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Today’s post is from chapter thirteen.

Vision of August 24, 1850, Spalding and Magan, 1915-1916 (date published)

           Vision of August 24, 1850.

           Said the angel, Can ye stand in the battle in the day of the Lord? Ye need to be washed, and live in nearness of life to God.

This would be the same as walking “in the light as he is in the light.”

Then I saw those whose hands are engaged in making up the breach and are standing in the gap, that have formerly since 1844 broken the commandments, and have so far followed the pope as to keep the first day instead of the seventh, and who have since the light shone out of the Most Holy Place, changed their course, given up the institution of the pope, and are keeping God’s Sabbath, would have to go down into the water, and be baptized in the faith of the sanctuary, and keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.

Baptism clearly is being taught as a necessary act of faith, for this faith. It is no different than Christ did, when he showed us the path to take. He took every step we are to take.

  I saw those who have been baptized as a door into the churches, would have to be baptized again as a door into the faith. Those who have not been baptized since 1844 will have to be before Jesus comes. And some I saw would not make progress till the duty was performed.

We have some criteria here that just seems to stick in the craw of many SDAs. I think it is largely because of the fact that the SDA church practices the correct form of baptism, immersion. But right at that point Satan tempts many with pride, it’s too humiliating to go down into the water after being in the church so many years. It’s taking a public stand, before other believers, that you were wrong, wrong so many years.

Well then, it’s high time to get it right. Shortly after God brought me into this faith, I was baptized, in a river. We don’t own any baptismals that I know of.

At this day, all SDAs have been baptized “as a door into the church.” When you decide to follow Christ all the way, you will need to be re-baptized into this faith. I encourage you to not delay. Don’t let anything stand between you and God.

The angel said, some tried too hard to believe. Faith is so simple they look above it.

This is a strong tendency that I have. I want to dissect everything that crosses my path. I have to have God’s help to get this right, just like we all do. Satan does all in his power to prevent your correct understanding of these things. We might remind you of the thoughts on faith and feelings, found on page #.

  Satan has deceived some, and got them to looking at their own unworthiness. I saw they must look away from self to the worthiness of Jesus, and throw themselves just as they are, needy, dependent upon His mercy, and draw by faith strength and nourishment from Him.
            Said the angel, The desolations of Zion are accomplished– the scattering time is past.

The scattering and gathering times are a real part of our, correctly taught, history, and present. We are now in the gathering time, and have been for over 160 years. This is God gathering his church into unity, by the truth.

Should the living go to the dead for knowledge? The dead know not anything. They have departed from the living God to converse with the dead.

We come to an important juncture. I have to share something with you that God led me to. It helped me in a big way to confirm my faith, give me a more clear understanding of why certain things were,  before, unexplainable.

I am fully, 100%, convinced that Ellen was a faithful prophet of God’s all her life. What I am about to share with you should convince you of the direct involvement of W. C. White in the counterfeiting of the true Spirit of Prophecy. This is a letter, allegedly from Ellen to W. C., in which the, now dead, by about four weeks, James, counsels Ellen while she is in a dream. The next to last line in the letter states, “The Lord forbids me.” This is pure blasphemy. Attributing the work of Satan to God.

Ecclesiastes 9:5-6, “neither have they any more a portion forever in anything that is done under the sun,” is how God puts it. I believe W. C. created that letter because he did not want to go to that meeting. I believe it was never intended to be made public. But death caught him, and another, knowing nothing of the matter, sorted papers for the files. Arthur White published it for the first time in “The Retirement Years,” but it was placed there as if normal, nothing wrong.

The above sentence is God’s warning to his church, specifically about the dead. And he is going to change completely for this one instance? NO NEVER! Our God is un-changing. His truth stands true forever. Here is the entire letter.

