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~ The 1915 Execution of an Editor ~

        People who don't want to believe often comment like this, "Well if God and EGW knew what was going on, why didn't they do something?"

        We will now show that God is paying attention, he will not be trifled with.

        I enjoy camping. Upon hearing of an old camping and woodcraft book I hunted, found and bought it online. The title of the book is, "Camping and Woodcraft" by Horace Kephart, copyright 1916, published 1919, in two volumes. My copy appears to be a first edition. Volume I is titled, "Camping" and volume II is titled, "Woodcraft."

        In volume I on page 215 is a discussion of lightning. After some words about the subject there appears this statement.

        "At Takoma Park, a suburb of Washington, on July 19, 1915, a bolt of lightning struck an oak tree standing in the garden before the administration building of the Seventh-Day Adventists. After the storm had passed, several people went out from the building to view the damage done to the tree. Three of them lingered. A second bolt, from a clear sky, struck the same tree, killed two of the people under it, and knocked the other unconscious."

        July 19, 1915 was a Monday. Ellen G White died two days earlier, July 16, 1915, which was a Friday.

        This is certainly a "...wonderful exhibition of divine power, as manifested in the providences of God..." (3SP page 49) that I should "stumble" upon this information now, in these last days.

        The search was on! But no one knew anything about it.

        Well, Praise God for the internet. It has become the wonderful tool to spread information to anyone, anywhere. The newspaper articles were discovered with the names and other information relating to the incident.

Here are extracts from the newspaper articles.

The first extract
The second extract
The third extract
Here is the source for the above extracts

        With that in hand, I found a website that has the old "Review & Herald" since it started, and seems to be complete. So I downloaded the R&H's of that time till I found this one.
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        Which tells of the "accident." God doesn't have any "accidents." So that was not enough information and I slept on it for awhile. Then I picked up the paper again and read it through; and saw just what I had missed in my haste. It said that, "A fuller account of his life and work will be given next week."

        Well it was much more than a week, it was more like five weeks, but I found it, and here it is for you to read. Go to page 15.

        Now there is much that we do not know. Much has been hidden from our sight. Look again at the names listed as being, "into close personal touch" with Mr. Bourdeau. Now do a search on the names. I like to use, and see what you come up with.

Here is a portion of what I found.

        "GEN. NELSON A. MILES DIES AT THE CIRCUS; Indian Fighter, 85, Falls Lifeless While Viewing Pageant, With Mrs. Coolidge Near By. CIVIL WAR "BOY GENERAL" Won Congressional Medal -- Fought Also in Spanish-American War -- Of Family of Soldiers GEN. NELSON A. MILES DIES AT A CIRCUS"

Special to The New York Times.

May 16, 1925, Saturday

Page 1, 2214 words

        "WASHINGTON, May 15. -- Lieut. Gen. Nelson Appleton Miles, U.S.A., retired soldier in three wars, and commanding General of the army during the Spanish-American War period, died of heart disease this afternoon while attending a performance of the Barnum Bailey and Ringling Brothers' Circus."

Here is the link on the Rev.

And here is the link on Baird.

        I am a generally suspicious character, especially where "the denials of Officialdom" are concerned, which happens to be a characteristic of the Baby Boomers, and I look at this stuff and wonder....

        Here this guy, A. J. S. Bourdeau, is obviously executed by God himself, and yet in the "company" paper he is lauded as a great saint. And it is admitted that he is, "into close personal touch" with a man that seems to have some connection with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. I don't like how all this looks, mostly because of the proof we have in the actions of God.

        We do know that he was an editor, at the top of the ladder, and it is the editor that is in charge of what is printed, and this site has plenty of proof of what actually came out in printed form.

        It is my settled opinion that the perpetrators of the counterfeit had no possible idea that the age of computers would come and their handiwork be so easily unraveled to be paraded before the world. However, the leadership of today are in every way just as guilty as the very men who actually created the counterfeit, in that they themselves consent to the continuing coverup of the truth.

        Case in point: I just bought the latest version of EGW's writings from the White Estate, "Comprehensive Research Edition 2008," and in this most recent edition they have not reproduced the original Testimonies No. 1 - 30. Thus they deny the existence of the original and partake with their fathers of the same sins.

        "Therefore also said the wisdom of God, I will send them prophets and apostles, and some of them they shall slay and persecute: That the blood of all the prophets, which was shed from the foundation of the world, may be required of this generation;" Luke 11:49-50

        And I will here give a preview of an upcoming article, couched within the following text.
Did you know that EGW was prophesied in the Bible?

        "The vision of Obadiah. Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom; We have heard a rumour from the Lord, and an ambassador is sent among the heathen, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle." Obadiah 1:1

        Edom was the home of Esau, the one who despised his birthright.
        Esau represents the GC-SDA church, who has despised their birthright in the SOP.
        Esau accounts the testimonies as just a rumour "from the Lord," not inspired, we can edit.
        EGW was an ambassador sent to the church, in her mouth was the Laodicean message.
        Esau rose up against her in battle. This site proves it.
        Few females are mentioned in the bible, that identifies this prophecy to our time/her time.

This is enough for now.
God Bless you as you study the truth.

NEW! information on A. J. S. Bourdeau.

H. H. Meyers wrote four books that I am aware of.

1.) The Dismantling of Adventism
2.) Battle of the Bibles
3.) With Cloak and Dagger
4.) The Inquisitive Christian

        I have been reading in No.1 above and discovered that it documents some things about the past very well. Also on page 30 is another piece of the puzzle that has come to light about the top editor executed by God on the monday following Ellen's death.

        A. J. S. Bourdeau, was the founding editor of The Protestant Magazine which was started in 1909, at Battle Creek. Meyers states that in the EGW Research Center at Avondale is where a complete set of the magazine resides, in a set of four books with this information contained within.

Specifically we quote:
        "On the fly leaf of the first volumne is written in ink: To my friend, pastor AG Daniels, compliments (signed) A J S Bourdeau, Manager and Founder. April 14, 1914."

The End

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