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Monday October 7, 2013

Right close to yesterday’s quote, this was found.

Not One Heretical Sentence.--I am now looking over my diaries [SEE FOOTNOTE, P. 32.] and copies of letters written for several years back. . . . I have the most precious matter to reproduce and place before the people in testimony form. While I am able to do this work, the people must have things to revive past history, that they may see that there is one straight chain of truth, without one heretical sentence, in that which I have written. This, I am instructed, is to be a living letter to all in regard to my faith.–Letter 329a, 1905. {3SM 52.2}

This ‘statement’ flies in the face of those who want to scream “CONTEXT!” at every lie published in the SOP-his-try (sophistry)  of Satan, the counterfeit SOP. The reason is because those sentences are heretical!

Let’s take the Desire of Ages,

page 568, ten lines up from the bottom of the page, the heretical sentence reads, “He [Christ] is to-day [sic.] standing at the altar of incense, presenting before God the prayers of those who desire His help.”

This sentence is heretical because it places Christ in the Holy place, not the Most Holy! This sentence can never stand on it’s own, it requires an army of explainers, creating a word-cloud of darkness to obscure, to make it even close to acceptable!

page 790, fourteen lines up from the bottom of the page, the heretical sentence reads,  “He [Christ] ascended to the heavenly courts, and from God Himself heard the assurance that His atonement for the sins of men had been ample, that through His blood all might gain eternal life.”

page 819, ten lines up from the bottom of the page, the heretical sentence reads, “The conditions of the atonement had been fulfilled; the work for which He [Christ] came to this world had been accomplished.”

These two heretical sentences prove that the writer of the book is making a claim that the atonement was completed on the cross. This false, blasphemous claim can easily be proven by asking some simple questions.

1.) If the atonement was made on Calvary, by whom was it made? The making of the atonement is the work of a Priest; but who officiated on Calvary? Roman soldiers and wicked Jews.

2.) The slaying of the victim was not making the atonement; the sinner slew the victim, Lev. 4: 1-4, 13-15, &c., after that the Priest took the blood and made the atonement. Lev. 4: 5-12, 16-21.

3.) Christ was the appointed High Priest to make the atonement, and he certainly could not have acted in that capacity till after his resurrection, and we have no record of his doing any thing on earth after his resurrection, which could be called the atonement.

4.) The atonement was made in the Sanctuary, but Calvary was not such a place.

5.) He could not, according to Heb. 8: 4, make the atonement while on earth. “If he were on earth, he should not be a Priest.” The Levitical was the earthly priesthood; the Divine, the heavenly.

6.) Therefore, He did not begin the work of making the atonement, whatever the nature of that work may be, till after His ascension, when by His own blood He entered His heavenly Sanctuary for us.

(These are the very questions and answers O.R.L.Crosier put in his article THE LAW OF MOSES, and was published in The Day-Star Extra, February 7, 1846. Which God endorsed through his prophet Ellen, in A Word to the Little Flock, page 12, and is proof positive that the SDA church is not walking in the light of the Midnight Cry.)

Then, to add blasphemous insult to blasphemous injury, not far away is this quote.

b. The Conflict of the Ages Books: Sister White is not the originator of these books. They contain the instruction that during her lifework God has been giving her. They contain the precious, comforting light that God has graciously given His servant to be given to the world.–Colporteur Ministry, p. 125. {3SM 50.4}

They are claiming that God is the author of these heretical sentences!

Better prove all things!

God Bless your study

Sunday October 6, 2013

I am exasperated! There is a constant stream of vomit and filthiness that must be waded through to get the truth in researching the authentic Spirit of Prophecy vs the counterfeit SOP. I sometimes feel like I have jumped into a septic tank that must be bailed out by hand!!! Gross, YES!!! Sometimes necessary. Lord have mercy and give me strength to swim this filthy tide!

In picking up Questions on the Sealing Message, by J. N. Loughborough, published 1916, to check something else, my eyes fell upon these lines, page 18, which were highlighted.

