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Continuing the 1919 Bible Conference comments.

    In relating to questions concerning the spirit of prophecy and health reform, W. C. White consistently outlined the progressive experience of Mrs. White and the denomination and referred to the historical circumstances that related to the counsel given. Indeed, he applied this likewise to other areas. He wrote the following to F. M. Wilcox in 1921: p. 48, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

What is not being said here, is this: “God just didn’t know the future, so Ellen had to change what was written, and that is why the early visions contradict the later visions.” This is the lie of Satan so often repeated in this document. “God does change,” is the lie. Don’t you believe it for a second! Our God is the great Creator of the whole heavens and the earth and every other planet out there. But here, vain, arrogant and proud man has decided to follow Satan and reject God; and cloak it all behind a smile and words to deceive.

     “You will remember that [Mrs. White] has been very emphatic in her condemnation of drugs, and when pressed for a definition as to what constituted drugs, she has said, “Poisonous drugs.”

We have not said too much on this site,, about drugs. But here, Willie is promoting them, ah…, in the hands of competent doctors, you understand…. Well, let’s put up a fact here. Fact: the drugs of today, are so much more poisonous than the drugs of yesteryear, arsenic, &c., that when the killing power of the two are compared, it takes several times more of the old drugs to kill, than the new drugs. And it is for this very reason that they are not safe and are greatly regulated and controlled; they ARE poisonous.

And, the warning is not from Ellen, she is just the messenger, delivering a message from God.

    Mother has been emphatic in her condemnation of fiction, and when pressed to define what she referred to as fiction, she has always spoken of those works of fiction which lead the mind away from God. With these things in mind, I suppose we may understand her condemnation of fiction to refer to those works of fiction which lead the mind away from heavenly things. When we read what she has written about drugs, we may consider it as applying to poisonous drugs. When we read her condemnation of cheese, we may consider it as applying to unhealthful cheese. If there is any purely, strictly, and unmistakably healthful cheese, it may not come under this condemnation…. It seems to me that the food analysts and the doctors ought to lend a hand, if we are to attach some qualifying phrases to mother’s condemnation of cheese.” [93] p. 48, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].

Vain man is here putting a question mark after what God has placed a period. No cheese has any fiber in it at all. Just based on that point alone, cheese is not good food. White flour has all the fiber removed; white flour is not good food. There are a very great many items “the food analysts and the doctors” consider safe to eat, that are put into items called “food” today, but in this is the subtle workings of Satan the destroyer.

The mind is the great battlefield between Christ and Satan. The great object of health reform is to preserve the fine nerves of the brain to make possible clear spiritual thinking. Without fiber in the diet, the colon quickly creates pockets between the muscle strands designed to move digested food through the system. These pockets collect and hold matter that then decomposes, becomes poisonous and poisons the entire system. A great many people have no idea or experience about what real health feels like. They live their entire lives in a poisoned state.

     Perhaps W. C. White’s most detailed response to a question relating to health reform principles was given to a Loma Linda student who was preparing a paper on the consistency of the teachings in the testimonies on health reform. White noted that some considered the statements in Volume 3, p. 21, to be out of harmony with Volume 9 relative to the questions of butter, milk and eggs. White pointed out: p. 49, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

Do you know what the chicken ate that laid the egg you are eating? Probably ninety percent of the population in America do not know what a healthy egg looks like in the frying pan. Today they are called “premium” eggs by the professional culinary industry; largely, when the Testimony was published, 1870, this was about the only egg available.

     “That which mother wrote in Testimonies, Volume 9 was intended by her to present to the people the best light she had on the subject, after many years of experience and many years of study of the warnings which the Lord had given to her in the earlier years of her experience in the health reform.” p. 49, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

Willie is saying that Ellen’s visions did not come from God, but some other source. Those visions could not be counted on, so, Ellen, in order to promote health reform was forced to depend on man’s expert advise. (!?!)

Willie was between a rock and a hard place because of his tampering with the Spirit of Prophecy. He did the best he could, but his work shows the hand of man and not God. Thus, we call these writings, “the counterfeit” SOP.

 He emphasized such considerations in the early period as having to “choose the lesser of two evils,” lack of sterilization techniques, non-examination of cattle for tuberculosis: “Therefore there existed in the milk and in the butter of those days much tuberculosis which was greatly endangering the health of the people who ate it.” Under the circumstances of those days, Mrs. White, on occasion, recommended the use of meat to those having particular problems. p. 49, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

     White noted: p. 49, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

     “In the later years, since our leading physicians have so fully studied this matter and so fully developed a system of diet that is a perfect substitute for meats, mother has never advised the use of meat, even though she was urged to do so by persons of large influence and of large information regarding medical affairs.” [94] p. 49, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].

Again, Willie is here claiming that God’s prophet is getting her information from man, not God. “Our leading physicians” is not an excuse for changing the Testimonies, but to him it was. Willie was in total darkness. God is the one who does not change. He does not need to change. “God is light and in him is no darkness at all.” Every word God speaks is truth. Every word God’s prophet speaks at his command is truth. The authenticated Spirit of Prophecy is truth, perfect in it’s harmony with all it’s parts, there is none of this confusion of place and time, and explaining this and that, needed. It is a complete whole. Beautiful.

It is the counterfeit that is ugly.

     White explained the historical context to the statement in Volume 3, p. 21: “We bear positive testimony against … butter.” Compounding the problem of tuberculosis germs in butter, Adventists, in their efforts to avoid lard and other fats, turned to the use of butter and sugar and, in avoiding meats, adopted the practice of having from three to seven fried foods at a meal. Mrs. White received a vision concerning these practices and she “bore a positive testimony against … butter.” White considered the statement as “a historical statement regarding the testimony which she was bearing in the churches east and west.” He continued: p. 49, Para. 6, [1919BIBL].  

     “Still later on, when conscientious physicians testified that after very faithful investigation, and study, they had become satisfied that sterilized butter was a better fat for many people than any of the vegetable oils, mother accepted their work and their testimony, and did her best to present in her later writings the clearest and best light she had upon the subject. Personally, I feel free to walk in the light of these later counsels.” [95] p. 50, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].

Here is proof that man is foolish in his attempts to supplant God. This last paragraph tells the tale. All the great and wise “conscientious physicians” of the world and all their vaunted wisdom and learning “testified that after very faithful investigation,” that they know better than God.!?!?   Now, in 2012, it is fairly common knowledge that vegetable oils are far better than animal fat. But Willie would have us believe that Ellen “accepted their work and their testimony” in the place of God’s word.

The problem here is one. Either Ellen was God’s prophet, or, she was not.

God Bless you study

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