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Wednesday July 17, 2013

A dear Sister brought another item to my attention. Here are her words.

In 1996 a book was published called Ye Shall Receive Power with the author allegedly listed as Ellen White.

Ye Shall Rec. Pwr, p.59

PhotoCopy from the book of page 59.

It was the devotional book that year and supposedly containing hundreds of quotations from her writings. They each were footnoted. However looking up each one in the original to verify the faithfulness of how they were quoted was obviously not expected by the publishers. Some of the wording was altered without notation but with clear intent. These were not spelling corrections or other legitimate editorial changes, but altering for intent without notification that changes had been made. In short deception. There is no other word for it. Here is the evidence, judge for yourself. I have asked for an answer for it from the White Estate, but to date have only received automated platitudes acknowledging my inquiry but so far nothing of substance.



Clicking on the thumbnail will yield a readable copy. I did a little bit of research on this and here is what I found.

1.) All parts of this material are considered to be counterfeited, anyway.

2.) On the 2008 White Estate CD, we find there to be very little change between the 1899 Sign of the Times and the 1996 {YRP 59}. Only one sentence was deleted with two texts.

3.) The importance of the image of the printed book is that it proves that what was printed is different from what is on the WECD. The changes are marked on the image.

4.) It gets even better. The following is the actual source for the 1899 Signs article. Of which there are three. We will put a link below for you to see the actual comparison in Red, Blue, and Black ink. It is quite clear that this is not the way Ellen worked. She did not spend her time pouring over all the material written in the past to cobble up something for next week’s article in the Signs of the Times.

We are to pray for the impartation of the Spirit as the remedy for sin-sick souls. {1888 1540.1}

In our day the church has been to a great degree content with the surface truths of revelation, made so plain and easy to be understand that many have thought these supplied all that was essential, and in accepting them they have been content. But the Holy Spirit, working upon the mind, will not allow it to rest in indolence. It awakens an earnest desire for truth uncorrupted with error and false doctrines. Celestial truths will reward the diligent seeker. {1888 1537.2}

The church needs to be converted, and why should we not prostrate ourselves at the throne of grace, as representatives of the church, and from a broken heart and contrite spirit make earnest supplication that the Holy Spirit shall be poured out upon us from on high? {1888 1540.1}

The Lord would have every one of his believing children rich in faith; and this is the fruit of the working of the Holy Spirit upon the heart. {1888 1538.2}

All above from: Chap. 180 – To S. N. Haskell “Sunnyside”, Cooranbong, N.S.W. May 30, 1896 H – 38 – 1896

The Holy Spirit never leaves unassisted the soul who is looking unto Jesus. He takes of the things of Christ and shows them unto him. If the eye is kept fixed on Christ, the work of the Spirit ceases not until the soul is conformed to His image. {DA 302.1} 1898

Through the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit he is changed, and becomes one with Christ in spirit and purpose. His affection for God increases, he hungers after righteousness, and longs to be more like his master. By beholding Christ, he is changed from glory to glory, from character to character, and becomes more and more like Jesus. He is imbued with love for Christ and filled with a deep, unresting love for perishing souls, and Christ is formed within, the hope of glory. {SpTA03 53.1} May 7, 1895. Observance of the Sabbath.

Here is the link for the comparison. It makes it very easy to see the work done. All this is in perfect harmony with what came out in the 1919 Bible Conference in a comment by, none other than A. G. Daniels, and published in a research paper by the church.

Daniells expressed his opinion that holding to a verbal inspiration concept of the Testimonies was illogical “because everybody who has ever seen the work done knows better, and we might as well dismiss it.” p. 9, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].

We have commented on this before, click here for post, and while you are in there you might as well read some of the comments about that paper. But today’s post shows exactly the truth that, “everybody who has ever seen the work done knows” that it’s not inspired.

And we here at could not agree more.

If you are a church member reading this, I hope you get angry about what you have just read. Remember, the only thing I have done is show you what you have in the books on your shelf. It’s right in front of your face. Maybe your anger will prompt you to write. Maybe it will create an interest in you for the truth. Maybe you will ASK, ask, seek, knock, until you get an answer, find, and a door opens.

