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Thursday August 22, 2013

We have covered the alleged “partial resurrection” several times before. You can click on the topic by that name, well, actually, “They that Pierced Him,” on the right of this post to access the former posts, a good read if you are new to the site.

A dear Sister in the faith brought to my attention this text and it’s bearing on the false partial resurrection.

Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years. Revelation 20:6

There are two points in this text that are in perfect harmony with the vision God gave to Ellen and published in The Present Truth, No. 11, page 92, global paging. Here is the excerpt.

Then at the close of the 1000 years, Jesus, and the angels, and all the saints with him, leaves the Holy City, and while he is descending to the earth with them, the wicked dead are raised, and THEN the very men that “pierced him,” being raised, will see him afar off in all his glory, the angels and saints with him, and will wail because of him. They will see the prints of the nails in his hands, and in his feet, and where they thrust the spear into his side. The prints of the nails and the spear will then be his glory. It is at the close of the 1000 years that Jesus stands upon the Mount of Olives, and the Mount parts asunder, and it becomes a mighty plain, and those who flee at that time are the wicked, that have just been raised. Then the Holy City comes down and settles on the plain.

The caps on the word “THEN” from above are emphasized that way in the original text. There are only two resurrections. The first resurrection is only of the righteous, for none of the wicked are “blessed and holy.” That the first resurrection has two parts does not make one part a third resurrection.

The verse just before our subject verse also confirms that there are only two resurrections, by calling the two parts the first, and confirming that none of the wicked are resurrected. Then, in verse six, hell is identified as the second death. No where is there a third death mentioned.

The millennium of Rev.20 is to open with the revelation of the Son of God from Heaven, the destruction of the living wicked, the resurrection of the just, and the change to immortality of the living righteous. It is a period in which Christ will reign personally with the just of all ages who have suffered with him. 2Tim.2:12. This period is bounded at each end with a resurrection. Christ plainly declares that “all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, and shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.” John 5:28,29. And Paul testifies “that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust.” Acts 24:15. But it is left to the Revelator to place these resurrections one thousand years apart, at each end of the millennium. Sermons on the Coming and Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, page 12, 1870.

Many would make of Daniel 12:2 another resurrection, primarily Uriah Smith, separate from the rest of the righteous, but we have God’s positive instruction in the vision given above and in Revelation 20:5 that none of the wicked are resurrected at, or before, Christ’s second coming. We know that God knows “the end from the beginning” and that there “is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” who “changeth not.” Our God is a sure anchor for the saints. We can always count on him!

Some want argue about Christ’s coming in the clouds of Heaven. These are the angels, Acts 1:9. And this is a false argument anyway, there are clouds at both the second and the third coming.

It is at the third coming that every eye will see him. Why? Because it is then that all the righteous are present and living and all the wicked are present and living.

Nevertheless, it’s important that we give space to have peace between us. Not every little point is worth disfellowshipping over. Give people spacetime to grow.

God Bless your study

Monday May 20, 2013

The 1858 Great Controversy has quite the view of the final end of Satan.


The Second Resurrection.
Then Jesus and all the holy retinue of angels, and all the redeemed saints, left the City. The holy angels surrounded Jesus, and escorted him on his way, and the train of redeemed saints followed. Then Jesus in terrible, fearful majesty called forth the wicked dead; and as they came up with the same feeble, sickly bodies that went into the grave, what a spectacle! what a scene! At the first resurrection all came forth in immortal bloom; but at the second, the marks of the curse are visible on all. Kings and the noble men of earth come forth with the mean and the low, learned and unlearned together. All behold the Son of man; and those very men who despised and mocked Jesus, and smote him with the reed, and that put the crown of thorns upon his sacred brow behold him in all his kingly majesty.


This particular passage is where those who pierced him a resurrected, with all the rest of the wicked. This is the opposite of the lies of Satan that the 1884–1911GC teaches, which is proof of the counterfeit SOP and proof of the authentic.


Those who spit upon him in the hour of his trial, now turn from his piercing gaze, and from the glory of his countenance. Those who drove the nails through his hands and his feet, now look upon the marks of his crucifixion. Those who thrust the spear into his side, behold the marks of their cruelty on his body. And they know that he is the very One whom they crucified, and derided in his expiring agony. And then there arises one long protracted wail of agony, as they flee to hide from the presence of the King of kings and Lord of lords. p. 214, Para. 1, [1SG ].

All are seeking to hide in the rocks, and shield themselves from the terrible glory of him whom they once despised. As all are overwhelmed and pained with his majesty and his exceeding glory, they with one accord raise their voices, and with terrible distinctness exclaim, Blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord. p. 215, Para. 1, [1SG ].

