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Monday May 27, 2013

Amalgamation is one of the topics we have on the right side. I suggest you read past posts about this as much information is there.

We know that “the amalgamation of man and beast” was not sexual, for that is rightly understood to be impossible, but manipulation of DNA. God calls this a base crime.


But if there was one sin above another which called for the destruction of the race by the flood, it was the base crime of amalgamation of man and beast which defaced the image of God, and caused confusion everywhere. God purposed to destroy by a flood that powerful, long-lived race that had corrupted their ways before him. He would not suffer them to live out the days of their natural life, which would be hundreds of years. Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 3, page 64.


Most people are aware that world-wide mankind is heavily into the secrets of DNA. God calls this intruding.


intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind Colossians 2:18


And there is more.


Satan would convey the idea that by eating of the forbidden tree, they would receive a new and more noble kind of knowledge than they had hitherto attained. This has been his special work with great success ever since his fall, to lead men to pry into the secrets of the Almighty, and not to be satisfied with what God has revealed, and not careful to obey that which he has commanded. He would lead them to disobey God’s commands, and then make them believe that they are entering a wonderful field of knowledge. This is purely supposition, and a miserable deception. They fail to understand what God has revealed, and disregard his explicit commandments, and aspire after wisdom, independent of God, and seek to understand that which he has been pleased to withhold from mortals. They are elated with their ideas of progression, and charmed with their own vain philosophy; but grope in midnight darkness relative to true knowledge. They are ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. p. 36, Para. 2, [1SP ].


This passage accurately details the position of the wicked before God today. Many would claim that we are so much more advanced today than in the distant past, but this is Satan’s lie.

The following video has an image of a human body with a horse’s head. This is no figment of someone’s imagination. This is pure evidence preserved by God’s providence to speak to any who willing to hear. It is a vindication of God’s purposes in destroying the former wicked by a flood.

In the future it will be by fire.

Here is the link for the video. We in no way sanction the comments made on this video, but the image tells all. You may run up the time to 7:40 and not have to watch the whole thing.

Title: Ajanta Caves – 2,000 year old unexplained sophisticated technology


God Bless your study

Wednesday April 17, 2013

Every now and then, or when I get a “hankering,” 😉 I put up something about the flood and promote this site:

The really beautiful thing about this site, it has far too much evidence to ignore. This guy has done what the SDA church has refused to do, collect and make accessible the evidence for the flood.

You can spend days reading the proof of superior human activity on earth, both before and after the flood. And there is just too much of it! It’s been hidden in plain sight by simply ignoring it.

The man in this video has found a bone, a human bone, one that had to be five (5) times our own size. Check it out.

Humans five (5) times our size.

This is the starting page for the giants.

Evidence of amalgamation, also known as DNA manipulation.

Here is another site which opens another door of evidence.

And during the American Civil War some soldiers shot a bird, but what a bird it was!!!

God has left plenty of evidence, that all may be without excuse.

God Bless your study

Wednesday June 15, 2011

The continously flowing lies from seemingly every branch of the US government is appalling. Now we have the USGS caught again downgrading quakes, a 6.9 earthquake to a 5.3. Click the numbers for the source pages.


I really don’t care how many degrees the USGS has hanging on their walls. Someone does not want the huge increase in earthquake activity placed before the public and they are going to extraordinary lengths to prevent this.


Here is the operable quote. “…an official of the local Meteorology and Geophysics Agency told Xinhua by phone.” In Indonesia they have their own agency. What an insult to them, and all the same degrees they have hanging on the wall, for the USGS to, in effect, tell them that they can not discern the difference between a 6.9 and a 5.3.


AND,… this just in, here is a page showing ANOTHER quake and the USGS downgrading of same, in the face of yet another agency recording higher. I am signed up on the USGS web site for email notices of any quake world wide greater than 6.0, but I get very few notices. Someone does not want you to know….



For you and I this is a sure sign of the now, very near second coming of Christ! Again, we post the information God has given us.


These wonderful exhibitions will be more numerous and terrible just before the second coming of Christ and the end of the world, as signs of its speedy destruction. p. 81, Para. 3, [1SP].

These manifestations bear the special marks of God’s power, and are designed to cause the people of the earth to tremble before him, and to silence those who, like Pharaoh, would proudly say, “Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice?” p. 83, Para. 1, [1SP].


Brothers and Sisters, Lift up your heads! “for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed!” It all is real! Christ is coming back very, very soon!


The ones who are asleep and not watching, are the very ones who poo poo the idea that anything should be made of anything, other than what comes over TV.

