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How Pure is Harvesttime's
1884 Great Controversy?

P.O. Box 7109, T.M.C.,
Toowoomba, 4352

March 5, 1987.

Dear Vance Ferrell,

        Early in 1986 we bought 3 cartons of 1884 Great Controversies from you. We believed your claim;" This is a medium print reissue of the 1884 edition of the book, 'The Great Controversy between Christ & Satan'", but we were wrong to have trusted you. Purely by accident, or perhaps in the providence of God, we found a glaring difference from the original. This made us cheek the whole book and found, to our amazement & horror 99 mistakes, made up of 341 words deleted, 15 added & 36 changed. These range from simple spelling mistakes like "these" for "those", to shockers like 35 words dropped from one paragraph alone. We have heard from those who receive your papers that you are aware of this & it was the printer's fault & you are going to fix it. May I ask how? How do you fix 30,000 blunders? How true were the first 10,000 you printed? What are we supposed to do with the 1C books we still have left? We gave the others away in good faith thinking you were an honest man. We had better take off our rose-tinted glasses & wake up to the fact that anyone who is so blind to teach that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is going through to the Kingdom, could not possibly be trusted to produce a true printing of 1884. Great Controversy. Why do I say that? Because that book above all books written by Sr. White, teaches to come out of the SDA Church.

        Your first mistake denies this truth. Page 15 of your book, page 32 of the original book; "A voice from the east; a voice from the west; a voice from the four winds; a voice against Jerusalem and the temple; a voice against the bridegroom and the bride; and a volte against all the people." Now, how did you improve that one? Just leave out the bit against the Church. Chop out "a voice against Jerusalem and the Temple." That's not all. In chapter 22, Modern Revivals, page 215 in your book, 295. in the original, you fail to quote 2 Timothy 3:4,5 in total as Sister White does. It's a pity because "concerning them he says, "From such turn away," is good advise from Paul for us today. Chop it out, says Ferrell.

        Is that all? NO SIREEE! There are at least 22 deletions that alter the separation message. If these are inocent printing errors, missing words & blocks of words, please explain the blunder on page 34? of your book. The original says, page 467, "Having been partakers of Christ's suffering they are fitted to be partakers with him in his glory." Your chopping block shortened & ruined, that to "Having been partakers of Christ's glory." Not only does it not make sense, it removes a vital truth & it proves that it's not just a block of words missed you substituted "Christ's" for "his".

        Also, please explain why "Father" Miller didn't make it to 1986's edition? Was that too old fashioned? Or smacking too much of the Papacy? Maybe it's because it sounds too much like the Philadelphian love where the small group would, look to William Miller like a father. "He was indeed RIGHTLY called Father Miller for he had a watchful care over those who came under his ministration, was affectionate in his manner, of genial & tender heart." Vol. 1 S.O.T. page 23. Don't you know that sort of brotherly love?

        I feel it is a complete waste of time & effort writing to you. You are worse than Uriah Smith & W.W. Prescott, and the others who changed the Spirit of Prophecy writings. You have more light than they, yet you pretend to reproduce a copy of the original 1884 G.C. You know that the folk that subscribe to your papers are trying to wake up out of the death-like slumber gripping the S.D.A. Church. Just like Jesus bar Ananus you are majoring in the Woe Woe Woes, yet will not obey the command of Jesus Christ to leave Jerusalem, the S.D.A. Church. "Let them which are in the midst of it depart out, and let not them that are in the countries enter therinto." Luke 21:20. Jerusalem is the holy city, the true church.(1884 G.C.i88) You left that one in but you left so many others out. Why didn't you check out the printing yourself? This is no ordinary book. It. is an inspired commentary 'on -Revelation. You are subject to the curse of, Rev elation 22:18~19. You have, added & taken away, you are a false shepherd & those who send you their holy tithe are giving that which is holy to a dog. I am going to do my best to warn others about you & your deception. Surely Satan must have been thinking of you when he said to keep the money in our own ranks. Well, we were fooled but now we are well & truly awake to your lies. We didn't check the appendix, perhaps that's riddled with error too. Your own words, Between pages 17&18 are just twaddle. Your dates for Gestius & Titus are wrong. Can't you get anything night? You sure are a blind leader of the blind & I just feel nothing but revulsion for you & your work.