If there is still a doubt of the resurrected Sabbath keepers’ being numbered with the 144,000, consider the following from Sister White’s words in 1909. At the General Conference in 1909, Elder Irwin had a stenographer accompany him in a call upon Sister White. He wished to ask her some questions, and have an exact copy of the words of the replies.
Among other questions was this one: “Will those who have died in the message be among the 144,000?” In reply, Sister White said: “Oh, yes, I those who have died in the faith will be among the 144,000. I am clear on that matter.” These were the exact words of question and answer, as Brother Irwin permitted me to copy from his stenographer’s report.

Previous to this I had not put much weight on this information, because we have The Day-Star and the 1858 Great Controversy, page 205, which, when combined, show clearly that all those who hear the voice of the Father giving the day and hour of Jesus coming and watch him come to this earth are, in fact, the 144,000, there are no others present.

After reading Loughborough’s comments today, I decided to see if Elder Irwin’s notes might be available on the White Estate CD. In checking this, I found the muck! and that is what I hate about doing this research. I feel dirty handling this junk! Here is what was found.

e. The Interviews: He [Elder G. A. Irwin] has with him a little notebook in which he has noted down perplexing questions which he brings before me, and if I have any light upon these points, I write it out for the benefit of our people, not only in America but in this country [Australia].–Letter 96, 1899. {3SM 51.1}
f. When There Was No Light: I have no light on the subject [as to just who would constitute the 144,000]. . . . Please tell my brethren that I have nothing presented before me regarding the circumstances concerning which they write, and I can set before them only that which has been presented to me.–Quoted in a letter by C. C. Crisler to E. E. Andross, Dec. 8, 1914. (In White Estate Document File, Number 164.) {3SM 51.2}

Let’s walk through this.

1.) Elder Irwin is getting written up in a letter dated 1899, for the exact same thing which Loughborough is describing in 1916, as having happened in 1909. So we can surmise that Irwin had a habit of doing this type of thing.

2.) Now all this is being written up in book 3 of Selected Messages. Lo, and behold! the very next item on that very page is a question about the 144,000, as to who they would be constituted of. And we have a letter (read proof here), dated December 8, 1914, of “Ellen’s” answer. “I have no light on the subject….”

3.) Just five years previous we have a highly credible report from a man who has made it a habit to ask Ellen, personally, difficult questions, and a highly credible report of the answer to one of those questions, from a man, who had only eight more years to live, but was a true pillar of the church, verified so.

But we have two “Ellens”!!!!!

God’s prophets do not speak with forked tongue!!!

This is another one of those cases where you MUST decide. You are forced to choose! You can not have it both ways!

Either Ellen was true and faithful to God, or she was not.

On this site we prove that Willie was Satan’s agent to re-write the entire authentic Spirit of Prophecy and that he took control immediately after James’ death, writing his views, his thoughts, his opinions, then putting Ellen’s name on the work as his authority it were, her work.

God Bless your study

Friday August 23, 2013

As a writer I know I am expected to know my stuff. But, I am not a writer by profession. I am a carpenter, schooled in the arts of carpentry by hard experience. Most of my work has been interior mouldings of all types.

One day a young fellow joined the crew. I was installing crown between the beams and cabinets in the kitchen. One particular frame had an extreme angle, about fifteen degrees, and required a special jig setup to cut. This fellow was watching me work and when I brought in that assembled frame to install, he stepped up to ask me how in the world I could assemble such a frame and expect it to fit. I said, “well, lets see.” It was my day, the fit was perfect, in front of an audience.

With writing it is different. I struggle with spelling. Got four (4) right out of fifty (50) on one of my more memorable tests. I am an iconoclast at many things. One of my supervisors chewed me out for my constant modification of my tools. Well, they were often just not made right. Designed and executed by people who did not use them. I have a similar attitude about the many rules for English; of which, I find rather refreshing the freedom found in the KJV Bible of using God’s words to define his own words.

I recently bought a used book Lapsing Into a Comma, by Bill Walsh, Copy Desk Chief, Business Desk, the Washington Post. Even though considered a stylebook, it seems to be more a collection of notes written on small pieces of paper and stuffed into one’s pockets.

Then I came to page 61, bottom paragraph.

Before radio and TV, let alone 24-hour cable news and C-SPAN, the lying journalist could rest assured that very few people would ever catch such deception [changing a quote]. Today, however, it’s pretty likely that somewhere someone is watching CNN and …. After all, what is the point of quote marks if not to signal that what’s inside is a verbatim account of what was said?

