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Testimony for the Church

No. 18

By Ellen G. White

Steam Press of the Seventh-day Adventist

Publishing Association

Battle Creek, Michigan


Christian Temperance




[* Delivered in Battle Creek, March 6, 1869,

and reported by

 U. Smith.]

"Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? fFor ye are bought with a price;: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." 1 Cor. vi, Corinthians 6:19, 20. p. 1354, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 We are not our own. We do not belong to ourselves. But we have been boughtpurchased with a dear price. We have cost an immense sum, even the sufferings and death of the Son of God. If we can could understand this, and fully realize it, then shall wewe would feel a great responsibility resting upon us to keep ourselves in the very best condition of health, that we may might render to God perfect service. p. 1, Para. 2, [18OT].

 But when we take any course which expends our vitality, decreases our strength, expends our vitalityor beclouds the intellect, and destroys the powers of the mind,intellect we sin against God. In pursuing this course we are not glorifying hHim in our bodies and spirits which are hHis;, but are committing a great wrong in hHis sight. p. 1354, Para. 32, [18OT2T].

 Has Jesus given hHimself for us? Has thisa dear price been paid to redeem us? And is it so, that we are not our own? Is it true that all the powers of our being, our bodies, our spirits, all that we have, and all we are, belong to God? Is this so? It certainly is. And when we realize this, what obligation does it lay us under to God to preserve ourselves in that condition that we may honor hHim upon the earth in our bodies and in our spirits which are the Lord'sHis. p. 1354, Para. 43, [18OT2T].

 We believe without a doubt that Christ is soon coming. This is not a fable to us. I; it is a reality. We have tono doubt, neither have we had a doubt for years, that the doctrines we hold today are present truth, and that we are preparing for nearing the Jjudgment. We are preparing to meet Him who, whoescorted by a retinue of holy angels, is to appear in the clouds of heaven with the holy retinue of angels, to escort Him on his way, to give the faithful and the just the finishing touch of immortality. When he comes he is not to cleanse us of our sins. He is not then to remove from us the defects in our characters. He will not then cure us of the infirmities of our tempers and dispositions. He will not do this work then. Before that time the work will all be accomplished, if wrought for us at all. Then those who are holy will be holy still. They are not to be made holy when the Lord comes. Those who have preserved their bodies, and their spirits, in holiness, and in sanctification, and honor, will then receive the finishing touch of immortality. And wWhen hHe comes, those who are unjust, and He is not to cleanse us of our sins, to remove from us the defects in our characters, or to cure us of the infirmities of our tempers and dispositions. If wrought for us at all, this work will all be accomplished before that time. When the Lord comes, those who are holy will be holy still. Those who have preserved their bodies and spirits in holiness, in sanctification and honor, will then receive the finishing touch of immortality. But those who are unjust, unsanctified, and filthy, will remain so forever. There is then nNo work to will then be done for them which shallto remove their defects, and give them holy characters. The Refiner does not then sit to pursue hHis refining process, and remove their sins, and their corruption. This is all to be done in these hours of probation. It is now that this work is to be accomplished for us. p. 2355, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 We embrace the truth of God with our different organizations faculties, and as we come under the influence of that truth, it will accomplish the work for us which is necessary to be accomplished, and give us a mortal fitness for the kingdom of glory, and for the society of the heavenly angels. We are now in God's workshop. We are, mMany of us, are rough stones from the quarry. ABut as we lay hold upon the truth of God, its influence must affects us. It must elevates us. It must and removes from us every imperfection. It must remove from us sins of whatever nature. And it must fit us, that we may be and sin, of what ever nature. Thus we are prepared to see the King in hHis beauty, and finally to unite with the pure and heavenly angels in the kingdom of glory. TIt is here that this work is to be accomplished for us, here. Here we are, with these that our bodies and spirits, which are to be fitted for immortality. p. 3, Para. 1, [18OT].

 We are in a world that is in opposition to righteousness, holiness, a growth in grace, and to purity of character. Everywhere we look we see deformity and sin. We see corruption. We see defilement on every hand. And what is the work that we are to undertake here just previous to immortality? It is to preserve our bodies holy, our spirits pure, that we may stand forth unstained amid the corruptions teeming around us in these last days. And if this work is to be performed for us, we need to engage in it heartily, and engage in it at once. We want to understand it just as it is. Selfishness should not come in here to control us. We want the Spirit of God to have perfect control of us. It should influence us in all our actions. And if we have a right hold on Heaven, a right hold of the power that is from above, we shall feel the sanctifying influence of the Spirit of God upon our hearts. p. 3, Para. 2, [18OT].

 When355, Para. 2, [2T].

 We are in a world that is opposed to righteousness and purity of character, and to a growth in grace. Wherever we look we see corruption and defilement, deformity and sin. And what is the work that we are to undertake here just previous to receiving immortality? It is to preserve our bodies holy, our spirits pure, that we may stand forth unstained amid the corruptions teeming around us in these last days. And if this work is accomplished we need to engage in it at once, heartily and understandingly. Selfishness should not come in here to influence us. The Spirit of God should have perfect control of us, influencing us in all our actions. If we have a right hold on Heaven, a right hold of the power that is from above, we shall feel the sanctifying influence of the Spirit of God upon our hearts. p. 356, Para. 1, [2T].

 When we have tried to present the health reform to our brethren and sisters the health reform, and have spoken to them of the importance of their eating and drinking, and indoing all that they do, to do it to the glory of God, many, by their actions, hadve said, : "It is nobody's business whether I eat this or that. Whatever we do, we are to bear the consequences ourselves." Dear friends, you are greatly mistaken. You are not the only sufferers from a wrong course. The society you are in bears the consequences of your wrongs, in a great degree, as well as yourselves. If you are suffering suffer from your intemperance in eating or in drinking, we that are around you, or associated with you, are also affected by your infirmities. We have to suffer on account of theyour wrong course you pursue, which is wrong. If it has an influence to lessen your powers of mind or body, we are affected by it. We have to feel it. When when in your society, and are affected by it. If, instead of your having a buoyancy of spirit, you are gloomy, andyou cast a shadow upon the spirits of all around you. If we are sad, and depressed, and in trouble, you could, if in a right conditions of health, have a clear brain to show us the way out, and speak a comforting word to us. If But if your brain is so benumbed by your wrong course of living that you cannot give us the right counsel, do we not meet with a loss? Does not your influence seriously affect us? We may have a good degree of confidence in our own judgment, yet we want to have counselors; for "in many the multitude of counselors there is safety." We desire that our course should look consistent and proper to those we love, and we wish to seek their counsel, and have them able to give it with a clear brain. But what care we for your judgment, if your brain nerve-powernerve power has been taxed to the utmost, and the vitality withdrawn from the brain to take care of the improper food placed in your stomachs, or of an enormous quantity of even healthful food, placed in your stomachs, and the vitality withdrawn from the brain? What care we for the judgment of such persons? They see through a mass of undigested food. Therefore your course of living affects us. It is impossible for you to pursue any wrong course without causing others suffering beside yourselfto suffer. p. 4356, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 "Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize!? So run, that ye may obtain. And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air;: but I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection,: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." IThose who engaged in running the race, in order to obtain that laurel which was considered a special honor, those who engaged in running were temperate, in all things so that their muscles, and their brains, and every part of them, should might be in the very best condition to run. If they were not temperate, in all things they would not have that elasticity that they would have if they were temperate in all things. If temperate, they could run that race more successfully. T; they were more sure of receiving the crown. p. 357, Para. 1, [2T].

 But notwithstanding all their efforts in the direction of temperance, and to--all their efforts to subject themselves to a careful diet, in order to be in the best condition, yet they --those who ran the earthly race only ruan at a venture. They might do the very best they could, and yet after all not receive the token of honor; for another might be a little in advance of them, and take the prize. Onely onlye received the prize. But we can all run in the heavenly race, we can all run and all receive the prize. ItThere is not an no uncertainty. It is not to run at a, no risk, in the matter. We must put on the heavenly graces, and, with the eye directed upward to the crown of immortality, keeping keep the Pattern ever before us. He was a Mman of Ssorrows, and acquainted with grief. The humble, self-denying life of our divine Lord we are to keep constantly in view. His life of poverty, humbleness, and self-denying, we must not forget. And then as we seek to imitate hHim, keeping our eye upon the mark of the prize, we can run this race with certainty, knowing that if we do the very best we can, we shall certainly secure the prize. Men ran top. 358, Para. 1, [2T].

 Men would subject themselves to self-denial and discipline in order to run and obtain a corruptible crown, one that would perish in a day. All this self-denial practiced by those who ran these races was to obtain a corruptible crown,, and which was only a token of honor from mortals here. p. 6, Para. 1, [18OT].

 But we are to run the race, at the end of which is a crown of immortality and everlasting life. Yes, a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory will be awarded to us as the prize when the race is run. "We," says the apostle, "an incorruptible." And if they could be temperate in all things,those who engaged in this race here upon the earth for a temporal crown, cannot we could be temperate in all things, cannot we, who have in view an incorruptible crown, an eternal weight of glory, and a life which measures with the life of God? When we have this great inducement before us, cannot we "run, with patience, thise race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the aAuthor and fFinisher of our faith"? He has pointed out the way for us. He has, and marked it for usall along by hHis own footsteps all the way along. It is the path that hHe traveled. You, and we may, with ChristHim, experience the self-denial, and the suffering, and walk in this pathway imprinted by his His own blood. p. 7358, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 "I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air. B: but I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection." There is work to do here, for every man, woman, and child to do. Satan is constantly at work, that he may haveseeking to gain control of your bodies and spirits. But Christ has bought you, and you are hHis property. And now it is for you to work in union with Christ, in union with the holy angels that minister unto you. It is for you to keep the body under, and bring it into subjection. Unless you do this, you will certainly lose everlasting life, and the crown of immortality. p. 8, Para. 1, [18OT].

 And yet some will say,: "What business is it to anybody what I eat? or what I drink?" I have shown you what relation your course hads to others. You have seen that it has much to do with the influence you exert in your families. It has to do with your manner of acting. It has much to do with moulding the characters of your children. p. 8359, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 As I said before, Itwe live isn a corrupted age in which we live. . It is a time when Satan seems to have almost perfect control ofover minds that are not fully consecrated to God. Therefore there is a very great responsibility resting upon parents and guardians who have children to bring up. Parents have taken the responsibility of bringing these children into existence. A; and now what now is their duty? Is it to let them come up just as they may?, and just as they will? Let me tell you, a weight ofy responsibility rests upon these parents. "Whether therefore youe eat, or whether you drink, or whatever whatsoever youe do, do all to the glory of God." Do you do this when you are preparing prepare food of the table, and when you place it uponfor your tables, and call your family to partake of it? Are you placing only the food before theseyour children only the food that you know will make the very best blood? Is it that food that will preserve their systems in the least feverish condition? Is it that which will place them in the very best relation to life and health? Is this the food that you are studying to place before your children? Or are do you careless and reckless, regardless of their future good? and, provide for them unhealthful, stimulating, irritating food? p. 359, Para. 2, [2T].

 Let me tell you that the children from their very birth are born to evil. Satan seems to have control of them. He seems to take s possession of their young minds, and they are corrupted. Why do fathers and mothers act as though a lethargy was were upon them? They do not mistrust that Satan is sowing evil seed in their families. They are as blind, and careless, and reckless, in regard to these things as it is possible for them to be. Why do they not awake, and read and study upon these thingssubjects? Why are they not reading up? Says the apostle,: "Add to your faith virtue,; and to virtue knowledge,; and to knowledge temperance,; and to temperance patience," &cetc. Here is a work restingwhich rests upon every one who professes to follow Jesus Christ,; it is to live upon the plan of addition. p. 9360, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Chapter after chapter has been opened to me. I can select family after family of children in this house that are, , every childone of them, whom is as corrupt as hell itself. And sSome of them profess to be followers of Jesus Christ. A, and you, the ir parents, are as indifferent as though you had had a shock of paralysis. p. 10 360, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 I have said that some of you are selfish. You have not understood what I have meant. You have studied what food would taste best. Taste and pleasure, instead of the glory of God, and a desire to advance in the divine life, and to perfect holiness in the fear of God, have ruled. It is to You have consult ed your own pleasure, your own appetites; and while you have been doing this, Satan has been gaining a march upon you, and, as its generally happensthe case, has frustrated your efforts every time. p. 360, Para. 3, [2T].

 Some of you fathers have taken your children to the physicians to see what was the matter with them. I could have told you in two minutes what was the mattertrouble. Your children are corrupt. Satan has obtained control of them. He has come right in past you, while you, who are as God to them, to guard them, were at ease, stupefied, and asleep. God has commanded you to bring them up in the fear and nurture of the Lord. But Satan has passed right in before you, and has woven strong bands around them. And yet you sleep on. May Heaven pity these parents,you and these your children, for they, every one of them,you need hs His pity. p. 10 360, Para. 24, [18OT2T].

 Had you taken your position upon the health reform; had you added to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, and to knowledge temperance, things might have been different. But you have been only partially aroused, opened your eyes a little, by the iniquity and corruption that is in your houses. You have opened your eyes a little and then composed yourself to sleep again, over the iniquity and corruption that is in your very houses. Do you think angels can come into your dwellings? Do you think your children are susceptible of holy influences with these things in your midstamong you? Yet I can count family after family that are almost entirely under the control of Satan. I know these things are true, and I want the people to arouse before it shall be eternally too late, and the blood of souls, even the blood of the souls of their own children, be found upon their garments. p. 11361, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 The minds of some of these children are so weakened that they have but one-half,one half or one-third,one third of the brilliancy of the intellect that they might have had had they been virtuous and pure. They have thrown it away in self-abuse. Right here in this church, corruption is teeming on every hand. Now and then there is a sing, or some gathering offor pleasure. Every time I hear of these, I feel like clothing myself in sackcloth. "Oh! that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears.!" "Spare tThy people, O Lord." I I feel distressed. I have an agony of soul that is beyond anything that I can describe to you. You are asleep. Would the lightning and thunder of Sinai arouse this church? Would they arouse you, fathers and mothers, to commence the work of reformation in your own houses? You should be teaching your children. You should be instructing them how to shun the vices and corruptions of this age. Instead of this, many are studying how to get something good to eat. You place upon your tables the meat, the butter, the eggs., and meat, and your The children partake of these thingsthem. The parentsThey are feeding them fed with the very things that will excite their animal passions, and then theyyou come to the meeting and pray, and ask God to bless theirand save your children, and save them. . How high do your prayers go? You have a work to do first. When you have done all for your children which God has left for you to do, then you can with confidence claim the special help that God has promised to give you. p. 12361, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 You should study temperance in all things. You must study it in what you eat, and in what you drink. And yet you say: i"It is nobody's business what I eat, or what I drink, or what I place upon my table." It is somebody's business, unless you take your children and shut them up, or go into the wilderness where you will not be a burden upon others--, and where your unruly, vicious children will not corrupt the society in which they mingle. p. 13362, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 ThoseMany who have adopted the health reform, many of them, have left off every everything hurtful thing;, but does it follow that because they have left off these things, they can eat just as much as they please? They sit down to the table, and instead of considering how much they should eat, they give themselves up to appetite, and eat to great excess. And itthe stomach has is all theyit can do, andor all theyit should do, the rest of that day, to let the stomach worry away with itsthe burden imposed upon it. All the food that is put into the stomach that, from which the system cannot derive benefit from, is a burden to nature in her work. It hinders the living machine. The system is clogged. It and cannot successfully carry on theits work of life. The vital organs are unnecessarily taxed. T, and the brain nerve-powernerve power is called to the stomach to help the digestive organs carry on their work of disposing of an amount of food which does the system no good. So you see you have lessenedp. 362, Para. 2, [2T].

 Thus the power of the brain is lessened by drawing so heavily upon it to help the stomach get along with its heavy burden. And after it has accomplished the task, what are the sensations you have experienced as the result of this unnecessary expenditure of vital force? A feeling of goneness, a faintness, as though you must eat more. Perhaps this feeling comes just before meal timemealtime. What is the cause of this? Nature has worried along with her work, and is so thoroughly exhausted in her efforts in consequence, that you have this sensation of goneness. And you think that the stomach says, "More food," when, in its faintness, it is distinctly saying, "Give me rest." p. 363, Para. 1, [2T].

 The stomach needs rest to gather up its exhausted energies for another work. But , instead of your allowing it any period of rest, you think the stomach it needs more food, and so you heap another load upon nature, and refuse it all the needed rest it needs. It is like a man laboring in the field all through the former early part of the day until he is weary. He comes in at noon. He and says that he is weary and exhausted;, but you tell him to go to work again and he will obtain relief. This is the way you treat the stomach. It is thoroughly exhausted. AndBut instead of letting it rest, you give it more food, and then call the vitality from other parts of the system to the stomach to assist in the effortwork of digestion. p. 13363, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 YMany of you have at times felt a numbness around the brain. You have felt disinclined to take hold of any special labor, which required exertion. You have felt as though you did not want to engage in labor, required either mental or physical, to any extent exertion, until you have rested from the sense of this burden imposed upon your system. Then, again, there is this sense of goneness. But you say it is more food that is wanted. You , and place a double load of food forupon the stomach for it to take care of for. Even if you are most strict in the quality of your food, do you glorify God in your bodies and spirits, which are hHis, by partaking of such a quantity of food? Those who place so much food upon the stomach, and thus load down nature, could not appreciate the truth, should they hear it dwelt upon. They could not arouse the benumbed sensibilities of the brain to realize the value of the atonement, and the great sacrifice that has been made for fallen man. It is impossible for such to appreciate the great, the precious, and the exceedingly rich reward that is in reserve for the faithful overcomers. The animal part of our nature should never be left to govern the moral and intellectual. p. 15363, Para. 1 3, [18OT2T].

