Friday July 26, 2013

In the late ‘70s or early ‘80s a big storm system hit the west coast of the US. All along the coast was massive flooding from all the heavy rains. This action carried large numbers of trees and stumps out to the ocean, which in turn used these items as battering rams with every wave as it crashed against whatever was on the coast. The effect was devastating.

Some time after this I went for a walk on a portion of the ocean beach. It was a beautiful day, light breeze, clear skies, clean sand, the waves lapping at your feet as you walk.

It was very warm that day, but I enjoyed the shade of a house… that was about thirty feet in the air over my head! Clearly the owner had wanted a home on the beach and it was built on the sand, but correctly so, so that it was actually supported on piers drilled down to bedrock. And then this storm came by and washed away the sand, totally transforming the beach from a high hill to flat with the ocean for miles, leaving that fine home… thirty feet in the air!

But this is no different than people building on a flood plain. The rains come and the waters rise and presto! muddy water in the home, all over the furniture, mud! And the people are amazed that their TV watching is interrupted! And why the .gov didn’t wave their magic wand and stop the waters!

As humans we do these things because we don’t stop and think, actually think about what we are doing. Most people would rather do anything except think. They hurry from one activity to another never pausing to ask themselves what it is they are trying to accomplish.

These habits affect our spiritual lives also. God, through Ellen, has for years been calling our attention to this deficit, this deficiency in our lives and to stop and take time to pray and meditate.

Sixty eight times this spiritual exercise is mentioned in the thirty original authentic testimonies. I like these.

Sr. —-, work less, and pray and meditate more. Eternal interests should be primary with you. p. 59, Para. 3, [17OT].

Meditation upon heavenly things is profitable, and will ever be accompanied with peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit. p. 149, Para. 3, [17OT].

You look upon the objectionable features in the character of those you associate with, and dwell upon their seeming inconsistencies and wrongs, overlooking their redeeming traits. I was referred to this scripture, “Finally, brethren, Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be ANY virtue, and if there be any praise, think on THESE things.” Here, dear sister, you may meditate and speculate with profit. Dwell upon the good qualities of those with whom you associate, and see as little as possible of their errors and failings. p. 122, Para. 1, [18OT].

We are daily recipients of the bounties of Heaven, and should have loving gratitude springing up in our hearts to God, which should cause us to sympathize with our neighbors and make their interests our own. Thoughts and meditations upon the goodness of God to us would close the avenues of the soul to Satan’s suggestions. p. 118, Para. 3, [27OT].

God Bless your Study

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