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Thursday November 3, 2011

I remember hearing a talk from a man who had visited Egypt. When he commented on the amount of things the king had, his guide replied, “Well sir, you would not understand this, but the king believed that there was so little of this life, and so much of the next life, that he should spend all of this life preparing for the next life.”

That is quite the commentary from an earthly king, wouldn’t you say?

It is not enough to be willing to give liberally of your means to the cause of God. He calls for an unreserved consecration of all your powers. Withholding yourselves has been the mistake of your life. You may think it very difficult in your position to maintain a close connection with God; but your work will be tenfold harder if you fail to do this. Satan will beset your path with his temptations, and it is only through Christ that you can gain the victory. The same indomitable will that gives success in intellectual pursuits is essential in the Christian course. You must be representatives of Jesus Christ. Your energy and perseverance in perfecting a Christian character should be as much greater than that displayed in any other pursuit, as the things of eternity are of more importance than temporal affairs. p. 32, Para. 2, [30OT].

If you ever achieve success in the Christian life, you must resolve that you will be men after God’s own heart. The Lord wants your influence to be exerted in the church and in the world to elevate the standard of Christianity. True Christian character should be marked by a firmness of purpose, an indomitable determination, which cannot be molded or subdued by earth or hell. He who is not blind to the attraction of worldly honors, indifferent to threats, and unmoved by allurements, will be, all unexpectedly to himself, overthrown by Satan’s devices. p. 33, Para. 1, [30OT].


Think of all the things God is offering to us, peace, security, life forever, love, companionship, not just World travel – Universe travel, a beautiful home (remember it is called a mansion), a kingship with a crown, gold and jewels without count, wings to fly, no airplane needed, energy flows through your body with no need to rest or sleep, pets of every description, flowers that don’t die after you bring them into your home, never being too cold or too hot, no air-conditioning needed, no stress, no pressure to meet some deadline, ability to play beautiful music on a harp with no lessons, ability to sing with the best choir ever, or do your own solo, time to follow any interest, food of incredible variety, …….

WHAT! is not to like?!?!

All God asks is….

   Many misunderstand the object for which they were created. It was to bless humanity and glorify God rather than to enjoy and glorify self. p. 144, Para. 1, [28OT].

Heaven awaits! “Lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh.”

God Bless your perfection


And this just in…..
(edited to protect privacy)

Dear Art,

What a find indeed; [re: Wednesday’s post] such ‘miswordings’ intentional or accidental (by repetition from someone else not knowing) are a real trap for the ‘searchers for truth’. It falls in the lap of the JW’s and other First Day Adventists that expect the Mercy Of God to save EVEYBODY.

Here, over all this region, there is no one that I personnaly know, that accepts the SOP to be inspired by the Holy Spirit of God through the ministry of EGW; I was told point blank a good 18 years ago when I went around visiting the few small sda groups around the general area; since then, I keep myself apart from all of them.

I knew that education is the PRIDE of mind that keeps people from the HUMILITY of Jesus (learn of Me, He says, that I am meek & lowly in heart).

The RENAISSANCE was also a large ARTISTIC & EDUCATIONAL & INDUSTRIAL BLANKET COVERAGE since already more than 500 hundred years, to hide the influence of the REFORMATION & it began just as the Gutenberg & Luther’s and others were raising PROTESTATION against the established order and then the Jesuits were ”set up to go large” on the specific educational universities & houses of knowledge to thwart the advancement of the bible truths being opened to the people’s minds.

I remember Herman [Hohen] mentioning in his pamphlets that the researches in the CHANGES has but just begun and it is in the ”READING, TRANSLATING & COMPARING” the original 3 earlier books that we will have a strong platform to stand on.

Thanks for the HEADS-UP my friend,

Friday October 14, 2011

Most every day as I wake I am reminded of the truth.

I know I am acting on pure truth.

Truth from God. It is pure, clean, free of any defects, trustworthy, fully dependable, something to stake your life on. If some trouble arises because of an action you have taken on God’s pure truth, I’m thinking of the three Hebrews before king Nebuchadnezzar and the fiery furnace, you can go ahead and sacrifice your life for God, if he so directs. But the action you have taken on God’s pure truth will stand … forever, and ever and ever, just like the three noble ones.

