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Friday March 2, 2012

Part 9 of  12

          First we should feel needy, and then ask God for the very things we need, and then believe he gives them to us, even while we ask; and then, I saw, that our faith would grow, all would be edified, the weak would be strengthened, the discouraged and desponding made to look up, and believe that God is a rewarder of all those who diligently seek him.
           Some hold back in meetings because they have nothing new to say, and must repeat the same story if they speak. I saw that pride was at the bottom of this. That God and angels witnessed the testimonies of the saints, and the Lord was well pleased, and was glorified by their testimonies repeated weekly. The Lord and his holy angels love simplicity and humility. I saw that God had been displeased, and angels grieved, that professed heirs of God, and joint heirs with Jesus, should suffer precious time to run to waste in their meetings.
           If the brethren and sisters were in the place they should be, they would not be at a loss to find something to say in honor of Jesus, who hung upon Calvary’s cross for their sins. If they would cherish more of a realizing sense of the condescension of God in giving his only beloved Son to die, a sacrifice for our sins and transgressions, and the sufferings and anguish of Jesus to make a way of escape for guilty man, that he might receive pardon and live, they would be more ready to extol and magnify Jesus. They could not hold their peace; but with thankfulness and gratitude, would talk of his glory, and tell of his power. And blessings from God would rest upon them by so doing. Even if the same story was repeated, God would be glorified.
           The Angel shewed me those who ceased not day nor night, crying, Holy, Holy, Lord, God Almighty. “Continual repetition,” said the Angel, “yet God is glorified by it.” Although we may tell the same story over and over, it honors God, and shows that we are not unmindful of him and his goodness and mercies to us.

A quick reminder here; Crosier had the truth, a clear understanding, about this text. You will find that on page # of this work.

        I saw that the nominal churches had fallen; that coldness and death reigns in their midst. If they would follow the Word it would humble them. But they get above the work of the Lord. It is too humbling for them to repeat the same simple story of God’s goodness when they meet together; and they try to get something new; something great, and study to have their words exact to the ear, and please man, and God’s Spirit has left them. When we follow the humble, Bible way, we shall have the movings of the Spirit of God. All will be in sweet harmony, if we follow the humble channel of truth, depending wholly upon God, and there will be no danger of being affected by the evil angels. It is when souls get above the Spirit of God, moving in their own strength, that the angels cease watching over them, and they are left to the buffetings of satan.

           I saw that duties were laid down for us in God’s word, to be performed to keep the people of God humble and separate from the world, and from backsliding, like the nominal churches. Washing feet, and the Lord’s supper should be more frequently practiced.

In The Present Truth, No. 2, page 12, James gives us a glimpse of those days in these words. “Paul preached to them on the Sabbath, which closed at 6 o’clock P. M., then in the evening, which commenced the first day, the disciples came together to celebrate the Lord’s supper, and Pail preached all night. We follow this example of the disciples, and break bread in the evening of the first day just after the close of the Sabbath.”

We think the pioneers kept the Lord’s supper each week at this time in 1849. Currently we do not know more than is said here. Remember, the Supplement was published in 1854. James speaks of formalism taking over the church as early as August 1850. This can be found in The Advent Review, No. 1, page 16.

      Jesus set us the example, and told us to do as he had done. I saw that the example of Christ should be as exactly followed as possible; yet brethren and sisters have not always moved as judiciously as they should in washing feet, and confusion has been caused. It should be introduced into new places with carefulness and wisdom, especially where the people are not informed relative to the example and teachings of our Lord on this point, and where they have prejudice against it. Many honest souls are much prejudiced against this plain duty, through the influence of their former teachers in whom they had confidence; and the subject should be introduced to them in a proper time and manner.
           There is no example given in the Word for brethren to wash sisters’ feet; but there is an example for sisters to wash the feet of brethren.

At this time, we think this includes married couples. God has reasons for everything he does, we should only be seeking to be obedient, not questioning. The formalization of everything done in church makes it easy for the devil to make evil suggestions about God’s work when things do not happen just so. Therefore, should the Holy Ghost move upon a “Mary” to wash a man’s feet, under formalism it would be looked upon as some form of evil; yet, under Gospel Order, it would be the work of God and not man. We see here Gospel Order in action.

