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Part two of speaking in tongues.

Ellen’s vision begins here. We do not know who wrote this out, but it seems to have been Hiram, with Ellen signing later.

    “While in vision the Angel pointed to the earth, where I saw Bro. Rhodes in thick darkness; but he still bore the image of Jesus.

In confirmation of the 1858 Great Controversy, page 142, which tells us, “GOD’S people were then accepted with
him. JESUS looked upon them with pleasure. His image was reflected in them.” Brother Rhodes was one of those who were perfect, and prepared for translation.

I saw that it was the will of God that Brn. Edson and Ralph should go after him.

While we should be very careful about such, God does work through “feelings” that people have. The people must be living up to all the light they have available, or God will not honor them such, which is in effect, honoring their wrong ways of acting.

   Then I was shown Bro. Rhodes’ past labors in the Advent cause; that he had been mighty in word and in deed. I saw him standing before the people, with the Bible in his hand, and a stream of light coming from his mouth, which found its way to the hearts of the people. Some rejoiced, while others, who were in darkness, were troubled. I saw that he had proclaimed the advent with great confidence, and had shown his faith by his works, and when the time passed, the disappointment was very great. Then some professed Adventist wounded his heart, and I saw him overwhelmed with discouragement, and grief, as he left the little flock, and retired to the wilderness.
I saw that Jesus was pleading his blood for Bro. Rhodes, and that the Angel was ready to enroll his name, as soon as he would come out of that dark place, and stand on all the present truth.

This “dark place” was apparently because he was not socializing with his fellow church members. He was evidently not keeping the Sabbath at this point either.

  The Angel pointed me to the snare of Satan that bound him; and I saw that he thought that there was no hope, no mercy for him; and it would be no use for him to try. I saw that Brn. Edson and Ralph should make him believe there was hope, and mercy for him, and tear him away, then he would come among the flock; and that Angels would attend them on their journey. I heard an Angel say– “Can ye not see the worth of the soul? Pull him out of the fire.” I saw that in Bro. Rhodes’ there had been no guile in speaking against the present truth, relating to the Sabbath, and Shut Door. I also saw that the Lord had laid Bro. Rhodes’ case heavily on Bro. Edson.”

End of Ellen’s vision.

About eight days before our last Conference at the house of Bro. Harris in Centreport, I dreamed of attending the meeting, and as I came into the room where the brethren were, most of them appeared cheerful and happy.  I was anxious to make my way through the room into another.  I thought some of the brethren were disposed to draw my attention away from going into the other room by talking to me; but I made my way along, and got hold of the door.  at this point, a number stood in the way, and Sister White stood next to the door, and for some time prevented me from opening it.  I held on to the door, waiting patiently for Sister White to move out of the way.  At length she moved, and I opened the door, and passed into the room.  Here I saw a number bowed down to the floor.  I dreamed that one of them rose up, and put his arms around my neck, and said, “Oh  Bro. Edson, I am in the dark.  I am in the dark ” I awoke and behold it was a dream.

           As a general thing, I have placed but little confidence in dreams, and seldom tell one; but my mind was deeply impressed that I should see a fulfillment of this dream, in part, at the Centreport meeting.  It is now clear to me that what took place at the Centreport meeting in relation to Bro. Rhodes’ case was a fulfillment of most of the above dream.

We look forward to the greater fulfillment of Joel 2, in that more and more God will direct his people through the use of dreams.

    Monday Nov. 19, we started on our journey, in full faith that God had taken Bro. Rhode’s case into his own hands, and that he would come with us; for when God works, something is accomplished.  As we journeyed on, we felt the presence of God and his attending angels.  We did not have to go into the wilderness; for Bro. Rhodes had come out a few days previous, and we found him at work in a field, on a rise of ground on the east side of Black River.
           We told him that we had come in the name of the Lord to get him to go with us and see the brethren, and go with us into the Kingdom.  God displayed his convincing power, and Bro. Ralph spoke in a new tongue, and gave the interpretation in power, and in the demonstration of the Holy Ghost.
           Bro. Rhodes finally consented to come with us, and went about arranging his business in order to leave.  While he was doing this, Bro. Ralph and myself took a walk down to the river, and spent some time viewing it and its banks.  When Bro. Rhodes came back the next day, he said to us, “I thought, by this time, that you had concluded to go without me, and let me stay here.”  We told him no; he need not think any such thing. He turned from us and said, “It is too much, I cannot stand it:” and started for the woods.  I feared that he was going away from us not to return again, so I started and ran after him, and found him on his face, asking the Lord what all this meant, why his children should feel so much for him.
           I wish here to relate a dream which I dreamed about two years since, of which the above seems to be a fulfillment.
           I dreamed of going after Bro. Rhodes.  I thought he was in a field at work, and as I went where he was, I had to ascend a rise of ground.  After having some conversation with him, it appeared, by some means, that he was absent from me.  I dreamed of going with some person down by the bank of the river, and was some time there, viewing the river and its banks.  Again I thought I saw Bro. Rhodes, and he was making his way off from me down a descent of ground.  I feared it was to hide away from me, so I ran after him and found him.  I dreamed of talking with him, and as near as I can remember, he was disconsolate.  He said he had no hope of entering the Kingdom, and it was of no use for him to try.  Here I awoke.
           Two or three nights before we saw Bro. Rhodes, he dreamed that two men came to him who were on their way to the Kingdom.  Something asked him if he did not want to go with them to the Kingdom, which was just before them:  He said he did, and turned partly round to see the men.  But something seemed to say that he could not go with these men. The thought of not being permitted to go with them caused him great distress.  The men still waited for him, and he awoke.
           Friday, Nov. 23, we returned as far as Bro. Arnold’s, of Volney, and our dear Bro. Rhodes with us.   Sabbath morning we came to this place, in company with Brother and Sister Arnold, where many of the brethren in this region were assembled.  They were all rejoiced to see Bro. Rhodes.  Tears of joy and tenderness flowed freely as they greeted each other.  We had a sweet, heavenly sitting together during the meeting, and Bro. Rhodes faith and hope are fast increasing.  He stands firm in all the present truth; and we heartily bid him God speed, as he goes to search out and feed the precious, scattered flock of Jesus.     HIRAM EDSON.
           Oswego, N.Y. Nov. 26, 1849

God Bless your Study

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