Wednesday November 21, 2012

Truth is apparently our only rock to anchor our faith. When reading this, remember that Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” John 14:6

Entering this rest, receiving the refreshing, is the way. Suddenly, so many other texts come clear, into focus for understanding, meditation. Thus the need to take time to pray and meditate. There are at least 120 references to meditating in the authentic Spirit of Prophecy.

More of the same about John the Baptist. The message, like God’s word, doesn’t change.

 John the Baptist was a man filled with the Holy Ghost from his birth, and if there was any one who could remain unaffected by the corrupting influences of the age in which he lived, it was surely he. Yet he did not venture to trust his strength; he separated himself from his friends and relatives, that his natural affections might not prove a snare to him. He would not place himself unnecessarily in the way of temptation, nor where the luxuries or even the conveniences of life would lead him to indulge in ease or gratify his appetite, and thus lessen his physical and mental strength. By such a course the important mission he came to fill would have failed in its accomplishment. p. 152, Para. 2, [26OT].
He subjected himself to privation and solitude in the wilderness where he could preserve by sacred sense of the majesty of God, by studying his great book of nature and there becoming acquainted with the character of God, in his wonderful works. It was an atmosphere calculated to perfect moral culture and keep the fear of the Lord continually before him. John, the forerunner of Christ, did not expose himself to evil conversation and the corrupting influences of the world. He feared its effects upon his conscience, that sin might not appear to him so exceedingly sinful. He chose rather to have his home in the wilderness, where his senses would not be perverted by his surroundings. Should we not learn something from this example of one whom Christ honored and of whom he said, Among those born of women there are none greater than John the Baptist. p. 152, Para. 3, [26OT].

God’s word is pure, every word is truth. It’s no wonder then that ….

 Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.  John 18:37

Now it becomes much clearer to see how the loud cry could happen within one weeks time. As soon as the cry goes forth, “every one that is of the truth heareth” Christ’s voice in the words of the 144,000. They respond, quickly.

Remember too that this is the last call, “ALL ABOARD!!!” for the heavenly train. This is not an announcement of some new period of probation. God’s spirit has been striving with man for 168 years since October 22, 1844, when the gospel was preached to the whole world, trying to get them to come to the Father, to believe in his word, as spoken by his people, the 144,000.

All the honest in heart will be rescued. Truth will be carried to their very door, placed in their very hand, and they will be a part of the saved. The great question is, will you be a part of those who cherish and grow with the truth?

God Bless your Study

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