In our work, here at, we understand this, nearly perfectly. I am very sure that Willie was resting “assured that very few people would ever catch such deception.” Many of our readers own the White Estate 2008 Research CD. At about $20.00 it’s a great price and a very fast tool. I can copy and paste a document from there into WordPerfect and do the same with the original document and in seconds have a comparison, all in living color.

Willie could never have dreamed of the tool computers would be in our day, unraveling all Willie’s footsteps. Showing to the world the proof of the claims, such as “rubber stamp testimonies.” See The Early Elmshaven Years, page 46, at the bottom.

Unfortunately for the GCSDA church, the die has been cast, the strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11) has been chosen by God (Isaiah 66:4) and only those who become ASKers, ask, seek, knock, will be given the mystery of the kingdom of God (Mark 4:10-11).

Many people are offended by this saying, yet it is even so, as the texts prove. Brothers and Sisters, there is no time to linger like Lot did. Don’t count on an angel showing up to drag you out of an apostate church and into Heaven. No, it’s only the ASKers that will make it—if they are faithful!

Come with us, we are following the Christ!

God Bless your Study

Monday July 8, 2013

While we are on this topic, on the side that is, about what Willie was up to; according to rough, preliminary math, taking the number of pages the White Estate claims Ellen wrote, divided by the number of weeks she “worked,” minus the Sabbath days, dear Ellen would have been responsible for about nine pages per day, every day.

Which means that every day she skipped, the next day she would have had eighteen pages to write. Again, this is just rough math here.

Then we find this in the counterfeit SOP.

“About a year after the death of my husband, I was very feeble, and it was feared that I might live but a short time.

But all this time day by day she must have been writing,… nine pages per day.

At the Healdsburg camp meeting, I was taken into the tent where there was a large gathering of our people. I asked to be raised up from the lounged on which I was lying, and assisted to the speaker’s platform, that I might say a few words of farewell to the people. As I tried to speak, the power of God came upon me, and thrilled me through and through. Many in the congregation observed that I was weak, and that my face and hands seemed bloodless; but as I began speaking they saw the color coming into my lips and face, and knew that a miracle was being wrought in my behalf. I stood before the people healed, and spoke with freedom.

Now she is healed and all is well.

“After this experience, light was given me that the Lord had raised me up to bear testimony for Him in many countries, and that He would give me grace and strength for the work. It was also shown me that my son, W. C. White, should be my helper and counselor, and that the Lord would place on him the spirit of wisdom and of a sound mind. I was shown that the Lord would guide him, and that he would not be led away, because he would recognize the leadings and guidance of the Holy Spirit.” (1SM, p. 54)

Assuming that the first paragraph is correct, from what we know of Willie, how convenient that this paragraph appears. Not only that, but how convenient that Willie is now “once saved always saved” in the eyes of… God???

We better back up here and take another look at what is being said here. As far as I am concerned Willie is the one who wrote the whole thing. I don’t even know if Ellen actually attended that meeting or not, one year after James’ death. That aside, Willie has just created for himself a job, the controller of the Spirit of Prophecy.

Some will disagree and that is ok, but let’s go on here. According to this alleged writing of Ellen’s Willie is getting “the spirit of wisdom and of a sound mind” in addition “the Lord would guide him, and that he would not be led away.” This really is amazing. This is saying that Willie would not go into error, or we could say that he is infallible?!

Now the “contexters” would have fun with this one. Especially after what we have been through the last few days. But again, it says what it says and very clearly it says that Willie would not sin?, would not make a mistake?,led away means something???

And it goes on… “because he would recognize the leadings and guidance of the Holy Spirit.” To me all this means that at the very least Willie’s judgment could be trusted… because God is guiding him,… the Holy Spirit is guiding him and leading him.

Let’s test it.

In 1872 God had this counsel for the saints, found in No. 21, page 22-23.

