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Next is the incident of speaking in tongues. Presented in two parts, this is the first.

Letter from Hiram Edson, with his writing(?) of Ellen’s vision relating to Brother Rhodes.
The Present Truth, No. 5, p. 35, December 1849, (date published)

In this most interesting portion, from the pen of Hiram Edson, we get an excellent view of the pioneers at work, in their various duties, and God working with them to accomplish his purposes.

Of far more importance is the core of this letter, a fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 14:13-14, the speaking in an unknown tongue, and then giving the interpretation. This is total anathema with SDAs. That whole chapter is one that you just avoided in reading.

           Beloved Brethren, scattered abroad —
           God is reviving his people, and building up his cause in Western New-York.— During the scattering time we have passed through many heart-rending trials, while we have seen the precious flock scattered, torn and driven; but, thank God, the time has come for the flock to be gathered into the “unity of the faith.”  Divisions are being thoroughly healed, and strong union, and fervent Christian love increase among us.  The “commandments of God, and the testimony of Jesus Christ” are to us the present truth— the meat in due season.  The little flock here in this region are established on the Sabbath, and our past advent experience.  

Here we have a perfect example of walking in the light of the Midnight Cry. It is also a great example of how the third angel’s message should be presented.

Our number is constant-ly increasing.  Honest souls are seeking for the truth, and are taking their stand with us.  The brethren have seen the importance of leaving their useless habits; — therefore they have put away snuff and tobacco, as useless, filthy and unclean.  Our general meetings have been rising in interest and power for some time past; but very recently they have been exceedingly interesting and powerful.
           Our general meeting, holden at the house of Bro. Harris, in Centreport, Nov. 17 and 18, was one of the best I ever attended— Here we met some of our beloved brethren from the east— Brethren Ralph and Belden from Connecticut, and Brother and Sister White from Maine.

The list of VIPs in attendance. James and Ellen’s presence becomes a sanction from our viewpoint of so many years into the future.

They came to us in the fullness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ,” strong in the present truth.  It was a melting, confessing, refreshing season.—The meeting was closed on the first day, in the forenoon, and almost all the brethren left.
        About ten days before the Centreport Conference, I was deeply impressed with a sense of duty to make one more effort to rescue our beloved Bro. Rhodes, whose case has laid with weight on my mind for some time past.
           Impressed with the shortness of time, and the necessity of doing what we have to do quickly, I judged it duty to start at once.  After I had journeyed fourteen miles, I could not feel free to go any further; for it seemed to me that the time had not come, I therefore; for it seemed to me that the time had not come, I therefore returned home.
           Here I would say for the information of the brethren abroad, that Bro. Rhodes was one of the most faithful, and self-sacrificing lectures on the Second Advent, that ever labored in this region, and that most of those who now stand on present truth, received their first light on the advent through him.  He spent a handsome property in the cause, in distributing publications, helping others out into the field to lecture, and in bearing his own expenses from place to place, to sound the advent message, until his means were entirely exhausted.

His covenant with God by sacrifice was consumed, not increased; as we have been instructed in the 1849 Broadside, found here on page #. God would also encourage us by telling us that by so doing we will be laying up “bags in Heaven.” This passage is found in Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 2, page 248. “I was pointed back, and saw when there were but few that listened to, and embraced the truth, they had not much of this world’s goods. The wants of the cause were divided among a very few. Then there was a necessity for houses and lands to be sold and obtain cheaper to serve them as a shelter or home, while their means were freely and generously lent to the Lord to publish the truth, and to otherwise aid in advancing the cause of God. As I beheld these self-sacrificing ones, I saw they had endured privation for the benefit of the cause. I saw an angel standing by them pointing them upward, and saying these words, “Ye have bags in heaven! Ye have bags in heaven that wax not old! Endure unto the end, and great will be thy reward!”.

           The passing of the time, the scattering of the flock, and the cool treatment which he received from some who professed to be looking for the Lord, was too much for him to endure, and he sunk down in discouragement, and sadness of heart. At this time he keenly felt the force of the words of the prophet—
           “Oh  That my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people
           “Oh  That I had in the wilderness a lodging-place of way-faring men, that I might leave my people and go from them.” –Jer.ix, 1, 2.
           With tenderest feelings for the torn flock, he left them and retired to the wilderness; for he feared that some of them might lean on him, and be lost.  Most of the time for three years he has been in the wilderness, about thirty miles from any settlement.  He has sustained himself principally by fishing and hunting.
           Bro. Rhodes has ever lived in the hearts of the remnant in this region; but for the past year there has been an increasing interest in his behalf.  We have often felt drawn out in prayer to God that he would bring him out of the wilderness; and twice within the past year, in company with other brethren, I have been about 180 miles to see him, and we have tried to persuade him to come among the brethren; but without success.
           At the close of the Centreport Conference, I introduced Bro. Rhodes’ case to Bro. Ralph.  When I first saw Bro. Ralph I had an impression that we had a work to do in connection; and he has since told me that he had the same impression.  We both felt deeply bro. Rhodes’ case, and in the evening some half dozen of us had a season of prayer over the subject.  Bro, Ralph asked the Lord, in secret, to pour our his Spirit upon us if it was his will that we should go after Bro. Rhodes.  The Spirit was poured out, and it settled upon us, so that the place was awful, and glorious.  While I was inquiring of the Lord if he had sent his servant so far to go with me to hunt up Bro. Rhodes, that moment Bro. Ralph broke out in a new tongue, some of the brethren, especially Brother and Sister White, had previous to this, had little or no faith in the interest we felt for Bro. Rhodes.  Sister White had cautioned Bro. Ralph to be sure to get a clear duty from the Lord.  She told him unknown to us all.  Then came the interpretation—“Yes to go with thee.”  I then saw the reason why the Lord did not want me to go after Bro. Rhodes when I started ten days before; for it was his will that Bro. Ralph should go with me.

Here it is, perfect harmony with 1 Corinthians 14. But SDAs want nothing to do with this, it’s too far out there. I know, I been there.

  Here I would say that some of the brethren, especially Brother and Sister White, had previous to this, had little or no faith in the interest we felt for Bro. Rhodes.  Sister White had cautioned Bro. Ralph to be sure to get a clear duty from the Lord.  She told him that she thought that my feelings for Bro. Rhodes were mere sympathy. The next morning we had a season of prayer, and the Spirit was richly poured out, and the Lord gave Sister White the following vision, which was contrary to her former opinion and feeling relating to our going after Bro. Rhodes, up to that time that the Spirit took her off in vision.

God Bless your Study

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