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God testified that O. R. L. Crosier wrote out the truth about the Law of Moses, also the title of his article, written out and published in The Day-Star, Extra, February 7, 1846, through Ellen in her letter of April 21, 1847 and published in A Word to the Little Flock.

Either God is a liar or men, who pick at what Crosier wrote, are liars. “God be true, but every man a liar” is where I shall stand.

Here is an excerpt which also appears in The Advent Review, No. 3, September 1850.

The atonement is the great idea of the Law, as well as the Gospel; and as the design of that of the Law was to teach us that of the Gospel, it is very important to be understood.

The atonement which the priest made for the people in connection with their daily ministration was different from that made on the tenth day of the seventh month. In making the former, they went no further than in the Holy; but to make the latter they entered the Holy of Holies — the former was made for individual cases, the latter for the whole nation of Israel collectively —

The former was made for the forgiveness of sins, the latter for blotting them out — the former could be made at any time, the latter only on the tenth day of the seventh month. Hence the former may be called the daily atonement and the latter the yearly, or the former the individual, and the latter the national atonement.

Building on what we wrote yesterday. The SDA church teach there is no sinless perfection for man before Christ’s second coming. Yet this is the lie of Satan, spouted out the instant truth is spoken, “Ye shall not surely die.”

The other lie of Satan they teach, by saying there is no sinless perfection in this life, is there is only the Holy place experience, not the Most Holy. Read again the text from Crosier. The Holy place ministration was for the forgiveness of sins, the Most Holy for blotting them out.

Satan has got the church teaching that our sins are not to be blotted out in this time, yet this is the very work that is carried on ever since October 22, 1844 and will only stop at the close of probation. This is a part of their not walking in the light of the Midnight Cry. They are trying to get to Heaven some other way than God’s appointed way. Christ’s righteousness only covers the sins that are blotted out, not un-confessed, un-forsaken sin.

All whose sins are not blotted out of the book will not be saved. All who are willing to believe whatever they are told, without checking or proving, will not be saved. No one will stumble into Heaven.

Another point this excerpt teaches is that the Holy place ministration was for individuals, the Most Holy was for God’s church corporately. This the church denies. The late Robert Wieland pushed for corporate repentance, but those in control would have no part of that. It would require too much for them to stomach, confession of sin. This alone is a major reason you must separate from the SDA church. You can not be a part of that sinful corporate body and a part of God’s true church. The SDA church would give glory to the man of sin while the true church would give glory to God , as a united corporate body; united by the truth.

Here are two witnesses to the truth.

The want of this necessary preparation will shut out the greatest portion of the young professors, for they will not labor earnestly and zealously enough to obtain that rest that remains for the people of God. They will not honestly confess their sins, that they may be pardoned and blotted out. These sins in a short time will be revealed in just their enormity. God’s eye does not slumber. He knows every sin that is hidden from mortal eye. The guilty know just what sins to confess, that their souls may be clean before God. p. 69, Para. 2, [4OT].

When Bro. C— once takes a position on the wrong side, it is not easy for him to confess he has erred. But if he can let his wrong course pass out of his mind and pass from the memory of others, and he can make some changes for the better without an open acknowledgment of his wrong, he will do so. But all these errors and unconfessed sins stand registered in Heaven, and will not be blotted out until be complies with the direction given in the Word of God: “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.” If Bro. C— has found another plan than that given us by our Lord, it is not a safe way, and will prove his ruin at last. This other way is ruinous to the church–ruinous to the prosperity and happiness of his family. p. 146, Para. 1, [27OT].

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