God Bless your Study

Wednesday June 27, 2012

Inspiration. It has been debated and dissected ad nauseam. This was the whole purpose of the 1919 Bible Conference, to move the church away from a correct understanding of the term, “inspiration.” But the only reason for that is because people are not willing to accept what God has said. They are not converted.

I am reading around, surfing my books, and found this tidbit buried in a story.

The scene of Christ’s temptation was to be a lesson for all his followers. When the enemies of Christ, by the instigation of Satan, request them to show some miracle, they should answer them as meekly as the Son of God answered Satan, “It is written, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” If they will not be convinced by inspired testimony, a manifestation of God’s power would not benefit them. God’s wondrous works are not manifested to gratify the curiosity of any. Christ, the Son of God, refused to give Satan any proof of his power. He made no effort to remove Satan’s “if,” by showing a miracle. The disciples of Christ will be brought into similar positions. Unbelievers will require them to do some miracle, if they believe God’s special power is in the church, and that they are the chosen people of God. Unbelievers, who are afflicted with infirmities, will require them to work a miracle upon them, if God is with them. Christ’s followers should imitate the example of their Lord. Jesus, with his divine power, did not do any mighty works for Satan’s diversion. Neither can the servants of Christ. They should refer the unbelieving to the written, inspired testimony for evidence of their being the loyal people of God, and heirs of salvation. p. 150, Para. 2, [4SGa].

The immediate question in my mind was about the terms here used. Clearly, the Bible is being referenced. If so, why not just say “Bible?” Because God is teaching his people with the Testimonies. By referring to the Bible as “inspired testimony” God has given us his own definition of that term.

This is exactly what is going on in the KJV Bible. God is teaching all who will listen. But many are not interested in this, Greek and Hebrew must have a better answer. No so.

 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. 2 Peter 1:21

God tells us here, what that really means.

   The scribes of God wrote as they were dictated by the Holy Spirit, having no control of the work themselves. No. 26, page 5.

Many there are who do not want to believe this. Why? Because Ellen was a scribe of God.

God Bless your Study

Sunday April 22, 2012

We have now posted the 1919 Bible Conference in it’s entirety.

It is on the Articles page, No. 15, at the very botttom.

Also we have finished all corrections with the Crosier article.

On the “Free, Download Original Books” page, there is a section just for Crosier’s article. The link to his article is the corrected version.

Below that is the link to the comparison between the original, photocopied edition, and the digital edition, discovered to have some changes. At first glance, they don’t seem to be that important, but around here, we don’t like changes. In the books anyway.

We do not know who created the first digital copy.

In another item: We have been blessed to have received another copy of “A Word to the Little Flock.” In the introduction it states, “The following twenty-four pages are an exact word-for-word reproduction from a photo-engraved copy of the original 1847 print….”

And now, having checked, both the one the church has released and this one are the same. Which is a good thing to know.

Progress on “Beginning & End” is continuing. It was stalled a bit for the correcting of the Crosier article. Also, we have been examining the Gold Letter Texts and have discovered some very good information in there. I suggest you take another look at those texts.

God is blessing the work to vindicate the authenticated, original Spirit of Prophecy materials. It is an incredible privilege to have and study the pure truth. It makes clear the path for God’s people. It certainly must be a part of that light of the Midnight Cry, which shines all along the path to the city. This means to the very end of all things! Praise his wonderful name!

God Bless your Study

Wednesday April 18, 2012

Continuing with the 1919 Bible Conference comments, final portion.

CONCLUSION p. 58, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].

The drum of compromise is loud and long, beat in these next few lines, but don’t you believe it! “I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal.” Romans 11:4

  F. M. Wilcox enunciated a relevant truth in 1915. That truth had perhaps an even greater pertinence in 1928 when he again expressed it: p. 58, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

     Some in the church of God, today as in every age, are inclined to be too fast. Others are inclined to be too slow. God in his providence links the impulsive Peter with those who are more staid and conservative. In the providence of God there are found in the Seventh-day Adventist Church today these varying natures and elements…. God permits these various temperaments to be associated in order that each may learn from the other, that the lack of one may be supplied by the abundance of the other. [112] p. 58, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].

