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The third part.

     until they covered every one of the true jewels, diamonds and coins – until they were all excluded from sight. They also tore in pieces my casket,

The casket, (See first note on first page) represents the advent truth that Bro. Miller published to the world, as is marked out by the parable of the ten virgins. [Matt.xxv,1-11.] First, the time, 1813; second, the tarrying time; third, the midnight cry, at the seventh month, 1844, and fourth, the shut door. – No one who has read the second advent papers since 1843, will deny that Bro. Miller has advocated these four important points in advent history. This harmonious system of truth or “casket” has been torn in pieces, and scattered among the rubbish by those who have rejected their own experience, and have denied the very truths that they, with Bro. Miller so fearlessly preached to the world.

    and scattered it among the rubbish. I thought no man regarded my sorrow or my anger. I became wholly discouraged and disheartened, and sat down and wept. While I was thus weeping and mourning for my great loss and accountability, I remembered God, and earnestly prayed that he would send me help. Immediately the door opened, and a man entered the room, when the people left it; and he, having a dirt-brush

The man with the “dirt-brush” represents the clear light of present truth, as brought to view by the third angel’s message, [Rev.xiv,9-12,] which is now purging the errors away from the remnant. The cause of present truth began to revive in the spring of 1848, and has been rising and gaining strength from that time to the present. The “dirt-brush” has been moving, and the errors have been passing away before the clear light of truth, and some of the precious jewels, who but a short time since were covered up and excluded from sight by darkness and error, now stand in the clear light of present truth. This work of bringing out the jewels, and purging away error is fast increasing, and is destined to move on with increasing power, until the saints are all searched out, and receive the seal of the living God. —  Compare this with the thirty-fourth chapter of Ezekiel, and you will see that God has promised to gather his flock that have been scattered in this dark and cloudy day, since 1844. Before Jesus comes, the “little flock” will be gathered into the “unity of the faith.” Jesus is now purifying “unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works,” and when he comes he will find his “church not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing.”  “Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner, &c.” —  Matt.iii,12.

    in his hand, opened the windows, and began to brush the dust and rubbish from the room. I cried to him to forbear, for there were some precious jewels scattered among the rubbish. He told me to “fear not,” for he would “take care of them.” Then, while he brushed, the dust and rubbish, false jewels and counterfeit coin, all rose and went out of the windows like a cloud, and the wind carried them away. In the bustle I closed my eyes

Brother Miller closed his eyes in death, December 22, 1849, which fulfilled the following words in his dream, “In the bustle I closed my eyes for a moment.” This wonderful fulfilment is so plain that none will fail to see it.

     for a moment; when I opened them, the rubbish was all gone. The precious jewels, the diamonds, gold and silver coins lay scattered in profusion over all the room. He then placed on the table a casket much larger and more beautiful than the former,

The second “casket much larger and more beautiful than the former” into which the scattered “jewels,” “diamonds,” and “coins” were gathered, represents the broad field of living present truth into which the scattered flock will be gathered, even 144,000, all of them having the seal of the living God. Not one of the precious diamonds will be left in the dark. Although some are “not bigger than the point of a pin,” they will not be overlooked, and left out in this day when God is making up his jewels.  [Mal.iii,16-18.]  He can send his angels and haste them out as he did Lot out of Sodom.  “A short work will the Lord make upon the earth.”  “He will cut it short in righteousness.”  See Rom.ix,28.

     and gathered up the jewels, the diamonds, the coins, by the handfuls, and cast them into the casket, till not one was left, although some of the diamonds were not bigger than the point of a pin. He then called upon me, to “come and see.” I looked into the casket, but my eyes were dazzled with the sight. They shone with ten times their former glory.

The church will then be pure and “without fault before the throne of God,” having confessed all their errors, faults and sins, and having had them washed away by the blood of Christ and blotted out, they will be without “spot or wrinkle, or any such thing.” Then they will shine with “ten times their former glory.”

     I thought they had been scoured in the sand by the feet of those wicked persons who had scattered them, and trod them in the dust. I saw they were arranged in beautiful order in the casket, every one in its place, without any visible pains of the man who cast them in. – I shouted with very joy – and that shout awakened me. The effect of this on my mind has been extremely consoling and happy.
    Low Hampton, N. Y. Dec. 3, 1847.”

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