Friday July 29, 2011

I just discovered that H. S. Gurney was around in 1885, for what that is worth. {17MR 328.2} I wonder what he was doing besides printing, early in the faith. In this manuscript/letter, Ellen is asking Wille to get some things from Gurney. That means he was available and around. Time will tell.


In A Word to the Little Flock, James makes two very interesting comments in the same paragraph. Here it is.


The burden of this prophesy is time, concerning which, there has been true, and false visions. The true vision (or light) on time, was written on the Chart, or table. – Hab. 2:2. God approved of the proclamation of 1843, and the 10th day of the 7th month 1844: by the pouring out of the Holy Ghost. Since the 7th month 1844, the “rebellious house” of Israel, have been removing the “land-marks,” and writing, and proclaiming false visions; but we all know that it has been the work of man, and not of God. These flattering divinings, have cheered on the “rebellious house” of Israel to some extent; but the work has not had the holy, sanctifying influence, as when God’s hand was in the work on time. p. 5, Para. 9, [WLF].


On the first point, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. James wrote a book titled, Sermons on the Coming and Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ,  published in 1870. The last chapter of that book is titled “Saving Faith.” You should read it. Here is a small taste.


The love of Jesus filled every soul, and beamed from every face, and with inexpressible desires, they prayed, “Come, Lord Jesus, and come quickly.”


Satan hated that, moved on his agents to counterfeit the book and take that last chapter and completely change it. They did. I have a copy.


On the second point; many were in rebellion. Removing landmarks! and here we have testimony that they were “writing and proclaiming false visions!” It’s no wonder there is so much trash out there. On the last page of The Present Truth, No. 10, p. 80, Ellen makes a public statement against Eli Curtis for publishing her visions without permission and against her request.


We look for such trouble in the future also.


God Bless your study

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