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Continuing the 1919 Bible Conference comments.

    He arrived at this support of the “new view” because of his belief that an understanding of the contextual background of the statement was overwhelmingly vital to understanding it. He believed that that principle should generally be applied to his mother’s writings. White considered it relevant that his mother had written much concerning the importance to the Advent movement, of the 2300-year prophecy, while the nature of the “daily” itself was “wholly ignored” in all her writings “except in this one sentence of 35 words, found in the midst of the argument that ‘time has not been a test since 1844 and it will never again be a test.'” The context to the statement found in Early Writings to White seemed to involve the entire article in which the statement was originally written, the entire article in which the statement was originally written, the entire scope of the Ellen White writings on the subject, and the historical background to the original writing. [101] p. 53, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

Willie learned to think this way in college. It would be important to understand what E. A. Sutherland had to say, and why he published the book, “Studies in Christian Education.” The Catholic Jesuit order was instituted for the express purpose of counteracting the influence of the Protestant Reformation in education. That sentence should burn deeply into your mind.

Because of the departure of the GCSDA church from walking in the light of the Midnight Cry, they are off the path to the city, and can not find their way back onto that path; nor do they want to. They have embraced the Jesuit system of education, and thereby, the Jesuit method of thinking. Willie is here demonstrating that very method of thinking. It is a method of rebellion against God. I highly recommend you own a copy of that book, the original version, for this book has been counterfeited also, and read it.

     White initially conceived of the study of the “daily” as a special opportunity to make a thorough study of Biblical and historical sources and eventually gain a clear understanding of the truth of the prophecy of Daniel 8. He concluded that such seemed to be God’s will since the Lord had not chosen to settle the question through a revelation to Mrs. White.

Look at this bald-faced lie!!! This is the importance of knowing the truth. Truth will not set you free unless you know it. So few ever study these things, fewer go on to research the facts. Back up just a bit and re-read the passage in question. It is so clear and plain a child could follow the instruction. But rebellious man, no way! Groping about in total darkness and gross deception, “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” 2 Tim. 3:7

    He seemed confirmed in that position as a wealth of historical evidence began to be uncovered that related to the broad prophetic periods of Daniel. He was likewise convinced because of the strengthening of the positions relative to the papacy. [102] p. 54, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

I wonder if Bert is here referring to how much stronger the SDA’s position is to the church of Rome???….

     Although White saw positive gains that could be achieved by a search for new light on the “daily,” much as had occurred during the searching for truth encouraged by Mrs. White during the 1888 to 1890 period, he also made comparisons to that earlier period that had negative implications. White noted that during that period most believers were not so concerned with the supposed detrimental effect a change of position would have on the denominational influence. White also recalled: p. 54, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

     “They did not regard the new doctrine itself as of such serious importance, but they believed that the old positions had been sanctioned by the Testimonies, and to make a change would unsettle the confidence of our people everywhere in the Testimonies; and this they regarded as the most serious feature of the whole question.” [103] p. 54, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].
   While W. C. White tried to maintain objectivity relative to the “pioneer view,” he clearly considered those representing that position as the primary aggressors in the debate.

Obadiah 1:1, “Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle.” And so it was, as it has always been. Only a few seek out the truth for the purpose of being obedient to it. No wonder it’s only 144,000.

    He objected to attempts to prevent publication of Conradi’s book on Daniel in the Danish-Norwegian and in the United States, he opposed circulating of the O. A. Johnson and L. A. Smith pamphlets at the 1909 GC session, and he opposed the methods used in discrediting the views held by those supporting the “new view.” He noted: p. 54, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

     “Some are so anxious that they keep passing their questions and misgivings on to Mother, and many of these questions are like a snake that has swallowed a rabbit, it bulges out with a great complaint or accusation. The complaints and accusations that have been poured in upon Mother have many of them been presented in such an (sic) one-sided way that “if it were possible” they were ‘deceive the very elect.'” [104] p. 55, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

Satan’s agents are often throwing the accusations on others, of which they themselves are guilty. Willie and company has literally deceived a whole church. I believe that the counterfeit SOP is that “strong delusion” which causes the whole church to believe a lie; simply because they will not receive a “love of the truth, that they might be saved,” because they “had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

     After the issuance of the L. A. Smith pamphlet that seemed so strongly to discredit the holders of the “new view,” W. C. White believed that the Daniells-Prescott response was appropriate. The General Conference officials had been discredited in terms of their influence and their attitudes toward the spirit of prophecy had been seriously questioned. It seemed as though there was no alternative but to respond. White maintained that attitude until a testimony urging silence on the subject of the “daily” reversed his opinion. [105] p. 55, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

I can only surmise that Willie grew tired of the debate and issued a “cease and desist” order in the form of a testimony. Or, perhaps he had other goals.

     As White analyzed the debate on the “daily” he, as others, looked beyond the theological dispute itself, and hope that the debate might afford opportunity to resolve certain larger questions. One such question involved the continued circulation of Daniel and Revelation. Even though White was convinced that the historical sources that were uncovered as a consequence of the investigations over the “daily” refuted certain of the teachings in that book, he still favored what he termed a “literal, open door policy,” relative to its circulation. He believed that a book “so valuable in most of its features” should continue to be circulated ‘until something better should take its place.’ Conversely, he likewise favored the circulation of Conradi’s book, although it took a completely different position on the “daily.” [106] p. 55, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

This is the first time I have found that Willie actually endorsed Uriah’s book. (I have lots of reading to do myself!) I consider this to be further evidence of a bond between the two. The first evidence was the publication of the 1884GC with the error of the partial resurrection of the wicked, in complete rebellion of plain biblical instruction; Revelation 20:5.

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