God does vindicate his truth, just not always in the way we might like to wish it. You remember that the Jews came to Christ asking a sign, and this, after a miracle; Christ gave them no sign, he did not vindicate the truth before them at their demand.

I think the same has happened to the SDA church. For in the past one hundred plus years, many have stood to vindicate God’s truth, … and they were cast out. Yet they continue to demand a sign. Soon they will get their sign. The Jews got their’s, it was the kiss of Judas on Christ’s cheek. (Matthew 26:48)  The SDA’s will get their’s also.

I saw the nominal church and nominal Adventists, like Judas, would betray us to the Catholics to obtain their influence to come against the truth. Spalding and Magan, p. 1

I’ve been doing some cleaning up around here, and I found a copy of “Science of Metropolitan Medical Missionary Evangelism,” a 1982 compilation by W. A. Westerhout. I had to flip through the pages a bit, and there it is, page A, it’s the introduction, and here is the quote.

 There is no change in the messages that God has sent in the past.–Letter 46, 1910.  {Medical Ministry 304.2}

Now, as we have pointed out before; there was just no possible way that W. C. White could have foreseen that, a.) time was going to last as long as it has, and, b.) that some carpenter (of all people) (me) would learn a computer (what’s that?!) program, and in a matter of minutes could unravel, what he spent his entire lifetime doing, the re–writing, or counterfeiting, of the entire Spirit of Prophecy, unknowingly fulfilling to the very letter No. 20, p. 47; that God would remove the true, away from a rebellious people.

This whole site is dedicated to the vindication of the original Spirit of Prophecy. God has preserved the original and allowed us to authenticate it. Upon researching it’s various parts we find a perfect harmony between them. With the counterfeit SOP it is not so. It is so twisting and turning, requiring thousands of words of explanation.

Just the other day I had a paper in my hand, from Vance Ferrell, in which he was chomping on Verne Bates, who runs Echoes From the Past, a online bookstore. Vance was targeting the statement in Desire of Ages, p. 568,  where it proclaims, “Christ is today standing at the altar of incense.” Vance was waxing his tongue over the words as he told, to those who would listen, of Ellen’s flights of ecstasy while in vision. If so, this has to be the first time a true prophet of God utters a lie through inspiration, under the control of God; which we KNOW is impossible.

No, no, my friends, we have a more sure word of prophecy, the Spirit of Prophecy, that points us back to God’s true Word, the KJV of the Bible. We have no use for other versions, neither have we any use for other versions of the Spirit of Prophecy.

We want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

God Bless his truth

Tuesday August 9, 2011

The financial and political world is falling apart around us. But I have to tell you about yesterday’s post. Something about it… it’s so drawing, so complete. I have never put this all together like that before. … Now I go back to place a special tab in my copy of No. 16, page 9, and Lo! another mark in the narrow margin I failed to notice before. It simply says, “p. 99.” In my personal markup vernacular that means page 99 in the same book. I turn to check.

First I must tell you, death moves me. Mama died in the latter part of 2005, Daddy died in early 2009. In the normal course of life, I’m next. I want to get this thing right. I want to understand the truth. I ask God to help me understand what I read. I ask him to help me write what you need to hear, what I need to share.

I open these books and it’s like examining a flower with a 10X loupe. The beauty in the detail is captivating, often just stunning. In full sunlight is the only way to do this. That light illumines every part, life glows and glistens under your gaze. Each part has it’s place. Harmony that teaches. It needs no explanation. Each page unfolding truth that shines in the golden glow of the Holy Spirit’s illumination. Brothers and Sisters, it’s real! God, his word, the Holy Spirit.

Make a personal  stand for truth. Examine your foundation. A’ la the 1858 Great Controversy, page 168 – 173. Know you are right, defendably right. This site is not about me, it’s about the beautiful truth I have found and what God has given to his people for these last days. It is sweet in my mouth, a joy to contemplate. It hurts to be wrong, but reproof is needed to correct. That is the problem with the PC crowd, they refuse to be corrected.

