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Continuing the 1919 Bible Conference comments.

    He also noted that Mrs. White, aware of her lack of education, admired the presentation of others of “the scenes which God had presented to her in vision.” He continued: p. 51, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

     “She found it both a pleasure and a convenience and an economy of time to use their language fully or in part in presenting those things which she knew through revelation and which she wished to pass on to her readers.” [97] p. 51, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

All through this document Willie is covering for his own acts; lying about his mother, Ellen, and generally leaving a pretty good paper trail. James in “Life Sketches,” 1880 edition, p. 328, tells us, it is unbelief that claims Ellen got information from other books, for what she wrote is not to be found in other books. I suggest you read that section. But, this is the source of the charges of plagiarism — W. C. White.

     White emphasized that his mother was not dependent upon historical research in writing the historical elements of her books. He stated: p. 51, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

     “Of this you may be sure because I know whereof I speak. Her use of the language of the historians was not for the sake of bringing into the book something that had not been revealed to her but was an effort to utilize in the best language she could find, the description of scenes presented to her.” p. 51, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

More of Willie trying to cover for his use of other historians works.

     Thus White believed that (1) the basic framework of the historical works was established by vision, (2) her study of the Bible and histories enabled Mrs. White to fill in certain details, (3) the revelations given Mrs. White enabled her “to select and appropriate that which was true and to discard that which was erroneous or doubtful.” [98] p. 51, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].  

   Although W. C. White recognized the fallibility of Mrs. White, even to the extent of her fallibility “in stating things revealed to her,” he seemed to studiously avoid stating that a specific published spirit of prophecy statement was in error.

Notice the work of the snake here. Speaking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time! Willie’s position of trying to create distance between himself and stating specifically that some quote was wrong, is a bit painfully obvious here; it has been mentioned several times.

    He no doubt feared that some might conclude that the statement in question was thus not to be taken as inspired. Concerning the conflicting statements published between 1864 and 1874 dealing with the question of whether God or Eve mentioned death as the consequence of merely touching the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, White stated: p. 51, Para. 6, [1919BIBL].  

     “It is reasonable to suppose that the statement found in the later writings gives the most correct expression to the views opened up to Sister White in vision. In her earliest writings there are found a few statements which indicate that the vision was imperfectly understood, or imperfectly described.” p. 52, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

We think it was the work of Uriah Smith, in 1874, with Willie covering for him, in this material Bert is quoting. Willie was born in 1854. He would have been only twenty at the time of the conflicting statement being published. I quite doubt Willie had that kind of input at that time. I think (opinion alert) a wide-eyed, wet behind the ears, Willie was enamored, wowed and wooed by Uriah, who was himself deceived by his own intelligence.

The statement, under consideration, was also published in Redemption No.2, and in the R&H February 24, 1874.  Which came first? We do not know. It seems evident that the Redemption series was a project that got sidelined. No. 2, with the error, was published in 1874, while No. 1 was not published until 1877; and the rest after that. Something is not right here.

I wonder if James was N/A for some reason in 1874; long enough that Uriah felt comfortable publishing his view in two places. Research is on-going, trying to make sense of some of this. Fortunately God has preserved the originals of enough publications that we can prove authentic what we study and make available. Praise his holy Name!

     Regarding the revision in Patriarchs and Prophets as to whether there were nine or seven generations living contemporaneously for hundreds of years, he noted: p. 52, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

     “At one time mother’s attention was called to the fact that there were nine generations contemporaneous, and many of the nine generations contemporaneous for hundreds of years, but not every one of the nine generations contemporaneous for so long a time. Then she instructed us to change the statement to seven. What circumstance led to the less accurate statement in the early editions of the book was never made known to me.” p. 52, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

     By using such terms as “most correct expression,” or “less accurate statement,” W. C. White seemed to purposely avoid the implications of the word “error.” [99] p. 52, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].

Notice how Willie puts it all on Ellen. It was Ellen’s attention that was called, not his; it was Ellen that ordered the correction, not him, &c.

God Bless your study


  • By Stephanie, April 14, 2012 @ 5:17 am

    If we are to believe that the original SOP and testimonie are inspired we should always remember the verses below so we want be weakened by false accusations.

    “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.” Ecclesiastes 3:14.

    See Rev. 22:18,19 also.

    Happy Sabbath.

    Let’s all fear God by accepting the orginal testimonies and rejecting the false

  • By Art, April 14, 2012 @ 5:45 am

    God Bless you Stephanie!

    That is a great text to apply to the original Spirit of Prophecy.
    God Bless your Sabbath!

  • By bob, March 2, 2013 @ 6:40 am

    Uriah Smith denied the trinity. He denied the deity of Christ. He was basically a Jehovah’s witness. Why is a man with anti-Christian and heretical views a hero in the Adventist church?

  • By Art, March 4, 2013 @ 7:20 am

    Hi Bob,
    It is my belief that Uriah Smith became a part of God’s plan for the strong delusion to take the unfaithful. They want someone else to do their studying for them, they do not prove all things…..

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