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Posted - 9/9/2006

Introductory note: I was surfing the Net and found this article by Larry,

The following is our email exchange. Larry did not know that I was the author of the web site.

If I get a lot of FAQs on this one I'll go through and comment point by point on what he has to say.

[My first email to Larry]

On Jun 10, 2006, at 11:09 PM, Art wrote:


> re:


> Larry,

> I laud your call on Samuele Bacchiocchi BUT, here is long awaited proof of the source of the confusion.




> Art


[Larry Kirkpatrick replies to me]

Sorry Art. This material you send is ridiculous. The 1911 GC is just fine and the EGW writings have not been tampered with. Let's try not to fall for this nonsense floating through the locks that makes of non effect the testimony of the Spirit of Prophecy. LK

[My second email to Larry]

On Jun 11, 2006, at 10:45 AM, Art wrote:

> Ok, but how do you answer someone who shoves these quotes in your face from your own books?


> 1911 GC 658 para 1, declares that "the host of the redeemed" are in heaven when Christ has not yet come?

> DA 568 para 4, "He [Christ] is today standing at the altar of incense."

> DA 829 para 2, "upon it's summit [mount of Olives] his feet will rest when he shall come again."

[Larry Kirkpatrick replies to me]


The reference in GC 658 is a tangential explanation describing the imminent time when Satan goes into captivity on the earth at the beginning of the millennium, after God's own have been resurrected and met the Lord in the air to spend 1000 years with the Lord before their return to earth. This kind of thing often occurs in the Bible, both in Hebrew and Greek portions, and is a part of the way the Hebrew mind thinks. You find it, for example in Revelation 12 where there is a (apparently to our minds) tangential digression in vv. 7-9). You see it again in Revelation 20 where in the middle of the description of several points surrounding Satan's imprisonment in the desolated earth and while the second resurrection is being described, suddenly the writer states "this is the first resurrection"--referring to what he had just before written rather than to the events surrounding the second resurrection.

The DA 568 statement is not in a section describing in any detail the details or even the significance of the sanctuary, but comes in connection with an appeal to the sinner, offering hope. It is not detailing the high priestly work of CHrist in the MHP, but is offering the general point that (until probation closes) CHrist intercedes and there is hope. Keep in mind that although the yearly round, the priests who officiated in the daily ministry of the sanctuary were representing the authority of the High Priest. Certainly then the same is onehundredfold more true when it comes to Christ Himself. The Bible is full of such figurative speech, even in very literal parts. In Genesis 2:4 after describing a six day creation sequence, God says "in the day that the Lord God made the heaven and the earth."

In DA 829 (actually DA 830) there is no serious issue. Jesus will descend and the mountain will part and even become a plain as I recall the text. But He will return and touch again. See Zechariah 14:4--EGW is simply echoing that passage.

Art, do you really find these snipped our of context quotes to be problematic? You can't be serious. If this fellow is serious about this, and these are some of his best items, then his case is very weak. I was at the White Estate for two years and saw her writings up close. I studied what she herself said about the process of writing and improving them through her writing and editing process. You can find some real help in understanding how inspiration works in the introduction to the 1911 Great Controversy.

Art, this business about the writings being changed is absurd. Before reaching premature conclusions, it would be better to understand what process the writings went through. There are changes in the different editions of the Great Controversy and in some of the Testimonies. All were authorized, if not commissioned by EGW herself. This fellow is majoring on mere minutia. He is an agency meaning to introduce doubt about the Testimonies of God's Spirit. If we accept his theory, here is where it takes you. Since the EGW writings have been tampered, we have to look to supposedly restored writings and rely on human explanations to explain why God allowed them to be tampered. We make the uncoverer of the conspiracy into the authority over those writings, accepting as legitimate those he claims are still untampered an d rejecting as illegitimate as those he claims are tampered. He becomes our guide. Further, we must ask, if God cannot protect the Spirit of Prophecy writings for less than two hundred years, how can He protect the writings in the Bible for 2000 and more years? The end of this line of reasoning takes you to a trusting of man and to a lack of faith in the Testimonies of God's Spirit, in all inspired writings, whether Hebrew or Greek or English.

Rather than stumbling over minutia (that almost no one else is stumbling over), shall we not follow Christ and draw close to Him? Shall we not so fill our mind with the fullness of present truth through the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy writings that we becoming living, breathing agents of present truth ourselves? I counsel you to refocus and leave this man's nonsense alone. LK

The End

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