     W. W. Prescott, whom many placed in the “too fast” category, observed at the Bible Conference: p. 58, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

     Truth and error lie right close, side by side,

He stated a truth. But like the counterfeit, truth comes first; it is the rejection of truth that takes us into error. Present Truth, pure and clean, from the throne of God, was a wall of light surrounding God’s true church in the beginning of this faith. It is the rejection of that truth that caused the light of the Midnight Cry to go dark, the darkness of error.

    and the reason why error comes up so near is to make us afraid of the truth. Now when error makes us afraid of the truth we back off from the truth and lose it. Now if we can have wisdom enough to have the full benefit of the truth and not swing off over into the error, we are in advance of our position. [113] p. 58, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].  

Man’s only hope is in cherishing the truth, the faith once delivered to the saints. It is the faith of the church of Philadelphia, not Laodicea, that will see us through; for Laodicea never opens the door.

     The consequences of individuals searching for truth relative to the inspiration of the spirit of prophecy without the benefit of the perspectives of the denominational community might be seen in the cases of A. T. Jones, J. H. Kellogg, E. J. Waggoner, A. F. Ballenger, L. R. Conradi, W. A. Colcord, and others. It is tragically relevant that all those mentioned answered the basic question posed by C. L. Benson at the Bible Conference by deciding that the spirit of prophecy could be divided into “inspired” and “uninspired” portions. It seems relevant that, in most cases, those who began to make such determinations eventually lost confidence in the spirit of prophecy. It also seems relevant that the apostasies sprang from both viewpoints relative to the inspiration of the spirit of prophecy. p. 58, Para. 6, [1919BIBL].  

Bert is here pleading the case of the church being the only one in the light of truth, but this is not right. There can only be one truth, one way to Heaven, one Lord, one Master. In spite of the fact that these men lived through and saw the beginning of the counterfeit, they had a duty to defend the original when deviation from it, raised it’s ugly head. And only those who did defend the original as being what it was, God’s communications to man, were in the right; no matter who or how many were on the many different sides.

     Is it not possible that a fruitful dialogue between the two major positions could have answered the Benson question differently than did Jones and Conradi? The “pioneer position” urged that the writings could not be divided into “inspired” and “uninspired” sections, but seemed to have no real means of dealing with apparent discrepancies.

From our vantage point of the then distant future, it seems Ellen should have been called to a public meeting, the discrepancies presented for her personal answer. But, let us remember, No. 20, pages 42-49, God was clearly in the process of removing the original Testimonies from the GCSDA church; because they had rejected them.

    The “new view” position, with its emphasis upon context, offered a means of explaining those apparent discrepancies. Each side seemed to have additional concepts that could have been useful to the other. Sufficient opportunity for a dialogue seemed to be present. Such a dialogue might have refuted the dire prophecy made by J. S. Washburn in 1931: p. 58, Para. 7, [1919BIBL].  

     “I do not think the old guard will die now and I am sure it will never surrender, never cease to stand where it has stood for years in this message…. They may seem to be in the minority. They may seem to lack the official standing of those modernists who do not dare to go as far as L. R. Conradi — that is openly and apparently — and may even sign his condemnation papers, but in heart are far down the same road, and agree with his fundamentals, and are heading fast to his ultimate theological destination. Nevertheless the truth must win an eternal victory. Let the issue come, and the sooner the better. There is no compromise or modification or any possibility of fusion of these elements. Between them is an ever widening distance.” [114] p. 59, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].

And how wide that distance is today. With each passing year, fewer and fewer are the voices willing to raise the alarm. We see the Shaking, documented in this paper. Every word of the 1858 Great Controversy, in the chapter titled “The Shaking,” has, is and will be fulfilled to the very letter, for God is the author. It’s view now spans 162 years and three months, and no part of it has fallen to the ground.

God’s word lives. It is timeless. The 1885 Great Controversy is not an addition to the Bible; no, it points us to the correct understanding of the Bible, and an embracing of it’s light causes us to become rooted and grounded in the faith once delivered to the saints. God be praised.

