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Listed in no particular order, excepting the first few are considered most important.

1.) 7 Points
Currently N/A

2.) Major Errors in the Counterfeit SOP
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This is the article with the quotes of Major Errors for you to share with your unbelieving SDA friends. You will be shocked at what has been published.

3.) Christ at the Altar of Incense?!
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Now available, information where at least 10 times material was published trying to take Christ out of the Most Holy place and put him into the Holy. You can read it for yourself.

4.) Signs of the Last Days
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Some important points on things to look for.

5.) The Error of Feastkeeping
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A new old error Feastkeeping amoung professing SDA's.

6.) Extra Material in Testimonies Vol.1
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Portions of Volume 1 that we need to find a source of where the material was taken from.

7.) The Testimony of Others Against Present Truth
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A new, old error, The Testimony of Others Against Present Truth among professing GC-SDA pastors and teachers.

8.) The Pioneer's Witness on Present Truth
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The importance of the Pioneer's witness as to what constitutes Present Truth for today can not be over-stated. And in this article is the proof.

9.) Summary Statement of the Advent Message
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In this Summary Statement we have a condensed and heavily footnoted list of the practices of faith, of the early Advent believers. We are constantly editing this page with new and revised discoveries.

10.) Signature Study of the 1911GC EGW Letter
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Here is the Special Study on the letter alleged to be from EGW endorsing the 1911 GC. The church leaders lied to you. Read this to understand the issue and document proof.

11.) An Execution by God in 1915
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Amazing fact: God executed one of the editors of the church, two days after Ellen G White died. Here is the proof and documentation.

12.) Desire of Ages - Counterfeited?
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Further proof of problems with the book "Desire of Ages.
The article is in .pdf here.

13.) National Apostasy = National Ruin - Oh Really?
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National Ruin: We take a look at one of the most sought after pieces of information about America, when does it fall. There are lots of re-applications of prophecy. It seems everyone is getting the bug. The big problem is they are using the counterfeit Spirit of Prophecy to prove their point. This reminds me of those who endlessly try to get a liar to tell the truth.

14.) Early Published Visions Study
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This is a special page that will study the printing of some early visions and the progression of the interpolation thereof occuring with each printing. It has been said that, "it is just as hard for us to understand the omega of apostacy as it was for them to understand the alpha." This is a study of a small portion thereof.

15.) The 1919 Bible Conference - Commented
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The 1919 Bible Conference - Commented. Presented in it's entirety, in one pdf download, at 338kb not too bad. It is an interesting paper showing the exact position of the church on their meaning of inspiration.
But it is much more than that, very informative reading as several points are covered and secrets are revealed.

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16.) 144,000 - Correctly Understood
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Many do not have a correct understanding of the 144,000 because they do not understand that the authentic Spirit of Prophecy has been counterfeited. Their error is excuseable until after exposure to the truth.

After reading this, you are forced to decide between the error and the truth.

17.) The Role of W. C. White
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W. C. White has, in God's providence, been exposed by the paper trail he left behind. We make our finding public in this article.

18.) Events & Processes the Saints are Under
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While there are a great number of ideas about the times we are living, few have gone to the trouble of actually proving, from proven authentic sources, what they believe. This paper proves that there are twenty-seven (27) spiritually oriented events and processes the saints are currently living under.

Read the truth, prove it and keep it close. Then, when someone lifts up their voice with error in your presence, you will be able to turn on the lights and dispell the darkness; perhaps saving a soul.

19.) SDA church STILL changing SOP in 1979! & 1996!
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Perhaps they had someone "channel" Ellen so she could put her approval on these changes?! I mean, it has her name on it; no one else signed these words.

This makes a laughing stock out of those who claim "God would NEVER allow her writings to be changed!!"

Just like there are counterfeit Bibles, there IS a counterfeit SOP.

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20.) DA p.830 CpW Authentic Vol.3 SOP
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This paper is a computer comparison between the Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 3, Chapter XIX and the Desire of Ages, Chapter 87, To My Father. This comparison proves that the authentic was changed, thus creating a counterfeit. This is not an improvement of light. This is the lies of Satan exposed. God is not going to change, ever!

The true living God, the Creator of this world and all mankind, will never change. He is our Rock, "with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." You want an anchor for your faith? Right here it is, The Lord God Almighty!

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The End

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