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The following is a list of some of the best links I know. I'll comment on each to give you my reasons for inclusion. If you know of a link that should be here, let me know.

This site was the one which had the information I needed to make my decision to leave the SDA church. Many of the items they are reporting on I had heard about through rumors, but here was the rock solid evidence. It was not until about a year after leaving the church that God introduced me to the authenticated Spirit of Prophecy.

9/9/2006 - One of my all time fave sites; "Ooparts & Ancient High Technology--Evidence of Noah's Flood?"is an absolutly beautiful site! Here you will find all that stuff that those with college degrees have been hiding from us for sooo long. Thanks to the Net you and I can finally communicate with each other without our communications being filtered by some "editor." Truth, just give me the truth, and I will make up my own mind.

April 22, 2011, One of my fave topics gets a boost! These folks are actually building an ark for all to go and tour. One caution, they are in darkness as to what happens at the second coming of Christ.

9/9/2006 - This is a companion site to the above by virtue of it's content. It is a great resource for you to show others that the Bible is true. There is just one point you need to be aware of, they have NOT found the ark of the covenant.; "Wyatt Archaeological Research Inc.
I have personally held in my hand one of the "brimstones" of Sodom & Gomorrah. The guy I talked to told me that a lab could not measure exactly how hot they burned, because they maxed out their lab oven! These two sites are MUST SEE sites!

12/5/2014 - Apparently some people are following hard after some things that Ron taught(?) that was error. I do not know much of the details and have no interest in digging into it. Present truth is what is important.

That said, some others are road slamming Ron, holding up only his errors and mistakes while saying nothing about what the man did right. He did find the real Red Sea crossing. He did find the true Sodom and Gomorrah. Just be careful out there, Satan wants to get you!

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Here is Jerry M.'s page. I highly recommend him. WARNING ... See below.
I fully believe that the Holy Ghost is teaching this man and preparing him daily to work for God. It was while answering his email to me, I was being very careful in what was said, for I did not understand his words, that I was suddenly moved to pour out my heart to the man in words of conviction about the truth. And I hit send. And I wondered at what had just happened.

God in his providence brought us together. The timing was perfect. God is bringing much needed balance to this site in the lifting up of his Word, and a very clear understanding of a great treasure, the hidden treasure of the ages, made clear just before his appearing at the end of the world. We PRAISE GOD!!!


Sabbath ~ June 7, 2014 ~ 6:57 PM

A note about Jerry Cook.

When Jerry first contacted me I thought he was a little on the far side, but I listened. Within about fifteen minutes I knew that God was using him to teach about the spiritual meanings of the words God used in the Bible. Satan has since pushed Jerry too far by spiritualizing away, even the virgin birth of Christ.

Jerry is placing William Miller's Rules of Interpretation on a higher plane than the instruction God gave to his church, through visions given to Ellen. Jerry is claiming that if any event, of which the Bible speaks, defies the laws of nature, that event is not a literal one, but a spiritual message that needs to be understood.

This position that Jerry has taken, makes a spiritual message out of all miracles in the Bible, as opposed to any literal miracle. Using other words, because a miracle defies the laws of nature it is not a literal miracle, it is a representation of some spiritual message. This is called "spiritualizing away" our faith.

In Ellen's day some were spiritualizing away even the second coming of Christ. Jerry will probably be there shortly. He has just told us that he has gone through the time of trouble such as never was, the time of Jacob's trouble. The plagues are now falling, and, to read and study the Advent Sabbath-keepers message is to receive the mark of the beast.

For more information you can click on the link for a pdf with email excerpts.

This is a French consulting firm that charges for their efforts. But, in February 2006 they began making public their findings because of the enormous impact it was going to have on the whole world. In that first public release they stated that this event would wipe out the middle class in America.

It is happening.

Because the public release of their findings are so made so late in the game, they are nearly 100 percent accurate. I have found that a great many of the, so called, "financial experts," who are lauded as being so great, are simply following the findings of this company.

James Wesley, Rawles holds forth on this blog. It is a great source for what works in getting yourself established in the country, should God be leading you to do that. The title says it all, really. Fully 80% of the site is focused on survival. Do not fear the same things the world fears, fear God.

I am a carpenter, not a financial guru. That said, these guys put together a great site showing the real truth about current events and their probable impact, mostly focused within the realm of financials. Most of this stuff I do not understand, it is just not my area of understanding, however, the truth they reveal behind the lies of the various governing agencies is well worth the look. They update all day long.

They are not Christian in any sense and sometimes the language gets rather coarse.

Signs of the end. Check out Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, p. 82-85, "These wonderful exhibitions will be more numerous and terrible just before the second coming of Christ and the end of the world, as signs of it's speedy destruction."

It is my firm belief that God is using Other Than Christians (OTC) to bring out the truth.

Having said that, here is one who is bringing out the truth about the weather and geologic events, earthquakes and volcanoes. Further, this man is documenting the incredible lies being put out by the US government from the United States Geologic Survey, (USGS). They are lying to the public through the information they are puting out.

Dutchsinse is discovering major signs of volcanic activity all over the west coast of the USA, right now! (7/29/2011). The USGS has tried to contradict what he has discovered through public documents on their site, but an army of people are responding to the call to go to the located site and video verify the findings.

Check out this video for verification of USGS lies.
Youtube has censored this video, they do not want you to know the truth.

UPDATE: June 13, 2014
Check out this page for a complete exposeure of the .gov documentation behind the weather modification.

Dutchsinse's warnings are being verified.

UPDATE: September 5, 2011, Youtube has just terminated Dutchsinse's account without cause. Actually, that would be, without justifiable cause. The real cause is that he was publishing the truth and in an age of lies, telling the truth is not allowed.

I just fixed the link and it now goes to his blog.

9/7/2011, Youtube restored Dutchsinse and all his content because of a monster outcry from the viewing public. Apparently it's too early to just squish such popular attractions....

UPDATE: June 13, 2014
Here is Dutchsinse's new site.
It has all the goodies and it is his own site, not under the control of others. Yay!

The Water Cure site. They promote the proper use of pure water. I have for the last 30 years taken one (1) quart of hot (about 103 degrees) water every morning, by habit, and often in the evening. I typically eat two meals per day. In examining this site you will learn that most people are simply dehydrated. Any study, or research project, on any aspect of health, should consider the basics first. But, sadly, most do not make any consideration of such matters. This site points out that many health problems disappear when there is enough water in the system.

I post these health links because of the great darkness of the SDA health system. Working hand in glove with Satan's drug program, they will persecute and condemn simple treatments. Their record is scattered all over history. God Bless your health in obedience to his will, natural health laws.

Internet Accuracy Project - This organization works to improve the accuracy of reference sources, and also provides advertising-free access to reference, educational and literary materials.

This site is very useful. References about most anything you might like. I just picked the latest postal rates to send a small package. Need to know how many cups of flour in a ton? find that answer here.

The End

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