God Bless your study

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Continuing the 1919 Bible Conference comments.

 W. C. White considered two other questions of even greater importance, however. He wrote Daniells in March of 1910: p. 55, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

     “I have told some of our brethren that I thought there were two questions connected with this [“daily”] matter that were of more importance than the decision which shall be made as to which is most nearly correct, the old or the new view regarding the “daily.” The first is, How shall we deal with one another when there is difference of opinion? Second, How shall we deal with Mother’s writings in our effort to settle doctrinal questions?” p. 55, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].  

     White hoped that a meeting between the main disputants on the “daily” might resolve not only the “daily” question, but also work toward resolving the larger questions. [107] p. 56, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

     Although the meeting proposed by White never occurred, two significant testimonies were sent four months after his proposal to the central figures in the debate: Butler, Loughborough, Haskell, Smith, Gilbert, Prescott, and Daniells. Mrs. White requested that her writings “not be used as the leading argument to settle questions over which there is now so much controversy.” In noting that she had no specific instruction from the Lord on the “point under discussion,” she again urged that her writings not be used in the debate.

I find these lies just ridiculous. No. 20, pages 42-49, specifically state exactly the opposite. Especially is this true regarding the subject at hand, for God has already made the meaning very clear, in The Present Truth, No.11, p. 86. It is the explicit purpose of the testimony of Jesus to bring a clear understanding of the Bible to his church. What we have here are rebellious Israel, fighting against God. These agents of Satan would ruin the unwary. Study, study, study, “to show thyself approved unto God.”

    The testimony, dated July 31, 1910, was significantly entitled “Our Attitude Toward Doctrinal Controversy.” Since Mrs. White ordinarily placed no titles upon testimonies, it seems quite possible that W. C. White placed that significant title on the testimony.

How convenient; a testimony with just the right title. I believe Bert got this one right; at least about the title, Willie did it. It looks like the name of the author was wrong, Ellen wrote much more consistently, Willie should have had a stamp with his signature on it.

    The same testimony urged that “important books that have been in print for years” and that had been influential in bringing others into the church, should not be discredited over relatively minor matters. Questions of correction and revision should be referred to those ordinarily in charge of such matters. [108] p. 56, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

We have a perfect example, here, of a created testimony used to back up and support a W. C. White opinion and counsel. And the last sentence endorsing his position as chief of “corrections and revisions.”

     The second testimony, dated August 3, 1910, contained the following relevant statement: p. 56, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

     “We must blend together in the bonds of Christlike unity; then our labors will not be in vain. Draw in even cords, and let no contentions be brought in. Reveal the unifying power of truth, and this will make a powerful impression on human minds. In unity there is strength.” p. 56, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

What is implied is that one must be in harmony with the church leadership, or else! And make no mistake, that “or else” was made use of. When M. L. Andreasen published his “Letters to the Churches,” the GCSDA leadership cut off his retirement. But in God’s providence, worldly powers stepped in and the funds were restored. This is serious business to deal with the wicked in the church.

     This counsel, unfortunately was not applied in the controversy over the “daily.” [109] p. 56, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].  

     It seems apparent that W. C. White during the controversy over the “daily” hoped to find some way of harmonizing the divergent positions. Indeed, he believed that the consequences of a failure could be disastrous to the influence of the spirit of prophecy writings. He urged his brothers: p. 56, Para. 6, [1919BIBL].

More posturing, trying to appear to protect the SOP, while at the same time destroying it in the creating of the counterfeit.

     “Let us avoid taking such a position as to encourage men in urging upon their brethren personal views of the meaning of certain passages in the Testimonies in a way to cast censure and reproach upon their brethren who do not fully agree with them, and in a way that seems to obstruct the search for truth.” p. 57, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

     “If we fail to stand firmly for correct principles, we may soon be plunged into a condition of things wherein many earnest and radical minds will feel free to select a passage here and a passage there from the Testimonies, and without proper regard to the context and to the teaching of the Bible and other passages in the Testimonies, proceed to teach a mixture of truth and error that is unprofitable to the truth.” p. 57, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

     “Let us avoid giving sanction to any man, or group of men, who take a disputed passage in the Testimonies, and putting their view of what it means in the strongest possible light, say that “persons of influence in the denomination” who do not agree with them, “contend that it does not mean what it says,” and that their view squarely contradicts the spirit of prophecy. Surely we can not give our approval to such methods of dealing with the Testimonies, and with the brethren.” p. 57, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

Notice the “air time” given to the views that agree with the church’s position. It’s clear Bert has an agenda to work from.

