The Spirit of Prophecy Vindicated

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The Advent Message Book List

This is the BASIC book list.

Note: Please be sure to read this page to understand why the pioneer's writings are included in this list. It is very important to understand this point.

I.) The Great Controversy by Ellen White 1858 original edition copy

II.) Life Sketches by James and Ellen White 1880 original edition copy

III.) Life Incidents by Elder James White 1868 original edition copy

IV.) Word to the Little Flock by Elder James White 1847 original edition copy

V.) Present Truth Articles and The Advent Review by Early Pioneers 1850

VI.) The Day-Star Articles by Early Pioneers 1845-1846

VII.) The Spirit of Prophecy Vol. I - III by Ellen White 1870 - 1878

We no longer recommend Vol. IV, of this series. We have proven that Uriah Smith and W. C. White worked in corrupt harmony to create that book. Go to the Blog and click on the names of each to get the full story.


This is the EXPANDED book list, which you should ADD TO the above list.

VIII.) Spiritual Gifts Vol. II, III, & IV You would already have Vol. I which is the 1858 GC. item No.1 above; all by Ellen White original edition copy

IX.) Testimonies for the Chuch No.s 1 through 30 by Ellen White various publication dates, original edition copy

XI.) We like all the materials written by Joseph Bates. But one book in particular is important. Joseph witnessed Ellen in vision, on November 18, 1848, and took dictation of what she said while in vision.

These notes are not found anywhere else. The title of the book is, "A Seal of the Living God. A Hundred Forty-four Thousand, of the Servants of God Being Sealed, In 1849." The vision notes are on pages 24-26. The book is available from Leaves of Autumn.

XII.) An excellent book by James White, "Sermons on the Coming and Kngdom of our Lord Jesus Christ." Available from Echoes from the Past. An important work on the correct understanding of Bible prophecy and a last chapter titled, Saving Faith." This chapter describes the outpouring of Holy Ghost on October 22, 1844.

Because of this information the church counterfeited this book. The counterfeited version is available from Leaves of Autumn. All you have to do is order this title, and you will get the counterfeited verson. They have no idea what this book is.

XIII.) James wrote many books, all of which are excellent, not all are available in hardcopy. One that is available from Echoes from the Past, "The Sign of the Times showing that the Second Coming of Christ is at the Doors," has a lot of important information about the signs of the end. However, there is a very important passage on page 99 which details exactly how the third angel's message is to be properly given.

XIV.) More to follow... by Ellen White various publication dates, original edition copy

If you seek... you will find... And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32 Now, we may never meet in this life, yet, I feel that I know you... you are searching for something you have not been able to find in "the church." I know you will find that "something" in these books. Why? Because these books contain the truth for our day. It is "the faith once delivered to the saints." It is Present Truth. The Holy Spirit has led you to this point. It will help you understand the words in these books and lead you into all truth..

The End

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