P. 99

God designs his people shall fix their eyes heavenward looking for the glorious appearing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. While the attention of worldlings is turned to the various enterprizes, ours should be to the Heavens, our faith reaching farther and farther into the glorious mysteries of heavenly treasures, drawing the precious, divine rays of light from the heavenly sanctuary, to shine in our hearts, as it shineth in the face of Jesus Christ. The scoffers mock the waiting, watching ones, and inquire, “Where is the promise of his coming? You have been disappointed. Engage now with us, and you will prosper in worldly things. Get gain, get money, and be honored of the world.” The waiting ones are looking upward and answer, “We are watching.” They turn from earthly pleasure, and from worldly fame, and from the deceitfulness of riches, and show themselves to be watching. In watching they become strong. They overcome sloth and selfishness, and love of ease. Affliction’s fire kindles upon them, and the waiting time seems long. They grieve sometimes, and faith falters; but they rally again, overcome their fears and doubts, and while their eyes are directed heavenward, say to their adversaries, “I am watching, I am waiting the return of my Lord. I will glory in tribulation, in affliction, in necessities.” p. 100, Para. 1, [16OT].

And from time to time death comes and steals them away … but not for long. Soon the voice of God calls for a meeting of the 144,000. Then, there, he “would be honored by making a covenant with those who had kept his law in the sight of the heathen round about them; and Jesus would be honored by translating the faithful, waiting ones, who had so long expected him, without their seeing death.” 1858 Great Controversy, p. 202.

Now take a look at the last two phrases of the passage we just read. What if that last comma was not there? It would tie the expectation closer to the waiting ones. … who had so long expected him without their seeing death.” even though they had. I think this might be the correct understanding of this passage.

If you check on the phrase “living saints,” you will find that it only states that after the voice of God sounds. But it is the very first sounding of the voice of God that resurrects the saints, and then, can be said, “the living saints, 144,000 in number.” We do have a table that others have no right to. It is this truth. Whosoever will may come. But the wicked will never see.

Thus Stephen, when he gave his last testimony, looked into Heaven and declared, “Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.” Acts 7:56 The wicked called it blasphemy, but the Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 3, p. 298, declares, “The scene about him faded from his vision; the gates of Heaven were ajar, and Stephen, looking in, saw the glory of the courts of God, and Christ, as if just risen from his throne, standing ready to sustain his servant, who was about to suffer martyrdom for his name.”

Am I ready to die? Are all my sins blotted out? Is my purification complete? Am I ready for resurrection? There is not then any time to correct any thing. Have I gathered up the light I have before me? Am I being obedient to all the truth I should know? Is not this the reason the angel says with a loud voice, “Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!”

Pausing here to recap, reflect, and I am going to do a bit of re-writing.

    The waiting ones are looking upward [learning to keep their mind staid on God] and answer, “We are watching.” They turn from earthly pleasure [they have no time to sit and watch TV], and from worldly fame, [ as they march through their lifetime, choosing the humble work of a servant] and from the deceitfulness of riches, and show themselves to be watching [and someone, a supposed friend, tells them that they should be preparing for retirement]. In watching they become strong. They overcome [as Christ overcame] sloth and selfishness, and love of ease [real Godliness reaches out to help others]. Affliction’s fire kindles upon them, [sickness, financial losses, poverty, &c.] and the waiting time seems long [every day the sun comes up, every day seems the same, life continues, and continues]. They grieve sometimes, [friends forsake them, marriages dissolve, death claims one close, and they are left alone] and faith falters [finally, … death calls at their door, … the call must be answered]; but they rally again, overcome their fears and doubts, and while their eyes are directed heavenward, say to their adversaries, “I am watching, I am waiting the return of my Lord. I will glory in tribulation, in affliction, in necessities [, and finally, … in death, as God wills].”

Ann DeMichael Hohen recently passed away. She lived alone, though usually checked on daily, and died alone. The report was, that appearances indicated that she had fallen, was unable to get up, so crawled in to the bedroom, was able to pull a blanket over herself. Then, made a sweet surrender to the inenevitable. She was found the following morning, by the stack of Herman Hohen’s tapes, an early alarm ringer about the counterfeit SOP, with a calm, sweet and peaceful look on her face.

People are in Heaven because they choose to live there by faith on earth.

God Bless your preparation

Friday August 27, 2010

This morning I am able to access this site.

The denial of access was limited to this site only and was geographically specific.

That took some doing. However, in the process, something got messed up and had to be fixed.