Then Jesus and the holy angels, accompanied by all the saints, again go to the City, and the bitter lamentations and wailings of the doomed wicked fill the air. Then I saw that Satan again commenced his work. He passed around among his subjects, and made the feeble and weak strong, and then he told them that he and his angels were powerful. He then pointed to the countless millions who had been raised. There were mighty warriors and kings who were well skilled in battle, and who had conquered kingdoms. And there were mighty giants, and men who were valiant, and had never lost a battle. There was the proud, ambitious Napoleon whose approach had caused kingdoms to tremble. There stood men of very high stature, and of dignified, lofty bearing, who had fallen in battle. They fell while thirsting to conquer. As they come forth from their graves, they resume the current of their thoughts where it ceased in death. They possess the same spirit to conquer which ruled when they fell. Satan consults with his angels, and then with those kings and conquerors and mighty men. Then he looks over the vast army and tells them that the company in the City is small and feeble, and that they can go up and take that City, and cast out its inhabitants, and possess its riches and glory themselves. p. 215, Para. 2, [1SG ].

Satan succeeds in deceiving them,


Now think about those who today reject the authentic SOP and do not even want to investigate it. Also all the nominal SDAs. By joining themselves to the church and wanting to be thought of as good people and good Christians, they profess to be rich in spiritual discernment. They would readily deny that Satan has deceived them in any way. They would laugh to scorn the very idea that they are in fact fighting against God.

Yet these very ones will come up at the second resurrection—and I am sure will be astonished! totally surprised! to stand there and watch the New Jerusalem come out of the sky and settle on the great plain prepared for it. I am sure memory will stir and they will raise a complaining wail of grief that they were in the church, they stayed with the church, they cast out demons, some even gave their lives for the church and where is their place in the City?!!?

The text declares the truth, “Satan succeeds in deceiving them,” and they will in that day declare their hearts intent, that Satan is right and is their leader whom they follow and Christ and the saints have stolen the City from Satan and his followers, therefore, they must take it back by force.

They are comfortable with Satan’s deceptions because they have been deceived all their lives. They have been fighting God all their lives. Only now, it’s in the open. Before, only the wise understood.


and all immediately commence to fit themselves for battle. They construct weapons of war; for there are many skillful men in that vast army. And then with Satan at their head, the multitude move on. Kings and warriors follow close after Satan, and the multitude follow after in companies. Every company has a leader, and order is observed as they march over the broken surface of the earth to the holy City. Jesus closes the gates of the City, and this vast army surround it and place themselves in battle array. They have prepared all kinds of implements of war, expecting to have a fierce conflict. They arrange themselves around the City. Jesus and all the angelic host with the glittering crowns upon their heads, and all the saints with their bright crowns, ascend to the top of the wall of the City. Jesus speaks with majesty and says, Behold, ye sinners, the reward of the just! And behold ye my redeemed, the reward of the wicked! The vast multitude behold the glorious company on the walls of the City. And as they witness the splendor of their glittering crowns, and see their faces radiant with glory, expressing the image of Jesus, and then behold the unsurpassed glory and majesty of the King of kings, and Lord of lords, their courage fails. The sense of the treasure and glory which they have lost, rushes upon them, and they have a realizing sense that the wages of sin is death. They see the holy, happy company whom they have despised, clothed with glory, honor, immortality and eternal life, while they are outside of the City with every mean and abominable thing. p. 216, Para. 1, [1SG ].


Get right with God now, “ behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” 2 Corinthians 6:2

God Bless your study


Sabbath May 4, 2013

We would kindly refer you back to Wednesday’s post, May 1, for a summary of what we are about today, as we are working on item No. 3, as listed there.

There are two main pieces of material we will examine for evidence of Uriah’s hand at work. The first is an article published in the R&H of January 26, 1864, The Seven Times of Lev. xxvi., herein after referred to as A1, which claims that the 2520 is not a valid prophetic timeline. I suggest that you take a moment and download that issue from the GC Archives site and read the article, if you have not done so already.

The second of these is an appendix to Uriah’s book, herein after referred to as A2, Daniel and Revelation, which can be found on the White Estate CD. Here is the reference: {1897 UrS, DAR 784.3}.

While most people claim that James White wrote the above mentioned article, we will show evidence that it was in all probability written by Uriah Smith; having already, yesterday, given sufficient evidence to show that no one has actual proof that James wrote the article.

Proceeding with our evidence, we will show the similarities between the two afore mentioned articles, one provably authored by Uriah Smith. Second, we will prove Uriah’s continued rebellion against the light God sent to his church, all the way to the grave. We will further prove James’ stance upon the 2520 prophecy in 1875 and his continued faithfulness in obedience to God his entire life.

Here are the similarities between the two articles. These are considered to be the literary tracks of Uriah’s hand, words and word combinations that show his thinking processes, now shown on paper.

The first similarity is the use of the word supposed. It is used in a similar fashion as the word assumed, to indicate a lower level of thinking than Uriah’s. Both articles open with the use of this word to convey the writers opinion right early.

