Sabbath August 6.2, 2011

Just discovered something interesting.

The Redemption series carries the following publication dates.

Redemption No. 1 – 1877

Redemption No. 2 – 1874

Redemption No. 3 – 1877

Redemption No. 4 – 1877

Redemption No. 5 – 1877

Redemption No. 6 – 1877

Redemption No. 7 – 1878

Redemption No. 8 – 1878

Notice that Redemption No. 2 is out of sequence. Now the question is, which came first?

We compared Redemption No. 2 to the Review and Herald articles, making them the original documents, but I was not observant of the publication date. If Redemption No. 2 was published in 1874, that would make it the original document, from which the R&H articles were published.

Therefore, I need to go back and reverse the sequence, placing Redemption No. 2 as original and the R&H articles as revised. Here is the R&H articles listing.

Original document: 13 issues of the R&H, dated as follows:  2/24/1874, 3/3/1874, 7/28/1874, 8/4/1874, 8/18/1874, 9/1/1874, 9/8/1874, 10/13/1874, 3/4/1875, 3/18/1875, 3/25/1875, 4/1/1875, 4/15/1875

Now the interesting thing here is the error in Redemption No. 2. The comparison carries a heavy warning about this error, that of claiming that Eve overstated what God had instructed them. Eve told the serpent that God told them not to touch the tree.

The author of this material is not known at this time. We think this is the work of Uriah Smith. This quote from Redemption No. 2, p. 10, 11, is not from God. It is directly opposite from Spirit of Prophecy Vol. 1, pages 27 – 44, published in 1870. Further, Testimony No. 19, page 78, states the truth, in complete harmony with 1SOP.

A possible explanation is that No. 2 was published as a pamphlet in 1874, but later included as a part of the series. Though that creates a mystery about the titling. Perhaps it was always to be a series, was started by writing No. 2 first, got laid aside for three years, then completed.

We will continue our research and put up more clues as they become available.

God Bless

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