There is much we do not know. What we do know is that there is no privacy on the net. Those who think there is, or it can be created using various tools, are dreamers. The day will come when the dreamers will be sitting in court looking the list of every item they ever put out on the net.

Think like this, what would you do if you had truly un-limited resources?

The important of thinking like that is because “they” do, have un-limited resources.

They create money with a computer entry. And then spend it just like you do with the money you had to actually work for, imagine that!

That is a big part of why this house of cards is in collapse.

To move ahead, posts will continue to be added until God allows this site to be taken.

The soon coming hate speech laws may be focused toward these goals. Let them eat cake.

Today is their day.

Tomorrow, is forever. Eternity stretches out before our mind’s eye to the horizon of your farthermost thoughts and beyond. What human can comprehend the things that God hath prepared for those who will walk by faith?

This is the challenge, to believe!

Sabbath July 31, 2010 8:27 PM

Just doing some thinking here…. out loud, as it were.

My current understanding of our current position. No references given. Search the blog for info.

All these items are now concurrent.

1.) Since October 22, 1844, we are in The Great Day of Atonement.

2.) Since October 22, 1844, we are now in the third watch. Apparently the first watch was the watch for the first time set for the second coming of Christ. Then, apparently, the second watch was the second time set for the second coming of Christ, October 22, 1844. This makes us in the third watch, which is an indeterminate time.

3.) We now walk by faith on the path to the city, in the light of the Midnight Cry.

4.) The Shaking has been on-going since, at least, January 26, 1850

5.) We are in the time of the six men with slaughter weapons slaying and one with a writers inkhorn placing a mark or seal on God’s people.

6.) The message to the church of the Laodiceans applies to us now.

7.) We are in the patient, waiting, watching time.

8.) The third woe started October 22, 1844 with the sounding of the trumpet of the seventh angel.

We wait for that is yet to come….

Mostly in order.

1.) Satan raises an excitement in the religious bodies.

2.) USA exercises all the power of the first beast before him.

3.) Sunday law is made a test.

4.) The Loud Cry is God’s response to the Sunday law.

5.) The world raises a persecution against God’s people.

6.) Close of probation for all mankind and the closing ceremony for the temple in Heaven. Some begin to run to and fro to the north and to the east searching for the word of God.

7.) Plagues fall on the wicked.

8.) Voice of God sounds to resurrect those who have died in the faith of the third angel’s message.

9.) Voice of God sounds making a covenant with those who have kept his law and proclaiming the day and hour of Christ’s second coming.

10.) Second coming of Christ.

11.) God people truly live happily ever after, ever after, ever after!

Sunday May 30, 2010

I hope you download all of the Brisbin book. Save it to your computer. He has a quote from the first edition of Testimonies to Ministers. You can find it on page 13, item No. 32. This is how the statement first appeared, with the correct text. But the brothern could not stand it, it was too harsh of a statement; so they changed it, in 1923, 44, then in 1965 they just dropped the text totally.

On page 15 we read about Uriah Smith’s influence to keep testimonies from the church. Perhaps this is where all the “unpublished material” comes from.

This book is like a “Who’s Who” of quotations from the SOP against the church. Page after page of damning evidence about what the church has been doing. Of course he was only writing about what he knew in his day. My own father was born in 1919. We place the publication of the book circa 1927, from evidence on page 36. My Dad was too young to know anything of what Elder Brisbin knew. What could I know?

Check out what it says on page 28, “The purposes of those who have tried to cover up their wrong, while they have secretly worked against the purposes of God, will be fully revealed. Truth will be vindicated.”

And so it is. In that day those men had no clue that some carpenter with a computer could unravel in minutes all they had so hard labored to cover up. My first comparison of the 1884 GC with the 1911 GC took the computer about 20 minutes to do. Later I re-did the work and went chapter by chapter to get a more accurate picture.

Enjoy the reading. If you have been at this any time at all, you will not find much new.

I will say a word more about the counterfeit. In my opinion, no material produced after 1881 is safe to consider as the word of God. I do consider Ellen’s work, before James’ death, protected by James in the providence of God, as the word of God, and I treat it as such. There are exceptions to note from time to time.