 And what influence does overeating have upon the stomach? The stomach isIt becomes debilitated, the digestive organs are weakened, and disease, with all its train of evils, is brought on as the result. If theypersons were diseased before, they are nowthus increasingincrease the difficulties upon them, and lesseninglessen their vitality every day they live. They call their vital powers into unnecessary action to take care of the food that they place in their stomachs. What a terrible condition is this to be in! We know something of dyspepsia by experience. We have had it in our family. A, and we feel that it is a muchto- be-dreaded-diseasedisease much to be dreaded. And wWhen a person becomes a thorough dyspeptic, he is a great sufferer, mentally and physically,; and his friends must also suffer, unless they are as unfeeling as brutes. And yet will you say, : "It is none of your business what I eat, or what course I pursue"? Does anybody around the dyspeptics suffer? Just take a course that shall will irritate them in any way. How natural to be fretful! They feel bad. T, and it appears to them that their little children appear to them to beare very bad. They cannot speak calmly to their children. They cannotthem, nor, without specialespecial grace, act calmly in their families. All around them are affected by the disease upon them. A; all around them have to suffer the consequences of their infirmity. They cast a dark shadow. Then, does not your habits of eating and drinking affect others? ItThey certainly does. And you should be very careful to preserve yourself in the best condition of health, that you may render to God perfect service, and do your duty in society and to your family. Then, even healthy reformers family. p. 364, Para. 1, [2T].

 But even health reformers can err in the quantity of food. They can eat immoderately of a healthy quality of food. They can err in the quantity. Some in this house err in the quality. They have never taken their position upon health reform. They have chosen to eat and drink what they pleased, and when they pleased. They are injuring their systems in this way. They areNot only this, tearing down their systems,but they andre injuring their families, by placing upon their tables a feverish diet, which will increase the animal passions of their children, and lead them to care but little for heavenly things. The parents are thus strengthening the animal, and lessening the spiritual, powers of their children. And wWhat a heavy penalty will they have to pay in the end! And then they wonder that their children are so weak morally weak ! p. 16365, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Parents have not given their children the right education. They have fFrequently they manifested the same imperfections which are uponseen in the children. They have eaten improperly, which has and this called s their nervous energies of the being to the stomach, therefore and they could not have no vitality to expend in other directions. They could not cannot properly control their children, because of their own impatience. N, neither couldcan they teach them the right way. Perhaps they would take hold of them roughly, and give them an impatient blow. I have said that to shake a child would shake two evil spirits in, while it would shake one out. If a child is wrong, to shake it only makes it worse. It will not subdue it. When the system is not in a right condition, when the circulation is broken up, and the nervous power has all that it can do to take care of the a bad quality of food, or too great a quantity even of that which is good, parents have not self-command. They cannot reason from cause to effect. Here is the reason that, in why--in every move they make in their families, they create more trouble than they cure. They do not seem to understand and reason from cause to effect, and they go to work just like blind men. They seem to act as though it would especially glorify God for them to move like wild men, and if anything wrong should occur in their families, to put it down with roughness and violence. p. 365, Para. 2, [2T].

 Who are our children? They are only our younger brothers and sisters in the family that God acknowledges as hHis. We are dealing with the members of the Lord's family. And while the care of them is committed to us, how careful should we be that we bring them up for the Lord, so that when the Master comes we can say,: "Here, Lord, are we, and the children that tThou hast given us." Shall we then be able to say,: We have tried to do our work, and we have tried to do it well? p. 17366, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 I have seen mothers of large families, who in the familycould not see could not see the work that lay right in their pathway, just before them in their own families. They wanted to be missionaries, and do some great work. They were looking out for themselves some high position, but neglecting to take care of the very work at home which the Lord had left for them to do. How important that the brain be clear! How important that the body be as free as possible from disease, in order that we may do the work which Heaven has left for us to do, and to perform it in such a manner that the Master can say: "Well done, thou good and faithful servant;: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things;: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." My sisters, do not despise the few things which the Lord has left for you to do. Let each day's actions be such that in the day of final settlement of accounts you will not be ashamed to meet the record made by the recording angel, in the day of the final settlement of accounts. p. 19, Para. 1, [18OT recording angel. p. 366, Para. 2, [2T].

 But what about an impoverished diet? I have spoken of the importance of the quantity and quality of food being in strict accordance with the laws of health. WBut we would not recommend an impoverished diet. I have been shown that many take a wrong view of the health reform, and live uponadopt too poor an impoverished diet. They subsist upon a cheap, poor quality of food, prepared without care or reference to the nourishing nourishment of the system. It is important that the food should be prepared with care, that the appetite, when not perverted, can relish it. The idea should never be given can relish it. Because we from principle discard the use of meat, butter, mince pies, spices, lard, and that which irritates the stomach and destroys health, the idea should never be given that it is of but little consequence what we eat, because we, from principle, leave meat, butter, mince pies, spices, lard, and that which irritates the stomach and destroys health. eat. p. 367, Para. 1, [2T].

 There are some who go to extremes. They must eat just such an amount, and just such a quality, and confine themselves to two or three things. They allow only a few things to be placed before them, or their families, to eat. In eating a small amount of food, and that not of the best quality, they do not take into the stomach that which will suitably nourish the system. And the systemPoor food cannot convert poor foodbe converted into good blood. An impoverished diet will impoverish the blood. I will mention the case of Sr. Hartshorn, of Amherst, N. HSister A. That case was presented to me to show an extreme. Two classes were presented before me: First, those who were not living up to the light which God had given them. They started in the reform because somebody else did. They did not understand the system for themselves. There are many of you who profess the truth, who have received it because somebody else did, and you for your life you could not, for your life, give the reason. This is why you are as weak as water. Instead of your weighing your motives in the light of eternity, instead of your having a practical knowledge of the principles underlying all your actions, instead of your having dug down to the bottom, and built upon a right foundations for yourself, you are walking in the sparks kindled by somebody else. And you will fail in this, as you have failed in the health reform. Now, if you had moved from principle, you would not have done this. There are two classesp. 367, Para. One class2, [2T].

 Some cannot be impressed with the necessity of eating and drinking to the glory of God. The indulgence of appetite affects them in all the relations of life. It is seen in their familiesfamily, in their church, in the prayermeetingprayer meeting, and in the conduct of their children. It has been the curse of their lives. You cannot make them understand the truths of for these last days. God has bountifully provided for the sustenance and happiness of all hHis creatures; and if hHis laws were never violated, and all acted in harmony with the divine will, health, peace, and happiness, instead of misery and continual evil, would be experienced, instead of misery and continual evil. p. 19368, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Another class who have taken hold of the health reform, who are very severe. They take a position, and will stand stubbornly in that position. They, and carry nearly everything over the mark. This Sister HartshornA was one of these. She was not sympathizing, and loving, and affectionate, like our divine Lord. Justice was nearly all she could see. She carried matters further than Dr. Trall. Her patients had to even leave her, because they could not get enough to eat. Her impoverished diet was givinggave her impoverished blood. p. 22368, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 Flesh-meatsFlesh meats will depreciate the blood. Cook meat with spices, and eat it with rich cakes and pies, and you have a bad quality of blood. The system is too heavily taxed in disposing of this kind of food. MThe mince pies and the pickles, which should never find a place in any human stomach, and the pickles, which never should have any place there, will give a stomach, will give a miserable quality of blood. And then a poor quality of food, cooked in an improper manner, and not sufficient insufficient in quantity, cannot make good blood. Flesh-meats,Flesh meats and rich food, and an impoverished diet, will produce the same results. p. 22368, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 Now in regard to milk and sugar: I know of persons who have become frightened at the health reform, and said they would have nothing to do with it, because it has spoken against a free use of these things. Changes should be made with great care. A, and we should seek to move cautiously and wisely. We want to take that course which canwill recommend itself to the intelligent men and women of the land. Large quantities of milk and sugar and milk eaten together are injurious. They impart impurities to the system. Animals from which milk is obtained, are not always healthy. They may be diseased. A cow may be apparently well in the morning, and die before night. Then she was diseased in the morning, and her milk was diseased; but you did not know it. The animal creation is diseased. Flesh-meatsFlesh meats are diseased. Could we know that animals were in perfect health, I would recommend that people to eat flesh-meatsflesh meats sooner than to eat large quantities of milk and sugar and milk. It would not do you the injury that milk and sugar and milk do. Sugar clogs the system. It hinders the working of the living machine. p. 368, Para. 4, [2T].

 There was one case in Montcalm County, Michigan, to which I will refer. The individual was a noble man. He stood six feet, and was of noblefine appearance. I was called to visit him in his sickness. But previous to this, II had previously conversed with him in regard to his manner of living. "I do not like the looks of your eyes," said I. He was eating large quantities of sugar. I asked him why he did this?. He said that he had left off meat, and did not know what would supply its place as well as sugar. His food did not satisfy him. It was, simply because his wife did not know how to cook. Some of you send your daughters, who have nearly grown to the size of womenwomanhood, to school to learn the sciences before they know how to cook. It is, when this should be made of the first importance to teach them to cook. . Here was a woman who did not know how to cook; she had not learned how to prepare healthful food. The cooking was poor in that house. The wife and mother was deficient in this important branch of education, ; and as the result, poorly-cookedpoorly cooked food not being sufficient to sustain the demands of the system, sugar was eaten immoderately, which brought on a diseased condition of the entire system. This man's life was sacrificed unnecessarily to bad cooking. When I went to see the sick man, I tried to tell them as well as I could how to manage, and soon he began slowly to improve slowly. HBut he imprudently exercised his strength when not able, ate a small amount not of the right quality, and was taken down again. This time there was no help for him. His system appeared to be a living mass of corruption. He died a victim to poor cooking. He tried to make sugar supply the place of good cooking, and it only made matters worse. p. 22369, Para. 31, [18OT2T].

 I frequently sit down to the tables of the brethren and sisters, and see that they use a great amount of sugarmilk and milksugar. These clog the system, irritate the digestive organs, and affect the brain. Anything that hinders the active motion of the living machinery, affects the brain very directly. And from the light I havegiven me, a large use of sugar, when largely used, is more injurious than meat. These changes should be made cautiously, and the subject should be treated in a manner not calculated to disgust and prejudice those whom we would teach and help. p. 24370, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 In regard to an impoverished diet, oOur sisters often do not know how to cook. To such I would say,: I shouldwould go to the very best cook that could be found in the country, and remain there if necessary for weeks, until I had become mistress of the art, and intelligent, skillful cook. I would pursue this course if I waswere forty years old. It is your duty to know how to cook. I, and it is your duty to teach your daughters to cook. And wWhen you are teaching them the art of cookery, you are building around them a barrier that will preserve them from the folly, and from vice, which they may otherwise be tempted to engage in. I prize my seamstress, I value my copyist; but my cook, who knows well how to prepare the food to sustain life, and nourish brain, bone, and muscle, fills the most important place among the helpers in my family. p. 25370, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 Mothers, there is nothing that leads to such evils as to lift the burdens from off your daughters, and give them nothing especial special to do, and let them choose their own employment, perhaps a little crochet, or some fancy work, other fancywork to busy themselves. Let them have exercise of the limbs and muscles. If it wearies them, what then? Are you not wearied in your work? Will weariness hurt your children, unless overworked, more than it hurts you? Weariness will not hurt themNo, indeed. They can recover from their weariness in a good night's rest, and be prepared to engage in labor the next day. It is a sin to let them grow up in idleness. The sin and ruin of Sodom was abundance of bread and idleness. p. 25 371, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 We want to work from the right standpoint. We want to act like men and women that are to be brought into Jjudgment. And when we takeadopt the health reform, take we should adopt it from a sense of duty, not because somebody else has adopted it. I have not changed my course a particle since I adopted the health reform. I have not taken one step back since the light from Heaven heaven upon this subject first shone upon my pathway. I broke away from everything at once--fromonce,--from meat, and butter, and from the three meals,--and that while engaged in exhaustingve brain labor, writing from early mornmorning till sundown. I came down to the two meals a day without changing my labor. I have been a great sufferer from disease, having had five shocks of paralysis. I have been a sufferer from disease. I have been with this my left arm bound to my side for months, because the pain in my heart was so great. When making these changes in my diet, I refused to yield to taste, and let that govern me. Shall that stand in mythe way of my securing a greater growth of strength, that I may therewith glorify my Lord? Shall that stand in my way for a moment? Never! I suffered keen hunger. I was a great meateater meat eater. But when faint, I placed my arms across my stomach, and said, : "I will not taste a morsel. I will eat simple food, or I will not eat at all." Bread was distasteful to me. I could seldom eat a piece as large as a dollar. Some things in the reform I could get along with very well. B, but when I came to the bread, I was especially set against it. When I made these changes I had a special battle to fight. The first two or three meals, I could not eat. I said to my stomach, : "You may wait until you can eat bread." In a little while I could eat bread, and graham bread, too. This I could not eat before. B; but now it tastes good, and I have had no loss of appetite. p. 26371, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 When writing Spiritual Gifts, volumes three and four, I would become exhausted by excessive labor. I then saw that I must change my course of life, and by resting a few days I came out all right again. I left off these things from principle. I took my stand on health reform from principle. And since that time, brethren, you have not heard me advance an extreme view of health reform that I have had to take back. I have advanced nothing but what I stand to today. I recommend to you a healthful, nourishing diet. p. 27 372, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 I do not regard it a great privation to leavediscontinue the use off those things which leave a bad smell in the breath, and a bad taste in the mouth. Is it self-denial to leave these things, and get into a condition where everything is as sweet as honey? and; where no bad taste is left in the mouth? and no feeling of goneness in the stomach? These I used to have much of the time. I have fainted away with my child in my arms, time again and again. I have none of this now;, and shall I call this a privation, when I can stand before you as I do this day? There is not one woman in a hundred that can could endure the amount of labor that I do. I moved out from principle, not from impulse. I moved because I believed Heaven would approve of the course I was taking to bring myself into the very best condition of health, that I might glorify God in my body and spirit, which are hHis. p. 28372, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 We can have a variety of foodgood, wholesome food, cooked in a healthful manner, so that it can be made palatable to all. And, if you, my sisters, do not know how to cook, I advise you to learn. It is of vital importance to you that you to know how to cook. There are more souls lost from poor cooking than you have any idea of. ThisIt produces sickness, disease, and bad tempers. This; the system isbecomes deranged, and heavenly things cannot be discerned. More depends upon cooking than you are aware of. There is more religion in a loaf of good bread than many of you think. There is more religion in good cooking than many of you have any idea of. We want you to learn what good religion is, and to carry it out in your families. When I have been from home sometimes, I have known that the bread, and the food generally, brought upon the table, I knew would hurt me. But I would have to eat a little to sustain life. I and the food generally, would hurt me; but I would be obliged to eat a little to sustain life. It is a sin in the sight of Heaven to have such food. I have suffered for want of proper food. It is a sin in the sight of Heaven to have such food. For a dyspeptic stomach, you may place upon your tables fruits of different kinds, but not too many at one meal. YIn this way you may have a variety in this way, and it will taste good, and after you have eaten your meals, you will feel well. p. 28, 373, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 I am astonished to learn that, after all the light that has been given in this place, many of you eat between meals! You should never let a morsel pass your lips, between your regular meals. Eat what you ought, but eat it at one meal, and then wait until the next meal. I eat enough to satisfy the wants of nature; but my appetite, when I get up from the table, my appetite is just as good as when I sat down. And when the next meal comes, I am ready to take my portion, and no more. Should I eat a double amount now and then, because it tastes good, how could I bow down, and ask God to help me in my work of writing, when I could not get an idea on account of my gluttony? Could I ask God to take care of that unreasonable load upon my stomach? That would be dishonoring hHim. That would be asking to consume upon my lust. Now I eat just what I think is right, and then I can ask hHim to give me strength to perform the work that hHe has given me to do. And I have known that my prayers have been answered. I have known that Heaven has heard my prayer, Heaven has heard and answered my prayer when I have offered this petition. p. 29 373, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 Again, when we eat immoderately, we sin against our own bodies. AndUpon the Sabbath days, in the house of God, sittinggluttons will sit and sleep under the burning truths of hisGod's word, gluttons will sit and. sleep. They cannotcan neither keep their eyes open. And there they sit, and cannotnor comprehend nor understand the solemn discourses given. Do you think that such are glorifying God in their bodies and spirits, which are hHis? No; they dishonor him Him. And the dyspeptic--what has made him dyspeptic, is taking this course. YouInstead of observing regularity, he haves let appetite control youhim, not observing regularity, butand has eaten between meals. And pPerhaps your, if his habits are sedentary. You, he had s not had the vitalizing air of Hheaven to help in the work of digestion. You have not had exercise that would be beneficial to your health. You; he may not have had sufficient exercise for his health. p. 374, Para. 1, [2T].

 Some of you feel as though you would like to have somebody tell you how much to eat. This is not the way it should be. We are to act from a moral and religious standpoint. We are to be temperate in all things, because an incorruptible crown is before uscrown, and ana heavenly treasure, is before us. p. 30, Para. 1, [18OT].