In A2 Uriah goes on in the opening paragraph to proudly declare that he knows more than any and it’s either his way or the highway.


All such speculators might as well spare their pains; for there is no such prophetic period in the Bible.


On the other hand, James does not write with such pride. Here is a sample of his writing.


While we may speak of fulfilled prophecy with positiveness, we would apply unfulfilled prophecy with becoming modesty. We may, however, suggest …. The Seven Trumpets, page 96.


Article A1 also carries the same note of pride and arrogance as A2.

Next, in the progression of the argument presented, is commentary on the term seven times. Again, both articles reflect the same path, even though they are separated by 33 years. Both articles then make the same point, that the term seven times is used four times, each time accompanied with greater punishment. But, out of all the different ways it could be stated, both articles use the word severe, or other forms of it.

Then both articles proceed to lean upon the Septuagint for an argument as to how to correctly understand God’s words. We know this is defiled bread and should not be used by any serious student. Uriah is using it in A2 and makes another point parallel to A1, that of the use of an adverb and the identical phrase in both articles, “a noun and it’s adjective.”

I find these parallels far too similar, even after a space of 33 years, depicting the thinking of the writer, Uriah Smith, that is locked in rebellion. And that that rebellion continued to the grave is easily provable by following the path of his adherence to his private interpretation of prophecy in what is known as, the partial resurrection. Here is the link to follow that thread.

Ironically, in the next to last sentence of A1, it states, “To ignore, or treat with neglect, a prophetic period where one is plainly given, is censurable in the extreme.” In this sentence the writer, who ever he may be, condemns himself, for it is God who endorsed the 1843 chart and even declared that he directed it.

We will here state, as a reminder, the qualifications for the true pioneers of the Advent faith; of which there are two. First, they had to have had personal experience in each of the three angel’s messages, and, second, they had to be firm in all the present truth. This is taken from The Present Truth, No. 11, page 86, right column, one third of the way up from the bottom, with a printed hand pointing to the text. This proves Uriah Smith is not a true pioneer of the Advent faith. He did not join the work until 1853 and became an editor in 1855.

Now let’s talk about James and his faithfulness.

In 1871 James wrote an exposition of Matthew 24. It makes sense that he would have written about Matthew 25, the parable of the ten virgins, after that, but we have no proof. It could have been before that date. So while we may not have a date, we do have the text. Here is an excerpt where James endorses the 2520 prophecy in two ways, first by putting it in his book and second by not saying it is a false prophetic timeline.


As it takes 457 full years and 1843, to make 2300, the fraction of the year 457, B. C., that had passed when the 70 weeks commenced, should be added to 1843, which brings the termination of the 2300 days in 1844. This point is made clear in the following testimony from the “Advent Herald” of Nov. 13, 1844. {ND JW, PARA 6.5}
“Our minds were directed to that point of time, [1843,] from the fact that dating the several prophetic periods from those years in which the best chronologers assign the fulfillment of those events which were to mark their commencement, they all seemed to terminate that year. This was, however, only apparent. We date the ‘seven times,’ or 2520 years, from the captivity of Manasseh, which is, with great unanimity, placed by chronologers B. C. 677. This date is the only one we have ever reckoned from, for the commencement of this period; and subtracting B. C. 677 from 2520 years there remained A. D. 1843. We, however, did not observe that as it would require 677 full years B. C. and 1843 full years A. D. to complete 2520 years, that it would also oblige us to extend this period as far into A. D. 1844 as it might have commenced after the beginning of B. C. 677. The same was also true of the other periods. The great jubilee of 2450 years, commencing with the captivity of Jehoiakim B. C. 607; and the 2300 days, commencing with the 70 weeks B. C. 457, would respectively require 1843 full years after Christ added to as many full years before Christ, as the years in which we have always respectively commenced each period, to complete the number of years in each; and as subtracting from each period the date B. C. of its commencement, there would remain A. D. 1843, no reference whatever was made to the fraction of the year, which in each case, had transpired from its commencement, and which would require that each period should extend as much beyond the expiration of A. D. 1843, as they respectively began after the commencement of the year B. C. from which they are dated. {ND JW, PARA 7.1}
While this discrepancy was not particularly noticed by us, it was also not noticed by any of our learned opponents. Amid all the arguments which were brought to bear against our position, no allusion was made to that point.” {ND JW, PARA 7.2}


Now we will turn our attention to the year 1875. James wrote the book Sketches of The Christian Life and Public Labors of William Miller. In this book, on page 57, the seven times of Leviticus 26 is mentioned, again with no words of correction, no note saying it is a false prophecy. But just across the page on 56, James has added a note of correction, not about the 2520 but another point. It’s obvious to me that James believed God’s light on the 2520 to be the truth.