     White deeply regretted that O. A. Johnson, L. A. Smith, Haskell and Gilbert were engaged so actively in “promulgating the doctrine that confidence in the Testimonies must rise or fall, according to the belief of our brethren in the old or the new “view” of the “daily.” [110] p. 57, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

This paragraph tells the tale. Here is Willie’s true position. Something in Willie just hated the original Spirit of Prophecy. There had to have been some idol sin he was cherishing; something gave Satan all the foothold he needed, and Willie was his willing servant. “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?” Romans 6:16

     White made several unsuccessful attempts to have a “brotherly meeting” to deal with the questions. He observed to J. S. Washburn that he believed God permitted such differences to occur to enable a more thorough investigation of truth, and that if such occurred “and if we treat our brethren in Christ’s own way, we shall get great good where the enemy hoped to bring in bitterness and division.” White, unfortunately, had to inform Stephen Haskell in late 1910: p. 57, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].  

     “To this, as to former appeals for our brethren to get together for study and prayer over this matter, there was no favorable response, and the controversy although less open than formerly, has gone steadily forward.” [111] p. 57, Para. 6, [1919BIBL].

Not being acknowledged here, is the response of a like spirit of rebellion against a like spirit of rebellion. Willie would certainly deny this, as would church leadership, even today; but it is nevertheless true, for we have the evidence; first in the letter, Ellen Dreams of James, other things as well, and now, notably, this paper.

     “One might inquire whether we still live in the shadow of the ‘daily.'” p. 57, Para. 7, [1919BIBL].

No contest there! The church has left the strait and narrow path to the city, long ago. About the only work left, is to rescue the few honest in heart, the Rahabs, found trembling at the gates.

God Bless your Study

Monday April 16, 2012

Continuing the 1919 Bible Conference comments.

    He arrived at this support of the “new view” because of his belief that an understanding of the contextual background of the statement was overwhelmingly vital to understanding it. He believed that that principle should generally be applied to his mother’s writings. White considered it relevant that his mother had written much concerning the importance to the Advent movement, of the 2300-year prophecy, while the nature of the “daily” itself was “wholly ignored” in all her writings “except in this one sentence of 35 words, found in the midst of the argument that ‘time has not been a test since 1844 and it will never again be a test.'” The context to the statement found in Early Writings to White seemed to involve the entire article in which the statement was originally written, the entire article in which the statement was originally written, the entire scope of the Ellen White writings on the subject, and the historical background to the original writing. [101] p. 53, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

Willie learned to think this way in college. It would be important to understand what E. A. Sutherland had to say, and why he published the book, “Studies in Christian Education.” The Catholic Jesuit order was instituted for the express purpose of counteracting the influence of the Protestant Reformation in education. That sentence should burn deeply into your mind.

Because of the departure of the GCSDA church from walking in the light of the Midnight Cry, they are off the path to the city, and can not find their way back onto that path; nor do they want to. They have embraced the Jesuit system of education, and thereby, the Jesuit method of thinking. Willie is here demonstrating that very method of thinking. It is a method of rebellion against God. I highly recommend you own a copy of that book, the original version, for this book has been counterfeited also, and read it.

     White initially conceived of the study of the “daily” as a special opportunity to make a thorough study of Biblical and historical sources and eventually gain a clear understanding of the truth of the prophecy of Daniel 8. He concluded that such seemed to be God’s will since the Lord had not chosen to settle the question through a revelation to Mrs. White.