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. 1 Thes. 5:4


I was thinking about this earlier today. What if Elenin is being used by God to fly by now during the time of the end, just to give people an excuse to say, “These earthquakes are not acts of God, it’s Elenin’s influence.” I have no knowledge of this, it’s just a possibility.


We further know that the sin of amalgamation was particularly offensive to God. Scientists the world over are now heavily into amalgamation in the form of DNA and gene manipulation. It is astonishing just what we are allowed to know. What, we wonder, are they doing in secret?


But if there was one sin above another which called for the destruction of the race by the flood, it was the base crime of amalgamation of man and beast which defaced the image of God, and caused confusion everywhere. p. 64, Para. 1, [3SG].


Here is a site that looks like a fake to me. But it might just be a fair example of where we are going….



The motivating factor seems to be love of money, certainly love of the world. God has called his people out and separate from the world. Not conforming to the worlds ideals and practices. Taking time from the world and spending it toward Heaven, by meditation and prayer. Following Christ and the example he set for us. Very soon he will be here.


Men and women professing godliness, expecting translation to Heaven without your seeing death, I warn you to be less greedy of gain, less selfcaring. Redeem by noble acts of disinterested benevolence, your godlike manhood, your noble womanhood. Gain back true nobility of soul, and heartily despise your former avaricious spirit. From what God has shown me, unless you zealously repent, Christ will spue you out of his mouth. Sabbath-keeping Adventists profess to be followers of Jesus Christ. The works of many of them belie their profession. “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven.” p. 35, Para. 1, [11OT].


God Bless your preparation for Heaven


Another “just found” article. It’s like things are spinning out of control around the world. Those with money are above the law. None are going to jail for their crimes. Apparently they see the masses of humanity as a farm to be worked to make the most money. This is just like it was before the flood. Men are exulting in their deed


The transgression and fall of Adam and Eve brought sin and wretchedness upon the human race, and man followed his own carnal desires, and changed God’s order. The more men multiplied wives to themselves, the more they increased in wickedness and unhappiness. If one chose to take the wives, or cattle, or anything belonging to his neighbor, he did not regard justice or right, but if he could prevail over his neighbor by reason of strength, or by putting him to death, he did so, and exulted in his deeds of violence. They loved to destroy the lives of animals. They used them for food, and this increased their ferocity and violence, and caused them to look upon the blood of human beings with astonishing indifference. p. 63, Para. 1, [3SG].


Sunday April 10.2, 2011

We have what I consider to be a highly interesting item you should know about, now.


The FBI has released an internal memo regarding the 1947 Roswell flying saucer crash and cover-up. This memo confirms that there were three (3) flying saucers and three (3) aliens in each. The aliens were about three (3) feet tall.


I strongly suggest you download this .pdf file and save it for future use. Important things on the net have an interesting lifetime.


1.) We know that there are no aliens in the universe.


2.) People, both before and after the flood, were extremely intelligent.


3.) We just recently posted about the amalgamation of man and beast before and after the flood. This process could easily have created these creatures.


4.) Go to and search on “Ica Stones” or on the web. Some of these stones depict space travel. Just like we have space travel now, they easily could have had such then. They could have sent these creatures out into space programed to return, just like we do now.


5.) It could also be the work of Satan in preparation for the last events.


Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!


We know not the future details of what is coming. To be sure, it will involve great and very powerful deceptions.


God Bless you preparation for Heaven


Sabbath April 9, 2011

The flood is one of my fave subjects. It is with great joy that I visit this topic once again. Now the true source of my joy is in the facts. Facts that have been buried, by those who like to be referred to in some form of speech, which somehow infers that they are smarter than the rest of us.


Now this begs a question. If these persons are so smart, why is it that they have consistently withheld valid, factual information from us? Why is it that they do not want us to have this information? What is it about this information that makes it worth the effort of hiding?


Enter the Internet — the last bastion of uncensored communication between the masses.


We are going to showcase the special site today. The really beautiful thing about this site is the facts about the flood that are documented. You will be totally amazed at what has been kept hidden from you for years.


Here is some excerpts from Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 3, pages 60 – 96


The race of men then living were of very great stature, and possessed wonderful strength. The trees were vastly larger, and far surpassing in beauty and perfect proportions anything mortals can now look upon. The wood of these trees was of fine grain and hard substance–in this respect more like stone. p. 61, Para. 2, [3SG].


Here is the link for the giant people.



Here is the link for the trees.



Every species of animal which God had created were preserved in the ark. The confused species which God did not create, which were the result of amalgamation, were destroyed by the flood. Since the flood there has been amalgamation of man and beast, as may be seen in the almost endless varieties of species of animals, and in certain races of men. p. 75, Para. 2, [3SG].