I do not take statements from the counterfeit as actionable items. That is to say, I will not act as if that counsel came from God. I have been at this too long in the short time it’s been since I started. Using the computer to search out statements and finding certain patterns that show up time after time. I’ll give you an example. Signs of the Times magazine is continually showing up as a source of strong counterfeit statements.

You have been warned

Sabbath May 29, 2010 12:40 PM

Thank you for waiting, your surprise is ready.

Here it is, famous or infamous, the Brisbin Book.

Now available for the first time on-line. Feel free to distribute.

Titled, “Are Seventh-Day Adventists Doing God’s Will?”

God Bless your Study

Sabbath May 15, 2010

{ on a tech note, the software and the server are much happier now }

Elder C. A. Andersen, wrote a 28 page pamphlet titled, Israel and the Remnant (Ancient and Modern) and I happen to have a second edition. There is no date of publication given.

On page 12 is a statement he makes about Ellen’s materials.

Mrs. White claims that her writings are inspired of God, Vol.5:234 :3; 661:1, but the leaders of the organization do not take the very seriously, for they have changed her writings. One instance will suffice.

He then at the top of page 13 goes on to present a change made from the 1888 Great Controversy,  chapter 21, paragraph 21.

“Furthermore in the eighteenth chapter of the Revelation, in a message which is yet future, the people of God are called upon to come out of Babylon.” But this sentence has been changed and the seven words (in a message which is yet future) have been taken out. Has any human being the right to change an inspired book?

Elder Andersen was sounding the counterfeit alarm. You can find the complete text of the pamphlet at this site here.

Also, you can read what Mr. Tom Norris has to say in answer to someone’s question to him about the pamphlet.

Verne Bates is another one who has sounded the counterfeit alarm. I have had personal contact with Verne and heard some of his story. About 50 years ago he became converted to the SDA church. On becoming a book salesman Verne began noticing changes being made in the books.

He was a reader of the books he sold. He began collecting all the old original books he could get his hands on. Years later in a meeting where Verne was teaching correct Adventism from the original books, a man stood up and complained to Verne that there were no more books available.

Verne thought about that, decided to accept the challenge and he started printing and selling the original books from his home and website. That is where I got most of the books that I have and study from. Most all of what Verne sells are photocopy re-prints. This is done to preserve the purity of the copy.

Also, Verne is available for meetings if you would like to have him over. He is available by phone quite often. 541-479-2000 Give him a call and chat a while, he will enjoy it. And I’ll give you a couple of tips. He is hearing impaired so be prepared to speak up, and if you call about 6:00 a.m. PST, he is in Oregon, you will quite likely catch him doing his morning reading. He will be glad to hear from you.

God Bless your Sabbath

Friday May 14, 2010

Technical difficulty with some software last night delayed this post.


We are posting the entire account, as received, about the Jesuit takeover of the GCSDA church. You will have to decide what to believe. I remember years ago as a child my mom showed me a copy of the Jesuit oath. It’s bad. Basically, they can do anything to achieve their goal.
Interestingly, H. H. Meyers in his book, The Dismantling of Adventism, documents the collusion between A. G. Daniells and W. W. Prescott. In a footnote on page 86 of the book, he brings out one interesting fact about this.

Because of the unorthodox way in which Daniells and Prescott had violated the newly-formed constitution in 1901, Elder A. T. Jones wrote Daniells: “You two, were then, of right, just as much president and vice president of Timbuktu as you were of the Seventh-Day Adventist Conference.” (See “With Cloak and Dagger” Chapter 13)

Clearly these two were acting like a duck, walking like a duck, swimming like a duck, quacking like a duck, which means they probably were ducks,… or maybe we should say wolves, in sheep skins. For certainly the end result was blood on the ground.

Here is the story.

My First hand account
Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Riviera

My husband and I were working on remodeling and decorating a studio in 1994 when one morning our Boss came through the front door with a man at his side. Mr. Y. (my boss) said “Could you entertain this man and show him around I need to go to breakfast and he has already eaten, then he was gone. Pressed for time I thought “Lord help me, I have wall paper to hang before the meeting!” But stepping off of my ladder I extended my hand and introduced myself, then asked him his name.

