The Spirit of Prophecy Vindicated

We have a Fresh New Look!

~ An Introduction ~

Take your pick.

I am; I was; I found; I have; My; I did; I; &c.

1.) A fourth generation SDA.

2.) Parents met at the Review & Herald in Washington, D.C.

3.) Dad was a model and posed as both Christ and Satan for Harry Anderson, at the R&H.

4.) Attended church schools, mostly, some public.

5.) Ate breakfast every Sunday while listening to the Voice of Prophecy.

6.) Will never forget the day my father jumped to his feet, pounded the table with his right fist and shouted out, "They always said the 144,000 was an exact number! now they are changing and saying it is not!"

7.) Just a regular guy, on the short side, fit, now aged over half a century.

8.) Went on a couple church-building mission trips.

9.) A church board member, head deacon, plus.

10.) Tried to get my church to do "something" except sit.

11.) Spend three and a half years of focused energy on my church.

12.) Nothing that worked.

13.) Took some months off, did not attend church at all, studied, spent time thinking.

14.) Noted some of the more egregious errors of the church.

15.) That the SDA church is not on the strait, narrow path, walking in the light of the Midnight Cry.

16.) Had real difficulty leaving the church. Faced with facts, based upon provable documentation, I could no longer justify maintaining membership in that apostate church. On official church letterhead, dated February 17, 2005, is confirmation that I have withdrawn my membership from the GCSDA church, a 501(c)3 corporation.

17.) Led by God to the original Spirit of Prophecy about one year after separation.

18.) Re-baptized into the true Advent faith, July 3, 2006.

19.) Have personally held many of the original books from which today's books are printed. They are real, they are authentic.

20.) Made steward, in God's providence, of a few original books.

21.) Continual research began real exposure of the counterfeit SOP.

22.) Software comparisons fully exposed the counterfeit SOP.

23.) Examination proves many changes to be spiritually fatal.

24.) Information and research made available on the web.

25.) No doctrines or beliefs that are my own.

26.) A better Advent believer than I ever was before.

28.) Now know my faith and it's foundation.

29.) Continually strive to remain in the "rest" of Hebrews 3 & 4.

30.) Understand that only 144,000, exposed to this message since October 22, 1844, will be saved.

31.) I am Art at

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The End

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