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~ You can help and here is how ~

To write, ship to, or just send donations:

Art at Sopvindicated
P. O. Box 370
Naples, Idaho 83847

Or, you may call: 208-304-3870

I would love to hear from you!

1.) If you have or can aquire an original book or paper please contact us to determine if it should be reproduced. We make the best quality photocopy possible for printing.

We currently have about 150 of the proven originals God has provided. We pray that he will provide more material to prove certain quotations that are currently not proven.

Many SDAs refer to the White Estate as a source, yet forgetting they are dealing with a church in darkness. God has preserved original writtings out from under the control of the GCSDA church. Much of the material they supply to their members has been interpolated, counterfeited, and is not reliable; and it does not matter what form or what the claim about that material, everything must be proven.

2.) Do you know how to type? There is material that needs to be typed up in a digital format. If you would like to help and don't mind the world reading your work, contact me.

3.) Please feel free to suggest improvements to this site.

4.) Determine now to come up to the help of the Lord and do what ever he asks you to do to get this message delivered.

5.) Ask God to help you get your books. Ask God to help you study your books. Ask God to help you learn this message so you can deliver it when he asks you to.

In the Word is this most amazing formula; if you will receive.

6.) Can you run a press? Do you have a print shop? We will be glad to help you print more of the original materials to meet the huge demand of the future.

7.) Keep your property on the altar and WHEN God tells you, sell and invest in the last message of mercy for the world. You can buy books and pamphlets to give away.

8.) Get ready to go to Heaven. Now is the time.

9.) Buy some books and start studying. If you can not afford the books there are those who will help and something can be worked out to get you started.

The End

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