And one last note about James’ faithfulness. Read chapter 16 in the 1880 Life Sketches, titled, Leadership, to understand his obedience to Gospel Order all his life. And you must read it out of an original version, the one on the White Estate CD is the counterfeit and this is the section where important information was chopped.

God Bless your Study

Sabbath February 16, 2013

We have a new piece of information on Uriah Smith. One of the sisters in our circle of believers shared this with me. Previously I only had proof of his belief, that some of the wicked are raised at the second coming, as early as 1868. With this new find, that date is moved up three years earlier to 1865.

The book is Thoughts, Critical and Practical, on the Book of Revelation. Look at pages 17 through 19, there is the complete layout of Uriah’s belief. On page 17 it starts out at the bottom of the page, and here is an excerpt.

Every eye shall see him; that is, all who are alive at the time of his coming.

This is strictly Uriah’s idea, it is not the truth. The text is very clear, “every eye shall see him.”


James gives the true understanding of this text in his article, The Day of Judgment, found in The Advent Review, September, 1850, page 49. This happens at the third coming, only then all the righteous will be alive, all the wicked will be alive, only then will every eye be able to see him, for every eye will then be alive.

Because of Uriah’s exalted position in the church, many believe and hold this error. It would be wise for all to examine their position and prove the truth.

God Bless your Study

Sabbath February 9, 2013

Uriah Smith is almost an idol for many in the church. This is easily proven for the skeptic, all you have to do is query a group who is studying prophecy. Find out for yourself how many people in that group place Uriah as a true and correct interpreter of the prophecy.

This mis-placed value is excusable for many. The White Estate has “released” this document.

 White Estate Washington, D. C. September 21, 1944  {1MR 65.1}  

And a few excerpts are in order.

Especially should the book Daniel and the Revelation be brought before people as the very book for this time. This book contains the message which all need to read and understand. … The great, essential questions which God would have presented to the people are found in Daniel and the Revelation. … The interest in Daniel and the Revelation is to continue as long as probationary time shall last. God used the author of this book as a channel through which to communicate light to direct minds to the truth.

These words from this 1MR are a lie.

A question comes to mind; “Why was this not “released” until 1944??? Would someone please tell me?” My personal guess is because it did not exist before that date. And before you choke too hard on those words, hey, my guess is as good as yours, and every bit as good as any claim of the White Estate. If they want to prove me wrong, fine, just produce the original hand written paper.

Then they can give an answer as to why this was withheld for so many years. And, by the way, the claim that the original papers are too old to be handled is quite bogus. Not a one of those papers can be more than 168 years old, and there are plenty of documents out that are older than that. How old did they say the Dead Sea Scrolls are?

We have written before about Uriah’s visible weak point. You can check this link for more on all that. This would be the partial resurrection of the wicked.

James White in his book Sermons on the Coming and Kingdom, pages 12-13, proves that John in Revelation gives the correct interpretation. The clearest is 20:5, “The rest of the dead [the wicked] lived not again [were not raised from the dead] until the thousand years were finished.”

God showed to his church the true understanding of Daniel 12:2 and it was published in PT. No. 11, p. 86, top right column. We now have another text just found by us, which proves the same.

Behold, I know your thoughts, and the devices which ye wrongfully imagine against me. For ye say, Where is the house of the prince? and where are the dwelling places of the wicked? Have ye not asked them that go by the way? and do ye not know their tokens, That the wicked is reserved to the day of destruction? they shall be brought forth to the day of wrath. Who shall declare his way to his face? and who shall repay him what he hath done? Yet shall he be brought to the grave, and shall remain in the tomb. Job 21:27-32

Indeed! they live not until the thousand years are done!

God Bless your Study

Tuesday August 14, 2012

Uriah Smith did not remain true to the faith. This is provably so. He became a good SDA, but God knew his heart.

I was working on other subject matter and someone used this quote from one of Uriah Smith’s books. This error teaches against the fact that the Bible is it’s own dictionary.

    “All scripture language is to be taken literally, unless there exists some good reason for supposing it to be figurative; and all that is figurative is to be interpreted by that which is literal.” Thoughts Critical and Practical on the Book of Daniel, page 129, ‘Four Beasts’)

This book at the first printing, carries the date of 1873. In that edition the above quote is found on page 120. This same sentiment is expressed on page 416, of the 1884GC and page 598 of the 1911GC.

The truth is that spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Because Uriah refused to follow the light on health reform, he was a meat eater, and other things, he lost his power of spiritual discernment and was led by Satan. These things come to light in the various testimonies, often to Battle Creek church, but in particular, one “Testimony to Brother J. N. Andrews and Sister H. N. Smith,” published in 1860. That testimony details the wicked acts of both, Uriah and his wife, against James, working as Satan’s agents to make of none effect James and Ellen’s work for the Battle Creek church.