 And now I would wish to say to my brethren and sisters, I would have that moral courage to take my position, and see that I had moral courage to govern myself. I shouldwould not want to put that on somebodysomeone else. You sit down and eat too much, and then you are sorry. You have eaten too much, and so you keep thinking upon what you eat and drink. Just eat that which is for the best, and go right away, and feelfeeling clear in the sight of Heaven, and not have having remorse of conscience. We do not believe in removing temptations entirely away from either children, or any human beingsgrown persons. We all have a warfare before us, and must stand in a position to resist the temptations of Satan. W, and we want to know that we possess the power in ourselves that we canto do this. p. 3174, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 And while we would caution you not to overeat, even of the best quality of food, we would also caution those that are extremists not to raise theira false standard, and then endeavor to bring everybody up to it. There are some who are starting out as health reformers who are not good for fit to engage in any other enterprise, and not havingwho have not sense enough to take care of their own families, or keep their proper place in the church. And what do they do? Why, they fall back as physicians in the health reform physicians, as though they could make that a success. They assume the responsibilities of their practice, takingand take the lives of men and women into their hands, when they really do not know anythingnothing about the business. p. 3174, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 My voice shall be raised against novices engaged in practicing the health reform, and undertaking to treat diseaseundertaking to treat disease professedly according to the principles of health reform. God forbid that we should be the subjects for them to experiment upon! We are too few. It is altogether too inglorious a warfare for us to die in. We cannot afford to let them kill us in this way. Let those try to treat disease who know something about the human system. God deliver us from such dangers! We do not need such teachers and physicians. Let those try to treat disease who know something about the human system. The heavenly Physician was full of compassion. This spirit is needed withby those who deal with the sick. Some who undertake to become physicians, are bigoted, selfish, and mulish. You cannot teach them anything. It may be they have never done anything worth doing. They may not have made life a success. They know nothing really worth knowing, and yet they have started up to practice the health reform. We cannot afford to let such persons kill off this one and the otherat one. No; we cannot afford it! p. 3275, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 We want to be just right every time. We want to bring our people up to the right position on the health reform. "Let us," says the apostle, "cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God." We must be right, in order to stand in the last days. We need clear brains, and sound minds in sound bodies. We should begin to work in earnest for our children, for every member of our families. Shall we take hold of the work, and work from the right standpoint? Jesus is coming; and if you we pursue a course to blind yourselvesourselves to the soul-elevating truths of these last days, how can youwe be sanctified through the truth? How can youwe be prepared for immortality? May the Lord help us, that we may commence to work here as never before. p. 3275, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 We have spoken of having a series of meeting here. We have spokens in this place, and of taking hold hereto labor for the people. But we dare not put our arms under to lift you. We want you to commence this work of reformation in your own houses. We want those that have been onin the background to come right up. We want yYou to must begin to work. And when we see that you have hold ofcommenced theo labor for yourselves, we will come in and lift. We hope to reform your children, that they may be converted to Christ, and that the spirit of reformation may spread all through your midst. But when you appear twice dead, and ready to be plucked up by the roots, we dare not undertake the work. We would rather go to an unbelieving congregation where there are hearts to receive the truth. The burden of the truth is upon us. There are enough to hear the truth; and we long to be where we can speak it to them. Will you help us by going to work for yourselves? p. 3376, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 May the Lord help you to feel as you have never felt before. May thHe Lord help you to die to self, and get the spirit of reformation in your housmes, that the angels of God may come into your midst to minister unto you, and that you may be fitted up for translation to Hheaven. p. 3476, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 Testimony to the Church in _____. EXTREMES IN HEALTH REFORM At the time of the yearly Cconference at Adams Center, N. Y.ew York, Oct.October 25, 1868, I was shown that the brethren in _____in--- -- were in great perplexity and distress because of the course pursued by _____ _____ B and _____ _____C. Those who have the cause of God at heart, can cannot but feel jealous for its prosperity. I was shown that these men were not reliable. They were extremists. They and would run the health reform into the ground. They were not pursuing a course which would tend to correct, or reform, those who arewere intemperate in their diet; but their influence would disgust believers and unbelievers, and would drive them further from reform, instead of bringing them nearer to it. p. 3477, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Our views differ widely from those of the world in general. They are not popular. The masses will reject any theory, however reasonable it may be, if it lays a restriction upon the appetite. The taste is consulted instead of reason and health. All who leave the common track of custom, and advocate reform, will be opposed, accounted mad, insane, radical, let them pursue ever so consistent a course. But when men who advocate reform, and carry the matter to extremes, and are inconsistent in their course of action, men and womenpeople are not to blame if they do become disgusted with the health reform. These extremists do a greater work of more injury in a few months than they can undo in their whole lives. By them the entire theory of our faith is brought into disrepute, and they can never bring those who witness such exhibitions of so-called health reform to think that there is anything good in it. These men are doing a work which Satan loves to see go on. p. 3577, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 Those who advocate unpopular truth, should be the most consistent in their lives, and should be extremely careful to shun everything like extremes. They should not labor to see how far they can take their position from other men; but, otherwise, to see how near they can come to those whom they wish to reform, that they may help them to the position which they themselves so highly prize. If they feel thus, they will pursue a course which will recommend the truth they advocate to the good judgment of candid, sensible men and women. Theyse will be compelled to acknowledge that there is a consistency in the subject of health reform. p. 3577, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 I was shown the course of _____ _____B in his own family. He has been severe and overbearing. He adopted the health reform, as advocated by Bro. _____Brother C, and, like him, took extreme views of the subject; and not having a wellbalanced well-balance mind, he has made terrible blunders, the results of which time will not efface. HAided by items gathered from books, he commenced to carry out the theory he had heard advocated by Bro. _____, aided by items gathered from books. He made a point, like Bro. _____,Brother C, and, like him, made a point of bringing all up to the standard he had erected. He brought his own family to his rigid rules, but failed to control his own animal propensities. He failed here to bring himself to the mark, and to keep his body under. If he had had a correct knowledge of the system of health reform, he knew would have known that his wife was not in a condition to give birth to healthy children. His own unsubdued passions had borne sway without reasoning from cause to effect. p. 378, Para. 1, [2T].

 Before the birth of his children, he did not treat his wife as a woman in her condition should be treated. He carried out his rigid rules for her, according to Bro. _____'s Brother C's ideas, which proved a great injury to her. He did not provide the quality and quantity of food that was necessary to nourish two lives instead of one. Another life was dependent upon her, and her system did not receive the vitality it needed, from nutritious, wholesome food, necessary to sustain her strength. There was a lack in the quantity and in the quality. Her system required changes, a variety, and a quality of food that was more nourishing. Her children were born with feeble nutritive digestive powers, and impoverished blood. TFrom the food the mother, from the food she was compelled to receive, she could not furnish a good quality of blood, and shetherefore gave birth to children filled with humors. p. 3678, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 The course pursued by the husband, the father of these children, deserves the severest censure. His wife suffered fromfor want of wholesome, nutritious food. She did not have sufficient food andor clothing to make her comfortable. She has borne a burden which has been galling to bear. He became, to his wife, God, conscience, and will to her. There are natures which will rebel against this assumed authority. They will not submit to such surveillance. They will become weary of the pressure, and rise above it. IBut it was not so in this case. She has endured his being conscience for her, and tried to feel that it was for the best. But outraged nature could not be so easily subdued. Her demands were earnest. The cravings of her nature for something more nourishing, letd her to use entreaty;, but without effect. Her wants were few, but they were not considered. Two children have been sacrificed to his blind errors and ignorant bigotry. Should men of intelligent minds treat dumb animals in regard to food, as he has treated his wife in regard to food, the community would take the matter into their own hands, and bring them to justice. p. 379, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 In the first place, _____ _____B should not have committed so great a crime as to bring into being offspring who, children that reason must teach him, would be diseased, because they must receive a miserable legacy from their parents. They must have a bad inheritance transmitted to them a bad inheritance. Their blood of the children must be filled with scrofulous humors, from both parents, especially the father, whose habits have been such as to corrupt the blood, and enervate his whole system. Not only must these poor children take the scrofula taintreceive a scrofulous tendency in a double sense, but what is worse, they will bear the mental and moral deficiencies of the father, and the lack of noble independence, moral courage, and force, in the mother. The world is already cursed by the increase of beingspersons of this stamp, who must fall lower in the scale than their parents, inof physical, mental, and moral strength, than their parents; for their condition and surroundings are not even as favorable as were those of their parents. p. 3879, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 _____ _____B is not capable of taking care of a family. He cannot sustain one as it ought to be sustained, and should never have had one. His marriage was all a mistake. He has made a life of misery for his wife, and has accumulated misery by having children born to them. This man cannot sustain a family as they ought to be sustained. Some of them exist, and that is about all. p. 3980, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 No personsThose professing to be Christians should not enter the marriage relation until the matter has been carefully and prayerfully considered from an elevated standpoint, to see if God can be glorified by the union. Then they should duly consider the result of every privilege of the marriage relation, and sanctified principle should be the basis of every action. In the increase ofBefore increasing their family, they should take into consideration whether God would be glorified or dishonored by their bringing children into the world. They should seek to glorify God atby their union from the first union, and during every year of their married life. They should calmly consider what provision can be made for their children. They have no right to bring children into the world to be a burden to others. Have they a business that they can rely upon to sustain a family, so that they need not become a burden to others? If they have not, they commit a crime in bringing children into the world to suffer for want of proper care, food, and clothing. In this fast, corrupt age these things are not considered. Lustful passion bears sway, and will not submit to control, although feebleness, misery, and death, are the result of its reign. Women are forced to a life of hardship, pain, and suffering, because of the uncontrollable passions of men who bear the name of husband--more husband-- more rightly could they be called brutes. Mothers drag out a miserable existence, with children in their arms nearly all the time, managing every way to put bread into their mouths, and clothes upon their backs. Such accumulated misery fills the world. p. 3980, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 There is but little real, genuine, devoted, pure love. This precious article is very rare. Passion is termed love. Many a woman has had her fine and tender sensibilities outraged, because the marriage relation allowed him, whom she called husband, to be brutal in his treatment of her. His love she found wasto be of so base and low a quality that she she wasbecame disgusted. p. 40381, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Very many families are living in a most unhappy state, because the husband and father allows the animal in his nature to predominate over the intellectual and moral. The result is that a sense of languor and depression is frequently felt, but the cause is seldom divined as being the result of their own improper course of action. We are under solemn obligations to God to keep the spirit pure, and the body healthy, that we may be ofa benefit to humanity, and render to God perfect service. The apostle utters these warns,words of warning: "Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey int itn the lusts thereof." He urges us onward, by telling us that "Eevery man that striveth offor the mastery is temperate in all things." He exhorts all who call themselves by the name of Christian,s to present their bodies " a living sacrifice, holy and, acceptable unto God." He says,: "I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection, : lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." p. 40381, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 ThereIt is an error generally committed in makingto make no difference in the life of a womean previous to the birth of her children than if she were in other conditions. At this important period the labor of the mother should be lightened. Great changes are going on in her system. Her system. It requires a greater amount of blood, and therefore requires an increase of food of the most nourishing quality, to convert into blood. Unless she has an abundant supply of nutritious food, she cannot retain her physical strength, and her offspring is robbed of vitality. ThHer clothing also demands attention. Care should be taken to protect the body from a sense of chilliness. She should not call vitality unnecessarily to the surface, to supply the want of sufficient clothing. If the mother is deprived of an abundance of wholesome, nutritious food, she will lack in the quantity and quality of blood. Her circulation will be poor, and her child will lack in the very same things where she. lacked. There will be an inability in the offspring to appropriate food that will nourish the system, and which it can convert into good blood to nourish the system. The prosperity of mother and child depends much upon good, warm clothing, and a supply of nourishing food. There is an The extra draft upon the vitality of the mother, which must be considered and provided for. p. 41381, Para. 13, [18OT2T].

 But, on the other hand, the idea that women, because of their special conditions, may let the appetite run riot, is a mistake based on custom, but not on sound sense. The appetite of women in this condition may be variable, fitful, and difficult to gratify. A; and custom allows her to have anything she may fancy, without consulting reason as to whether such food can supply nutrition for her body, and for the growth of her child. The food should be nutritious, but should not be of an exciting quality. Custom says ifthat if she wants flesh-meatsflesh meats, pickles, spiced food, or mince pies, let her have them. A; appetite alone is to be consulted. This is a great mistake, and does much harm. The harm cannot be estimated. If ever there is necessityneed of simplicity of diet and special care as to the quality of food eaten, it is in this important period. p. 42382, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Women who possess principle, and who are well instructed, will not depart from simplicity of diet at this time of all others. They shouldwill consider that another life is dependent upon them, and shouldwill be careful in all their habits, and especially in diet. They should not eat that which is innutritious and exciting, simply because it tastes wellgood. There are too many counselors ready to persuade them to do things they ought not, and which reason would tell them isthey ought not the besto do. way. p. 43382, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 CDiseased children are born to parents, diseased, because of the gratification of the appetite by the parents. The system did not demand the variety of food upon which the mind dwelt. Because once in the mind it must be in the stomach, is a great error, which Christian women should reject. Imagination should not be allowed to control the wants of the system. Those who allow the taste to rule, will suffer the penalty of the transgressions of transgressing the laws of their beings. And the matter does not end here; their innocent offspring also will be sufferers also. p. 43383, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 The blood-makingblood making organs cannot convert spices, mince pies, pickles, and diseased flesh-meatsflesh meats into good blood. And if so much food is taken into the stomach that the digestive organs are compelled to overlabor,overwork in order to dispose of it, and to free the system from theirritating substances which are irritating, the mother does injustice to herself, and is layinglays the foundation of disease in her offspring. If she chooses to eat as she pleases, and what she may fancy, irrespective of consequences, she will bear the penalty, but not alone. Her innocent child must suffer because of her indiscretion. p. 43 383, Para. 32, [18OT2T].

 Great care should be exercised to have the surroundings of the mother pleasant and happy. The husband and father is laid under special responsibility to do all in his power to lighten the burden of the wife and mother. He should bear, as much as possible, the burden of her condition. He should be especially attentive to all her wants, affable, courteous, kind, and tender, and specially attentive to all her wants. Not half the care is taken of some women while they are bearing children, that there is taken of animals in the stable. p. 44383, Para. 13, [18OT2T].

 _____ _____B has been very deficient. His wife was not provided with wholesome food, and a plenty of it, and proper clothing, wWhile in her best condition of health. Then, when she health, his wife was not provided with a plenty of wholesome food and with proper clothing. Then, when she needed extra clothing and extra food, and that of a simple, yet nutritious quality, it was not allowed her. Her system craved material to convert into blood;, but he would not provide it. A moderate amount of milk and sugar, and a little salt, white bread raised with yeast, for a change, graham flour prepared in a variety of ways by other hands than her own, in a variety of ways, plain cake with raisins cooked in it, rice pudding with raisins, prunes, and figs, occasionally, and many other dishes I might mention, would have answered the demand of appetite. If he could not obtain some of these things mentioned, a little domestic wine would have done her no injury, but ; it would have been better than for her to have it than to done without it. In some cases, even a small amount of the least hurtful meat would do less injury than to suffer strong cravings for it. p. 44383, Para. 2, [18OT4, [2T].

 I was shown that both _____ _____B and _____ _____C have dishonored the cause of God. They have brought upon it a stain upon the cause, which will never be fully wiped out. p. 45, Para. 1, [18OT].

 I was shown the family of our dear Bro. _____Brother D. If this brother had received proper help at the right time, every member of his family would have been alive today. It is a wonder that the laws of the land have not been enforced in this instance of maltreatment. That family were perishing for food--thefood, the plainest, simplest food. They were starving in a land of plenty. A novice was practicing upon them. The young man did not die of disease, but of hunger. Food would have strengthened the system, and kept the machinery in motion. p. 45384, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 In cases of severe fever, abstinence from food, for a short time, will lessoen the fever, and make the use of water more effectual. TBut the one who is acting physician needs to understand the real condition of the patient, that he should and not allow him to be restricted in diet for a great length of time until his system becomes enfeebled. While the fever is raging, food may irritate and excite the blood to a greater degree; but as soon as the strength of the fever is broken, nourishment should be given in a careful, judicious manner. If food is withheld too great a length of timelong, the stomach's craving for it will create fever, which will be relieved by a proper allowance of food, of a proper right quality, will relieve. It gives nature something to work upon. If there is a great desire expressed for food, even during the fever, to gratify that desire with a moderate amount of simple food, would be less injurious than for the patient to be denied. When the patienthe can get his mind upon nothing else but, food, nature will not be overburdened with a small portion of simple food. p. 45384, Para. 32, [18OT2T].

 Those who take the lives of others in their hands, must be men who have been marked as making life a success. They must be men of judgment and wisdom. They must be, men who can sympathize, and feel to the depths--mendepths, men whose whole being is stirred when they witness suffering. Some men who have been unsuccessful in every other enterprise in life, take up the business of a physician. They take the lives of men and women in their hands, when they have had no experience. They will read a plan which somebody has followed with success, and adopt it, and willthen practice upon those who have confidence in them, and actually destroydestroying the last spark of life that is left in them,; yet do not, after all, they do not learn anything, but will go on just as sanguine in the next case, observing the same rigid treatment. Some persons may have a power of constitution sufficient to withstand the terrible tax imposed upon them, and live. Then the novices take the glory to themselves, when none is due them. Everything is due to God and to a powerful constitution. p. 46385, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother C has been occupying an unworthy position in standing as a prop for ____ ___ _____B. He has been mind for him, and has stood by to sustain and back him up. These two men are fanatics on the subject of health reform. p. 47, Para. 1, [18OT].