Here is a list of the bad mistakes in your book:

Page 15..7 words deleted,

" 17..4 words deleted,

" 58..deleted "former" an important word here.

" 63..deleted 9 important words.

" 74..deleted "daily" just like today:

" 96..2O words out, you conservative majority hate corporate responsibility.

" 129..Deleted 8 vital words for us today.

" 168..Another 8 hot words hitting the church.

" 170..Can't you quote the Bible right? That's the definition of the true church.

" 180..25 words missing..we knew you couldn't leave The Midnight Cry alone, could you?

" 189..25words cut here too, too bad about the Sanctuary truth.

" 190..deleted 11 words here, what a mess!

" 215..chopped the power from 2Timothy 3:4,5.

" 217..8 words out in the explanation of the new birth - sure is mangled.

" 223..Another 8 words about repentance, just left out. Why couldn't you leave it alone?

Bad mistakes in your booklet continued:

Page 241..9 words deleted from Bible quote.

" 244..10 words out about Jesus.

" 251..5 words about advancing-too hot a subject

" 260..These 10 words deleted turn this into blasphemy.

" the omission on page 58, you don't want us to leave our "former" brethren. You want us to have love & unity in the lake of fire.

" 300..Were you stuck for space, 35 words cut out

" 347..You dropped 15 words out here that tell us much about love & forgiveness.

        These are a sample of the deletions in your book. There are many more, 358 words are altered in some way. I wouldn't like to be in your shoes when the plagues begin to fall. It is such a pity, that so many men in leadership fail to tell the difference between sacred and common fire.

Yours regretfully,


Sue Wyborn.

        [EDITOR'S NOTE: Sue Wyborn said the CHANGES made by Vance Ferrell are WORSE than those made by Uriah Smith. ESPECIALLY in ADDING to every book = the NAMES of the SAINTS OF GOD. Not even the SEALING ANGEL knows who these are - until he SEALS them! But VANCE and others =know AHEAD OF TIME! Forgetting that the "JUDGMENTS of MEN will be REVERSED by the Majesty of Heaven. It was part of the WINE of BABYLON to put a Halo on the Heads of the Saints. Called the "PERFECT" of the Church. GC 57(60). GC 59, 128, 237, 564.TM 47. RH A3:79.

        [SAINTING a CORRUPT PEOPLE (1884 GC 421 (LEFT OUT of your GC 603.) is setting oneself up ABOVE the JUDGE of the Universe. Is as MIND-WEAKENING as is "SPIRITUALISM!" Such cannot give the Last Message. God will not accept them. EW 101,123,98-9. Having ERROR mixed with TRUTH they would CONTINUE and so must be STOPPED! MM 89 to 98.

[As usual - no Date!]

Sue Wyborn
P.O. Box 7109, T.M.C.
Toowoomba 4352

Dear Sister Wyborn -

        Thank you so much for your note. This letter may come to as a surprise, but please set aside your feelings and consider it's message:

        I need your help very much. Our studied objective is to turn out Spirit of Prophecy that are as accurate as possible. Apparently you have special ability along the line of locating mistakes, and this is a genuine talent. I am personally asking that you help us with this most excellent edition of "Great Controversy."-the 1884.

        We retypeset it in order to provide it in a larger, easier to read print size, and I too have been sorry when there were mistakes. -But you seem to have unusual abilities in locating them, and for this we are thankful.

This is my request:

        I am enclosing a copy of our LATEST edition of the 1884 GC, and am asking that you transfer all the error notations from your copy to this one-and then mail it back to me by air mail. We will correct them all. Do understand that it is very likely that a number of the typographical errors that you found may have already been corrected in this edition which I am enclosing with this letter.

