The Spirit of Prophecy Vindicated

We have a Fresh New Look!

The Perfidy of the General Conference
Seventh-Day Adventist church Leadership Unabridged


1. deliberate breach of faith or trust; faithlessness; treachery: perfidy that goes unpunished.
2. an act or instance of faithlessness or treachery.

        Ellen G. White's writtings HAVE been tampered. Leaders in and out of the GCSDA church do not want this knowledge out. The reason is because the original writtings expose the lies of the past one hundred and fifty years.

        This page is going to have much more added to it over time. But for now I will point you to the following site for you to investigate.

        Website: This site documents the gross apostasy in many areas. Each major area is divided into a seperate section. A very well done site. Many of your questions can be answered here.

        There are three (3) books you should have for your evidence library and there is only one place to purchase them currently.
The three books are:
"Seventh-Day Adventist/Vatican Ecumenical Involvement" book 1 History 1999
"Seventh-Day Adventist/Vatican Ecumenical Involvement" book 2 Documents 1999
"Recent Adventist Ecumenical Involvement" 2002

Order these books from:
Harvesttime Books
Box 300
Altamont, TN. 37301

        These are the ONLY books I recomend at this time.
The owner/author is Vance Ferrell. He has been caught counterfeiting the 1884 Great Controversy.
Check out this page to see who caught him.

The End

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