These connections, with error, in these editions of the GC, identify a close working relationship between Willie and Uriah, in my opinion. This would be especially true of the false idea of a partial resurrection of the wicked, as espoused on pages 454 of the 1884GC and 637 of the 1911GC. That this was one of Uriah’s favorite ideas, can be discovered from an examination of his first known publication of it, in, Visions of Ellen, 1868. Uriah’s firm hold on this error can be traced through his several other publications dealing with this topic.

That this idea is indeed false, can be discovered by a reading of The Present Truth, No. 11, page 86, top, right column. We’ll put the pertinent excerpt here.

    After the saints are changed to immortality, and are caught up together, and receive their harps, crowns, &c., and enter the Holy City, Jesus and the saints set in judgment. The books are opened, the book of life and the book of death; the book of life contains the good deeds of the saints, and the book of death contains the evil deeds of the wicked. These books were compared with the Statute book, the Bible, and according to that they were judged. The saints in unison with Jesus pass their judgment upon the wicked dead. Behold ye! said the angel, the saints sit in judgment, in unison with Jesus, and mete out to each of the wicked, according to the deeds done in the body, and it is set off against their names what they must receive, at the execution of the judgment. This, I saw, was the work of the saints with Jesus, in the Holy City before it descends to the earth, through the 1000 years. Then at the close of the 1000 years, Jesus, and the angels, and all the saints with him, leaves the Holy City, and while he is descending to the earth with them, the wicked dead are raised, and THEN the very men that “pierced him,” being raised, will see him afar off in all his glory, the angels and saints with him, and will wail because of him. They will see the prints of the nails in his hands, and in his feet, and where they thrust the spear into his side. The prints of the nails and the spear will then be his glory. It is at the close of the 1000 years that Jesus stands upon the Mount of Olives, and the Mount parts asunder, and it becomes a mighty plain, and those who flee at that time are the wicked, that have just been raised. Then the Holy City comes down and settles on the plain.  

I believe when Uriah joined the church group in 1853, that he was on the strait and narrow path. I believe this is evidenced by the poem he wrote and published in that year. This poem was later endorsed by God in Testimony for the Church at Battle Creek, 1872, page 50. But the stern voice of truth details that since the writing, both Uriah and his wife, “despised that little work.”

Here is the full title of the poem: The Warning Voice of Time and Prophecy, and it can be found on the White Estate CD.

Now, in this great anti-typical Day of Atonement, every one must examine well his steps to ensure that he is not self-deceived. Satan is constantly on our track. He cares not for those in the church, for they all think they are rich in spiritual discernment, just like Uriah. He knows they are in his trap.

It is you, Satan wants. It is to you, he will do all he can to lead astray.

God Bless your study

Sabbath July 7, 2012

Because some have asked…. I have created what will become a form letter in answer to, “Why is the 1884 Great Controversy no longer available on your site?”

I no longer endorse the 1884 GC for two reasons.

1.) It has known errors in it. The following is not a complete list, we only touch some high points.

1.1.) On page 31 is a quote from “Josephus,” book 6, chapter 5, page 582, and is therefore, obviously, not inspired.
1.2.) On page 416, of the ’84GC, it states, “The truths most plainly revealed in the Bible have been involved in doubt and darkness by learned men, who, with a pretense of great wisdom, teach that the Scriptures have a mystical, a secret, spiritual meaning not apparent in the language employed. These men are false teachers.”
This is a denial of William Miller’s “Rules of Interpretation,” by which use, he was led by God to discover the first angel’s message and, subsequently,  to give it to the world.

The idea and understanding that the Bible interprets itself, is core to the true Christian’s faith. I strongly urge everyone who is serious about Bible study, to spend the few bucks for Gail Riplinger’s book, “In Awe of Thy Word.” You will be glad you did! This book will show you amazing things about the KJV Bible. I was blown away by the huge wealth of information documented in this book.
Here is her site.

1.3.) Page398, “Upon this battle we are now entering.” A lie. This started October 23, 1844, with the vision of Hiram Edson in the corn field.

1.4.) From about page 405 on, teaching the personal appearance of Satan. Not true. He come as an angel of light, which the authenticated Spirit of Prophecy teaches is a pastor, who teaches errors. See No. 18, p. 151.

1.5.) Page 410, teaching that the passage of a national Sunday law brings “national ruin.” This false prophecy is now clearly exposed in the ruination of the United States through financial devices. First exposed in February 2006 and now fully to become evident September – October 2012.

1.6.) Page 438 states, “Those who delay a preparation for the day of God cannot obtain it…” and  is a direct contradiction of 439, which says, “The lesson of faith …neglected, they will be forced to learn….”

1.7.) Pages 454, 460, 461, 462.  The partial resurrection of the wicked, Daniel 12:2, “they also which pierced him” at the second coming. We now have confirmation that this was a belief of Uriah Smith’s which he made public in a book published in 1868, “The Visions of EGW” in which he claims to be supporting the visions, when, in fact, he denies the one vision of, “The Present Truth” No. 11, page 86, top right column, in which God showed his people that Daniel 12:2 will be fulfilled at the third coming.

