Wednesday July 31, 2013

Today we are looking at what God has to say through the voice of the authentic Spirit of Prophecy.

We must go no faster than we can take those with us whose consciences and intellects are convinced of the truths we advocate. We must meet the people where they are. Some of us have been many years in arriving at our present position in health reform. Reform in diet is slow to obtain. We have powerful appetite to meet; for the world is given to gluttony. If we should allow the people as much time as we have required to come up to the present advanced state in reform, we should be very patient with them, and allow them to advance step by step, as we have done, until their feet are firmly established upon the health-reform platform. But we should be very cautious to not take one step too fast, that we shall be obliged to retrace. In reforms, we had better come one step short of the mark than to go one step beyond it. And if there is error at all, let it be on the side next to the people. p. 22, Para. 1, [21OT].

And, above all, we should not with our pens advocate positions that we do not put to a practical test in our own families, upon our own tables. This is dissimulation, and a species of hypocrisy. In Michigan we can do better in leaving salt, sugar, and milk, than many who are situated in the far West, or in the far East, where there is a scarcity of fruit. There are but very few families in Battle Creek who do not use these articles upon their tables. We know that a free use of these articles is positively injurious to health, and, in many cases, we think if they were not used at all, a much better state of health would be enjoyed. At present, our burden is not upon these things. The people are so far behind that we see it is all they can bear to have us draw the line upon their injurious indulgences and stimulating narcotics. We bear positive testimony against tobacco, spirituous liquors, snuff, tea, coffee, flesh-meats, butter, spices, rich cakes, mince pies, a large amount of salt, and all exciting substances used as articles of food. p. 22, Para. 2, [21OT].

If we come to persons who have not been enlightened in regard to health reform, and present our strongest positions at first, there is danger of their becoming discouraged as they see how much they have to give up, so that they will make no effort to reform. We must lead the people along patiently and gradually, remembering the hole of the pit whence we were digged. p. 23, Para. 1, [21OT].

In this day and age, 169 years since 1844, the hole of the pit is the Seventh-Day Adventist church that is in such gross apostasy. It is this church that consistently uses the counterfeit SOP to make of none effect the authentic Spirit of Prophecy.

Here is a passage that clearly tells us who the author really is.

I saw the state of some who stood on present truth, but disregarded the visions,–the way God had chosen to teach in some cases, those who erred from Bible truth. I saw that in striking against the visions they did not strike against the worm–the feeble instrument that God spake through; but against the Holy Ghost. I saw it was a small thing to speak against the instrument, but it was dangerous to slight the words of God. I saw if they were in error and God chose to show them their errors through visions, and they disregarded the teachings of God through visions, they would be left to take their own way, and run in the way of error, and think they were right, until they would find it out too late. Then in the time of trouble I heard them cry to God in agony–“Why didst thou not show us our wrong, that we might have got right and been ready for this time?” Then an angel pointed to them and said–“My Father taught, but you would not be taught.–He spoke through visions, but you disregarded his voice, and he gave you up to your own ways, to be filled with your own doings.” 1849 Broadside.

There are nine times in these seven sentences that God is identified as the author of the authentic Spirit of Prophecy. Because our leading subject here is using eggs for food I will point out that eggs are not mentioned in the above passage from No. 21. But this is in no way an endorsement of any item, just because it is not mentioned here.

God has set up the tests. We are in the patient, waiting, watching time and one of the tests God has arraigned is about our diet. It’s not a sin to eat an egg. But for you it might be a sin to make them a regular item of your diet. God has told us what is best. Everything else is something less than the best.

The question on the test is, are you going to conform your diet to the manna? or murmur and complain that you don’t have quail to eat, or their eggs? which others claim to be excellent in taste.

Eternal life, joy unutterable, comforts of every kind, security that will never ever be breached, forever at peace with all, no bills ever, wings to fly, friends who will never betray, food that you will relish at every bite, what’s it worth? A few years here to perfect your character? What is that? to the reward!!!!!

We have a hope that will not be disappointed, it extends so far beyond the grave that we can not comprehend it, but we trust in God, for he has proven himself to be pure, in every word, in every act.

God Bless your study

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