And, above all, we should not with our pens advocate positions that we do not put to a practical test in our own families, upon our own tables. This is dissimulation, and a species of hypocrisy. In Michigan we can do better in leaving salt, sugar, and milk, than many who are situated in the far West, or in the far East, where there is a scarcity of fruit. There are but very few families in Battle Creek who do not use these articles upon their tables. We know that a free use of these articles is positively injurious to health, and, in many cases, we think if they were not used at all, a much better state of health would be enjoyed. At present, our burden is not upon these things. The people are so far behind that we see it is all they can bear to have us draw the line upon their injurious indulgences and stimulating narcotics. We bear positive testimony against tobacco, spirituous liquors, snuff, tea, coffee, flesh-meats, butter, spices, rich cakes, mince pies, a large amount of salt, and all exciting substances used as articles of food. p. 22, Para. 2, [21OT].

Now go back to this post on the blog and read toward the bottom of it how Ellen Willie changed their minds about what God showed to them in No. 21, page 23, quoted above. Now, it must be, that God has changed his mind, apparently, and is telling his people that  “sterilized butter was a better fat for many people than any of the vegetable oils.” This is Willie’s words as reported by the White Estate.


This begs the question, what happened? According to Willie, God didn’t give very good light to Ellen and she had to then go to man for the “clearest and best light.”

Perhaps now you will understand why we claim that Willie and his team are responsible for the counterfeit SOP. And there you will find the source for those nine pages per day of written material.

Around here we take the clear position that God is the author of the authentic Spirit of Prophecy and that every word of it can be trusted just as the Bible can be trusted. The authentic Spirit of Prophecy is not an addition to the Bible but that “God has seen fit in this manner to bring the minds of his people to his Word, to give them a more clear understanding of it.” p. 153, Para. 1, [27OT].

Stand on the proven truth alone.

God Bless your study

Wednesday May 29, 2013

As we vindicate the authentic Spirit of Prophecy and point out the lies of the counterfeit SOP, we are actually pointing out a process. This process has two parts. The first part is largely depicted in these texts.


And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations. I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not. Isaiah 66:3-4


It is a strong delusion that is sent upon those who have chosen their own ways instead of God’s ways because they have not received a love of the truth to be obedient to it.

Here is the second part. It comes in the form of a dream or night vision, as it is sometimes called, and is found in No. 20, pages 42-49. We strongly urge you to read this section as it is so important. The following are only a few excerpts.


A Solemn Dream. p. 42, Para. 1, [20OT].

You are looking and desiring that God should do the work for you which he has left you to do. If you will do thy work for yourselves which you know that you ought to do, then God will help you when you need his help. You have left undone the very things God has left you to do. And you have been calling upon God to do your work. Had you followed the light God has given you, then he would cause more light to shine upon you; but while you have neglected the counsels, and warnings, and reproofs, that have been given, how can you expect God to give you more light and blessings for you to neglect and despise? God is not as man. He will not be trifled with. p. 43, Para. 1, [20OT].

God has been pleased to give you line upon line, and precept upon precept. But there are not many of you that really know what is contained in the Testimonies. You are not familiar with the Scriptures. If you had made God’s word your study, with a desire to reach the Bible standard and attain to Christian perfection, you would not have needed the Testimonies. p. 43, Para. 2, [20OT].

It is because you have neglected to acquaint yourselves with God’s inspired Book that he has sought to reach you by simple, direct testimonies, calling your attention to the words of inspiration you had neglected to obey, and urging you to fashion your lives in accordance with its pure and elevated teachings. The written testimonies are not to give new light; but to impress with vividness upon the heart the truths of inspiration already revealed. Man’s duty to God and to his fellow-man has been distinctly specified in God’s word; yet but few of you are obedient to the light given. Additional truth is not brought out; but God has through the testimonies simplified the great truths already given, and in his own chosen way brought them before the people, to awaken and impress the mind with them, that all may be left without excuse. p. 44, Para. 1, [20OT].

I am authorized from God to tell you that not another ray of light through the testimonies will shine upon your pathway, until you make a practical use of the light the Lord has already given. He has walled you about with light; but you have not appreciated the light. You have trampled upon it. While some have despised the light, others have neglected it, or followed it but indifferently. p. 45, Para. 1, [20OT].

The testimonies have been to some several times repeated; but they have not felt that they were of sufficient importance to be careful to heed them. They have been to them like idle tales. When you gather up the rays of light God has given in the past, then will he give an increase of light. p. 45, Para. 2, [20OT].