1.8.) Page 465, has Adam meeting Christ for the first time, supposedly after Christ already put a crown on his head, in addition to the seven days travel time from earth to Heaven.

1.9) Page 472, it is not men of the world, but professing SDAs who have given up the Sabbath, that will worship at the feet of the saints. A Word to the Little Flock, page 12.

1.10.) Page 473 conflicts with 474 as to what executes the wicked.

1.11) Page 479 is far different than the 1858 Great Controversy, page 216.

1.12) Page 480 has Christ being crowned king after his return to Heaven! Not true! he comes, not as a bridegroom, but as King of kings, already crowned.

1.13) Page 487 is not in harmony with pages 216 and 217 of the 1858 Great Controversy.

2.) One of the White Legend’s is that Vol. IV of the Spirit of Prophecy, aka, the “1884 GC,” was ready for publication before James’ death, on August 6, 1881. We believe this to be correct. There certainly was enough time for this and the need was great. Coupled with the subsequent delay of three years before the re-write was published, with so many errors, proving God was not the author, it becomes more understandable.

In the glaring light of forensic research, it becomes clear that W. C. White and Uriah Smith collaborated over this work, hence the errors, and put Ellen’s name to it. The later re-writes, first in 1888, then in 1911, with even more errors added, demonstrates a felt freedom on the part of the writers to make any alterations desired.

The one piece of evidence considered to be paramount in revealing Willie’s control, is the letter, alleged to be from Ellen to Willie, titled, “Ellen Dreams of James.” Easily found by searching on “Ellen Dreams” in the White Estate CD. This letter is pure blasphemy. It purports to the reader that God is using the now dead James to instruct his prophet, Ellen. This is blasphemy. This letter forces the reader to make a decision between Ellen and Willie. One or the other is guilty.

We believe the evidence clearly indicates Willie to be the guilty party. Ellen was one of the perfect ones on October 22, 1844. There is no evidence she departed from the faith until after the death of James; at which point Willie was in control of nearly all communications, published and otherwise.

We recommend the 1858 Great Controversy in it’s photo-reproduced form.

God Bless your Study

Sunday March 18, 2012

This Statement of Faith that we have been working on, is more about the Spirit of Prophecy than anything else. Many people have various ideas, about various parts. Everyone, it seems, has their favorite quote, or things they remember for sure that they have read somewhere in the past, and it must be so.

Not to take the time necessary to prove your faith will probably get you killed in the fires of hell. This thing is real. God has shown us the glory of the reward in the very first vision of Ellen. All should give this some serious thought. Remember that solid gold shelf where you are going to be putting your crown. . . . your solid gold crown.

9.) Virtually all SOP materials produced after James’ death can NOT be defended as pure truth. In fact, it, as a body, is largely at odds with the authenticated, original SOP, and teaches different doctrines. Using other words, all materials created after James’ death are counterfeit, and teach error, not truth.

9.2.) The definition of the true pioneers of this faith is made by God, through Ellen, in “The Present Truth,” No. 11, page 86, “…those who have been in all the messages, and are firm in all the present truth…” James was one of this number. It is these that set present truth, and, by which we measure any new points, thought to be important.

9.3.) A major point, upon which the pioneers of this faith were united, is the Atonement for sin, happening in the temple in Heaven, in two main parts, since Christ left this earth. This doctrine is rather unique to the GCSDA church. After the death of James, and escalating ever since, numerous books and articles have appeared in the church’s materials to promote the opposite view, namely, that view taken by most all Protestant churches of the day, that the Atonement was finished, in whole, by Christ’s death on the cross.
In evidence we submit the following quotes; first, one from the authenticated, original SOP, and second, several from the counterfeit SOP; proving that someone other than Ellen, was writing out materials and attaching her name for endorsement purposes, as we believe she was faithful her entire life, which ended in 1915.

9.4.) Jesus Christ has three main roles: on earth he was a prophet; he returned to Heaven and became a priest; at his second coming he comes as a King of kings. Psalms 110:4 tells about his role as a priest. “The Lord hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.”

