to make these changes? Here is what you will not find in the pages of this book. It is James speaking, telling us facts that we need to know. Taken from the Introduction to No.26, he says, "Here is a work that has been subjected to the most rigid criticisms, and the most violent persecutions for the long period of twenty years, and yet remains unchanged." Emphases added.

        3.) "correcting imperfect grammar...." Oh, really?

        Why was it that they felt the grammar needed to be changed? It's simple, grammar is an opinion. Some may be better than others, but it is still, just an opinion. Another fact you will not find in this book can be found in the 1880 Life Sketches, page 14. James declares that "I...was regarded as a good grammarian...." Original edition. James was the house-band for Ellen AND the Spirit of Prophecy. Did I mention that someone counterfeited that book also? Really, go on and look it up. There you will find the third presentation of the book since I first blogged about it. This third one actually presents a 416 page count, but much of those last pages are a catalog, not text.

        4.) "or making clear the meaning intended by Ellen White."

        Now here is an important question to ask, if you write something, can I make more clear the meaning you intended? No. I can only make more clear something I wrote. You are the only one who can make more clear something you wrote.         BUT, no man can make more clear something God wrote. Man must keep a hands-off attitude about what God has written. God invented everyone's language. God makes more clear the meaning he intended, to the righteous, the wicked will never understand his words. And that is a main point with the authentic Spirit of Prophecy. God is the true author, not Ellen.

        5.) What happened next?

        "Type was set and printing plates were made." Right here, in their own words, is the proof, their own admission, that this "work" was full on in progress and much was done, well before the committee of five was created at the General Conference meeting two years later.

        6.) Notice the effect of this "work" upon Mary White.

        "The fear that we may make too many changes or in some way change the sense haunts me day and night." MKW to WCW, Jan. 7, 1882. (page 218) What is happening here? They are tampering with God's words. Christ said, "It must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!"

        7.) Look at the progression of the work.

        "There are now a little more than three hundred pages of the first volume of Testimonies electrotyped [in printing plates]. There is some more in type and much more prepared." MKW to WCW, Jan. 29, 1882. (page 218) Please notice the dates. They are now into their sixth month of creating the counterfeit SOP, an offense to God and a snare and a trap to many in the church.

        Then, two years after they had started they got an approval from the GC. Here is, in all it's glory, the official General Conference resolution, handled on the last day of the GC meeting. My comments are in blue text.

Whereas, Some of the bound volumes of the Testimonies for the Church are out of print, so that full sets cannot be obtained at the office; and

        This is one of the most ridiculous excuses I have ever heard of. It is actually a lie about the true conditions of the press. Where is the manager of the press? Did he loose the foreman? Are there no pressmen to actually run the press? How did they make the plates the first time? Can they not make them again? What this really is is a joke on the unthinking, promoted by those who want to "lead" those they look down their noses at.

Whereas, There is a constant and urgent call for the reprinting of these volumes; therefore

        What a way to make money. What a way to keep the press in the black. Somebody needs to get out there and tell the workers to get to work! It's a businessman's dream market.

Resolved, That we recommend their republication in such a form as to make four volumes of seven or eight hundred pages each.

        James already did this in 1871. All they had to do was keep up the work he started and add the later works to it.

Whereas, Many of these testimonies were written under the most unfavorable circumstances, the writer being too heavily pressed with anxiety and labor to devote critical thought to the grammatical perfection of the writings, and they were printed in such haste as to allow these imperfections to pass uncorrected; and

        This is a lie proving the perfidy of those involved, originally, and those endorsing it into the future. We proved, above, that James was a good grammarian. And from the same edition of Life Sketches, page 130, we prove another point. James states about the publishing of, "...millions of pages of tracts and other publications which have been written and printed in the most careful manner." The authentic Spirit of Prophecy did not need to be re-written! This lie was told to cover their true intent, their hatred of what God had done.

Whereas, We believe the light given by God to His servants is by the enlightenment of the mind, thus imparting the thoughts, and not (except in rare cases) the very words in which the ideas should be expressed; therefore

        Right here is "Satan disguised through the minister, as an angel of light." No.18, p. 151. Make no mistake here, this is raw blasphemy. They are claiming that the Spirit of Prophecy is actually the production of Ellen; but God, in 2 Peter 2:21, declares that he is the author of what his prophets say. And furthermore, as such, they claim not only the right, but the very responsibility to interpret such for the church members. This is always Satan's method. To get you to trust in any man. God says, "Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm." Jeremiah 17:5

Resolved, That in the republication of these volumes such verbal changes be made as to remove the above-named imperfections, as far as possible, without in any measure changing the thought; and further

        No changing the thoughts? Sorry, they fail. On this site we prove that not only were the thoughts changed, but the new thoughts were 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

Resolved, That this body appoint a committee of five to take charge of the republication of these volumes according to the above preambles and resolutions. RH, Nov. 27, 1883.
Butler appointed the committee, as follows: W. C. White, Uriah Smith, J. H. Waggoner, S. N. Haskell, and himself (ibid.).
[The End]

        This is an interesting committee. The first three names we know are holders of errors. We know this because it is in print. Look about this site for the information. Not sure about Haskell. Nevertheless, if you have much experience at all you know things are done in committee and out of committee. Current case in point—this committee is being formed to do something that was already done! Go back and read how that at least a year and a half eariler the plates were already being made.

        Is this the "strong delusion, that they should believe a lie," which God has sent to them? So it would seem....

        Some people look at the capitalization of some words and the re-arrangement of other words and say, "it's Ok." Yet you take "those same people" and have them sit down and write a letter to you, then hand it to me to deliver to you; but, before I hand it to you I re-type it, make some changes, and then hand it to you. This is all done it the same room, in the presence of "those same people." I'll just bet I would not get far on my "job" before the objections and angry cries start.

        Why is it people think God isn't in the same "room" with us? watching all, recording all, reading the thoughts and intents of our hearts; and the day is coming when we all will face that record.

The End

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