Monday October 1, 2012

There are some interesting parallels between Daniel’s story, and the 144,000. Jerry M. pointed this out to me the other day. Check his site for the latest.

Here are the pertinent texts.

     It pleased Darius to set over the kingdom an hundred and twenty princes, which should be over the whole kingdom;  And over these three presidents; of whom Daniel was first: that the princes might give accounts unto them, and the king should have no damage.  Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.  Then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find none occasion nor fault; forasmuch as he was faithful, neither was there any error or fault found in him.  Then said these men, We shall not find any occasion against this Daniel, except we find it against him concerning the law of his God.  Then these presidents and princes assembled together to the king, and said thus unto him, King Darius, live for ever. All the presidents of the kingdom, the governors, and the princes, the counsellors, and the captains, have consulted together to establish a royal statute, and to make a firm decree, that whosoever shall ask a petition of any God or man for thirty days, save of thee, O king, he shall be cast into the den of lions. Daniel 6:1-7

Daniel was a good guy. He worked in a high position in the government. Daniel had “an excellent spirit” or, the hidden treasure. It is this Satan hates the most.

Satan incited Daniel’s co-workers to take evil action against Daniel. Daniel ensured that he formally entered the hidden treasure “rest” three times a day. Daniel was perfect.

The wicked laid a trap for the ruler of the land, he blindly went straight into the trap. In so doing the wicked succeeded in setting a trap for Daniel which should result in his permanent removal, i.e., death.

I’m not sure about the thirty days. Does it have an application? It takes thirty days to do most anything by government.

Of particular note is Daniel’s reaction to the set trap. He walked right straight in, and it snapped shut on him. He was “trapped.”

Also take particular note of God’s counsel to the 144,000 in the words of Christian Experience and Views, 1854.

 And those who will not receive the mark of the beast and this image, when the decree goes forth, must have decision now to say, nay, we will not regard the institution of the beast. CEV, p. 55

Apparently this means, when the trap of the Sunday law is passed, the remaining 144,000 will walk straight into the set trap, which will snap shut upon them.

Meanwhile, other SDAs will attempt to convince these “wild-eyed fanatics,” through the use of the counterfeit SOP, that this is a presumptuous action. That now is the time to move to the country (5T465), and get ready for “retired home in secluded places.” These SDAs know not that they are acting the part of Satan, as “an angel of light.”

God Bless your study

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