The Spirit of Prophecy Vindicated

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~ Others Talk Against Present Truth ~

Various posts added to the top of the heap. Links to source provided if known. Your input is welcome. Contact me with your thoughts. Allow time for a response as I work for a living.

        From time to time there are those who will rise up to speak against the original, authentic Spirit of Prophecy, such know not what they do. It is not my business to search the world for all that choose to do that. It is my business to make plain present truth and the authentic Spirit of Prophecy for all, whosoever will make use of it. If in God's providence someone stands publicly against the authentic Spirit of Prophecy in my face, they will be added to this list.

1.) Neil C. Livingston, May 26, 2000, Public article

2.) Larry Kirkpatrick Private email exchange

3.) This Open Letter to David Bauer and John Nicolici and LaVeta Nicolici, John's wife.

4.) Ernie Knoll, he says that he has been an SDA for over 50 years and an ordained elder for over 25 years and has served as a lay pastor.

        Earnie has had several dreams over the past 3 years. Many SDA's believe these dreams are from God. They are not, they are from Satan. One dream promotes gross presumption, others support the counterfeit SOP.

Here are the main points:

* Ernie was told to publish the dreams.
* There are 33 dreams posted on the site that Ernie has had in the past 3 years.
* The dreams support conservative Adventism, ~ 1950's style.
* In the dreams 'Christ' and the 'angels' promote the use of the KJV bible.
* The church is supported. The dream titled, "Testing the Spirits," page 11, 'Christ' states, "it [SDA church] will stand fast no matter how hard it is shaken," and, "this is my church."
* 'Christ' quotes from the counterfeit Spirit of Prophecy, thus endorsing it.

        The dreams this man is having are from Satan. Were it not for these original books I would be sucked into the trap. God is not in partnership with Satan. God will NOT endorse the counterfeit SOP, no way not in a hundred years. As this site shows, there is too much error in the counterfeit. You don't have to be here long to find out the huge problems that exist. There is no agreement between the original or authenticated SOP and the counterfeit.

5.) David Gates is a popular SDA pastor, seems to have a lot of miracles in his life. He supports Ernie Knoll's dreams as from God.

6.) Herb Montgomery is another popular speaker. I was told he was an SDA pastor but, I have not confirmed that. He preaches all about the Love of God; for 10 CD's worth. On the 11th CD he gets into doctrine. He proceeds to call Catholics, Christians. Tells his audience that the pope is not the man of sin. Enough said.

7.) Various Others

The End

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