9.5.) God gave an important vision of Christ, in the role of priest, through Ellen and it was published in “The Present Truth,” No. 3, first part. “The Lord has shown me that it is my duty to relate to you, what he has revealed to me relating to the present truth, our present tried, scattered and tempted state, and our duty in view of the coming judgments of God.”
“Sabbath, March 24th, 1849, we had a sweet, and very interesting meeting with the Brethren at Topsham, Me. The Holy Ghost was poured out upon us, and I was taken off in the Spirit to the City of the living God. There I was shown that the commandments of God, and the testimony of Jesus Christ, relating to the shut door, could not be separated, and that the time for the commandments of God to shine out, with all their importance, and for God’s people to be tried on the Sabbath truth, was when the door [the figure of a “door” is used to illustrate Christ’s ministration] was opened in the Most Holy Place of the Heavenly Sanctuary, where the Ark is, containing the ten commandments. This door was not opened, until the mediation of Jesus was finished in the Holy Place of the Sanctuary in 1844. Then, Jesus rose up, and shut the door in the Holy Place, and opened the door in the Most Holy, and passed within the second vail, where he now stands by the Ark; and where the faith of Israel now reaches.”
In the old Jewish services was typified, or figured, the death of Christ by the killing of a sacrifice. After the death of the sacrifice, the priest THEN took the blood into the temple to make the atonement. This act figured Christ becoming our priest and entering the temple in Heaven with his own blood, as we are told in Hebrews 9:12. “Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place.”
This view, brought to a correct understanding by this vision, was held and maintained by the early believers until their death; which opened the way more completely for the views of others who were not convinced the visions came from God.

9.6.) In the counterfeit book, “Acts of the Apostles,” 1911 ed., there are three times this error is promoted. Very carefully are the words chosen to make room for debate, but still state the point. Here are the three excerpts.
 “Christ’s sacrifice in behalf of man was full and complete. The condition of the atonement had been fulfilled. The work for which He had come to this world had been accomplished.” AA,  page 29.
“The Messiah was to give His life as “an offering for sin.” Looking down through the centuries to the scenes of the Saviour’s atonement, the prophet Isaiah had testified that the Lamb of God . . . .” AA, page 227.
“Listen as he [Paul] makes plain the work of the Redeemer as the great high priest of mankind–the One who through the sacrifice of His own life was to make atonement for sin once for all, and was then to take up His ministry in the heavenly sanctuary.” AA, page 246.
The only thing that was accomplished at the cross was the sacrifice, the atonement happens inside the temple, in Heaven.

9.7.) The “Acts of the Apostles” is not at all the only book with this error. It is but one of the more prominent. The next book we have quoted from before, but it, being very prominent, needs to be shown carrying the same error.
“Well may they [the heavenly host] exclaim, Why this great waste? [Christ’s death] But the atonement for a lost world was to be full, abundant, and complete. Christ’s offering [on the cross] was exceedingly abundant to reach every soul that God had created.” DA, page 565.

God Bless your study

Sabbath March 17, 2012

More of the Statement of Faith.

8.) Uriah Smith joined the Advent band in 1853. Abundant evidence exists to prove that Satan compromised Uriah’s faith.

8.2.) Beginning in 1884, with the “Great Controversy” carrying that date, is the error of the “partial resurrection” first published, with Ellen’s name to endorse. We believe this book was a collaboration, in a corrupt harmony, between Uriah Smith and W. C. White.
Uriah wrote and published several books, from his arrival in 1853, to his death, he published 39 books and numerous other papers. In 1868 is the earliest, currently known, date of Uriah publishing his error on the “partial resurrection,” a belief based on an incorrect understanding of Daniel 12:2. This is in a book titled, “The Visions of Mrs. E. G. White,” in which he professes to defend all visions given to her. Yet, Uriah, working at the Office, had to have had full knowledge of Ellen’s visions given previous to his arrival; as these were, in part, the inspiration for his first book, published in 1853.
 God gave Ellen the correct interpretation, first published in “The Present Truth,” No. 11, page 86, November, 1850, and later it was republished in 1851, in “Christian Experience and Views” (short title), and the correct interpretation is in perfect harmony with Bible truth.
This error, based on one text, found in Daniel 12: 2, considered alone, it leads one to think that at Christ’s second coming the men who “pierced him,” of Revelation 1: 7, would be resurrected to see him “cometh with clouds.” God corrected this error with the vision given to Ellen as she was shown that Daniel 12: 2 applied to the third coming. That this is correct can easily be seen by letting each word of God have it’s bearing; as in Revelation 1: 7, the “all kindreds” can not “wail because of him [Christ],” at the second coming, for they are waiting in the grave until the third coming. This is supported further by Revelation 20: 5, “But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished.”
This error has some of the wicked dying three times, and being raised twice! We take Uriah’s publication of this error in 1868 as proof of his early departure from the faith. Since that date, Uriah continued publishing that error to the day of his death. Thus it appears in all the various Great Controversy editions, including the 1911.

8.3.) Because of the relationship W. C. White held between the original, hand written, writings of the SOP and the publication of the same, there must, of necessity, be a harmony between him and Uriah Smith, who was editor at the Office. “When the Review moved to Battle Creek in 1855, Uriah became editor at age 23. For much of the next 50 years he served either as editor or on its editorial staff.” (source of excerpt)
The harmonious promotion of this error, of the partial resurrection of some of the wicked at the second coming of Christ, appearing in all books dealing with such matters, of both Uriah’s works, since at least 1868, and SOP works, since the death of James, requires a harmonious working relationship between the two men, and is evidence of the existence of just such a relationship.