 Bro. _____Brother C knows much less than he thinks he does. He is deceived in himself. He is selfish and bigoted in carrying out his views. H; he is not teachable. He has not had a subdued will. He is not a man of humble mind. Such a man has not business to be a physician. p. 47, Para. 2, [18OT].

 He may have gained some little knowledge of practice by reading; , but this is not enough. Experience is necessary. We, as a Our people, are too few to sacrifice our livesbe sacrificed so cheaply and ingloriously as to submit to bebeing experimented upon by such men. MAltogether too many precious ones would fall a sacrifice to their rigid views and notions--altogether to many--before notions before they would give up, confess their errors, and learn wisdom by experience. p. 47385, Para. 32, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother C is too set, and willful, and too unteachable, for the Lord to use, to do any special work in hHis cause. He is too set and stubborn to let a few sacrificed lives change his course. He would maintain his views and notions all the more earnestly. p. 48, Para. 1, [18OT].

 These men will yet learn, to their sorrow, that they might better be teachable, and not takedrive the ir extreme views, and drive them, whatever the result may be. The community will be just as well off, and a little safer upon the whole, if both these men obtain employment in some other business, where life and health will not be endangered by their course of action. p. 48386, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 It is a great responsibility to take the life of a human being in hand. ThenAnd to have that precious life sacrificed through mismanagement, is dreadful. The case of Bro. _______'s Brother D's family is terrible. These men may excuse their course; but that will not save the cause of God from reproach, nor bring back that son who suffered and died for the want of food. A little good wine and food would have brought him up from a bed of death, and given him back to his family. The father also would soon have been numbered with the dead, if the same course had been continued which had been pursued toward the son. B, but the presence and timely counsel of Dr. Lay, from the Health Institute, saved him. p. 48386, Para. 3 2, [18OT2T].

 It is time that something was done, that to prevent novices may not be allowed to take the field, and advocate health reform. Their works from taking the field and advocating health reform. Their works and words can be spared; for they do more injury than the wisest and most intelligent men, with the best influence they can exert, can counteract. It is impossible for the best qualified advocates of health reform to fully relieve the minds of the public from the prejudice received through the wrong course of these extremists, and to place the great subject of health reform upon thea right basis in the community where these men have figured. The door is also closed in a great measure, so that unbelievers cannot be reached by the present truth upon the Sabbath, and the soon-comingsoon coming of our Saviour. The most precious truths are cast aside by the people as unworthy of a hearing. These men are referred to as representatives of health reformers and Sabbath-keepers in general. A great responsibility rests upon those who have thus proved a stumbling-block to unbelievers. p. 49386, Para. 1 3, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother C needs a thorough conversion. He does not see himself. If he possessed less self-esteem, and more humility of mind, his knowledge could be put to a practical use. He has a work to do for himself which no otherone else can do for him. He will not yield his views noror judgment to any man living, unless compelled to do so. He has traits of character which are most unfortunate, and which should be overcome. He is more accountable than ______ _____. HB, and his case is worse than his; for he possesses more intellect and knowledge. _____ _____B has been the shadow of his mind. p. 387, 49, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother C has a very set will. H; his likes and dislikes are very strong. If he starts on a wrong track, and follows the bent of his mind, not moving in wisdom, and his error is presented before him, andeven if he knows he is not right, he will have such ais so reluctancet to acknowledge that he has been in error, and has pursued a wrong course, that he will frame some kind of an excuse to make others believe that he is, after all, about right. This is the reason why he has been left to follow his own judgment and wisdom, which are foolishness. p. 50387, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 In his father's family he has not been a blessing, but a cause of anxiety and sorrow. His will was not subdued in childhood. He hasd such a reluctance to acknowledge frankly that he hasd made mistakes and done wrong, that, to get out of athe difficulty, he would set the powers of his mind at work to invent some excuse that he flattered himself was not a direct lie, rather than to humble himself sufficiently to confess his wrong. This habit hads been brought along with him into his religious experience. He has a peculiar faculty of turning away a point by pleading forgetfulness, when, many times, he chooses to forget. p. 50 387, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 His relationves and friends might have been brought into the truth, if he had he been what God would have him to be. HBut his set ways have made him disagreeable. He has used the truth as a subject to quarrel over. HIn spite of his father's opposition he has talked Bible subjects in his father's family, which he was opposed to, and has used the most objectionable subjects to quarrel over, instead of seeking in all humbleness of mind, and with an undying love for souls, to win to the truth, and bring to the light. p. 51 388, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 When he has pursued a wrong course, evidently unbecoming a disciple of the meek and lowly Jesus, and has known that his words and acts were not in accordance with the sanctifying influence of truth, he has mulishly stood in his own defense, until his honesty has been questioned. He has made the most precious truth for these last days, disgusting to his friends and relatives. H; he has proved a stumbling-block stumblingblock to them. His evasions, his bigotry, and the extreme views he has taken, have turned more souls away from the truth, than his best endeavors have brought to the truthinto it. p. 51, 388, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 His combativeness, firmness, and self-esteem, are large. He cannot bless any church with his influence until he is converted. He can see the faults of others, and will question the course of this one and that one, if they do not fully endorse what he may present; but if any oneanyone receives what he advocates, he cannot, and will not, see their faults and errors. This is not right. He may be correct upon many points, but he has not the mind which dwelt in Jesus Christ. When he can see himself as he is, and will correct the defects in his character, then he will be in a position to let his light so shine before men, that they, by seeing his good works, may be led to glorify our Father who is in Heaven heaven. His light has shone in such a manner that men have pronounced it darkness, and turned from it in disgust. Self, in him, must die, and he must possess a teachable spirit, or he will be left to follow his own ways, and be filled with his own doings. p. 51388, Para. 3, [18OT2T].

 "And the servant of the Lord must not strive,; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient;, in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth." p. 52, Para. 1, [18OT].

 "S"To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers [not talking the truth in a boasting, triumphant manner]; , but gentle, sheowing all meekness unto all men." p. 52, Para. 2, [18OT].

 "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts;: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear." p. 52389, Para. 31, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother C wants his mind to control others;, and unless he can have this privilege, he is dissatisfied. He is not a peacemaker. His course will cause more confusion and distrust in a church than any ten persons can counteract. His peculiar temperament is such that he will be picking flaws, and finding fault with all around but himself. He will not prosper until he learns the lesson that he ought to have learned years ago, humbleness of mind. At his age he will learn this lesson at much cost to self. He has aAll his life he has been trying to build up himself up, to save himself, to preserve his own life,; and he has lost his labor every time. p. 52389, Para. 42, [18OT2T].

 What Bro. _____Brother C needs is, to take awayhave the deceptive gloss taken from his eyes, and tothat he may look, with eyes enlightened by the Spirit of God, into his own heart to, and test his motives, to and weigh every motive, and not let not Satan put a false coloring upon his course of action. His position is extremely perilous. He will soon turn soon, either decidedly to the right, or he will go on deceiving others, and deceiving himself. Bro. _____ He needs to have his inmost soul converted. He needs, and to be subdued, and transformed by the renewing of his mind. Then he can do good. But he can never come into the light until he encourages a spirit of humble confession, and takes hold with earnest decision to right his wrongs, and, as far as he can, to do away the reproach he has brought upon the cause of God. p. 53389, Para. 13, [18OT].

 Moral Pollution. Dear Bro. And Sr. ______: It has been some length of time since I 2T].

 SENSUALITY IN THE YOUNG Dear Brother and Sister E: It has been some time since I have taken my pen to write, with the exception of penning anything except urgent letters which could not be delayed. I have had a discouraging weight upon my spirits for months, which has nearly crushed me. That which discourages me the most, is, the fear that all I may write will do no more good than has our earnest, anxious, wearing labor; in ----- the past winter and spring, in _____. The hopeless view I have taken of matters and things at _____, that place has kept my pen nearly still, and my voice nearly silent. My hands have been weakened, and my heart depressed, to see nothing gained by the protracted effort there. I am nearly hopeless in regard to our efforts' being successful to awaken the sensibilities of our Sabbath-keeping people to see the elevated position which God requires them to occupy. They do not view religious things from an elevated standpoint. This is just your condition. p. 54390, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 The Lord has given me a view of some of the corruptions existing everywhere existing. Wickedness, crime, and sensuality, exist even in high places. Even in the churches professing to keep God's commandments, there are sinners and hypocrites. It is sin, not trial and sufferings, which separates God from hHis people, and renders the soul incapable of enjoying and glorifying hHim. It is sin that is destroying souls. Sin and vice exist in Sabbath-keeping families. Moral pollution has done more to degenerate thethan every other evil to cause the race than every other evilto degenerate. It is practiced to an alarming extent, and brings on disease of almost very every description. Even very small children, infants, being born with natural irritability of the sexual organs, find momentary relief momentarily in handling them, which only increases the irritation, and leads to a repetition of the act, until a habit is established which increases with their growth. These children are, generally puny and dwarfed, and are prescribed for by physicians, and they are drugged. p. 54, Para. 2, [18OT].

 B; but the evil is not removed. The cause still exists. p. 390, Para. 2, [2T].

 Parents do not generally suspect that their children understand anything about this vice. Parents areIn very many cases the parents are the real sinners in very many cases. They have abused their marriage privileges, and indulged by indulgence have strengthened their animal passions, which have strengthened with indulgence. And as the baser passions these have strengthened, the moral and intellectual faculties have become weak. The spiritual has been overborne by the brutish. Children are born with the animal propensities largely developed. T, the parents haveparents' own stamp of character having been given to their children their own stamp ofthem. character. The unnatural action of the sensitive organs produces irritation. They are easily excited, and momentary relief is experienced in exercising them. But the evil is constantly increasing increases. The drain upon the system is sensibly felt. The brain force is weakened. The, and memory becomes deficient. And children Children born to these parents will almost invariably take naturally to the disgusting habits of secret vice. The marriage covenant is sacred. B, but what an amount of lust and crime and lust it covers.! Those who feel at liberty, because married, to degrade their bodies by beastly indulgences of the animal passions, will have their degraded course perpetuated in their children. The sins of the parents will be visited upon their children, because the parents have given them the stamp of their own lustful propensities. p. 55 391, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Those who have become fully established in this soul-andbody- destroying vice, can seldom rest until their burden of secret evil is imparted to those with whom they associate. Curiosity is at once aroused, and the knowledge of vice is passed from youth to youth, from child to child, until there is scarcely one to be found ignorant of the practice of this degrading sin. p. 56392, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Your children have learned and practiced self-abuse until the draught draft upon the brain has been so great, especially in the case of your eldest son, that their minds have been seriously injured. The brilliancy of youthful intellect is dimmed. The moral and intellectual powers have become weakened, while the baser parts of their nature haves been gaining the ascendeancy. p. 56, Para. 2, [18OT].

 AsFor this is the case withreason your son, he turns with loathing from religious and devotional things. He has been losing his power of self-restraint. He, and has less and less reverence for sacred things, and less respect for any thinganything of a spiritual character. You have charged this to your surroundings. Y, but you have not known the real cause. Your son can be said to bear the impress of the satanic, instead of the divine. He loves sin and evil, rather than true goodness, purity, and righteousness. It is a deplorable picture. p. 57392, Para. 1 2, [18OT2T].

 The effect of such debasing habits uponis not the same upon all minds of all is not the same. There are some children, who have the moral powers largely developed, who, by associating with children that practice self-abuse, become initiated into this vice. The effects upon such will be too frequently to make them melancholy, irritable, and jealous,; yet such may not lose their respect for religious worship, and may not show special infidelity in regard to spiritual things. They will at times suffer keenly at times, withfrom feelings of remorse. They , and will feel degraded in their own eyes, and lose their self-respect. p. 57392, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 Brother and sister, you are not clear before God. You have failed to do your duty at home, in your own family. You have not controlled your children. You have greatly failed to know and do the will of God, and theHis blessing of God has not rested upon your family. Bro. _____Brother E, you have been selfish. You have ahad large self-esteem. You have thought that you possessed a good degree of humility, but you have not understood yourself. Your ways are not right before God. Your influence and example have not been in accordance with your profession. You have much fault to find with others.; Yyou see the deviations from the right in them, but you are blind to the same in yourself. p. 57392, Para. 34, [18OT2T].

 Sr. _____Sister E has been far from God. Her heart has not been subdued by grace. Here love of the world, and of the things that are in the world, has closed her heart to the love of God. The love of dress, of and appearance, has kept her from good, and led her to place her mind and affections upon these frivolous things. Unbelief has been gaining strength ening in her heart, and she has had less and less love for the truth, and could see but little attraction in the simplicity of true godliness. p. 58, Para. 1, [18OT].

 She has not encouraged a growth of the Christian graces. She has not had love forloved humility or devotion. She has taken the errors of those who professed to be devoted to the truth, and made their lack of spirituality, their errors, and their sins, an excuse for her world-loving world loving disposition. She has watched the course of those who were connected with the _____-----, and who were forward to take upon them the burdens of the church, and would has offset her failures to their wrongs, saying that she was no worse than they. Such anand such individuals in good standing did this or that, and she had as good a right as they. Bro. _____, or some otherSuch and such one,s did not live the health reform any better than she. T; they purchased and ate meat, and they were in high standing in the church, and she was excusable, of course, with such an example, if she did the same. p. 393, Para. 1, [2T].

 This is not the only case of shieldingwhere neglect to follow the light which the Lord has given, has been shielded behind somethe faults of others. ThisIt is to the shame of men and women of intelligent minds, intelligence that they have no standard higher than the low standard than that of imperfect human beings. The course of those around them, however imperfect, is considered by themsome a sufficient excuse for them to follow in the same coursepath. Many will be swayed by the influence of Bro. _____, or some other leading brother. If these he depart s from the counsel of God, their his example is at once gladly seized by the unconsecrated. They, who now feel that they are free from restraint. They now have an excuse. A; and their unconsecrated hearts glory in the opportunity of indulging their desires, and taking a step nearer the fellowship with the spirit of the world, towhere they can enjoy its pleasures, or to and gratify the ir appetite. They therefore place upon their tables those things which are not the most healthful, and from which they have been taught to abstain from, that they may preserve to themselves a better condition of health. p. 58 393, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 There has been a war in the hearts of some, from ever since the commencement of the introduction of health reform was first introduced. They have felt the same rebellion as did the children of Israel when their appetites were restricted inon their journeying journey from Egypt to Canaan. Professed followers of Christ, who have all their havelives consulted their own pleasure, and their own interests, their own ease, and their own appetites, all through their lives, are not prepared to change their course of action, and live for the glory of God, imitating the selfsacrificing self-sacrificing life of their unerring Pattern. A holy and perfect example ishas been given for Christians to follow and imitate. The words and works of Christ's followers are the channel through which the pure principles of truth and holiness are conveyed to the world. TheyHis followers are the salt of the earth, the light of the world. p. 60394, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Sister _____E, you cannot realize the many blessings you have lost by making the failings of others a balm to soothe your conscience for a neglect of your duty. You have been measuring yourself by others. Their crooked paths, their failings, have been your textbook. But their errors and, their follies and sins, do not make your disobedience to God less sinful. p. 60, Para. 2, [18OT].

 We regret that those who should be a strength to you in your efforts to overcome your love of self, your pride of heart, your vanity, and love of the approbation of worldlings, have been only been a hindrance, by their own lack of spirituality and true godliness. We cannot tell you how much we regret that those who should be self-denying Christians are so far from coming up to the standard. Those who should be steadfast, abounding in the work of God, are weakened by Satan, because they remain at such a distance from God. They fail to obtain not the power of hHis grace, through which they might overcome the infirmities of their nature, and, by obtaining signal victories in God, show those of weaker faith the way, and the truth, and the life. It hasp. 394, Para. 2, [2T].

 been tThat which has caused us the greatest discouragement, has been to see those in _____----- who have had years of experience in the cause and work of God, shorn of their strength, by their own unfaithfulness. They are outgeneraled by the enemy in nearly every attack. God would have made these persons strong, like faithful sentinels at their post, to guard the fort, had they walked in the light hHe had given them, and remained steadfast to duty, seeking to know and do the whole will of God. Satan will, I have no doubt, through his delusions, deceive these delinquent souls, and make them believe that they are, after all, about right after all. They have committed no grievous, outbreaking sins, and they must, after all, be on the true foundation, and God will accept their works. They do not see that they have especial no special sins to repent of. And they see, no sins which call for especial special humiliation, humble confession, and rending of heart. p. 61, Para. 1, [18OT].

 The delusion upon such is strong, indeed, when they are so deceived, and mistake the form of godliness for the power thereof, and flatter themselves that they are rich and have need of nothing. The curse of Meroz rests upon them: "Curse ye, Meroz, said the angel of the Lord, curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof, ; because they came not upto tohe help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty." p. 62 395, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 My sister, excuse not your defects because others are wrong. YIn the day of God you will not dare to plead in the day of God as an excuse for your lack of formingneglect to form a character for Hheaven, that others did not manifest devotion and spirituality. The same lack which you discovered in others was in yourself. And the fact that others were sinners makes your sins none the less nonetheless grievous. Both they, and you, if you continue in your present state of unfitness, will be separated from Christ, and be punished,will with Satan and his angels, be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of hHis power. p. 62396, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 The Lord made ample provisions for you, that if you would seek hHim, and follow the light hHe would give you, you should not fall by the way. The word of God was given to you as a lamp to your feet, a light to your path. If you stumble, it iswill be because you have not consulted your guide, the word of God, and made that precious word the rule of your life. God has not given you, as a pattern, the life of any human being, however good, and apparently blameless his life may be. ToIf you do as others do, and act as others act, if followed,you will leave youat last be left outside the Holy City, with a vast multitude at last outside the holy city, who have done just as you have done, followed a pattern the Lord did not leave them, and who are lost, just as you will be lost. p. 62396, Para. 32, [18OT2T].