Ellen Dreams of James After His Death
A few days since I was pleading with the Lord for light in regard to my duty. In the night I dreamed I was in the carriage, driving, sitting at the right hand. Father was in the carriage, seated at my left hand. He was very pale, but calm and composed. “Why Father,” I exclaimed, “I am so happy to have you by my side once more! I have felt that half of me was gone. Father, I saw you die; I saw you buried. Has the Lord pitied me and let you come back to me again, and we work together as we used to?”
He looked very sad. He said, “The Lord knows what is best for you and for me. My work was very dear to me. We have made a mistake. We have responded to urgent invitations of our brethren to attend important meetings. We had not the heart to refuse. These meetings have worn us both more than we were aware. Our good brethren were gratified, but they did not realize that in these meetings we took upon us greater burdens than at our age we could safely carry. They will never know the result of this long-continued strain upon us. God would have had them bear the burdens we have carried for years. Our nervous energies have been continuously taxed, and then our brethren misjudging our motives and not realizing our burdens have weakened the action of the heart. I have made mistakes, the greatest of which was in allowing my sympathies for the people of God to lead me to take work upon me which others should have borne.
“Now, Ellen, calls will be made as they have been, desiring you to attend important meetings, as has been the case in the past. But lay this matter before God and make no response to the most earnest invitations. Your life hangs as it were upon a thread. You must have quiet rest, freedom from all excitement and from all disagreeable cares. We might have done a great deal for years with our pens, on subjects the people need that we have had light upon and can present before them, which others do not have. Thus you can work when your strength returns, as it will, and you can do far more with your pen than with your voice.”
He looked at me appealingly and said, “You will not neglect these cautions, will you, Ellen? Our people will never know under what infirmities we have labored to serve them because our lives were interwoven with the progress of the work, but God knows it all. I regret that I have felt so deeply and labored unreasonably in emergencies, regardless of the laws of life and health. The Lord did not require us to carry so heavy burdens and many of our brethren so few. We ought to have gone to the Pacific Coast before, and devoted our time and energies to writing. Will you do this now? Will you, as your strength returns, take your pen and write out these things we have so long anticipated, and make haste slowly? There is important matter which the people need. Make this your first business. You will have to speak some to the people, but shun the responsibilities which have borne us down.”
“Well,” said I, “James, you are always to stay with me now and we will work together.” Said he, “I stayed in Battle Creek too long. I ought to have gone to California more than one year ago. But I wanted to help the work and institutions at Battle Creek. I have made a mistake. Your heart is tender. You will be inclined to make the same mistakes I have made. Your life can be of use to the cause of God. Oh, those precious subjects the Lord would have had me bring before the people, precious jewels of light!”
I awoke. But this dream seemed so real. Now you can see and understand why I feel no duty to go to Battle Creek for the purpose of shouldering the responsibilities in General Conference. I have no duty to stand in General Conference. The Lord forbids me. That is enough.–Letter 17, 1881, pp. 2-4. (To W. C. White, September 12, 1881.)

           I saw that our minds must be stayed upon God,

This is a great part of the work we must do. It is our part of the work of Salvation, and God will not do this work for us. “We should be constantly training the mind to noble, unselfish thoughts. This education is necessary to bring into exercise the powers which God has given us in such a manner as shall best glorify his name upon the earth. We are accountable for all the noble qualities which God has given us, and to put these faculties to a use he never designed we should, is showing base ingratitude to God. The service of God demands the powers of our being, and we fail of meeting the design of God unless we bring to a high state of cultivation the powers of our minds, and educate the mind to love a contemplation of heavenly things, and bring out the energies of the soul, that in exercise it should strengthen, and be ennobled by right actions, operating to the glory of God. p. 90, Para. 2, [16OT].
“ God has required us to bear much fruit. He will not command, without giving with the command power for the performance of it. God will not do our part of the work, neither does he require that we do his. It is God that worketh in us, but we must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. “Faith without works is dead, being alone.” Faith must be sustained by works. The doers of the work are justified before God. p. 66, Para. 1, [16OT].

and we must not fear the fear of the wicked.

I would encourage you to look around you, in your minds eye, and notice the things the wicked are fearing. We have “a more sure word of prophecy,” and can trust God right to the grave.

Evil angels are around us trying to invent a new way to destroy us. The Lord would lift up a standard against him (the devil). We must take the shield of faith.

God Bless your study

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