God Bless your Study

Monday February 6, 2012

And, part two, of two.

           It is at the close of the 1000 years that Jesus stands upon the Mount of Olives, and the Mount parts asunder, and it becomes a mighty plain, and those who flee at that time are the wicked, that have just been raised. Then the Holy City comes down and settles on the plain.

In direct opposition to this passage stands Desire of Ages, page 829, which declares that “Upon it’s summit [Mt. of Olives] His feet will rest when He shall come again [the second coming].”

James also makes note of this event, just spoken of, on page 50 of The Advent Review, No. 4. “Then, and not until then, will EVERY EYE see him.” Which is the correct understanding of Revelation 1:7.

           Then Satan imbues the wicked, that have been raised, with his spirit. He flatters them that the army in the City is small, and that his army is large, and that they can overcome the saints and take the City. While Satan was rallying his army, the saints were in the City, beholding the beauty and glory of the Paradise of God. Jesus was at their head, leading them. All at once the lovely Saviour was gone from our company; but soon we heard his lovely voice, saying, “Come ye blessed of my Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” We gathered about Jesus, and just as he closed the gates of the City, the curse was pronounced upon the wicked. The gates were shut. Then the saints used their wings and mounted to the top of the wall of the City. Jesus was also with them; his crown looked brilliant and glorious. It was a crown within a crown, seven in number. The crowns of the saints were of the most pure gold, decked with stars. Their faces shone with glory, for they were in the express image of Jesus; and as they arose, and moved all together to the top of the City, I was enraptured with the sight.
            Then the wicked saw what they had lost; and fire was breathed from God upon them, and consumed them. This was the EXECUTION OF THE JUDGMENT. The wicked then received according as the saints in unison with Jesus had meted out to them during the 1000 years. The same fire from God that consumed the wicked, purified the whole earth. The broken ragged mountains melted with fervent heat, the atmosphere, also, and all the stubble was consumed. Then our inheritance opened before us, glorious and beautiful, and we inherited the whole earth made new. We all shouted with a loud voice, Glory, Alleluia.
            I also saw that the shepherds should consult those in whom they have reason to have confidence, those who have been in all the messages, and are firm in all the present truth, before they advocate any new point of importance, which they may think the Bible sustains.

A very critical point is laid out about the true position of the pioneers and exactly how God defines just who the real pioneers are. First we have the shepherds; these are the ministers, sent out to the field. Next are “those in whom they have reason to have confidence,” which indicates that we are to make a judgment here; don’t just rush off to confide in someone, unless there is a reason to do so; and now God gives us that reason. “Those who have been in all the messages, and are firm in all the present truth,” a criteria now set in stone, as it were; double meaning intended, as they are in the group, as we will show.

“So, I saw, that those who had no experience in the first and second angels’ messages must receive them from those who had an experience, and followed down through the messages. As JESUS was crucified, so I saw that these messages have been crucified. And as the disciples declared that there was salvation in no other name under heaven, given among men; so, also, should the servants of GOD faithfully and fearlessly declare that those who embrace but a part of the truths connected with the third message must gladly embrace the first, second and third messages as GOD has given them, or have no part nor lot in the matter.” p. 75, Para. 1, [GC58].

We see that the mere presence of one, about 1844, does not qualify them as a pioneer of the faith.

“The first time that was set for the Lord to come (in the spring of 1844), I worked all the day the Lord was expected, sawing wood. I frequently looked up to see if the Lord was coming. I was very fearful He would come that day, for I thought I was not ready. Although the day passed and He did not come, I did not lose my desire to be saved. [3] p. 7, Para. 5, [AUTOBIOG].
Autobiography of Adventist Pioneer J. N. Loughborough

We have a harmonious, supporting passage in No. 21, page 96, where God instructs a minister. “You should counsel with your brethren who have had experience in the work.”

And another in Christian Experience and Views, page 50. “Not every one that proclaimed the first and second angel’s messages are to give the third, even after they fully embrace it, for some have been in many errors and delusions, ….”

           Then the shepherds will be perfectly united, and the union of the shepherds will be felt by the church. Such a course I saw would prevent unhappy divisions, and then there would be no danger of the precious flock being divided, and the sheep scattered, without a shepherd.

All we have to do to verify this, take a look at the church today. There are so many divisions it would be hard to count them all. They have rejected the light of the Midnight Cry, which light has now become darkness, they are off the path down in the dark and wicked world below. In fact, this darkness is so intense, they even took James’ book “Sermons on the Coming and Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ” and created a counterfeit of that. I have a copy of both, the original and the counterfeit.

They hated the last chapter the most, “Saving Faith.” It is in this chapter that James tells of the out-pouring of the Holy Ghost on October 22, 1844. They kept the title of the chapter, but changed the content, entirely.


God Bless your study