 That which others have done, or may do in the future, will not lessen your responsibility or guilt. A pattern has been given you;, a faultless life, characterized by self-denial and disinterested benevolence. If you disregardturn from this correct, this perfect Ppattern, and take an imperfectincorrect one, which has been clearly represented in the word of God, that as one that you should shun, the failure of your life, the imperfection of your course of action, will receive theirits merited reward; your life will be a failure. p. 63396, Para. 13, [18OT2T].

 One of the greatest reasons offor the declension onf the part of the church at _____,----- is their measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves. There are but few who have the living principle in the soul, and who serve God with an eye single to hHis glory. Many at _____ ----- will not consent to be saved in God's appointed way. They will not take the trouble to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling. The latter they do not experience; and, rather than to be at the trouble of obtaining an individual experience through individual effort, they will run the risk of leaning upon others, and trusting in their experience. They cannot consent to watch and pray, to live for God, and hHim only. It is more pleasant to live in obedience to self. p. 396, Para. 4, [2T].

 The church at _____ ----- are filled with their own backslidings, and they need not dream of prosperity until those who name the name of Christ are careful to depart from all iniquity;, until they learn to refuse the evil and choose the good. We are required to watch and pray without ceasing; for thea snare is set in our path, and we shall find some device of Satan in the timewhen and manner where we least expect it. If at that particular time we are not watching unto prayer, we are shall be taken by the enemy, and meet with decided loss. p. 397, Para. 1, [2T].

 What a responsibility has rested upon you, as parents! How little have you felt the weight of this burden! Your pPride of heart, love of show, and the indulgence of your appetite, have occupied your minds. These things have been first with you. T, and the incoming of the foe has not been perceived. He has planted his standard in your house, and stamped his detestable image upon the characters of your children. YBut you were so blinded by the god of this world that you could not discern the advantage Satan had gained, nor his workings right in your family. You have been so deadened of this world, so deadened to spiritual and divine things, that you could not discern the workings of Satan. p. 63, Para. 2, [18OT the advantage which Satan had gained nor his workings right in your family. p. 397, Para. 2, [2T].

 You have brought children into the world who have had no voice in regard to their existence. You have made yourselves responsible in a great measure for their future happiness, their eternal well-being. You have aThe burden is upon you, whether you are sensible of it or not, to train these children for God. T, to watch with jealous care the first approach of the wily foe, and be prepared to raise a standard against him. Build a fortification of prayer and faith about your children, and exercise diligent watching thereunto. You are not secure a moment against the attacks of Satan. You have no time to rest from watchful, earnest labor. You should not sleep a moment at your post. This is a most important warfare. Eternal consequences are involved. It is life or death with you and your family. Your only safety is to break your hearts before God, and seek the kingdom of Hheaven as little children. You cannot be overcomersvictors in this warfare if you continue to pursue the course you have donepursued. You are not very near the kingdom of Heaven heaven. p. 65397, Para. 13, [18OT2T].

 There are sSome who have not professed Christ, who are nearer the kingdom of God than are very many professed Sabbathkeepers in _____----- . You have not kept yourselves in the love of God, and taught your children the fear of the Lord. You have not taught them the truth diligently, when you rise rose up, and when you siat down, when you gowent out, and when you coame in. You have not restrained them. You look to other children, and solace yourselves by saying,: "My children are no worse than they." This may be true;, but does the neglect of others to do their duty, lessen the force of the requirements which God has especially enjoined upon you as parents? GodHe has madeplaced upon you responsible the responsibility to bring these children up for hHim, and their salvation depends in a large great degree upon the education they receive in their childhood. This responsibility others cannot take. I; it is yours, solely yours, as parents. You may bring to your aid all the helps you can to assist you in the solemn and important work; but after you have done this, and brought to your aid all the help you can employ to aid you in this solemn and important work, there is a power above every human agency, tothat will work with you, in, through, and by, the means which it is your privilege to use. God will come to your aid, and upon hHis power you can rely. This power is infinite. Human agencies may not prove successful;, but God can make the human agenciesthem fruitful by working in them, and bythrough them. p. 65 398, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 You have a work to do to set your house in order. Pure and, sinless angels cannot delight to come into youra dwelling, where there is so much sin and iniquity is practiced. You are asleep at your post. Things of minor importance have occupied your minds, and to the things exclusion of weightier importance have not engaged your attention more weighty matters. It should be the first business of your life to seek the kingdom of Hheaven and theits righteousness of God; then you have the promise that all things shall be added. Here is where you have failed in your family. Had you been agonizing, that you and yours might enter in at the strait gate, you would have earnestly gathered every ray of light that the Lord has permitted to shine upon your pathway, and would have cherished and walked in it. p. 399, Para. 1, [2T].

 You have not regarded the light that the Lord has been graciously given you. You have had a spirit of rising up against the light the Lord has given upon health reform. upon the health reform. You have felt to rise up against it. You have seen no importance in it, no reason why you should receive it. You have not felt willing to restrict your appetite. You could not see the wisdom of God in giving light in regard to the restriction of appetite. All that you could discern was the inconvenience attending the denial of the taste. The Lord has let hHis light shine upon us in these last days, that the gloom and darkness which have been gathering in past generations, because of sinful indulgences, might in some degree be dispelled in some degree, and that the train of evils which have been the result resulted because of intemperate eating and drinking to gratify appetite, might be lessened. p. 67399, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 The Lord, in his wisdom, designed to bring hHis people into a a position where they would be separate from the world in spirit and practice, thenat their children wouldmight not so readily be led away into idolatry, and become tainted with the prevailing corruptions of this age. It is God's purpose design that believing parents and their children should stand forth as living representatives of Christ, candidates for everlasting life. All who are partakers of the divine nature will escape the corruption that is in the world through lust. It is impossible for those who indulge the gratification of appetite to attain to Christian perfection. You cannot arouse the moral sensibilities of your children while you are not careful in the selection of their food. The tables that parents usually prepare for their children are a snare to them. Their diet is not simple, and it is not prepared in a healthful manner. The food is frequently rich and fever-producingfever producing, having a tendency to irritate and excite the tender organscoats of the stomach. The animal passionspropensities are strengthened and bear sway, while the moral and intellectual are weakened. The lower order of passions bears sway, while the moral and intellectual are servant to the powers are weakened and become servants to the baser passions. You should study to prepare a simple yet nutritious diet. RFlesh meats, and rich cakes, rich and pies, prepared with spices, of any kind, and flesh-meats, are not the most healthful and nourishing diet. Eggs should not be placed upon your table. They are an injury to your children. Fruits and grains, prepared in the most simple form, are the most healthful, and will impart the greatest amount of nourishment to the body, and, at the same time, not impair the intellect will be unimpaired. p. 68399, Para. 13, [18OT2T].

 Regularity in eating is very important for health of body and serenity of mind. Your children should be allowed to eat only at the regular meal timemealtime. They should not be allowed to digress from this established rule. When you, Sr. _____Sister E, absent yourself from home, you cannot control these important matters. Already has your eldest son has enervated his entire system, and laid the foundation for permanent disease. Your second child is fast following in his tractssteps, and not one of your children is safe from this evil. p. 69 400, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 You may be unable to obtain the truth, from your children in regard to the ir habits of your children, from them. Those who practice secret vice will lie and deceive. Your children may deceive you, for you are not in a condition where you can know if they attempt to lead you astray. You have so long been blinded by the enemy so long that you have scarcely a ray of light to discern darkness. There is a great, a solemn, and an important work for you to do at once, to set your own hearts and house in order. Your only safe course is, to take right hold of this work. Do not deceive yourselves into the belief that, after all, this matter is placed before you in an exaggerated light. I have not colored the picture. I have stated facts which will bear the test of the Jjudgment. Awake! awake! I beseech you, before it shall be too late for wrongs to be righted, and you and your children perish in the general ruin. Take hold of the solemn work, and bring to your aid every ray of light you can gather that has shone upon your pathway, and that you have not cherished, and, together with the aid of the light now shining, commence an investigation of your life and character as if you were before the tribunal of God. "Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul," is the exhortation of the apostle. Vice and corruption are aboundingabound on every hand, and unless there isyou have more than human strength to rely upon to stand against so powerful a current of evil, you will be overcome, and borne down with the current to perdition. Without holiness no man shall see God. p. 69400, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 The Lord is proving and testing hHis people. Angels of God are watching the development of character, and weighing moral worth. Probation is almost ended, and you are unready. Oh!, that the word of warning might burn into your soul.s! Get ready! Gget ready! Work while the day lasts, for the night cometh when no man can work. The mandate will ofgo forth,: He that is holy, let him be holy still,; and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still. The destiny of all will be decided. A few, yes, only a few, of the vast number who people the earth, will be saved unto life eternal, while the masses who have not perfected their souls in obeying the truth, will be appointed forto the second death. O Saviour, save the purchase of tThy blood,! is the cry of my anguished heart. p. 401, Para. 1, [2T].

 I am in terriblegreatly fear for you, and for many who profess to believe the truth in _____-----. Oh!, search, search diligently your own hearts, and make thorough work for the Jjudgment. p. 70, Para. 1, [18OT].

! I am I am pained at heart, when I call to mind how many children of Sabbath-keeping parents are ruining soul and body with this secret vice. ThereNear you is a family near you who reveal their evil habits in their bodies, as well as their minds. These _____ ______'s children are on the direct road to perdition. They are debased. They themselves, and have instructed very many others in this vice. The eldest boy is dwarfed, physically and mentally, through by indulging in theits practice of this degrading vice. What little intellect he has left is of a low order. If he continues in this vicious practice he will eventually become idiotic. Every indulgence of children who have attained their growth, is a terrible evil, and will produce its terrible results, enervating the system, and weakening the intellect. But in those who indulge this corrupting vice before attaining their growth, the evil effects are more plainly marked, and recovery from the its effects of such sinful indulgenceis more nearly hopeless. The frame is weak and stunted; the muscles are flabby; the eyes become small, and appear at times swollen; the memory is treacherous, and becomes sievelike; theand inability to concentrate the thoughts upon study increases; the memory becomes sieve-like. p. 402, Para. 1, [2T].

 To the parents of these children, I would say, y: You have brought children into the world which areto be only a curse to society. Your children They are unruly, passionate, quarrelsome, and vicious. Their influence upon others is corrupting. Thesey children bear the stamp of the baser passion of the father. The stamp of his character is placed upon his children. His father's character, of his base passions. His hasty, violent temper is reflected in his children. Thesethem. These parents should have long ago have removed to the country, thus separating themselves and children from the society of those whom they could not benefit, but would only harm. p. 71, Para. 1, [18OT].

 Steady industry upon a farm would have proved a blessing to these children, and constant employment, as their strength could bear, would have given them less opportunity to corrupt their own bodies by self-abuse, and would have prevented them from instructing a large number in this hellish practice. Labor is a great blessing to all children, especially to that class whose minds are naturally inclined to vice and depravity. p. 402, Para. 2, [2T].

 These children have communicated more knowledge of vice in _____ ----- than all the united efforts of ministers and people professing godliness can counteract. Many, who have learned of your children will go to perdition rather than control their passions and cease the indulgence of this sin. One corrupt mind can sow more corruptevil seed in a short period of time than many can root out in a whole life time can root outlifetime. Your children are a byword in the mouths of blasphemers of the truth. These are the children of Sabbath-keepers. TSabbathkeepers, but they are worse than the children of worldlings in general. They possess less refinement and, less self-respect. Bro. _____Brother F has been no honor to the cause of God. His impetuous temper, and general influence, have not had a tendency to elevate, but to bring down to a low level. He has brought tThe cause of God has been brought into disrepute by his lack of judgment and refinement. It would have been far better for the cause of truth had this family removed long ago to a less important post, where their influencethey would have been less felt, because they would be more secluded and their influence less felt. Theseir children have lived in the light of truth, and have had privileges that but few children have had,; yet all this time they have not been benefited. They , but have been growing more and more hardened in depravity. A removal would be better for the family, for steady employment upon land would be a blessing to father and children if they would profit by the advantages of farming life. depravity. Their removal would be a blessing to the church and to society. p. 72, Para. 1, [18OT church and to society, and to the entire family. Steady employment upon land would be a blessing to father and children if they would profit by the advantages of farm life. p. 403, Para. 1, [2T].

 I saw that the family of Bro. _____Brother G need a great work done for them. _____H and _____I have gone to great lengths in this crime of self-abuse; especially ins this true of _____ H, who hads gone so far in the practice of this sin that his intellect is affected, his eye sighteyesight is weakened, and disease is fastening itself upon him. Satan has almost full control of this poor boy's mind. H, but his parents are not awake to see the evil and its results. His mind is debased, his conscience is hardened, his moral sensibilities are benumbed, and he will be a ready victim to be led into sin and crime byfor evil associates to lead into sin and crime. Bro. ABrother and Sr. _____Sister G, arouse yourselves, I beg of you. You have not received the light of health reform, and acted upon it. If you had restricted your appetites you would have been saved much extra labor and expense; and, what is of vastly more consequence, you would have preserved to yourselves a better condition of physical health, and a greater degree of physical and intellectual strength to appreciate eternal truths; you would have a clearer brain to weigh the evidences of truth, and would be better prepared to give to others a reason of the hope that is in you. Your food is not of that simple, healthful quality to which will make the best kind of blood. Foul blood will surely becloud the moral and intellectual powers, and arouse and strengthen the baser passions of your nature. Neither of you can afford a feverish diet, for it is at the expense of the health of the body, and the prosperity of your own souls, and the souls of your children. p. 74404, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 You place upon your table food which taxes the digestive organs, and excites the animal passions, and weakens the moral and intellectual faculties. Rich food and flesh-meatsflesh meats are no benefit to you. Could you viewknow just the nature of the meat you eat, could you see the animals, when living, from which the flesh is taken when dead, you would turn with loathing from your flesh-meats flesh meats. The very animals whose flesh you eat, are frequently so diseased, that, if left alone, they would die of themselves; but, while the breath of life is in them, they are killed and brought to market. You take directly into your system humors and poison of the worst kind, and yet you realize it not. You love the indulgence ofo indulge appetite. You have athis lesson to learn: Whatsoever Whether therefore youe eat, or drink, or whatsoever youe do, to do all to the glory of God. " p. 75404, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 I entreat of you, for Christ's sake, to set your house and hearts in order. Let the truth of heavenly origin elevate and sanctify you, soul, body, and spirit. "Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul. Bro. _____" Brother G, your eating has an influencea tendency to strengthen the baser passions. You do not control your body, as it is your duty to do in order to perfect holiness in the fear of God. Temperance in eating must be practiced by you before you can be a patient man. Remember that you have given to your children, in a great degree, the stamp of your own character. You should guard yourself, and not be harsh, or severe, or impatient. Deal with them decidedly, yet patiently, lovingly, pityingly, as Jesus has dealt with you. Be careful how you censure. Bear with your children, yet restrain them. This you has been toove much neglected by youtoo much. You have not corrected them in the right manner, not having perfect control of your own spirit. A great work must be done for you, my dear brother and sister both. p. 75405, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother G, if you had gone on from strength to strength, following in the light the Lord hads given, hHe would now have chosen you as an instrument of righteousness. You have talents; you have ability; you can work for God's glory; but you have not, Bro. _____, makde an entire surrender of yourself to God. Oh!, that, even now, you would even now seek meekness, seek the righteousness of Christ, seek meekness, that you maymight be hid in the day of the Lord's fierce anger! Bro.p. 405, Para. 2, [2T].

 My dear brother and Sr. _____, sister, you should take hold unitedly and perseveringly to right the wrong of your mismanagement of your children. Sr. _____ Sister G has been too indulgent; yet unitedly and in love, you can do much, even now, to bind your children to your hearts, and instruct them in the good and right way. p. 76, Para. 1, [18OT].

 Bro. and Sr. _____You have a work to do in setting theiryour own hearts and house in order. TheyYou should cultivate harmonious action. The transforming influence of the Spirit of God can do a great work for you both, and will unite your hearts and efforts in the work of reform in your own family. All repining, murmuring, and a hasty irritability, should be done withcease. Its effects are to weaken you both, and to destroy the influence you must haveexert if you succeed in training your children for Heaven heaven. p. 405, Para. 3, [2T].

 Satan now has the field. Your poor children are his Hcaptives; he has control of the minds of your children. These poor children are his captives. They practice self-abuse. Their minds their minds and causes them to take a low turn. Their moral sensibilities seem paralyzed. They have practiced this vice,self-abuse and gloried in their iniquities. Such boys are capable of poisoning an entire neighborhood or community, and their pernicious influence will endanger all who are brought in contact with them in school capacity. Your children are corrupt, in body and in mind. p. 77, Para. 1, [18OT].

 Vice has placed its marks upon your eldestr children. They are tainted, deeply tainted, with sin. The animal propensities predominate, while the moral and intellectual faculties are very weak. The lower, baser passions have gained strength by exercise, while conscience has become hardened and seared. This is the influence which vice will have upon the mental powers. Those who give themselves up to work the ruin of their own bodies and minds, do not stop here. Eventually they will be found ready for crime in almost any form, for their consciences are seared. Parents have not been half aroused to realize their responsibility in becoming parents. They are remiss in their duty. They do not teach their children the sinfulness of these dangerous, virtue-destroyingvirtue destroying habits. Until parents arouse, there is no hope for their children. p. 77406, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 I might mention the cases of many others, but will forbear, except in a few instances. p. 78, Para. 1, [18OT].