Having never heard of Alberto Riviera it made no impression on me, and I began to show him the building and all our set up. I was intrigued by his heavy accent and asked where he was from; by this time we had gotten to the end of my little tour and he began to tell me about where he was from and what he had been.
He told me of his conversion to Christ from the Roman Catholic faith and how God had guided and preserved him up until that point though he was still a hunted man.

For about 40 minutes he gave me his story and I sat there spellbound! Then he began to tell me with remorse about his infiltration of the protestant churches, and that triggered something in my mind- for before becoming an Adventist in 1990- to 1991 I had studied for 8 months with the Mormons and for 6 months with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Neither one had passed the Bible tests for me and as I had been studying and presenting Bible passages to a J.W. couple one day, the J. Witness man said “You should become an Adventist because you think like one!” I had looked long and hard at him and then stated, “Maybe I will!” to which he retorted, “You can’t do that because in 1958 they joined the world counsel of churches and are infiltrated with Jesuits.!”

So I stopped Alberto in his story and said “I have a question for you! Is it true that the Jesuits infiltrated the Seventh Day Adventist Church in 1958? I have written letters and asked leaders and they always avoid my question!” He was quiet for a moment and then said solemnly; “What I am about to tell you not many Adventist will believe, but I swear before the Living God that what I am about to tell you is the truth; for I have spent hours in the bottom of the Vatican and have seen all the documents of infiltration work and what I state is truth! The year your prophet died was the year that the Jesuits took over the Adventist Structure!” I gasped and said “1915! How is that possible!” His response was- “They already had their men in key positions!”

I then took him to the back of the building where my husband was at work and asking him to stop his work for a moment I introduced him to Brother Alberto and had him tell my husband and one other man that was there helping us what he had already stated to me. We talked for another 20 minutes or so and then my boss came back.

Before Brother Alberto left I shook his hand and thanked him for the information. He said, “Pray for me that I shall be faithful to our dear Lord and Savior, and I shall pray for you that you may be able to help the Adventist people see how long Rome has been in control from the top down. God will have a people that will come to Him for salvation!”

Brother Alberto Riviera has given his life as a martyr for Jesus at the hand of Rome for he told the Truth to all he met. Let us strive to come to Jesus and be transformed into His likeness that soon we may see Him coming again and may meet this dear brother in the Lord when he awakens to see his Savior.

John 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Signed: Anonyms
Due to our own personal safety.

P.S. If you are struggling with whether to believe this account or not pray to the Lord God of Heaven for light and He will show you all the truth of this matter!

Thursday May 13, 2010

H. H. Meyers, I hope he is still living. I will be glad to connect with him. He wrote four books that I am aware of.

1.) The Dismantling of Adventism
2.) Battle of the Bibles
3.) With Cloak and Dagger
4.) The Inquisitive Christian

I am still short No.3.
I got these from those Herman Hoehn has left behind.

Narrow Path Publications
P. O. Box 326
Curlew, WA. 99118-0326

Write and see what you get. I sent them some of my things and asked some Q’s but got no response, except some of their material in the mail. That’s all I have at the moment. I know they are good people, just not really communicators.

I have been reading in No.1 above and discovered that it documents some things about the past very well. Also on page 30 is another piece of the puzzle that has come to light about the top editor executed by God on the monday following Ellen’s death.

A. J. S. Bourdeau, was the founding editor of The Protestant Magazine which was started in 1909, at Battle Creek. I could be wrong about the location there. Meyers states that in the EGW Research Center at Avondale is where a complete set of the magazine resides, in a set of four books with this information contained within.

Herman Hoehn is credited with hounding the GCSDA church until they reluctantly re-published the Spirit of Prophecy four volume set. Now no longer available through the church. At this date my understanding is that he passed away around 1995, or thereabouts.

He really beat the drum about the church changing the books and still calling it “her writings.” Too bad these early people didn’t have the computer power like we have today. It’s really, really hard to find changes without a computer. Now all you need is digital text.

Write to Narrow Path and send them some money and see what you get. I don’t think they have a catalog as I asked for one and got nothing.

We are taking a bit of a history trip here. There is a point to it all.
I want you to get a big picture view of the project God has in hand.
It is the FINAL call of mercy.
It is the great focal point of all time.
It is the LAST moments of the 6,000 year old plan of Salvation.
It is the patience of the saints

Because God wants all he can get!