The Spirit of Prophecy Vindicated

We have a Fresh New Look!

Proof the GC-SDA church is STILL Tampering with the SOP in 1979! & 1996!

New development: July 10, 2013, A dear Sister has provided proof of additional tampering without Ellen's presence. (Well, maybe they "channeled" Ellen?!?)

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Here is a link to the blog post on July 17,2013.


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Original document:    RH, January 8, 1895 par. 9

Revised document:     This Day With God, 1979, page 239.

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     The young man who came to Jesus asked what he should do that he might inherit eternal life. Jesus told him to keep the commandments, and enumerated several of the precepts of the law. The young man said, "All these things have I kept from my youth up;: what lack I yet?" (Matthew 19:20). The first four commandments enjoin upon man the duty of loving God supremely, and the last six present the requirement of loving our neighbors as ourselves. How many are truly, sincerely, and whole-heartedly doing this? {TDG 239.2}

     The Lord is coming in a little while, and are we performing the duties that result from righteousness? Love is the basis of godliness. No man has love to God, no matter what his profession may be, unless he has unselfish love for his brother. As we love God because hHe first loved us, we shall love all for whom Christ died. We shall not feel like letting the soul who is in the greatest peril, and in the greatest need, go unwarned, unlabored for, and uncared for. We shall not feel like holding the erring off, and being critical and exacting, or letting them alone to plunge into further unhappiness and discouragement, and to fall on Satan's battle groundbattleground, for God will deal with us as He deals with our brethren or the younger members of the Lord's family. {TDG 239.3}

     Cultivate tenderness of heart; surround yourselves in your home life with the atmosphere of love. But the spirit that has largely pervaded the church is an offense to God. Every oneEveryone who has been free to condemn, to dishearten, and to discourage;, who has failed to give tender kindness, sympathy, and compassion to the tempted and the tried, will in his own experience be brought over the ground which others have passed over, and suffered with their hardheartedness, and will feel what others have suffered because of his want andof sympathy, until he shall abhor his hardness of heart and open the door for Jesus to come in. {TDG 239.4}

     The converting power of God must come to every soul who has any connection with the work and cause of God, that each one may be filled with the love and compassion of Christ, or many will never see the kingdom of heaven. {RH, January 8, 1895 par. 9}

--Manuscript 62, Aug. 18, 1894, "Home Missionary Work." {TDG 239.5}


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