Tuesday July 31, 2012

In using the Bible as it’s own dictionary, it is important to remember that these are the words of God, that God is in charge of his own “language” and not man.

Enter Satan, to lie about the Bible, steal away from sight the hidden treasure, and, in the words of Gail Riplinger, “burning Bibles word by word!” This is accomplished in the exact same way the enemies of truth have used to burn the English language “word by word.”

I have a 1611 Bible re-print. It is amazing to read it, at first. Most all words with the letter “u,” with which we are now familiar, use the letter “v.” Thus it reads, “vp” for “up,” “vse” for “use,” &c. Who made these changes? and for what reason? I am sure there is a good “reason.”

If you take a bunch of people from the northern states, and trade them for another group of people in the southern states, for a time there would be some confusion in their communications; until each respective group learned the “language” of the, new to them, area they were placed. The reason for this confusion is a failure to conform to English standards. In this example, the differences are very small.

The Bible is the target of Satan’s attack. Remember Eve at the tree? As soon as Eve spoke the words of God, Satan spouted his lies! It’s no different today. Satan is again cloaked. Now he comes in the form of an angle of light, one claiming he can be trusted, claiming he has truth in his hand.

He [Satan] … abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.John 8:44

Poor man, lingering at the tree of knowledge of good and evil (a bad guy), listening to the voice of the serpent (a bad guy “reasoning” with the poor saint), as lies pour forth from his lips, declaring that God has made mistakes in preserving his word.

I was shocked to learn that there are now, today, more than 5,200 manuscripts of the Greek New Testament. This is from Gail Riplinger’s book, “In Awe of Thy Word,” page 939. And the real kicker, 99.992% of all those manuscripts “agree with Erasmus’ Greek New Testament and the KJV.” God has preserved his Bible!

Here is a pertinent passage from the 1858 Great Controversy, page 75.

     But at this time [when Christ met with the desciples] Thomas was not present. He would not humbly receive the report of the disciples; but firmly, and self-confidently affirmed that he would not believe, unless he should put his fingers in the prints of the nails, and his hand in his side where the cruel spear was thrust. In this he showed a lack of confidence in his brethren. And if all should require the same evidence, but few would receive Jesus, and believe in his resurrection. But it was the will of God that the report of the disciples should go from one to the other, and many receive it from the lips of those who had seen and heard. God was not well pleased with such unbelief. And when Jesus met with his disciples again, Thomas was with them. The moment he beheld Jesus he believed. But he had declared that he would not be satisfied without the evidence of feeling added to sight, and Jesus gave him the evidence he had desired. Thomas cried out, My Lord and my God. But Jesus reproved Thomas for his unbelief. He said to him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed; blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed. p. 74, Para. 2, [1SG ].

    So, I saw, that those who had no experience in the first and second angels’ messages [this would be you and I] must receive them from those who had an experience, and followed down through the messages. p. 75, Para. 1, [1SG ].

What does this mean? the “experience” spoken of here. God has provided the answer to that also, for he wants to save all, whosoever will. From The Present Truth, No. 11, p. 86.

    I also saw that the shepherds should consult those in whom they have reason to have confidence, those who have been in all the messages, and are firm in all the present truth, before they advocate any new point of importance, which they may think the Bible sustains.

A very critical point is laid out about the true position of the pioneers and exactly how God defines just who the real pioneers are. First, we have the shepherds; these are the ministers, sent out to the field. Next, are “those in whom they have reason to have confidence,” which indicates that we are to make a judgment here; don’t just rush off to confide in someone, unless there is a reason to do so; and now God gives us that reason. “Those who have been in all the messages, and are firm in all the present truth,” a criteria now set in stone, as it were; double meaning intended, as they are in the group, as we will show.

We see that the mere presence of one, about 1844, does not qualify them as a true pioneer of the faith.

“The first time that was set for the Lord to come (in the spring of 1844), I worked all the day the Lord was expected, sawing wood. I frequently looked up to see if the Lord was coming. I was very fearful He would come that day, for I thought I was not ready. Although the day passed and He did not come, I did not lose my desire to be saved. [3] p. 7, Para. 5, [AUTOBIOG].
Autobiography of Adventist Pioneer J. N. Loughborough

We have a harmonious, supporting passage in No. 21, page 96, where God instructs a minister. “You should counsel with your brethren who have had experience in the work.”

And another in Christian Experience and Views, page 50. “Not every one that proclaimed the first and second angel’s messages are to give the third, even after they fully embrace it, for some have been in many errors and delusions, ….”

           Then the shepherds will be perfectly united, and the union of the shepherds will be felt by the church. Such a course I saw would prevent unhappy divisions, and then there would be no danger of the precious flock being divided, and the sheep scattered, without a shepherd.

God Bless your hold on the truth

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