If the people of God who now profess to be his peculiar treasure would obey his requirements, as specified in his word, special testimonies would not be given to awaken them to their duty, and impress upon them their sinfulness and fearful danger in neglecting to obey the word of God. Consciences have been blunted, because light has been set aside, neglected, and despised. And God will remove them [the Testimonies] away from the people, and will deprive them of strength, and humble them. p. 46, Para. 2, [20OT].

And right here is the crux of the matter. We believe that God primarily used W. C. White to remove the authentic Spirit of Prophecy from the church through the creation of the counterfeit SOP under patently false pretenses. We further believe that this is the strong delusion which God has chosen for the lovers of pleasure in unrighteousness.

Only a few humans got on the ark. Will it be only a few that greet Christ when he comes?

Remember that we have discovered that the 144,000 count started in October 23, 1844 with the start of the third angel’s message. Click on that topic to read why.

God Bless your study

Monday May 6, 2013

We would kindly refer you back to Wednesday’s post, May 1, for a summary of what we are about today, as we are working on the last item, No. 5, as listed there.

So what is the purpose of the 2520 prophecy? Matter of fact, what is the purpose of any of the prophecies? I like to go to extremes in thought processes, it helps to clarify the point at hand.

The 2520 prophetic timeline is a second confirmation that the year 1843 was the correct year for the calculation. The fact that God hid (and in plain sight!! mind you) that the correct date required a tighter calculation is not a fault on their part. When God hides something, no one will ever see it until he reveals it. We are his created creatures and totally dependant on him for everything, like it or not.

And it is especially true of the correct understanding of the Bible. Remember, spiritual things are spiritually understood. And this, not by the will of man. In humility we come to him for understanding.

Because we are now living in the time of the end, spoken of in Matthew 24:14, almost all prophecy has come to pass. The 2520 prophetic timeline is in this group. God told us very specifically three very important points about prophecy, found in the 1858 Great Controversy, page 148.


I saw that they were correct in their reckoning of the prophetic periods. Prophetic time closed in 1844.


Two very simple sentences, a great anchor for God’s people of the last days, the 144,000. The first item we need to understand is the plain message of the first sentence. The pioneers “were correct in their reckoning of the prophetic periods.” The message is very plain, very simple, and very direct. When someone comes along and tells you that the pioneers made a mistake, you can simply point them to this page and tell them the truth. If they will not accept the truth from God then you probably need to put some distance between you.

And just to repeat it, it is impossible for Ellen to have authored the Spirit of Prophecy, it’s far too complex for any human mind to handle. Willie and Uriah proved that when God gave them a turn at the helm. God is the author, and for the depreciated humans of these last days the authentic Spirit of Prophecy was given “not to give new light; but to impress with vividness the truths of inspiration already revealed.” This brings clarity to a correct understanding.

Second, note carefully the last two words of the first sentence, “prophetic periods.” This correctly tells us there was more than one, which includes the 2520. And third, note carefully and compare the ending of the first sentence and the last sentence. “Prophetic periods” is something different than “prophetic time.” Here again a great anchor for our faith is presented. There are far too many people that want to apply prophetic time, a day for a year, to other prophecies. This is a device of Satan that God has warned us about and provided the anchor for our faith so we will not get caught in Satan’s snare.

More specifically to the point. The 2520 and the 2300 day prophetic timelines are an integral part of the 1843 chart. The 1843 chart is an integral part of proving the Advent faith to be correct. It is instructive to see the SDA church today in wide departure from the Advent faith of the pioneers. Something is bad wrong.

Today’s SDA church will gladly teach you just how wrong the Advent pioneers were, but they have no prophet who does not breath for hours in public while in vision. What they do have is the Biblical Research Institute, and prayer that goes to the Holy place, where Satan appears to be trying to carry on the work of God by breathing on them light and power. They have no healings by the power of God. What they do have is worldly doctors and drug therapy.

They claim to be teaching the third angel’s message, but it is not a true message and here is why.


Those who present this message [the third angel’s] understandingly, must first show the fulfillment of the messages of the first and second angel’s [verses 6-8,] [sic] in the past Advent movement. Thus they chain all three messages together, show their harmony, and the fulfillment of God’s word in them, and the testimony relative to the second coming of Christ is bound up.