    Mary washed the feet of Jesus with her tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head. Also see 1 Timothy 5:10. I saw that the Lord had moved upon sisters to wash the feet of brethren, and that it was according to gospel order. All should move understandingly, and not make the washing of feet a tedious ceremony.
           The holy salutation mentioned in the gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by the apostle Paul, should ever be regarded in its true character. It is a holy kiss. It should be regarded as a sign of fellowship to Christian friends, when parting, and meeting again after a separation for weeks or months. In 1 Thessalonians 5:26, Paul says:–“Greet all the brethren with an holy kiss.” And in the same chapter he says:– “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” Verse 22. There can be no appearance of evil when the holy kiss is given at a proper time and place.

Though I am well aware of the fact that this kiss is a part of Gospel Order, it does not seem God’s people are quite ready for it. Probably after the start of the Loud Cry it will come into use, as then the wicked will be purged from the rolls.

        I saw that the strong hand of the enemy is set against the work, and the help and strength of every one who loves the cause of truth, should be enlisted; and great interest manifested by them to uphold the hands of those who advocate the truth. And by steady watch-care, shut out the enemy. All should stand as one, united in this work. Every energy of their soul should be awake; for what is done must be done quickly.
           I then saw the third angel. Said my accompanying angel, “Fearful is his work. Awful is his mission. He is the angel that is to select the wheat from the tares, and seal or bind the wheat for the heavenly garner. These things should engross the whole mind, the whole attention.”

In this passage, we crossed a threshold. Clearly, we are now dealing with the third angel, which we also know is not an angel, but an illustration of God’s people who are doing that work. I would invite you to turn back a few pages to page # 135? and re-read those comments in addition to these.

The third angel is interesting, in that, these people, God’s true church, are passing through different phases, illustrated as angels doing a specific work. Like an engine in a car, or baking a loaf of bread, timing is important. The true pioneers of this faith are the ones who were in all the messages; meaning, that they were first illustrated as the first angel of Revelation 14. Next, they were illustrated as the second angel; then they were illustrated as the third angel. And now that we have a correct understanding of Bible prophecy, we know God’s true church will be illustrated by the angel of Revelation 18, for they will be giving that message in response to Sunday being made a test. Check No. 6, page 22, for confirmation.

You might want to also review the list of processes we are living under in the last days, which is on page #. The list is long and very important. Perhaps once we actually get a grasp of the full meaning of these things we will not be so blasé about them.

God Bless your study

Sunday September 19, 2010

In our Sabbath studies, we discovered that the first vision of the three, copied to the first four pages of Spalding and Magan collection, is also found in the last portion of Present Truth, No. 11, page 86-87. (just before the last page)

There are several important points God is instructing us about, through Ellen, in her letter, there in the last pages of Present Truth. We will take these points in the order they appear.

1.) First up is the love of angels, one for another. And then this, “Rather let blame fall on thyself than on a brother.” Interesting point. Rather than correcting someone when you are falsely accused, take the blame. Wow! Does that touch you like it touches me?

2.) There were some into the fanaticism of not working during this time. Perhaps it comes from the study of the Day of Atonement where the people were forbidden to do serval work. This important passage corrects that error that we might stay on the strait and narrow path.

3.) This point is VERY important. That of separation from unbelievers when engaging in high spiritual matters. There are two sub-points brought out that all may be clear. This passage also condemns the SDA church in it’s practice of holding “open communion” for unbelievers to attend. This is clearly not obeying God’s direct orders. We are to hold closed communion, separate from the unbelief that would scorn and ridicule spiritual matters they do not understand. Secondly, put unbelievers out of the room when praying for the sick. These things are following the example of Christ. Go thou and do likewise.

4.) Very clearly the plan is laid out, so none need err, as to the order of events after the close of probation. Here also, is taught the truth about exactly when the very men that “pierced him” will be raised to see him, Christ, coming in the clouds of glory. It is at the end of the one thousand years.

You are urged to read this material as it is so important for developing your anchor to Christ in this faith.
We will finish tomorrow.

God Bless your study