Sunday April 22, 2012

We have now posted the 1919 Bible Conference in it’s entirety.

It is on the Articles page, No. 15, at the very botttom.

Also we have finished all corrections with the Crosier article.

On the “Free, Download Original Books” page, there is a section just for Crosier’s article. The link to his article is the corrected version.

Below that is the link to the comparison between the original, photocopied edition, and the digital edition, discovered to have some changes. At first glance, they don’t seem to be that important, but around here, we don’t like changes. In the books anyway.

We do not know who created the first digital copy.

In another item: We have been blessed to have received another copy of “A Word to the Little Flock.” In the introduction it states, “The following twenty-four pages are an exact word-for-word reproduction from a photo-engraved copy of the original 1847 print….”

And now, having checked, both the one the church has released and this one are the same. Which is a good thing to know.

Progress on “Beginning & End” is continuing. It was stalled a bit for the correcting of the Crosier article. Also, we have been examining the Gold Letter Texts and have discovered some very good information in there. I suggest you take another look at those texts.

God is blessing the work to vindicate the authenticated, original Spirit of Prophecy materials. It is an incredible privilege to have and study the pure truth. It makes clear the path for God’s people. It certainly must be a part of that light of the Midnight Cry, which shines all along the path to the city. This means to the very end of all things! Praise his wonderful name!

God Bless your Study

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