 _____ _____J is a dangerous associate. He is a subject of this vice. His influence is bad. The grace of God has no influence upon his heart. He has a good intellect, and his father has trusted much to this to balance him. B; but mental power alone is not a guarantee of virtuous superiority. The absence of religious principles makes _____ _____ base and him corrupt at heart, and sly in his doings of wrong wrongdoing. His influence is pernicious everywhere. He is infidel in his principles, and glories in his skepticism. When with those of his own age, or those younger than himself, he talks knowingly of religious things, and jests at sacred things. He and sneers at truth, and the Bible;. This pretendsed knowledge, which has itsan influence to corrupt minds and lead young men to feel ashamed of the truth. p. 78, Para. 2, [18OT].

 The company of sSuch companions should be wholly avoided; , for this is the only sure course of safety. Young girls are enamored with the society of _____ _____this young man; even some who profess to be Christians prefer such society. p. 79 406, Para. 1 2, [18OT2T].

 The young _____K is a boy who can be moulded if surrounded by correct influences. This boyHe needs a right example. If the young who profess Christ would honor Him in their lives , they could exert an influence towhich would counteract the pernicious influence of such youth as _____ _____J. But the youth ng generally have no more religion than those who have never named the name of Christ. They do not depart from iniquity. A smart, intelligent boy, like _____ _____J, can have a powerful influence for evil. If this intelligence were controlled by virtue and rectitude and virtue, it would be powerful for good; but if it is swayed by depravity, its evil cannot be estimatedinfluence upon his associates cannot be estimated, and it will assuredly sink him in perdition. p. 79, Para. 2, [18OT].

 A good intellect corrupted makes a very bad heart. A brilliant intellect sanctified by the Spirit of God exerts a hidden power, and diffuses light and purity upon all with whom the happy possessor associates. p. 79407, Para. 31, [18OT2T].

 If a boy of such mental abilities, as _____ _____,J would surrender his heart to Christ, thisit would be his salvation. By means of Hpure religion his intellect would, by the means of pure religion, be brought into a healthy channel. H; his mental and moral powers would growbecome vigorously and harmoniously. T; the conscience , illuminated withby divine grace, would be quick and pure, controlling the will and desires, and leading to frankness and uprightness in every act of life. Without the principles of religion, this boy will be cunning, artful, sly, in an evil course, and will poison all with whom he associates with. I warn all the youth to beware of this young man, if he continues to slight religion and the Bible. You cannot be too guarded in his society. p. 80407, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 _____ _____ is being corrupted bBy associating with those boys who havedo not theexert a right influence, L is also being corrupted. The _____ boyJ and _____ _____ K are not profitable associates for _____. _____ him, for he is easily influenced in the wrong direction. ------- is not the best place for him. ______'sHis habits are not pure; self-abuse is practiced by him, and. Because of this crime, indulged byand him, and lovings love for the company of evil associates, will weaken his those desires which help to form a correct and virtuous character, and to secure Hheaven at last will be weakened. The youth,ng who desire immortality, must stop where they are, and not allow an impure thought or an impure act. Impure thoughts lead to impure actions. If Christ isbe the theme of contemplation, the thoughts will be widely separated from every subject which will lead to impure acts. The mind will strengthen by exercise in dwelling upon elevating subjects. ItIf trained to run in the channel of purity and holiness, it will become healthy and vigorous if trained to run in the channel of purity and holiness. The mind, if trained to dwell upon . If trained to dwell upon spiritual themes, it will, by cultivation, naturally take that turn. But this attraction of the thoughts to heavenly things cannot be gained without the exercise of faith in God, and an earnest, humble reliance upon hHim for that strength, and that grace which iswill be sufficient for every emergency. p. 80 408, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Purity of life and a character moulded after the divine Pattern are not obtained without earnest effort and fixed principles. A wavering, vacillating mindperson will not succeed in attaining Christian perfection. Such will be weighed in the balances and found wanting. Satan is seeking for his prey lLike a roaring lion, Satan is seeking for his prey. He will trytries his wiles upon every unsuspecting youth, and; there is not safety anywhere only in Christ. It is through hHis grace alone that Satan can be successfully repulsed. Satan tells the youthyoung that there is time enough yet;, that they may indulge in sin and vice this once, and never again; but that one indulgence will poison their your whole life. p. 81, Para. 1, [18OT].

 Do not once venture on forbidden ground once. Let the earnest, heartfelt cry of the youth be raised to Heaven in this . In this perilous day of evil, when the allurements to vice and corruption are on every hand., let the earnest, heartfelt cry of the young be raised to heaven: "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?" MAnd may his ears be opened and his heart inclined to obey the instruction given in the answer,: "By taking heed thereto, according to Thy word." The only safety for the youth in this age of pollution is to make God their trust. Without divine help they will be unable to resist control human passions and appetites. In Christ is the very help needed;, but how few will come to hHim for that help. Said Jesus, when upon the earth,: "Ye will not come to mMe, that ye might have life." In Christ all can conquer. You can say with the apostle,: "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that hath loved us." Again,: "But I keep under my body, and bring it untointo subjection." p. 82408, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 I have written out quite fully the case of Bro. _____Brother E and family, because this one illustrates the true state of very many families, and God would have these families take this as though written especiallyspecially for their benefit. There are many more cases I might designate, but I have named enough already. The yYoung girls are not as a general thing clear of the of crime of self-abuse. They practice it, and, as the result, their constitutions are being ruined. Some, who are just entering womanhood, are in danger of paralysis uponof the brain. Already the moral and intellectual powers are weakened and benumbed, while the animal passions are gaining the ascendancy and corrupting body and soul. The youth, whether male or female, cannot be Christians unless they entirely cease to practice this hellish, soul-and-body-destroyingsoul-andbody- destroying vice entirely. p. 82409, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Many of the young are eager afterfor books. They read everything they can obtain. Exciting love stories and impure pictures, have a corrupting influence. Novels are eagerly perused by the youthmany, and, as the result, their imagination becomes defiled. PIn the cars, photographs are circulated in the cars for saleof with females in a state of nudity are frequently circulated for sale. These disgusting pictures are also found in the daguerrean saloons, and are hung in pictures upon the walls of those who deal in engravings. This is an age when corruption is teeming everywhere. The lust of the eye and corrupt passions are aroused by beholding and by reading. The heart is corrupted through the imagination. The mind takes pleasure in contemplating scenes which awaken the lower and baser passions. These vile images, seen through defiled imagination, corrupt the morals, and prepare the deluded, infatuated beings, to give loose rein to lustful passions, and then. Then follow sins and crimes, dragging which drag beings formed in the image of God down to a level with the beasts, and sinking them at last in perdition. Avoid reading and seeing things which will suggest to your imagination impure thoughts. Cultivate the moral and intellectual powers. Let not these noble powers become enfeebled and perverted by much reading of even story booksstorybooks. I know of strong minds that have been unbalanced, and partially benumbed, or paralyzed, by intemperance in reading. p. 83410, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 I appeal to parents to control the reading matter forof their their children. Much reading does them only harm. Especially do not permit upon your tables the magazines and newspapers where in wherein are found love stories. It is impossible for the youth to possess a healthy tone of mind, and correct religious principles, unless they enjoy the perusal of the word of God. This book contains the most interesting history, points out the way of salvation through Christ, and is their guide to a higher and better life. They would all pronounce it the most interesting book they ever perused, if their imagination had not become perverted by exciting stories of a fictitious character. You who are looking for your Lord to come the second time to change your mortal bodies, and to fashion them like unto his His most glorious body, must come up upon a higher plane of action. You must work from a higher standpoint than you have hitherto done, or you will not be of that number that shall who will receive the finishing touch of immortality. E. G. W. p. 84410, Para. 1 2, [18OT].

 Epistle Number One p. 85, Para. 1, [18OT].

 Bro. -------: At Adam's Center,2T].

 TRUE LOVE AT HOME Brother M: At Adams Center I was shown that you greatly lacked an unselfish spirit while at the Institute. You; you did not exert the influence that you should. You might have let your light shine there;, but you did not. You often neglected your duty for amusements. You failed to take care, and to bear responsibility. You do not enjoy active exercise. You love your ease. Y; you and hard work are at variance. This is selfish. You allowed the property of the Institute to run down, and be destroyed, when it was your business to see that it was kept up, and that everything was in order, and preserved with greater interest and care than if they it were your own. You were an unfaithful steward. Every time you permitted yourself to engage in amusements, playing croquet, or any thinganything of the kind, you were using time for which you were paid, and which did not belong to you. You would be just as excusable should you take money which you had not earned, and appropriate it to yourself. p. 85411, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Brethren Loughborough, Andrews, Aldrich, and others, did not know you. They estimated you too highly. You could not fill the place they employed you to fill. They erred in judgment when they paid you such aso high a price for theyour labor. you performed. You did not earn the money that was paid to you received. You were very slow, and lacked greatly in energy. You were not enough interested and awake to see and do. T, and things were terribly neglected by you. p. 85411, Para. 32, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____My brother, you are far from God. Y; you are in a state of backsliding. You do not possess noble, moral courage. You yield to your own desires. You do not deny instead of denying self. You haveIn been one that was seeking after happiness. Y, you have attended places for of amusement which God diddoes not approbateapprove, and in thusso doing have weakened your own soul. My brother, you have much to learn. You indulge your appetite, eat by eating more food than your system can convert into good blood. It is a sin to be intemperate in the quantity of food eaten, even if the quality is unobjectionable. Many feel that, if they do not leaveeat meat and the grosser articles of food, thatthey may eat of simple and food they may eat until they cannot well eat more. This is a mistake. There are mMany professed health reformers that are nothing less than gluttons. They lay upon the digestive organs so great a burden that the vitality of the system is exhausted in the effort to dispose of it. It also has a depressing influence upon the intellect to burden the stomach with food;, for the brain nerve-powernerve power is called upon to assist the stomach in its work. Overeating, of even of the simplest food, weakens the vitality of the brain. It benumbs the sensitive nerves of the brain and weakens its vitality. Overeating has a worse effect upon the system than overworking; for the energies of the soul are more effectually prostrated by intemperate eating than by intemperate working. p. 412, Para. 1, [2T].

 The digestive organs never should never be burdened with a quantity or quality of food which it will tax the system to appropriate. All that is taken into the stomach, above what the system can use to convert into good blood, will clogs the machinery; for it is substance which cannot be made into either flesh or blood, and its presence burdens the liver, and produces a morbid condition of the system. The stomach is over-worked overworked in its efforts to dispose of it, and then there is a sense of languor, which is interpreted to mean hunger,; and without allowing the digestive organs time to rest from their severe labor, to recruit their energies, another immoderate amount is taken into the stomach, to set the weary machinery again in motion again. p. 86, Para. 1, [18OT].

 The system receives less nourishment from too great a quantity of food, even of the right quality, than from a lessmoderate quantity, taken at regular periods, and of the right quality. p. 87412, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 My brother, your brain is benumbed. A man who disposes of the quantity of food that you do, should be a laborious laboring man. Exercise is important to digestion, and to a healthy condition of the body and mind. You need physical exercise. You move and act as if you were wooden, as though you had no elasticity. ThisHealthy, active exercise is what you need. Healthy, active exercise This will invigorate the mind. VNeither study nor violent exercise should not be engaged in immediately after a full meal; neither should the student engage in study; for this would be a violation of the laws of the system. Immediately after eating, there is a strong draughtdraft upon the nervous energy, calling into active exercise the brain force, concentrating it upon the field of labor, which is nervous energy. The brain force is called into active exercise to assist the stomach; therefore , when the mind or body is taxed heavily after eating, the process of digestion is hindered. The electricityvitality of the system, which is wanted needed to carry on the work in one direction, is called away and set to work in another. p. 87 413, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 You need to exercise temperance in all things. Cultivate the higher powers of the mind, and there will be less strength of growth of the animal. It is impossible for you to increase in spiritual strength while your appetite and passions are not under perfect control. Says the inspired apostle,: "I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection;: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." p. 88413, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 My brother, arouse yourself, I pray you, and let the work of the Spirit of God reach deeper than the external. L; let it reach down to affect the deep springs of every action. It is principle that is wanted, firm principle, and vigor of action in spiritual, as well as temporal, things. Your efforts lack earnestness. p. 89, Para. 1, [18OT].

 Oh!, how many are low in the scale of spirituality, because they will not deny their appetite. ! The brain nerve-energy nerve energy is benumbed and almost paralyzed by being over-taxed through overeating. SWhen such will go to the house of God upon the Sabbath, and they cannot hold their eyes open. The most earnest appeals fail to arouse their leaden, insensible intellects. The truth may be presented with deep feeling, but it does not awaken the moral sensibilities, or enlighten the understanding. Have such studied to glorify God in all things? p. 89414, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 It is impossible to have clear conceptions of eternal things, unless the mind is trained to dwell upon elevated themes. All the passions must be brought under perfect subjection to the moral powers. When men and women profess strong faith and earnest spirituality, I know that their profession is false, if they have not brought all their passions under control. God requires itthis. The reason thatwhy such spiritual darkness prevails is becausethat the mind is content to take a low level, and is not directed upward in a a pure, holy, and heavenly channel. p. 89414, Para. 32, [18OT2T].

 I saw, in regard to your family, Brother M, that you were not happy. Your wife hads been disappointed. Y, and you have been disappointed. Your wife expected to find in you a person of more noble, refined organization. She has been very unhappy. She has a large amount of pride. Her family connections, upon her mother's side, are naturally conscientious, yet proud and aristocratic. She partakes largely of these traits of character. She is not demonstrative. It is not natural for her to make advances, and manifest affection and love. She looks upon the manifestation of affection between husband and wife, as weak and childish and weak. She has felt that if she encouraged affection, it would not be answered by the fine, elevated sentiment of love, but by the lower order of passions; that these would be strengthened, but not pure, deep, holy, deep love. p. 90414, Para. 13, [18OT2T].

 Your wife should make strong efforts to come out of her retired, dignified reserve, and cultivate simplicity in all her actions. And when yourthe higher order of faculties areis aroused in you, and strengthened by exercise, you will better understand better the wants of women; you will understand that the soul craves for love of a higher, purer order than exists in the low order of animal passions. These passions have been strengthened in you by encouragement and exercise. If now in the fear of God you keep your body under, and seek to meet your wife with pure, elevated love, the wants of her nature will be met. Take your wife her to your heart. E; esteem her highly. p. 90415, Para. 2 1, [18OT2T].

 You have been exalted and have taken a position above your wife, and have been exalted. You have not understood yourself. You have had a high appreciation of your religious experience and advancement in the divine life. These things have hindered, instead of helping, your wife. She feared for you;, feared that you did not really understand yourself, and that you would go too fast. Your union has not been happy. You have been unsuited to each other. Your wife has a timid, fearful, shrinking nature. You have utterly failed to understand her. She is in fear and hesitancy in regard hesitates and fears to moving move out, because she fears is afraid of going too fast. She needs confidence in herself and should encourage independence. p. 91415, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____. YBrother M, you fail to encourage the confidence of your wife. You are lacking in courteousness and in constant, kindly regard for her. You sometimes manifest love, but it is a selfish love. It is not a principle with you, reaching down deep, and underlying all your actions. It is not an unselfish love, which prompts a continual forethought for her, and a care to have her in your society, showing her that you prefer her company above all others. You have sought for your own amusements, leaving her at home lonely and often sad. You pursued this course before moving to this place, and have continued to do so since, in a less degree for want of opportunity or excuse. p. 91415, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 Your wife would scorn to let you know that she marked the deficiencies in you. She has kept a fear of you. Had you possessed genuine love, which such a nature as hers requires, you would have found an answering chord in her heart. You are too cold and stiff. You have, at times, manifested affection, but it has not awakened love in return, because you have not been courteous and attentive, and manifested a kind regard for your wife by consulting her happiness. You have, too many times, felt at liberty to saunter off in pursuit of your own pleasure, without consulting her pleasure or happiness at all. p. 92416, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 True, pure love is precious. It is heavenly in its influence. It is deep and abiding. It is not spasmodic in its manifestations. It is not a selfish passion. It is heavenly in its influence.bears It bears fruit. It will lead to a constant effort to make your wife happy. If you have this love, it will come natural to make this effort. It will not appear to be forced. If you go out for a walk, or to attend a meeting, it will be as natural as your breath to choose your wife to accompany you, and to seek to make her happy in your society. You regard her spiritual attainments as inferior to your own., but I saw that God was better pleased with her spirit than with that possessed by yourself. You are not worthy of your wife. She is too good for you. She is a frail, sensitive plant and frail; she needs to be tenderly cared for tenderly. p. 92, Para. 2, [18OT].

