Sabbath Oct. 24, 2009 9:05 am

Happy Sabbath and Welcome to our site.

While this site is all about Vindicating the Spirit of Prophecy, that is not my religion. I am a believer in the immediate 2nd coming of Jesus Christ to this earth, as foretold in the Bible. We have a sister site, “” which is dedicated to this subject with only the writings of James White available for visitors to download and read. While not complete and lacking some appeal, I felt moved to make the writings of James available for the people God should send.

I am sure you will remember, Christ told us that the Father drew men to himself, John 6:44. If you are here looking at this material, I believe that the Father himself has drawn you to the truth for these last days. Why? because he wants you in Heaven to live with him throughout eternity.

God Bless your study this Sabbath day.

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