God’s true people will teach the third angel’s message in this way. This is far different from what the SDA church teaches. The true Advent pioneers would not be members of the apostate SDA church of today.

All have to choose who they will follow, Christ or loyalty to the SDA church, none can have both.

God Bless your study

Friday April 19, 2013

Arthur L. White apparently was selected by the church to do some damage control. Hence the Selected Messages series and several other publications, all designed to deal with perceived problems relating to the counterfeit SOP. These problems just do not exist within the authentic, sans a couple of exceptions, which we have covered before.

While I was researching something, I came upon this first chapter of 1SM. Having never read it before and being attracted by the subject covered, I took the time to read it. I shook my head at the lies. To share or not to share… I just could not resist.

We post here some excerpts and some comments.

Selected Messages Book 1 (1958)
Chap. 1 – The Inspiration of the Prophetic Writers

Men should let God take care of His own Book, His living oracles, as He has done for ages.

God uses man to do his work. This entire chapter is, first, a portion of the counterfeit SOP designed to get you to accept the voice of authority and second, it seeks to control your thoughts. Well, it would be appropriate at this point to ask, which bible translation are we talking about? Would that be the “true version?” (see below)

They begin to question some parts of revelation, and pick flaws in the apparent inconsistencies of this statement and that statement.
Beginning at Genesis, they give up that which they deem questionable, and their minds lead on, for Satan will lead to any length they may follow in their criticism, and they see something to doubt in the whole Scriptures. Their faculties of criticism become sharpened by exercise, and they can rest on nothing with a certainty. You try to reason with these men, but your time is lost. They will exercise their power of ridicule even upon the Bible. They even become mockers, and they would be astonished if you put it to them in that light.  {1SM 17.5}
Brethren, cling to your Bible, as it reads, and stop your criticisms in regard to its validity, and obey the Word, and not one of you will be lost. The ingenuity of men has been exercised for ages to measure the Word of God by their finite minds and limited comprehension. If the Lord, the Author of the living oracles, would throw back the curtain and reveal His wisdom and His glory before them, they would shrink into nothingness and exclaim as did Isaiah, “I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of people of unclean lips” (Isaiah 6:5).  {1SM 18.1}

The writers of the Bible had to express their ideas in human language. It was written by human men. These men were inspired of the Holy Spirit. Because of the imperfections of human understanding of language, or the perversity of the human mind, ingenious in evading truth, many read and understand the Bible to please themselves. It is not that the difficulty is in the Bible. Opposing politicians argue points of law in the statute book, and take opposite views in their application and in these laws.  {1SM 19.3}

Now we are getting to the meat of the lie, the definition of inspiration. Time to bring in a text.

For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.  2 Peter 1:21

You don’t have to give this much thought. If you are choosing the words to write, it is your will that is making the choice and not the Holy Ghost. But the Bible declares plainly, it is not written by the will of man. It’s real simple. Keep that in mind as you read on.

         The Bible is written by inspired men, but it is not God’s mode of thought and expression. It is that of humanity. God, as a writer, is not represented. Men will often say such an expression is not like God. But God has not put Himself in words, in logic, in rhetoric, on trial in the Bible. The writers of the Bible were God’s penmen, not His pen. Look at the different writers.  {1SM 21.1}           It is not the words of the Bible that are inspired, but the men that were inspired. Inspiration acts not on the man’s words or his expressions but on the man himself, who, under the influence of the Holy Ghost, is imbued with thoughts. But the words receive the impress of the individual mind. The divine mind is diffused. The divine mind and will is combined with the human mind and will; thus the utterances of the man are the word of God.– Manuscript 24, 1886 (written in Europe in 1886).  {1SM 21.2}

Notice the double-speak.

                   Through the inspiration of His Spirit the Lord gave His apostles truth, to be expressed according to the development of their minds by the Holy Spirit. But the mind is not cramped, as if forced into a certain mold.– Letter 53, 1900.  {1SM 22.2}

Time for another testimony of God through the Holy Ghost.

Every word of God is pure:  Proverbs 30:5

Any questions?

