Wednesday ~ June 20, 2018

Today was for us the longest day of the year,… by four seconds.


An update on the progress here toward getting the press rolling. One of the big changes for me to adjust to, because of our location in Idaho, is winter. The ground freezes hard as a rock, even though at our place it is all sand, it still freezes hard. Then there is the snow. Winter before last, four feet deep. This past winter, two spaced out times, it was two feet deep.


This requires planning. So we have a prepared list of items that need must get done before the snow flies. Mostly it’s things requiring digging, which is very easy now, and fixing a couple of water issues.


With all that in mind, I have been purchasing certain items to build the tools necessary for the publishing work. This mostly is about the binding and shipping side, not the actual printing. That is the easy part.


I will be sharpening the blades on the paper cutter myself, to save the cost and trouble of sending them out to a machine shop. There is a jig to build with linear motion components, a highly accurate method to sharpen the blades.


There is a cutting table to assemble. This will be used to cut book covers and the cardboard for the shipping boxes. With a cutter change it will also be used to cut a perforated strip around the shipping box to make them much easier to open. This is welcome news to those who happened to have gotten the early books in the boxes that did not have this feature.


The table for the spine saw has been purchased, about $600.00, and is awaiting some machining work. I will be purchasing the steel for the legs soon, probably week after next. There are yet just a few items to finish on the shop. Mostly pickup type, that’s the name for it in the construction industry. It’s the final list of small items to get done so the whole job can be said to be done.


Then there are the pictures that need to be sorted and labeled and titled. It’s been a long two winters working in the freezing temps, but praise God it is now where this coming winter, I will be able to stay inside. I’m looking forward to that. Building your own infrastructure is not easy.


God Bless your Study

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