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An Open Letter to
David Bauer & John Nicolici
& LaVeta Nicolici

Originally Published August 2009
UpDate: David Bauer is since deceased.

David Bauer,
        I was helped to make my decision to leave the GCSDA church by your sermon "Breaking Every Yoke," yet you are the servant of Satan. That sermon has powerful truth in it. But, the Sabbath that I told the group about what I had found and handed you this document and gave copies to the group, you repeated three (3) times, "The testimonies haven't been changed, the testimonies haven't been changed, the testimonies haven't been changed."

        After you had the document in your hands and I explained that I could not find any of the text in red in any document on the CD "Prepare Ye the Way," you were strangely silent.... Obviously because you knew, the testimonies have been changed.

        If you believe that EGW was a messenger from God, why would you not support the original writings?

        Why have you sold your soul to the devil to work this wickedness?

        For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord he hath also rejected thee 1 Samuel 15:23
        In the second vision given to Ellen G White, see Day-Star published letter, Feb. 15, 1846, the Holy Spirit declares, "Satan appeared to be by the throne trying to carry on the work of God." In the 1884 GC, aka, The Spirit of Prophecy Vol.IV page 275, we are told that the "door" in the heavenly sanctuary which Christ opened is a "ministration." So the Holy Spirit has informed us that Satan is attempting to carry on the work of God; and in the same letter, see Day-Star published letter, Feb. 15, 1846 , we are further informed that Satan breathes on his followers an unholy influence. "In it there was light (or truth) and much power, but no sweet love, joy and peace."

        So David have you the breath of Satan upon you; giving you light, or some truth, and much power. All will be unmasked in the last days. Even that which you have tried to hide.

Go to this website for a posting of many changes.

John Nicolici,
        Your home is listed on certain websites as an "historic church." I have attended many times your services and I remember one of the last times I was at your church. You centered the meeting around the subject, "What is inspiration?" Yoyo's comment was something like, "John, you always talk about that after Verne has been here."

        As I found out later, you had invited Verne Bates to your home, and did not invite anyone else but your family. In retrospect it is quite clear why. You profess to believe that Ellen G White was a messenger/prophet of God yet you do not want anything to do with the original books. Why John? I know why. It is real simple. The original books do not agree with the later books. But of course you know this.... In fact the GCSDA church published books do not agree with the Bible. But of course, you know this too....

You owe me an apology, John, for withholding light.

What are you planning to say to God in the judgment?

        When you understood that I was going to communicate with Verne Bates you made sure to give me instruction, "Remember, light is progressive." Yes, I found out light is progressive, and, "I saw one after another leave the company who were praying to Jesus in the Holiest, go and join those before the throne and they at once received the unholy influence of Satan." (From the Day-Star 2/27/1846 letter from Sister Harmon dated Feb. 15, 1846)

        Yes John, light is progressive. It appears you have progressed alright, right back to the throne in the Holy place, there to have Satan answer your prayers and breathe on you light and much power. (See the above ref for EGW's 2nd vision)

        That has to be why you endorse and promote the GCSDA church published books, such as this quote from one of your favorite books, I'm sure.

The Desire of Ages

        Christ might commission the angels of heaven to pour out the vials of His wrath on our world, to destroy those who are filled with hatred of God. He might wipe this dark spot from His universe. But He does not do this. He is today standing at the altar of incense, presenting before God the prayers of those who desire His help. p. 568, Para. 4, [DA].

New Find! Just Posted 12/3/2007! Check out this document and discover that this doctrine of Satan has been published by the church ten (10) times!

        You may have gone too far John. There may be no place of repentance for you, though you search for it carefully with tears. I do not know. This I do know. You willfully led me astray. "To disregard light is to reject it." Testimony No. 15 page 79 and No. 17 page 113, ... condemnation only follows the rejection of light."

John, I hope you will repent of this great wickedness.

LaVeta Nicolici,
        As the wife of John, you, by your support of his labors have become partaker of his sins. The day is coming when we shall have to give an account. How will it be with you?

To the three of you,
        I sincerely hope that this letter gets you stirred up! I hope you become alarmed! To think that somebody should write such things and put it out before the whole world!

        Why have I not come to you in private like the Bible speaks of? To deal with this sin in private would be to help you hide your true character from those you profess to lead. Jesus had Peter repent in public. Your sin, like Peter's, is way too public. As wide as the offence, has to be the repentance.

        Yoyo told me true when she said that the original books just read with a different feeling altogether.

So the books have been changed and you have tried to conceal the truth.

Repent now! while there may be space for your repentance before God.

The End

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