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Chapter 12 is next. One chapter per vision, generally, but not always. Part one of two.

The Present Truth, No. 9, p. 71, April 1850, (date published)

April 1, 1850 To the “Little Flock.”

           Dear Brethren.–The Lord gave me a view, January 26, which I will relate. I saw that some of the people of God were stupid and dormant; and were but half awake, and did not realize the time we were now living in; and that the “man” with the “dirt-brush” had entered, and that some were in danger of being swept away.

You can find “Brother Miller’s Dream” about the man with the dirt-brush, in chronological order, in this work on page #.

  I begged of Jesus to save them, to spare them a little longer, and let them see their awful danger, that they might get ready before it should be for ever too late. The angel said, “Destruction is coming like a mighty whirlwind.” I begged of the angel to pity and to save those who loved this world, and were attached to their possessions, and were not willing to cut loose from them, and sacrifice them to speed the messengers on their way to feed the hungry sheep, who were perishing for want of spiritual food.

The 1858 GC points out, on page 142, that those who were perfect and prepared for translation on October 22, 1844, had made an entire consecration, a complete sacrifice.

   As I viewed poor souls dying for want of the present truth, and some who professed to believe the truth were letting them die, by withholding the necessary means to carry forward the work of God, the sight was too painful, and I begged of the angel to remove it from me. I saw that when the cause of God called for some of their property, like the young man who came to Jesus, [Matthew 19:16-22.] they went away sorrowful; and that soon the overflowing scourge would pass over and sweep their possessions all away, and then it would be too late to sacrifice earthly goods, and lay up a treasure in heaven.

Present Truth is now being revived. Various individuals have stood up in fulfillment of the saying in the 1858 Great Controversy, page 184, to give “the straight testimony” to the Laodiceans. But now, the Internet has arrived. No more can those in power prevent the spread of information. Light is available to all, virtually everywhere.

Bert Haloviak, evidently a researcher for the General Conference, wrote a paper titled, “In the Shadow of the ‘Daily’: Background and Aftermath of the 1919 Bible and History Teacher’s Conference,” available on the church’s web archive site, and noting an amazing point many have never heard of. On pages 24-25 he quotes Stephen Haskell as remembering a prediction by Ellen, that “there would be a time when the testimonies would be in demand ‘just as they were originally given in order to meet objections before we got through.’”
Today the demand is high, among those who want truth. You can help by supporting this work, wherever you see it being done.

           I then saw the glorious Redeemer, beautiful and lovely, that he left the realms of glory, and came to this dark and lonely world, to give his precious life and die, the just for the unjust. He bore the cruel mocking and scourging, and wore the platted crown of thorns, and sweat great drops of blood in the garden; while the burden of the sins of the whole world were upon him. The angel asked, “What for?” O, I saw and knew that it was for us; for our sins he suffered all this, that by his precious blood he might redeem us unto God.   
           Then again was held up before me those who were not willing to dispose of this world’s goods to save perishing souls, by sending them the truth, while Jesus stands before the Father, pleading his blood, his sufferings and his death for them; and while God’s messengers were waiting, ready to carry them the saving truth that they might be sealed with the seal of the living God.

Printed matter is called “the silent messengers” and for many, it is all they have.

           It was hard for some who professed to believe the present truth, to even do so little as to hand the messengers God’s own money, that he had lent them to be stewards over.
           Then the suffering Jesus, his sacrifice and love so deep, as to give his life for them, was again held up before me; and then the lives of those who professed to be his followers, who had this world’s goods, and considered it so great a thing to help the cause of salvation. The angel said, “Can such enter heaven?” Another angel answered, “No, never, never, never. Those who are not interested in the cause of God on earth, can never sing the song of redeeming love above.”
           I saw that the quick work that God was doing on earth would soon be cut short in righteousness, and that the swift messengers must speed on their way to search out the scattered flock. An angel said, “Are all messengers? No, no, God’s messengers have a message.”

Notice the perfect harmony here also, as the false shepherds are not mentioned as being subjects of the search. As I am sure you will remember, page # of this work, and the Present Truth, No. 8, p. 64, God explicitly instructs us not to try taking this message to the false shepherds.

  I saw that the cause of God had been hindered, and dishonored by some travelling who had no message from God. Such will have to give an account to God for every dollar they have used in travelling where it was not their duty to go; for that money might have helped on the cause of God, and for the lack of it, souls have starved and died for the want of spiritual food, that might have been given them by God’s called and chosen messengers if they had had the means.

Ever gone to a meeting where someone stood up to talk and he had no message? All such will have a fearful account to pay.

           The mighty shaking has commenced,

   This is the first announcement by God that the shaking has started. Once this is accepted, many other passages will be seen in their true light. A good example of this can be found in No. 9, p. 1, “Everything is to be shaken that can be shaken.”

   Now all the church trials through which you have had to pass make sense. You are being prepared for Heaven. Your character is being perfected.

   This also is in total disagreement with the way most understand this faith. There are a huge number of charts extant today, all showing the shaking as being yet future. They are all in darkness, the blind leading the blind. This is the effect of reading and studying the counterfeit as if it were from God, and this, in spite of the fact, that these words appear in six different publications of the counterfeit. “God does nothing in partnership with Satan.” No. 27, p. 129.

God Bless your Study

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