The Spirit of Prophecy Vindicated

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List of Events and Processes
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1.)    The Gospel Dispensation — Started at the baptism of Christ (or his preaching, if you will).

(ends @ the resurrection of the great multitude which no man can number)


2.)    The End, of Matthew 24:14. — Started at the end of the first angel’s message, on March 21, 1844, which went to all the world. (Life Incidents, p. 120-153; especially p. 141). Also understood by others, R. F. Cottrell, “Spiritual Gifts,” page 15, 1858 Great Controversy, “The whole gospel dispensation may be called the last days, but to say that the last days are all 1800 years in the past, is absurd. They reach to the day of the Lord, and to the deliverance of the remnant of God’s people.” “The gospel of the kingdom has been preached in all the world for a witness....” Signs of the Times, 1853, by James White.

(ends @ the second coming of Christ)


3.)    The Dispensation of the Fullness of Times — Started October 22, 1844, (Ephesians 1:10; The Day-Star, Extra, February 7, 1846, by O. R. L. Crosier, last full paragraph.)

(ends @ the earth made new, possibly)


4.)    Prophetic Time Closed — October 22, 1844, (1858 Great Controversy, page 148.) and (“The Lord has shown me that the message of the third angel must go, and be proclaimed to the scattered children of the Lord, and that it should not be hung on time; for time never will be a test again. CEV, p.48.)


5.)    The Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet. — Started, October 22, 1844, (The Seven Trumpets by James White, p. 94-96)

(ends @ the earth made new, possibly)


6.)    The Third, and final, WOE. — Started, October 22, 1844, (The Seven Trumpets by James White, p. 94-96)

(ends @ with the end of the plagues)


7.)    The Times of Refreshing. — Started, October 22, 1844. (Acts 3:19, time for the blotting out of sins and resurgence to perfection of the hidden treasure, the mystery of godliness.)

(ends @ the close of probation)


8.)    The Great anti-typical Day of Atonement. — Started, October 22, 1844. (The Day-Star, Extra, February 7, 1846, by O. R. L. Crosier.)and (Acts 3:19, time for the blotting out of sins.)

(ends @ the close of probation)


9.)    The Investigative Judgment. — Started, October 22, 1844. (The Day-Star, Extra, February 7, 1846, by O. R. L. Crosier.)

(ends @ the close of probation)


10.)  The Closing Work for the Church. — Started October 23, 1844, (“Especially in the closing work for the church, in the sealing time of the one hundred and forty-four thousand, who are to stand without fault before the throne of God, will they feel most deeply the wrongs of God's professed people." No. 23, p. 22)

(ends @ the close of probation)


11.)  The Sealing Time of the 144,000. — Started October 23, 1844, “This seal is the Sabbath.” (1849 Broadside)

(ends @ the close of probation)


12.)  The Repairing of the Breach. — Started, October 23, 1844, With the third angel’s message. (“So we see that the repairing of the breach in the law of God, and the sealing, are one and the same work, just before the day of the Lord, “cruel both with wrath and fierce anger.” The Present Truth, No. 4, page 32, by James White.)

(ends @ the close of probation)


13.)  The Sounding of the Third Angel's Message. — Started, October 23, 1844, Hiram Edson’s vision in the field. ( and (A Sealing Message, p. 24-26, by Joseph Bates.)

(ends @ the close of probation)


14.)  The Patient Waiting, Watching Time. — Started, October 23, 1844. (No. 16, p. 96)

(ends @ when Sunday is made a test)


15.)  The Third Watch. — Started, October 23, 1844. (No. 16, p. 96)

(ends @ when Sunday is made a test


16.)  The Scattering Ended and the Gathering Began. — Spring of 1848, (The Present Truth, No. 10, p. 75, notes by James W. on William Miller’s dream of the man with the “dirt-brush.”)

(ends @ the close of probation)


17.)  A "time of trouble." — November 18, 1848, vision notes by Joseph Bates (The Sealing Message, p. 24-26) and (SUPCEV. p. 1, “a short period.”) and (The 1847 Broadside)

(ends @ the close of probation)


18.)  The Anger of the Nations. — “The nations are now getting angry...” (1849 Broadside) and (Christian Experience and Views, p. 19)

(ends @ the voice of the Father which delivers the saints)


19.)  The Shaking. — Started, January 26, 1850. (The Present Truth, No. 9, p. 72)

(ends @ the close of probation)


20.)  The True Pioneers set Present Truth for the Last Days. — November 1850. (The Present Truth, No. 11, p. 86, lower right column, paragraph starting with the hand, pointing a finger.) and (Supplement to the Christian Experience and Views, p. 14)

(ends @ the close of probation)


21.)  The Saints are Perfected Here, Before Probation Ends. — While true of all ages past, it is also true to the end; for probation closes while we are here. (No. 5, p. 34)

(ends @ the close of probation)


22.)  A Time of False Reformations — First warning given 1851. (Christian Experience and Views, p. 27) and (The Great Controversy, 1858, p. 172)

(ends @ when Sunday is made a test)


23.)  A Time of Mysterious Signs and Wonders — First warning given 1851. (Christian Experience and Views, p. 27)

(ends @ the close of probation)


24.)  The Message to the Laodiceans Now Applies. — Published 1859 (No. 5, p. 32.)

This means that Christ is now . . . outside . . . the door, knocking, knocking . . .

(ends @ when Sunday is made a test)


25.)  The Resurrection of the Authentic, Original Spirit of Prophecy. — (The Great Controversy, 1858, p. 194, “The last great work of the third angel’s message.”)


We have this testimony from Ellen, via, a research paper by Bert Haloviak, In the Shadow of the “Daily,”: Background and Aftermath of the 1919 Bible and History Teacher’s Conference, page 24.


“In 1918 Stephen Haskell recalled a conversation with Mrs. White some 40 years previous [1878]. According to Haskell, Mrs. White predicted a time when the testimonies would be in demand ‘just as they were originally given in order to meet objections before we got through.’

And now, PRAISE God, in his providence, we can meet the objections of those who claim that the Shaking is yet future, that the “short period” is yet future, &c.

(ended @ June 4, 2012)

Next known Step, Yet Future.

26.)  The World’s last Warning, The Loud Cry — Starts after Sunday is made a test. (No. 6, p. 22) “And then the fearful warning...”

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The End

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