The Lord speaks to human beings in imperfect speech, in order that the degenerate senses, the dull, earthly perception, of earthly beings may comprehend His words. Thus is shown God’s condescension. He meets fallen human beings where they are. The Bible, perfect as it is in its simplicity, does not answer to the great ideas of God; for infinite ideas cannot be perfectly embodied in finite vehicles of thought. Instead of the expressions of the Bible being exaggerated, as many people suppose, the strong expressions break down before the magnificence of the thought, though the penman selected the most expressive language through which to convey the truths of higher education. Sinful beings can only bear to look upon a shadow of the brightness of heaven’s glory.–Letter 121, 1901. {1SM 22.3}

And lest we forget, here is proof of Willie’s thinking about the Revised Version, for God would never endorse such defiled bread through Ellen.

Jesus had a lesson, deep, full, and significant: “He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.” The true version reads, “He that is bathed needeth not save to wash his feet.”  {RH, July 5, 1898 par. 6}

God Bless your Study

Tuesday April 16, 2013

For some reason we are on a up-cycle of dealing with the counterfeit SOP. But it must needs be done as there are so few that are willing to acknowledge the truth in the matter, and those who do usually get swept of the strait and narrow path by the devices of Satan as there is no logical explanation for such contradictions coming from God. Which is the very crux of the matter.

God is not the author of the counterfeit SOP, man is the author of it.

God is the author of the authentic Spirit of Prophecy, not Ellen. She was just the mouthpiece God used, just like all the other prophets of the Bible.

Here is the lie.

 “We cannot hold that a position once taken, an idea once advocated, is not, under any circumstances, to be relinquished. There is but One Who is infallible — He Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” (Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, p. 105, par. 2).

This is the whisperings of Satan, the deceiver.

God has a whole list of positions that, once taken, should never, under any circumstances, be relinquished. Never.

The KJV Bible is God’s pure word. The seventh day of the week is the Sabbath. The dead have no part in anything any more, until they are resurrected. Human probation will end. Christ’s second coming to earth.  Just to name a few.

We are never to give these up. Ever.

God Bless your Study

Sunday April 14, 2013

Throughout the counterfeit SOP there are contradictions. There are varying degrees of the lies of Satan. One of the worst, in my opinion, is the sentiment developed about loyalty to the church… because it is going through to the end. NOT TRUE!

This is perhaps best stated in the following quote from W. C. White as he lends his influence to keep people in the church.

 “As a body of Seventh-Day-Adventists, we believe that this church will stand until Christ comes. … The Seventh-Day Adventist church we believe, will stand firm until the end….” Spalding and Magan, p. 467

As you review the text in red below, think of what you know about the church and it’s operations.

So today, while the humble worker for God is following his employment, angels stand by his side, listening to his words, noting the manner in which he does his work. . . . If he trusts constantly in God, these angel watchers will not allow his work to deteriorate. They will not permit it to be warped into lines that will imperil the cause of God. {HP 237.4}

The Lord will not allow His work to be hindered, even though the workmen may prove unworthy. God has men in reserve, prepared to meet the demand, that His work may be preserved from all contaminating influences. {3BC 1135.3} & {YRP 271.3} & {RH, May 2, 1899 par. 4}

The solemn and momentous work for this time is not to be carried forward to completion solely by the efforts of a few chosen men who have heretofore borne the responsibilities in the cause. When those whom God has called to aid in the accomplishment of a certain work shall have carried it as far as they can, with the ability He has given them, the Lord will not allow the work to stop at that stage. In His providence He will call and qualify others to unite with the first, that together they may advance still further, and lift the standard higher.  {5T 722.2} & {PH005 46.1}

The Lord will raise up men and place his Spirit upon them, and prepare them for the work which must be done. … He sees what is needed, and year by year he arranges for his plan of operation. [He] will not allow men to drift as they choose.  {GCB, October 1, 1897 par. 12}

Let not such conditions exist as we found in some places when we returned to America, in which individual church members, instead of realizing their responsibility, looked to men for guidance, and men to whom had been committed sacred and holy trusts in the carrying forward of the work, failed of understanding the value of personal responsibility and took upon themselves the work of ordering and dictating what their brethren should do or should not do. These are things that God will not allow in his work. He will put his burdens upon his burden-bearers. Every individual soul has a responsibility before God, and is not to be arbitrarily instructed by men as to what he shall do, what he shall say, and where he shall go. We are not to put confidence in the counsel of men and assent to all they shall say unless we have evidence that they are under the influence of the Spirit of God.  {GCB, May 21, 1909 par. 3} & {RH, July 1, 1909 par. 4} & {RH, October 21, 1909 par. 3}