        Let me add that I am not writing this letter to appease you. This is not so. From reading my tracts you should recognize that I am not afraid of leadership, I am not afraid of people who write angry letters disparaging me or my character.

        But I sense here that, in actuality, both you and I have the same objective-to see that good book gotten to the people as error-free as possible. If, perchance, we are reconciled in the process of working on these corrections together, then I will rejoice, but if not, than that will be alright too.

        Thanking you very much for your help with this, I remain

Very sincerely,

Vance Ferrell

[followed by this handwritten note]

Please accept my apologies -

P.O. Box 7109, T.M.C.
Toowoomba, 4352.


Dear Vance Ferrell:

        I have marked the mistakes in your attempted copy of Ellen White's 1884 G.C. Please do not use flattery. I have no special ability, neither has my husband and daughter. We simply spent our Sabbath days reading 1884 G.C. one reading the original and the others reading your attempted copy. We were determined to find out how many mistakes you had made because we gave the holy tithe to you for those books. We have an account to settle with all the people we gave the bock to. Our righteous indignation rose up when we saw what a poor job you did, and are still doing as this 1987 printing is still riddled with error.

        We consider that book to be a great treasure. Ellen White nearly died to give us that book. If ever a book teaches to separate from apostate churches, it is that book. You are handling sacred things so please produce a perfect copy, not one so full of errors.

        Your apologies will be accepted when you print a perfect copy. At least the ones who printed that book in the 1960's had the respect to take great care of sacred things. I have seen a spiral bound copy of 1884 G.C. with a beautiful preface by Klacina Fergusson that was a credit to the publishers. They, of course, were despised 'off-shoots', 'reformers'; just like the Samaritans in the Bible- the only ones who practiced the true health message, were thankful, and made the best missionaries. The Jews couldn't even say the name 'Samaritan' without turning aside and spitting. That is the sane today of anyone who wears the label of 'off-shoot' or 'reformer'. Then when the White Estate finally prints a facsimile of the 1884 G.C. they have to put that suppliment in the back which is full of lies. It says that Ellen White approved, of all the changes in the 1888 and 1911 editions of G.C. What a joke! She said not one word is changed or denied.

        In the providence of God the people are beginning to wake up and read the early books that were printed with care by James White. Books like Spiritual Gifts, which has the truth that the church has twisted all out of shape in 'early Writings', and Volume 4 of the Testimonies. Uriah Smith is going to get a big surprise when he is awakened after the 1000 yeas, or perhaps he will be included in the special ressurrection with Caiaphas and Co. along with Froom and Anderson and those other Seventh-day Adventists who wounded Jesus afresh by attacking the truth.

        So please do not bungle the next printing of the 1884 G.C. After 70,000 failures, your name may be added to the list of those appoint ed to burn for their own sins if you do not correct your errors.

Yours hopefully,

[signature of Sue Wyborn]

Here are the page numbers of your book with errors:

Page...15, 46, 58, 63, 64, 65, 71, 74, 78, 85, 88, 91, 91, 92, 92, 94, 94, 94, 94, 95, 97, 98, 99, 100 ,100,111, 111, 111, 111, 114, 116, 128, 129, 134, 157, 166, 166, 168, 170, 170, 173, 176, 191, 203-4, 204, 206, 213, 215, 217, 223, 241, 244, 249, 252, 271, 288, 301, 316, 320, 324, 344, 347, 348, 357, 359, 360, 361, 361, 362.

[Note from Hoehn]

        My! What a Switch! When "HOEN" does it for over 50 Years = it becomes: "FROM THE DEVIL!"
But when the WYBORNS pick it up = it becomes ONE with VANCE!

        It becomes: "GENUINE TALENT!"
        Me thinks he protests too much! I also think it will NOT work on SUE WYBORN. She will, take after HOEN if she has too!


        Note from Art: I personally wrote to her in Australia. After the letter came back, I investigated and found that she passed away some years ago.

The End

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