 She earnestly desires to do the will of God. SBut she has a proud spirit, butand is timid, shrinking from reproach. It is as death to her to be a the subject of observation or remark. Let your wife be loved, honored, and cherished, in fulfillment of the marriage vow, and she will come out of that reticent, diffident position, which is natural to her. p. 93 416, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 Only let a woman realize that she is appreciated by her husband, and is precious to him, not merely because she is useful, and convenient in his house, but because she is a part of himself, and she will respond to his affection, and reflect back the love bestowed upon her. Let your wife be the object of your special and hearty attention. When you feel as God would have you, you will feel lost without the society of your wife. You think her faith not worth having, yet it will bring answers sooner than the faith which you possess. p. 93416, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother M, you fail to understand the heart of a woman. You do not reason from cause to effect. You should know that your wife is not so cheerful and happy as you wish to see her, but you do not investigate the cause. You do not analyze your deportment to see if the difficulty does not exist in yourself. Love your wife. She is hungering for deep, true, elevating love. Let her have tangible proof that her care and interest for you, which is shown in her attention to your comfort, is appreciated and returned. Seek her opinion and approval in things in whichwhatever you engage in. Respect her judgment. Do not feel that you know all that is worth knowing. p. 93 417, Para. 31, [18OT2T].

 A house with love in it, where love is expressed in words, and looks, and deeds, is a place where angels love to manifest their presence, and hallow the scene by rays of light from glory. There the humble household duties have a charm in them. None of her life's duties will be an unpleasant task to herto your wife under such circumstances. She canwill perform them with a cheerfulness of spirit, and will be like a sunbeam to all around her;, and she will be making melody in her heart to the Lord. p. 94, Para. 1, [18OT].

 Your wifeAt present she feels that she has not your heart's affections. You have given her occasion to feel thus. You perform the necessary duties devolving upon you as head of the family, but there is a lack. There is a serious lack of love's precious influence, which leads to kindly attentions. Love should be seen in the looks and manners, and heard in the tones of the voice. p. 94417, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 Your wife does not venture to open her heart to you,; for as soon as she utters a sentiment differing from you, you repel it. You talk so strong that she has no courage to say another word. You are not one in heart. You take a position above your wife,her and maintain a bearing as though her judgment or and opinion waswere of no account. You consider your spiritual attainments far in advance of hers. My brother, you do not know yourself. God looks at the heart, not at the words or profession. The externals do not weigh with God as with men. A humble heart and a contrite spirit God values. Our Saviour is acquainted with the life conflicts of every soul. He judgeth not according to appearances, but righteously. p. 94418, Para. 31, [18OT2T].

 Your spirit is strong. When you take a position you do not weigh the matter well, and consider what must be the effect of your maintaining your views, and in an independent manner weaving them into your prayers and conversation, when you know that your wife does not takehold the same views that you do. Instead of kindly--I might say gentlemanly-- avoiding the subjects where you know you differ, in respect for that you do. Instead of respecting the feelings of your wife, and kindly avoiding, as a gentleman would, those subjects upon which you know you differ, you have been forward to dwell upon objectionalobjectionable points, and have manifested a persistency in expressing your views regardless of any around you. You have felt that others had no right to see matters differently from yourself. These fruits do not grow upon the Christian tree. p. 95418, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 In the case of Sr. _____Sister N, you did not view things in their true light. If she had been healed in answer to yoursthe prayers of yourself and others' prayers others, it would have proved the ruin of more than two or three of you. A wise God had oversight of this matter. He could read the motives and purposes of the heart. p. 96418, Para. 13, [18OT2T].

 Your wife hads just as much right to her opinion as you have to yours. Her marriage relation does tonot destroy her identity. She has an individual responsibility. You will not feel clear till you take things out of her way, and manifest toward her a more charitable, Christlike spirit of forbearance, and regard others in the light in which you wish to be regarded. You have yet to learn to "let nothing be done through strife or vain-glory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves." "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another; not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord." p. 96418, Para. 2, [18OT4, [2T].

 CONDUCTING SOCIAL MEETINGS I was shown, Bro. _____Brother M, that you need a great work done for you, before you can exert an influence in the church to correct their errors or bring them up. You do not possess that humbleness of mind, that can reach the hearts of God's people. You are exalted. You need to examine your motives and your actions, to see if your eye is single to the glory of God. p. 96, Para. 3, [18OT].

 Bro. _____Neither Brother O nor yourself areyou is exactly fitted to meet the wants of the youth and the church generally. You do not come right down toin simplicity, to understand the best manner to help them. It does not have the best influence for you and Bro. _____Brother O to leave your seats, and take your position upon the platform in front of the people. You feel, wWhen you occupy that position, you feel that you must say or do something in accordance with the position you have taken. Instead of getting up and speaking a few words to the point, you frequently make lengthy remarks, which really hurt the spirit of the meeting. Many feel relieved when you sit down. Were you in a country place where there were but few to improve the time, such lengthy remarks would be more appropriate. p. 96419, Para. 41, [18OT2T].

 Thise work of the Lord is a great work, and wise men are needed to engage in it. Men are wanted who can adapt themselves to the wants of the people. If you expect to help the people, you must not take your position above them, but right down among them. This is Bro. ______'sBrother O's great fault. He is too stiff. It is not natural for him to use simplicity. He does not reason from cause to effect. He will not win affection and love. He does not come right down to the understanding of the children, and speak in a touching manner which will melt and burn its way to the heart. He stands up and talks to the children in a wise kind of a way;, but it does them no good. His remarks are generally lengthy and wearisome. If Sometimes if but one-fourth wasone fourth were said sometimes that is said, a much better impression would be left on the mind. p. 97419, Para. 1 2, [18OT2T].

 Those who instruct children should avoid tedious remarks. Short remarks and to the point will have a happy influence. If much is to be said, make up for briefness inby frequency. A A few words of interest, now and then, will be more beneficial than to have it all at once. Long speeches burden the small minds of children. Too much talk will lead them to loathe even spiritual instruction, just as overeating burdens the stomach and lessens the appetite, and leadsleading even to a loathing of food. The minds of the people may be glutted with too much speechifying. Labor for the church, but especially for the youth, should be line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, and there a little. Give minds time to digest the truths weyou feed them. Children must be drawn towards H heaven, not rashly, but very gently. E. G. W. Battle Creek, OctoberMichigan, Oct. 2, 1868. p. 98420, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Epistle Number Two p. 98, Para. 2, [18OT].

IMPORTANCE OF SELF-GOVERNMENT Dear Bro. -------Brother P: I have several times attempted to write to you, but have as often been hindered. I will delay no longer. I have felt for a few days past especially anxious in regard to you. p. 98, Para. 3, [18OT].

 Last June, some things were shown me in regard to yourself you. I was carried back in the past, and shown your unsettled, roving life. You were without God. Your life Yours has been a hard, reckless and hardlife. Yet I saw that God, had in mercy, spared your life many times, when it seemed that no human power, or wisdom could preserve it. You now stand a miracle of mercy. When your life has been in imminent peril, Christ, your aAdvocate, has pleaded in your behalf: "Father , spare his life a little longer. He has been an unfruitful tree, which has cumbered the ground,; yet cut it not down. I will patiently wait a little longer, and see if it will not bear fruit. I will impress his heart with the truth. I will convict him of sin." p. 421, Para. 1, [2T].

 I was shown that the Lord opened the way for you to obey and serve hHim. Your steps were directed West, where your surroundings would be more favorable to a growth in grace, and where it would be less difficult for you to form a character for Hheaven. Your footsteps were directed West. You came into our family, and were received into our hearts. This was all ordered of the Lord. You had no not the experience. This which was necessary in order to live a life which that God would approve. You were situated where in a few short months you could obtain more light, and a more correct knowledge of present truth, in a few short months than you could have obtained in years, if you had remained East. p. 99421, Para. 1, 2, [18OT2T].

 Our compassionate High Priest was acquainted with your weakness and your errors, and leftdid not leave you not in your inexperience, to battle with the great foe amid unfavorable surroundings, to battle with your great foe. Had you remained in _____,----- you would not have retained the truth. The opposition you would have received, would have raised your combativeness, and you would have dishonored the truth by a hasty spirit; and then, as obstacles arose in your Christian journey, you would have been become discouraged and yielded the truth. p. 100, Para. 1, [18OT].

 I saw that yYou hadve much to be thankful for. Your heart should be filled with gratitude to your loving Saviour for his His mercy to you, to you who have abused his love so long abused His love. p. 100 421, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 I was shown that you were a rough stone from the quarry, which needed much hewing, and squaring, and polishing, before you it could fill a place in the heavenly building. Some of this Therework has been something of this work done for you; but, oh! , there is a much greater work yet to be done. p. 100, Para. 3, [18OT].

 I was shown that y! You have had a very unhappy spirit. You have seen the rough side of life. You have not had much happiness; but you were the one who stood in your own light, debarring yourself from good. In your youth, you encouraged a spirit of discontent; you would not be ruled; you chose to walk in your own way, irrespective of others' judgment or counsel. You would not submit to be controlled by your stepfather, because you wanted to follow your own way. He did not understand the best way to manage you, and you were bounddetermined not to respect his authority. YAs soon as he would speak to you, you would place yourself upon the defensive, as soon as he would speak to you. Your combativeness was large;, and you would battle everything and everybody that crossed your plans. Even when suggestions that might bewere made of a better course to pursue in your plans and labors, you would cause you to fly in an instant. You thought you were censured, thought you were blamed, and felt grieved with those who were your true friends. Your imagination was diseased. You thought that everybody was against you. You thought and that your lot was exceedingly hard. It has been hard, but you have made it so. p. 100422, Para. 41, [18OT2T].

 Your course toward your stepfather was unbecoming. He did not deserve to be treated by you as he was. He had faults and had committed errors;, but while you were awake to see these in an aggravated light, you did not see your own errors. p. 101, Para. 1, [18OT].

 In the providence of God, your wife was prostrated by disease. She was a proud-spiritedproud spirited woman. S; but she repented of her sins, and her repentance was accepted of God. p. 101422, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 Your way has been hedged up, on the right hand and on the left, to debarhinder your progress to perdition. The Lord has brought your unruly, untamable spirit to submit to hHim. YouBy have been brought to repentance by a mixture of judgment and mercy you have been brought to repentance. You, lLike Jonah, you fled from present duty to sea. God hedged up your way by the visitations of hHis providence. You could not prosper, or be happy, because you could not leave yourself behind. You took self and sin with you. You cherished a discontented, restless spirit. You and would not do the duties in your path. You wanted a change--, some larger work. You became roving in disposition. p. 101423, Para. 31, [18OT2T].

 The eye of yourthe dear Saviour has been upon you, or you would have been left in your unsettled state, and in your sins, to become abandoned in character and miserable in circumstances. While in the land of strangers and in the hour of sickness, you have felt sadly felt your forlorn and, desolate condition. You have passed long nights and weary days of restlessness and pain, away from your mother and sisters, with none but stranger hands to do a kindly office for you, and no Christian hope to sustain you. p. 102423, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 You were seeking after happiness;, but did not obtain it. You had neglected the advice of your mother, and her entreaties not to violate the commands of God. At times this neglect has caused you bitterness of spirit. But I cannot enter into every particular, for I am not strong. I will dwell upon the most essential things shown me. p. 102, 423, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 I saw that a work is before you which you do not comprehend. It is, to die to self. You must, to crucify self. You have a quick, impetuous temper, which you must subdue. p. 102, Para. 3, [18OT].

 You possess noble traits of character, which will secure you friends, if your hasty spirit does not wound. You have a strong attachments for those who manifest an interest for you. You are conscientious when you can, and do, comprehend things aright; but you do not always stop and reflect, but often move by impulse. p. 103, Para. 1, [18OTWhen you comprehend things aright you are conscientious; but you often move from impulse, without stopping to reflect. p. 423, Para. 4, [2T].

 You pass your judgment upon individuals, and comment upon their ways and manners, when you do not understand their position, or their work. You view things from your standpoint, and then are ready to condemn or question or condemn the course they pursue, without candidly taking a view of the viewing matters on every all sides. You have not knowledge of the duties of others, and should not feel responsible for their acts; , but do your duty, leaving others with the Lord. Possess your spirit in patience, and preserve peace and calmness of mind, and be ye thankful. p. 103424, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 I saw that the Lord had given you light and experience, that you might see the sinfulness of a hasty spirit, and control your passions. p. 103, Para. 3, [18OT].

 So surely as you fail to do this, just so surely you will fail of everlasting life. You must overcome this disease of the imagination. IYou are extremely sensitive, and if a word is spoken, favoring an opposite course from that which you hadve been pursuing, you are extremely sensitive, and are hurt. You feel that you are blamed, and that you must defend yourself, save your life; and in your earnest effort to save your life, you lose it. You have a work to do, to die to self, and to cultivate a spirit of forbearance and patience. Get over the idea that you are not used right; , that you are wronged, that somebody wants to crowd you or harm you. You see through false eyes. Satan leads you to take these distorted views of things. p. 103424, Para. 42, [18OT2T].

 Dear Brother _____P, at Adam's Center, your case was again shown me. I saw that you had ever failed to exercise true self-government. You have made efforts,; but these efforts have only reached the external. T, they have not gone down deep totouched the spring of action. Your hasty temper often causes you sincere and painful regret and condemnation afterwardsself-condemnation. p. 104, Para. 1, [18OT].

 This spirit of passionpassionate spirit, unless subdued, will increase to a peevish, faultfinding spirit; indeed, this is already upon you in a degree. You will be ready to resent everything. If jostled upon the sidewalk, you will be offended, and a word of complaint, because offended, will spring to your lips. When driving in the street, if full half the road is not given you, you will feel stirred in a moment. If asked to put yourself out of your course to accommodate others, you will chafe and fret, and feel that your dignity is imposed upon. You will show to all your easily besetting sin. Your very countenance will indicate an impatient spirit, and your mouth will seem always ready to utter an angry word. In this habit, as in tobacco-usingtobacco using, total abstinence is the only sure remedy. An entire change must take place in you. You frequently feel that you must be more guarded. You resolutely say, "I will be more calm and patient;" but in doing this you only touch the evil on the outside; you consent to retain the lion and watch him. You must go faurther than this. Strength of principle, alone, can dislodge this destroying foe, and bring peace and happiness. p. 104424, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 You have repeatedly said,: "I can't keep my temper." "I have to speak." You lack a meek, humble, meek spirit. Your sSelf is all alive, and you stand guard continually a guard to preserve self it from any mortification or insult. Says the apostle, : "For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God." Those who are dead to self, will not feel so readily, and will not be prepared to resist everything which may irritate. Dead men cannot feel. You are not dead. If you were dead, and your life was were hid in Christ, a thousand things which you now notice, and which affelict you, would be passed by as unworthy of notice,; you would then be grasping the eternal, and would be above the little petty trials of this life. p. 105425, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 "The tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity." "The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression." "He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding;: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly." "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit is betterthan he that than he that he that taketh a city." "Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath;: for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God." "He that hath knowledge spareth his words;: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit." (Margin, "a cool spirit."). p. 106426, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Our great Exemplar was exalted to be equal with God. He was high commander in Hheaven. All the holy angels delighted to bow before hHim. "And again, when hHe bringeth in the first begottenfirstbegotten into the world, hHe saith, And let all the angels of God worship hHim." Jesus took upon hHimself our nature, laid aside hHis glory, majesty, and riches, to perform his mission, to save that which was lost. He came not to be ministered unto, but to minister unto others. Jesus, when reviled, abused, and insulted, did not retaliate. "Who, when hHe was reviled, reviled not again." When the cruelty of man caused hHim to suffer painful stripes and wounds, hHe threatened not;, but committed hHimself to Him who judgeth righteously. The apostle Paul exhorted his Philippian brethren,: "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus;: who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God;: but made hHimself of no reputation, and took upon hHim the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men." Is the servant greater than his master? Christ has given us hHis life as a pattern, and we dishonor hHim when we become jealous of every slight, and are ready to resent every injury, supposed or real. It is not an evidence of a noble mind to be prepared to defend self, to preserve our own dignity. We hadwould better suffer wrongfully a hundred times, that tothan wound the soul by a spirit of retaliation, or by giving vent to wrath. There is strength to be obtained of God. He can help. He can give grace and heavenly wisdom. If you ask in faith, you will receive; but you must watch unto prayer. Watch, pray, and work, should be your watchword. p. 106 426, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 Your wife might be a blessing if she would only take upon her the responsibility upon her that it is her duty to take. But she has shunned responsibility all her life, and now is in danger of being influenced, instead of influencing you. Instead of her having a softening, elevating influence upon you, there is danger of her thinking as you think, and acting as you act, without reaching down deep to be guided by principle in all her actions. You sympathize with oneeach anotherother, and, unfortunately, help each other to view matters incorrectly, rather than correctly. p. 107, Para. 1, [18OT].

 She can exert an influence for good;, but she possesses a spirit which savors of spiritual indolence and sloth. She is reluctant to engage in any good work if it is not pleasant and agreeable. p. 108, Para. 1, [18OT].

 What was Meroz' sin the sin of Meroz? Doing nothing. NIt was not because of great crimes; that they were condemned, but because they did not come up to the help of the Lord. p. 108427, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 I was shown that _____ didyour wife does not understand herself. She shunned care-taking in her youth, and is not disposed to engage in it even now. She is inclined to lean upon others, rather than upon her own powers. She has not encouraged a noble independence. She should, for years back, have been educating herself to bear burdens. Sr. _____She is not in health. She is predisposed to torpidtorpidity of the liver, and is not inclined to exercise. UShe has not the faculty of setting herself to work unless she sees that she must, she has not the faculty to set herself to work. She eats nearly double the amount which she ought to eat. All that she takes into her stomach, above that which her system can convert into good blood, becomes waste matter, to burden nature in the disposal of it. Her system is clogged with a mass of matter, which hinders her in her work, clogs the machinery, and weakens the life-forceslife forces. p. 427, Para. 2, [2T].

