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Part two.

     When they first looked into the casket they would wonder, and shout for joy. But when the spectators increased, every one would begin to trouble the jewels, taking them out of the casket and scattering

When the flying angel [Rev.xiv,6,7] first began to preach the everlasting good news, “Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come,” many shouted for joy in view of the coming of Jesus, and the restitution, who afterwards opposed and scoffed, and ridiculed the truth that a little before filled them with joy. They troubled and scattered the jewels. This brings us to the autumn of 1844, when the scattering time commenced.
Mark this: It was those who once “shouted for joy” that troubled and scattered the jewels. And none have so effectually scattered the flock, and led them astray since 1844, as those who once preached the truth, and rejoiced in it; but have since denied the work of God, and the fulfilment of prophecy in our past advent experience.

them on the table. At this time I began to think the owner would require the casket and jewels again at my hand; and if I suffered them to be scattered, I could never place them in their places in the casket again as before: and I felt I should never be able to meet the accountability, for it would be immense. I then began to plead with the people not to handle them, nor take them out of the casket;

Bro. Miller’s testimony, for a number of months after the Midnight cry, at the seventh month, 1844, was that the door was shut, and that the advent movement was a fulfilment of prophecy, and that we had been right in preaching time.  He then exhorted his brethren, through the “Advent Herald” to hold fast, to be patient, and not grudge against one another; and God would soon justify them for preaching time. In this way he plead for the jewels, while he felt his “accountability” for them, and that “it would be immense.”

but the more I plead, the more they scattered; and now they seemed to scatter them all over the room, on the floor, and on every piece of furniture in the room. I now saw that among the genuine jewels and coin they had scattered an innumerable quantity of spurious jewels

The “spurious jewels and counterfeit coin” that were scattered among the genuine, clearly represent false converts, or “strange children,” [Hosea v,7,] since the door was shut in 1844.

  and counterfeit coin. I was highly incensed at their base conduct and ingratitude, and reproved and reproached them for it; but the more I reproached, the more they scattered the spurious jewels and false coin among the genuine. I then became vexed in my very soul, and began to use physical force to push them out of the room; but while I was pushing out one, three more would enter, and bring in dirt, and shavings, and sand, and all manner of rubbish,

The “dirt and shavings, sand and all manner of rubbish,” represent the various and numerous errors that have been brought in among second advent believers, since the autumn of 1844. Here I will notice a few of them.
1. The stand that some of the “shepherds” presumptuously took immediately after the Midnight cry was given, that the solemn melting power of the Holy Ghost that attended the seventh month movement was a mesmeric influence. George Storrs was among the first to take this stand. See his writings in the latter part of 1844, in the “Midnight Cry,” then published in New York city. J. V. Himes, at the Albany Conference in the spring of 1845, said that the seventh month movement produced mesmerism seven feet deep. This I am told by one who was present, and heard the remark. – Others who took an active part in the seventh month cry have since pronounced that movement the work of the Devil. Attributing the work of Christ and the Holy Ghost to the Devil, was in the days of our Saviour, blasphemy, and it is blasphemy now.
2. The many experiments on definite time. Since the 2300 days ended in 1844, quite a number of times have been set, by different individuals, for their termination. In doing this they have removed the “landmarks,” and have thrown darkness and doubt over the whole advent movement.
3.  Spiritualism with all its fancies and extravagances.  This wile of the Devil, which has accomplished an awful work of death, is very fitly represented by “shavings,” and “all manner of rubbish.”  Many of those who drank down the poison of spiritualism admitted the truth of our past advent experience, and from this fact many have been made to believe that spiritualism was the natural fruit of believing that God conducted the great advent movements in 1843 and 1844.  Peter, speaking of those who should “bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them,” says, “BY REASON OF WHOM THE WAY OF TRUTH SHALL BE EVIL SPOKEN OF.”
4.  S. S. Snow professing to be “Elijah the Prophet.”  This man in his strange and wild career, has also acted his part in this work of death, and his course has had a tendency to bring the true position for the waiting saints into disrepute, in the minds of many honest souls.
To this catalogue of errors I might add many more, such as the “thousand years” of Rev.xx,4,7, in the past, the 144,000 of Rev.vii,4; xiv,1, those who “arose and came out of the graves” after Christ’s resurrection, the no-work doctrine, the doctrine of the destruction of infants, &c. &c.
These errors were so industriously propagated, and urged upon the waiting flock that, at the time Bro. Miller had the dream, the true jewels were “excluded from sight,” and the words of the prophet were applicable – “And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off,” &c. &c.  See Is.lix,14.  At that time there was not an advent paper in the land that advocated the cause of present truth.  The “Day-Dawn,” was the last to defend the true position of the little flock; but that died a number of months before the Lord gave Bro. Miller this dream; and in its last dying struggle pointed the weary sighing saints to 1877, then thirty years in the future, as the time of their final deliverance.  Alas! alas!  No wonder that Bro. Miller in his dream, “sat down and wept” over this sad state of things.

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