    The Lord will not allow his work to languish.  {RH, March 29, 1898 par. 15}

Fearful perils are before those who bear responsibilities in the cause of God–perils the thought of which make me tremble. But the word comes, “My hand is upon the wheel, and I will not allow men to control My work for these last days. My hand is turning the wheel, and My providence will continue to work out the divine plans, irrespective of human inventions. Man’s plans will be overthrown, and the Lord God of heaven will reveal His glory. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit will work out Heaven’s law. These three great Powers have pledged themselves to bring to nought the inventions of idolatrous human minds. They have put the infinite treasures of heaven at the command of God’s struggling people. As the wheel is turned by a divine hand, the philosophy of the wisest men who are working contrary to My purposes will become intricate and confused.”  {21MR 151.5}

My mind is deeply impressed by the Spirit of God. Instruction is given to me in clear lines. Our work is not left in the hands of finite men. God rules, and he will turn and overturn. He will not allow his work to be carried forward as it had been. {SpM 301.3}

And now for the opposition….

The Lord would have His stewards discharge their duties faithfully in His name, and in His strength. By believing and acting upon the Word, they may go on conquering and to conquer. But, when men depart from the principles of righteousness, they can conceive a high opinion of their own goodness and aptitude, and unconsciously they exalt themselves. The Lord will allow them to walk alone, and to do their own way. He will give them opportunity to see themselves, and to manifest to others their own weakness. The Lord’s way is always to be closely followed, His Word is to be taken as it reads, and men are not to devise and plan according to their own weak judgment.  {8MR 161.1}

When the Lord’s people turn from the God of all wisdom, and look to people who love not God, in order to obtain wisdom and arrive at decisions, the Lord will allow them to follow that wisdom that is not from above but from beneath.  {GCB, February 25, 1895 par. 22} & {CTr 157.5}

It is remarkable to witness the many contradictions within the counterfeit itself. It is also markable every time you find one. It leaves a trail for others who come after.

God Bless your study

Friday April 12, 2013

While we are on the topic… I was led to another one, another lie about the close of probation.

“At that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: The time of trouble has already begun. We hear continually of riots and accidents, of murders and robberies. Human life is no longer safe unless under the protection of God. God’s servants must not be surprised that they meet with great difficulties and persecution at this time. In His day, the world’s Redeemer, the Son of God, was shamefully treated by the people He came to bless. He had to go from city to city to ensure His safety, and this persecution followed Him until His work on earth was accomplished. [21MR101.05] p. 77, Para. 8, [1907MS ].

This was republished on the White Estate CD, with the sentence before the quote changed to something different. Here is the reference: {21MR 101.5}

There you have it! And just to review and confirm, there are two “time of trouble”(s). These are adequately distinguished by the full name, not the shortened. From The Day-Star, second part, we read, “And I saw the time of trouble, such as never was, —Jesus told me it was the time of Jacob’s trouble,…” This is the time of trouble that starts after the close of probation.

The other time of trouble, the one which precedes the time of Jacob’s trouble, God told us November 18, 1848, that it had started. A Sealing Message, by Joseph Bates, 1849. This can be further confirmed by reading Christian Experience and Views, page 17, in combination with it’s  Supplement, page 3.

Yesterday’s item got sent out to someone who is known to be a supporter of the sophistry (SOP–his–try) of the enemy. In order to get around the obvious, they claimed that Ellen was in vision and speaking in present tense. Not true.

The sentence has two parts, separated by a comma.

 Let all read and understand the prophecies of this book, for we are now entering upon the time of trouble spoken of: (Dan. 12:1-4, quoted.)

The word for looks like a conjunction to me, as it connects the two parts. I’m going to call the first part instructive, or an exhortation; and does the writer suddenly go into vision? I think not! It is purely informational, a fact stated –albeit wrongly!!! which makes it the lie that it is!

Be careful, prove all things.

God Bless your study