 Taking more food into the system than it can convert into good blood, causes a depraved quality of blood, and taxes the vitality to a much greater degree than labor or physical exercise. This overeating causes a dull stupor. The brain nerves are called upon to aid the digestive organs, and are thus constantly being over-taxed and weakened. The sensitive nerves of the brain are benumbed by the action of the nerve-power being called to the stomach to aid the digestive organs overtaxed, weakened, and benumbed. This leaves a sense of dullness in the head, and is making hermakes your wife every day liable to a shock of paralysis. Encouragement to cease exercise is not what is required. Physical exercise is very essential any day. What she requires is not encouragement to cease exercise. There would be nothing so dangerous for her as to remain where her physical powers would not be called into active exercise. Physical exercise is very essential. This will strengthen her body and mind. When she awakes to the responsibility of her position, and sees the benefit which will result from her seeking to have an aim in life, she will not be so disposed to sink down into indolence, and to shun hardships. She does not put her heart into what she does; therefore, she moves about mechanically, too much like a machine, feeling that labor is a burden. She cannot, while she feels thus, realize that new life and vigor which it is her privilege to have. She lacks spirit and energy. She is too much inclined to be lost in dullness, and leaden insensibility. The heavy torpor she feels can only be overcome by a spare diet, perfect control over her appetite, and all her passions, and by calling her will to aid her aid in the point of exercisingtaking exercise. She wants the will to electrify the nerve-power nerve power so that she may resist indolence. p. 108428, Para. 31, [18OT2T].

 Sr. _____Sister P, you never can be of use in the world, unless your purposes are strong enough to enable you to overcome this unwillingness to take care, and bear burdens. As you daily exercise the forces within you daily, youthe task will find the taskgrow less difficult, until duty, and diligence, and care, it will become second nature for you to do duty, to be careful and diligent. You can accustom yourself to think, when you lay less burden upon your stomach. This burden taxes the brain. p. 110428, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 Also yYou should also have an aim, a purpose, in life. Where there is no purpose, there is a disposition to indolence;, but where there is ana sufficiently important object in view, of sufficient importance, all the powers of the mind will come into spontaneous activity. In order to make life a success, the thoughts must be steadily fixed upon the object of life, and not left to wander off, and be occupied with unimportant things, or to be satisfied with idle musings, which is the fruit of shunning responsibility. Castlebuilding willCastle building depraves the mind. p. 110429, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Take up present duty. Do it with a will, with all the heart. You should resolve to do something which will require an effort of the brain-powers,mental as well as the physical powers. Your heart should be in your present labor, and your present work. p. 110, Para. 3, [18OT].

 The duty now before you is the very work which Heaven wishes you to do. To dream of a work far off, and imagine and plan in regard to the future, will prove unprofitable, and unfitwill unfit you for the work, small though it may be, which Heaven now places before you. It should not be your study to do some great work, but to do cheerfully and well the work which you see to do today, and to do it well. Talents are entrusted to your care, to be doubled. You are responsible for their proper use, or their abuse. You are not to aspire after great things, in order to do great service;, but to do your little work. Improve your talents, even though are they are few, with and let a sense of your responsibility to God for their right use, in the sight of God rest upon you. p. 111429, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 You need not expect to avoid pain and weariness in the toils and trials of life. The Son of God was partaker of the human frame. He was frequently wearied in body and spirit. Said hHe,: "I must work the works of hHim that sent mMe, while it is day;: the night cometh, when no man can work." p. 111, Para. 2, [18OT].

 You should cease your far-offfar off dreaming, and bring your mind to present duties, and cheerfully perform them. p. 111 429, Para. 3, [18OT2T].

 This world is not the Christian's Hheaven. It is merely the fitting-upfitting up place. It is the scene of our life-battleslife battles, our conflicts, and sorrows; and it is important that we all have a firm grasp of the better world, where therewill be found, when the warfare is ended, peace, joy, and bliss, to be enjoyed forever, when the warfare is ended. p. 111, Para. 4, [18OT].

 I saw that you would both be in greater danger of making shipwreck of faith were you united, because, you would look upon matters in a false light. You both have a great work to do for yourselves, andbut you are in danger of blinding your eyes to each other's faults. p. 112430, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Sr. _____Sister P should be guarded so as not to stir up the hasty spirit of her husband by relating her supposed grievances to him, to obtain sympathy. He takesviews things in soa strong a light, and feels deeply over thingsmatters which are not worthy of notice. She will have to learn this, and understand that it is wisdom to be silent. She needs the power of endurance. You canIt is much more easilyeasier to throw a thing into the mind, than to get it out when once it is there. It is more easyeasier to dwell upon a supposed wrong, thatn to pacify or control the feelings when once they are aroused. p. 112430, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother P has qualities which would be excellent qualities if they were refined by the elevating influences of pure religion. He can be useful. Sincere piety alone can qualify him to perform his duties well in this world, and give him a fitness for Heaven heaven. p. 112, Para. 3, [18OT].

 A heavenly character must be acquired upon earth, my brother, or you will never possess it; therefore you should engage at once in the work which you have to do at once. You should belabor earnestly laboring to obtain a fitness for Hheaven. Live for Hheaven. Live by faith. p. 112430, Para. 4 3, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother P, you are a rough stone,; but the hand of a skillful workman is upon you. Will you let hHim hew and square you, and polish you for that building which is coming together without the sound of an ax or hammer? Not a blow is to be struck after probation closes. You maymust now, in the hours of probation, overcome your impetuous temper, or be separated from God at last. p. 113430, Para. 14, [18OT2T].

 Jesus loves you both, and will save you if you will be saved in hHis own appointed way. You may have experimental religion if you really hunger and thirst for it. Go to God in faith and humility, and ask, and you shallwill receive; but remember that the disciple is not above his mMaster, nor the servant greater than his lLord. You need to cherish that humility and humbleness of mind which dwellt in JesusChrist. Christ. E.G.W. Battle Creek, Michigan, Feb. 9, 1869. p. 113, Para. 2, [18OT].

 Epistle Number Three p. 113, Para. 3, [18OT].

 Dear Bro. and Sr. -------p. 431, Para. 1, [2T].

 INDUSTRY AND ECONOMY Dear Brother and Sister R: I have been seeking an opportunity to write to you, but have been sick, and unable to write any oneto anyone. But I will try to write a few lines this morning. p. 113431, Para. 42, [18OT2T].

 As I was shown the duties resting upon God's people in regard to the poor, especially the widows and orphans, I was shown that my husband and myselfI were in danger of taking upon us burdens which God has not laid upon us, and thereby lessening our courage and strength, by increasing our cares and anxiety. In your case, I saw that my husband went farther in your case than it was his duty to go. His interest in you led him to take a burden which carried him beyond his duty, and it which has been no benefit to you, but has encouraged in you a disposition to depend upon your brethren. You look to them to help and favor you, while you do not labor so as hard as they, nor economize at all times as they feel it their duty to do. p. 113431, Para. 53, [18OT2T].

 I was shown that you, my brother and sister, have much to learn. You have not learned economy. You have not lived within your means. If you earn high wages, yYou have not learned to economize what. If you have earnedearn high wages, andyou do not know how to make it go as far as possible. You consult your taste or appetite instead of prudence. At times you expend money for a quality of food in which your brethren cannot afford to indulge. Dollars slip from your pocket very easily. p. 114431, Para. 1 4, [18OT2T].

 Sr. _____Sister R is in poor health. She indulges her appetite. and She places too heavy a tax upon her stomach. She burdens her stomach by overeating. She places in her stomach food not of the best qualityit by overeating and by placing in it a quality of food not best calculated to nourish her system. Her food is taken in immoderate quantities, and she takes but little exercise; thus the system is severely taxed. According to the light the lightwhich the Lord has given us, simple food is the best to insureensure health and strength. Exercise is necessary to her health. p. 114432, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Self-denial is a lesson which you both have both yet to learn. Restrict your appetite, Bro. ____ ___Brother R. God has given you a capital of strength. This is of more value to you, and than money and should be more highly prized, than money. Strength cannot be purchased with gold or silver, houses or lands. It is a great possession that you have. God requires you to make a wise and judicious use of the strength he has blessed you with. You are God's steward, with a capital of strength with which He has blessed you. You are just as much aHis steward as is athe man who has a capital of money. It is as wrong for you to fail to use your strength to the best advantage; as wrong asit is for a rich man to covetously retain his riches because it is agreeable to do so. You do not make the exertion that you should to support your family. You can, and do, work if work is all conveniently prepared to hand;, but you do not exert yourself to set yourself to work, feeling that it is a duty to use your time and strength to the very best advantage, and in the fear of God. p. 115432, Para. 12, [18OT2T].

 You have been in a business which would at times yield you large profits at once. After you have earned means, you have not studied to economize in reference to a time when means could not be earned so easily;, but have expended much for imaginary wants. Had you and your wife understood it to be a duty that God enjoined upon you, to deny your taste and your desires, and make provision for the future, instead of living merely for the present, you could now have had a competency and your family have had the comforts of life. You have a lesson to learn which you should not be backward in learning. It is to make a little go the longest way. p. 115 432, Para. 23, [18OT2T].

 Sr. _____Sister R has leaned her weight too heavily upon her husband. She has been all her life too dependent upon others for sympathy, thinking of herself, making herself a center. She has been petted too much. She, and has not learned to be self-reliant. She has not been the help to her husband that she might have been, in temporal or spiritual things. She must learn to bear, bodily infirmities and not dwell upon, bodily infirmities them as she does. She must fight the battles of life for herself; an individual responsibility rests upon her. p. 116433, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 Sr. _____Sister R, your life has been a mistake. You have indulged in reading anything and everything. Your mind has not been benefited by thisso much reading. Your nerves have been excited while hurriedly chasing through the story. If your children interrupt you while thus employed, you speak fretfully, impatiently. You do not have self-control, and therefore fail to hold your children with a firm and, steady hand. You move from impulse. You pet and indulge and pet them, and then fret and scold, and are severe. This variable manner is very detrimental to your childrenthem. They need a firm, steady hand; for they are wayward. They need regular, wise, judicious discipline. p. 116433, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 You might save yourself much perplexity if you would put on the woman, and move from principle, not from impulse. You have imagined that your husband must be with you, that you could not stay alone. You should see that his duty is to labor to sustain his family. You should bring yourself to deny your desires and wishes, and not lead him to feel that he must accommodate himself to you. You have a part to act in bearing the burdens of life. You must put on courage and fortitude. Be a woman, not a capricious child. You have been petted, and have had your burdens borne for you too long. It is now your duty to seek to deny your wishes and desires, and act from principle;, for the present and future good of your family. You are not well,; but if you should cultivate a contented, cheerful mind, it would help you to a better hold on this life, and also on the life to come. p. 117433, Para. 13, [18OT2T].

 Bro. _____Brother R, it is your duty to make a careful, judicious use of the capital of strength which God has given you. p. 117434, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 Sr. _____Sister R, your brain is wearied, and taxed by reading. You should deny your propensity for crowding your mind with everything it can devour. Your lifetime has not been put tospent in the best usemanner. You have not benefited yourself, nor those around you. You have leaned on your mother more than has been for your good. If you had depended more upon the powers within yourself, if you had been more self-reliant, you would have been happier. Now you should bear your own burdens as well as you can, and encourage your husband to bear his in doing his work. p. 117434, Para. 32, [18OT2T].

 If you had denied your taste for reading, and seeking to please yourself, andhad devoted more time to prudent physical exercise, and had eaten carefully of proper, healthful food, you would have kept free fromavoided much suffering which you have had. A part of this suffering has been imaginary. If you had braced your mind to resist the disposition to yield to infirmities, you would not have had nervous spasms. Your mind should be drawn away from yourself, to household duties, in keeping your house with order, neatness, and taste. Much reading, and permitting your mind to be diverted with small things, has led to a neglect of your children, and your household duties. These are the very duties which God has given you to perform. p. 118434, Para. 1 3, [18OT2T].

 You have had much sympathy for yourself. You have called your mind to yourself, and have dwelt upon your poor feelings. My sister, eat less. Engage in physical labor, and devote your mind to spiritual things. Keep your mind from dwelling upon yourself. Cultivate a contented, cheerful spirit. You talk too much upon unimportant things. You gain no spiritual strength from this. If the strength spent in talking were devoted to prayer, you would receive spiritual strength, and you would make melody in your heart to God. p. 118434, Para. 24, [18OT2T].

 You have been controlled by feeling, not by duty and principle. You have given up to homesick feelings, and injured your health by indulging in a spirit of unrest. Your habits of life are not healthful. You need to reform. You are nNeither of you is willing to work as others work, nor or to eat as your brethren eat. If it is in your power to get things, you have them. It is your duty to economize. p. 119 435, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 In contrast with your case, was presented the casethat of SrSister S. _____. She hasis in feeble health, and has two children to support with her needle at the very low prices which are paid for her work. For years she received scarcely a farthing of help. She was sufferingsuffered with ill health, yet she carried her own burdens. Here was an object of charity indeed. Now look at your case. A man with a small family and a good capital of strength and a small family, yet constantly involved in debt, and leaning upon others. This is all wrong. You have lessons to learn. With Sr. _____ Sister S, economy ins the battle of life. Here you are with a man's strong energies, and yet are not self-sustaining. You have a work to do. You should have uniformity of diet. Live at all times as simply as your brethren live, at all times. Live out the health reform. p. 119435, Para. 2, [18OT2T].

 Jesus wrought a miracle, and fed five thousand, and then He he taught an important lesson of economy: "Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost." Duties are, resting upon you, important duties, rest upon you. "Owe no man anything." Were you infirm, were you unable to labor, then your brethren would be in duty bound to help you. As it is, all you needed from your brethren when changingyou changed your location, was a start at first. You can. If you felt as ambitious as you should, and you and your wife would agree to live within your means, you could be free from embarrassments, if you feel as ambitious to labor as you should, and you and your wife unitedly bring your plans in life within your meansembarrassment. You will have to labor for small wages, as well as for large. Industry and economy would have placed your family, ere this, in a much more favorable condition. God wants you to be a faithful steward of your strength. He wants you to use your strength it to place your family above want and dependence. E.G.W. Battle Creek, Mich.Michigan, March 22, 1869. p. 120435, Para. 13, [18OT2T].

 Epistle Number Four p. 121, Para. 1, [18OT].

STIRRING UP OPPOSITION Dear Sr. -------Sister T: I have been shown that there has been a fault in your religious life. You have possessed too much of a combative spirit. While it has beenis your privilege to think and act for yourself, you have carried the matter too far. You have had more independence than humility. You have pursued a course to irritate rather than to pacify. It has been necessary for you to possess firmness in order to stand in defense of the truth; yet you have frequently erred in not possessing that meek and quiet spirit which God estimatesesteems of great price. In your family, you have met with opposition and a manifest disrelish of the truth, andbut you have failed to meet these trials you have received in the best manner. You have talked too much and been too positive. You have had mingled too little love, and affection, and tenderness, mingled with your efforts in for your family, especially towardsfor your husband. You are in danger of carrying points to extremes, overdoing the matter, and hurting instead of healing. It is your best course to yield your judgment, even if you think you are right, where you canWherever you can yield your judgment and not sacrifice the principles of truth. You have a truth, it is best for you to do so, even if you think you are right. You have a responsibility, and identity, which cannot be submergedmerged in your husband. Yet there is a oneness, a bond which makes you one, and in many things, if you were more yielding, it would be far better for your husband, your children, and yourself. You are too exacting. You do not seek to win those who differ with you. You are quick to discern when you have the advantage, and you make the most of it. If you possessed more forbearance, mingled with sweet love, and if you should for Christ's sake should pass over many things, without taking them up, and pressing them home, thus creating uncomfortable feelings, the influence would be better and , more saving. You need love, love, love, tender pity, and affection. p. 121436, Para. 21, [18OT2T].

 You see the truth, and then you mark out how this one and that one should practice the truthit; and if they fail to come up to the mark you think they shouldset, you feel to draw off from them. You cannot fellowship them, and love dies out of your heart for them, when in reality, they are just as near right as you are. You make yourself enemies when you might have friends. When you see points of truth, you You are ardent and positive in your temperament, and when you see points of truth, you carry matters to extremes. You thus repulse persons, instead of winning and binding souls them to your soulheart. You look upon the objectionable features in the character of those with whom you associate with, and dwell upon their seeming inconsistencies and wrongs, overlooking their redeeming traits. I was referred to this scripture, : "Finally, brethren, Wwhatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be ANY any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on THESE these things." Here, dear sister, you may meditate and speculate with profit. Dwell upon the good qualities of those with whom you associate, and see as little as possible of their errors and failings. You possess too much of a spirit of war, and throw things into confusion and strife. You must change your life and character, if you are ever come underclassed with those who hear the head of words: "bBlessed are the peacemakers, : for they shall be called the children of God." Let nothing but kind, loving words fall from your lips towardconcerning the members of your family, and toward or of the church. p. 122437, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 You need to open your heart to love, to that love which dwelt in the bosom of Jesus. Should your Saviour deal with you as you would deal with those with whom you differ, you would certainly be in a distressed condition. Your case would be nearly hopeless. But I thank the Lord that we have a merciful High P high priest who can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities. You have been tried with others, and have pursued a course toward them that Heaven does not approve. You have a work to do to let the softening influence of the grace of God into your heart, and; seek meekness, seek righteousness. p. 123438, Para. 1, [18OT2T].

 You are zealous for the truth. You love it, and wish to invest something in it. This is all right, but be careful in your givingthat the precepts you give to others that you have itare backed up with