Maybe the ark did not have to be so big simply because God did not create all that many. The next line talks about after the floor there was amalgamation practiced again, creating an “almost endless varieties of species of animals.” I wonder if the unicorn was one of the confused. But this also indicates the level of civilization attained shortly after the flood. You need a lab and a microscope to do this kind of work. It becomes obvious that they were allowed to destroy each other, or God destroyed them.


Did you know that they used nuclear weapons after the flood? Here  is that link too.


Here is the main link for this site.




In the time of the flood the people and beasts also, gathered to the highest points of land, and as the waters returned from off the earth, dead bodies were left upon high mountains, and upon the hills as well as upon the plains. Upon the surface of the earth were the bodies of men and beasts. But God would not have these to remain upon the face of the earth to decompose and pollute the atmosphere, therefore he made of the earth a vast burying ground. He caused a powerful wind to pass over the earth for the purpose of drying up the waters, which moved them with great force–in some instances carrying away the tops of mountains like mighty avalanches, forming huge hills and high mountains where there were none to be seen before, and burying the dead bodies with trees, stones, and earth. p. 77, Para. 2, [3SG].


This link is the first of 7 pages on the huge burial grounds around the world.



Before the flood there were immense forests. The trees were many times larger than any trees which we now see. They were of great durability. They would know nothing of decay for hundreds of years. At the time of the flood these forests were torn up or broken down and buried in the earth. In some places large quantities of these immense trees were thrown together and covered with stones and earth by the commotions of the flood.


They have limited ideas of the size of men, animals and trees before the flood, and of the great changes which then took place in the earth. p. 91, Para. 2, [3SG]. Bones of men and animals are found in the earth, in mountains and in valleys, showing that much larger men and beasts once lived upon the earth. I was shown that very large, powerful animals existed before the flood which do not now exist. Instruments of warfare are sometimes found; also petrified wood. Because the bones of human beings and of animals found in the earth, are much larger than those of men and animals now living, or that have existed for many generations past, some conclude that the world is older than we have any scriptural record of, and was populated long before the record of creation, by a race of beings vastly superior in size to men now upon the earth. p. 92, Para. 1, [3SG].


God so ordered that men, beasts, and trees, many times larger than those now upon the earth, and other things, should be buried in the earth at the time of the flood, and there be preserved to evidence to man that the inhabitants of the old world perished by a flood. God designed that the discovery of these things in the earth, should establish the faith of men in inspired history.


You see, those ultra-smart people do not want you to know what they are confronted with on a regular basis. And for many years Satan has used these people to hide the faith-building evidence from you. That’s the importance of the internet. It allows people to communicate with people.


I get the chance to tell you about this great web site that is preserving the evidence of the flood, which should establish your faith in inspired history. BTW, this would include the Spirit of Prophecy.


God Bless your Sabbath study


Friday April 8, 2011

We live in a strange new world. You might not be aware of all that is going on around you, but neither am I. Someone said that just to read about the new inventions, technology, &c., would consume all your time, and you would be getting behind.


It’s easy to check the weather. Check a view of water vapor generated from a satellite and available on the net. Other things happen behind the scenes, or, out of your personal line of sight. But I believe God has a plan to keep you posted on the information you need, when you need it.


The people living before the flood were wicked, just like today. Very few were the faithful of God’s people, just like today. I believe that one of the signs of the very near end of the earth is the continuing manipulation of DNA, genes, &c., by man. This effort is singled out by God, in Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 3, as being the crowning sin of mankind, filling up his cup of iniquity to overflowing and calling for the end.


BTW, Remember to check in with and read a little more about the evidence for the flood, it’s amazing what “science” has tried to hide from us. In God’s providence the internet is not yet censored.


Here is the passage.


But if there was one sin above another which called for the destruction of the race by the flood, it was the base crime of amalgamation of man and beast which defaced the image of God, and caused confusion everywhere. God purposed to destroy by a flood that powerful, long-lived race that had corrupted their ways before him. He would not suffer them to live out the days of their natural life, which would be hundreds of years. p. 64, Para. 1, [3SG].


We now have a herd of 300 cows that have been modified to produce human milk instead of cow milk. Others are working to use animals to grow human organs for transplants. Actually this article is identifying something that has/is being done in England (?) already. A scientist is using sheep to grow the organs. We posted about this before. Just click on the topic at the right.


In another case, human genes are somehow used to get rice to produce human milk proteins. (Actually a two year old article! Makes you wonder what we are being fed.)


