Thursday January 26, 2012

Fitting comfortably into one post is this from Chapter 11.

The Present Truth, No. 8, p. 64, March 1850, (date published)

       My Dear Brethren and Sisters –This is very important hour with us. Satan has come down with great power, and we must strive hard, and press our way to the kingdom. We have a mighty foe to contend with; but an Almighty Friend to protect and strengthen us in the conflict. If we are firmly fixed upon the present truth, and have our hope, like an anchor of the soul, cast within the second vail, the various winds of false doctrine and error cannot move us.

This is a very important point, that of being “firmly fixed upon the Present Truth.” This is echoed in Christian Experience and Views, page # in this work. Notice also that our anchor must be cast within the second vail. The 1858 Great Controversy is in perfect harmony on this point, page 166, that these messages, the three angel’s, are an anchor for God’s people in the last days.

           The excitements and false reformations of this day do not move us, for we know that the Master of the house rose up in 1844, and shut the door of the first apartment of the heavenly tabernacle; and now we certainly expect that they will “go with their flocks,” “to seek the Lord; but they shall not find him; he hath withdrawn himself (within the second vail) from them.”

You might like to review page #, which is the second part of The Day-Star, and it has some bearing on this point.

           The Lord has shown me that the power which is with them is a mere human influence, and not the power of God.  
           Those who have published the “Watchman” have removed the landmarks. I saw, two months ago, that their time would pass by; and then some honest souls, who have been deceived by this time, will have a chance to receive the truth. I saw that most of those who preach this new time do not believe it themselves. I saw that our message was not to the shepherds who have led the flock astray, but to the poor hungry, scattered sheep.

The first point to notice here is that honest people can be deceived, or, lied to. So all those who are currently in the dark, are not necessarily wicked and evil.

Another very important point is given by God with relation to our work. We are given marching orders straight from God. We are NOT to be trying to convince the false shepherds of anything. This is emphasized again in the Supplement to the Christian Experience and Views, beginning on page 43, titled “False Shepherds,” which can be found on page # in this work.

God Bless your Study

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