Welcome to the end of time, the end of the world, mankind calling for his own destruction. Small wonder that the question is asked, “When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”


Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 7:14


Now the shortness of time seems to be urged as a motive to seek righteousness. Should it require that the terrors of the day of God be held before us in order to compel us to right action? p. 13, Para. 1, [16OT].


All this seems to be that something that “must arise to lessen the hold of God’s people on the world.”


God Bless your preparation


Sunday December 5, 2010


Time to take another look at what is happening out there. At the time Jurassic Park (the movie) came out, I had articles in my files proving ‘they’ had the ability to do what the movie depicted. This is a very serious matter with God. I do not understand all that is involved, but it’s bad.

First commercially cloned dog is delivered to owner.

Putting barcodes on human eggs.

FDA issues draft documents on the safety of cloning animals for food

First truly synthetic organism created using four bottles of chemicals and a computer

Scientific team creates molecular robot from DNA

By transferring the nucleus of a human skin cell into the immature ovum cell of a rabbit, researchers from a Shanghai hospital successfully produced embryonic human cells (a finding popular scientific journals held off publishing for two years due to skepticism and of mistrust Chinese scientific integrity.

Cloned Sheep is 15 per cent Human

Ok, enough of all that. Here is God’s comment.

But if there was one sin above another which called for the destruction of the race by the flood, it was the base crime of amalgamation of man and beast which defaced the image of God, and caused confusion everywhere. p. 64, Para. 1, [3SG].

I would not be the least surprised to one day learn that right now in 2010 someone has created one of these, a Centaur.

Soon Christ is coming again.

God Bless your preparation

Friday August 27, 2010

This morning I am able to access this site.

The denial of access was limited to this site only and was geographically specific.

That took some doing. However, in the process, something got messed up and had to be fixed.

There is much we do not know. What we do know is that there is no privacy on the net. Those who think there is, or it can be created using various tools, are dreamers. The day will come when the dreamers will be sitting in court looking the list of every item they ever put out on the net.

Think like this, what would you do if you had truly un-limited resources?

The important of thinking like that is because “they” do, have un-limited resources.

They create money with a computer entry. And then spend it just like you do with the money you had to actually work for, imagine that!

That is a big part of why this house of cards is in collapse.

To move ahead, posts will continue to be added until God allows this site to be taken.

The soon coming hate speech laws may be focused toward these goals. Let them eat cake.

Today is their day.

Tomorrow, is forever. Eternity stretches out before our mind’s eye to the horizon of your farthermost thoughts and beyond. What human can comprehend the things that God hath prepared for those who will walk by faith?

This is the challenge, to believe!

Sabbath July 31, 2010 8:27 PM

Just doing some thinking here…. out loud, as it were.

My current understanding of our current position. No references given. Search the blog for info.

All these items are now concurrent.

1.) Since October 22, 1844, we are in The Great Day of Atonement.

2.) Since October 22, 1844, we are now in the third watch. Apparently the first watch was the watch for the first time set for the second coming of Christ. Then, apparently, the second watch was the second time set for the second coming of Christ, October 22, 1844. This makes us in the third watch, which is an indeterminate time.

3.) We now walk by faith on the path to the city, in the light of the Midnight Cry.

4.) The Shaking has been on-going since, at least, January 26, 1850

5.) We are in the time of the six men with slaughter weapons slaying and one with a writers inkhorn placing a mark or seal on God’s people.

6.) The message to the church of the Laodiceans applies to us now.

7.) We are in the patient, waiting, watching time.

8.) The third woe started October 22, 1844 with the sounding of the trumpet of the seventh angel.

We wait for that is yet to come….

Mostly in order.

1.) Satan raises an excitement in the religious bodies.

2.) USA exercises all the power of the first beast before him.

3.) Sunday law is made a test.

4.) The Loud Cry is God’s response to the Sunday law.

5.) The world raises a persecution against God’s people.

6.) Close of probation for all mankind and the closing ceremony for the temple in Heaven. Some begin to run to and fro to the north and to the east searching for the word of God.

7.) Plagues fall on the wicked.

8.) Voice of God sounds to resurrect those who have died in the faith of the third angel’s message.

9.) Voice of God sounds making a covenant with those who have kept his law and proclaiming the day and hour of Christ’s second coming.

10.) Second coming of Christ.

11.) God people truly live happily ever after, ever after, ever after!

Friday Apr 9, 2010 10:00 pm

Some of you may not be much moved by what I said about having your own web site.

Read this

Oldspapers and the Crisis of the Establishment

be convinced, it’s a trend that is picking up steam, and just MAY be a huge factor in the speed of the loud cry.

Think about it.