Look at this bald-faced lie!!! This is the importance of knowing the truth. Truth will not set you free unless you know it. So few ever study these things, fewer go on to research the facts. Back up just a bit and re-read the passage in question. It is so clear and plain a child could follow the instruction. But rebellious man, no way! Groping about in total darkness and gross deception, “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” 2 Tim. 3:7

    He seemed confirmed in that position as a wealth of historical evidence began to be uncovered that related to the broad prophetic periods of Daniel. He was likewise convinced because of the strengthening of the positions relative to the papacy. [102] p. 54, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

I wonder if Bert is here referring to how much stronger the SDA’s position is to the church of Rome???….

     Although White saw positive gains that could be achieved by a search for new light on the “daily,” much as had occurred during the searching for truth encouraged by Mrs. White during the 1888 to 1890 period, he also made comparisons to that earlier period that had negative implications. White noted that during that period most believers were not so concerned with the supposed detrimental effect a change of position would have on the denominational influence. White also recalled: p. 54, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

     “They did not regard the new doctrine itself as of such serious importance, but they believed that the old positions had been sanctioned by the Testimonies, and to make a change would unsettle the confidence of our people everywhere in the Testimonies; and this they regarded as the most serious feature of the whole question.” [103] p. 54, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].
   While W. C. White tried to maintain objectivity relative to the “pioneer view,” he clearly considered those representing that position as the primary aggressors in the debate.

Obadiah 1:1, “Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle.” And so it was, as it has always been. Only a few seek out the truth for the purpose of being obedient to it. No wonder it’s only 144,000.

    He objected to attempts to prevent publication of Conradi’s book on Daniel in the Danish-Norwegian and in the United States, he opposed circulating of the O. A. Johnson and L. A. Smith pamphlets at the 1909 GC session, and he opposed the methods used in discrediting the views held by those supporting the “new view.” He noted: p. 54, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

     “Some are so anxious that they keep passing their questions and misgivings on to Mother, and many of these questions are like a snake that has swallowed a rabbit, it bulges out with a great complaint or accusation. The complaints and accusations that have been poured in upon Mother have many of them been presented in such an (sic) one-sided way that “if it were possible” they were ‘deceive the very elect.'” [104] p. 55, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

Satan’s agents are often throwing the accusations on others, of which they themselves are guilty. Willie and company has literally deceived a whole church. I believe that the counterfeit SOP is that “strong delusion” which causes the whole church to believe a lie; simply because they will not receive a “love of the truth, that they might be saved,” because they “had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

     After the issuance of the L. A. Smith pamphlet that seemed so strongly to discredit the holders of the “new view,” W. C. White believed that the Daniells-Prescott response was appropriate. The General Conference officials had been discredited in terms of their influence and their attitudes toward the spirit of prophecy had been seriously questioned. It seemed as though there was no alternative but to respond. White maintained that attitude until a testimony urging silence on the subject of the “daily” reversed his opinion. [105] p. 55, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

I can only surmise that Willie grew tired of the debate and issued a “cease and desist” order in the form of a testimony. Or, perhaps he had other goals.

     As White analyzed the debate on the “daily” he, as others, looked beyond the theological dispute itself, and hope that the debate might afford opportunity to resolve certain larger questions. One such question involved the continued circulation of Daniel and Revelation. Even though White was convinced that the historical sources that were uncovered as a consequence of the investigations over the “daily” refuted certain of the teachings in that book, he still favored what he termed a “literal, open door policy,” relative to its circulation. He believed that a book “so valuable in most of its features” should continue to be circulated ‘until something better should take its place.’ Conversely, he likewise favored the circulation of Conradi’s book, although it took a completely different position on the “daily.” [106] p. 55, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

This is the first time I have found that Willie actually endorsed Uriah’s book. (I have lots of reading to do myself!) I consider this to be further evidence of a bond between the two. The first evidence was the publication of the 1884GC with the error of the partial resurrection of the wicked, in complete rebellion of plain biblical instruction; Revelation 20:5.

God Bless your Study

Sunday April 15, 2012

Continuing the 1919 Bible Conference comments.

     In the statements relating to the 1911 revision of Great Controversy, neither Ellen White nor her son considered the revisions in the same light as did Prescott. Mrs. White stated: p. 52, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].  

     “When I learned that Great Controversy must be reset, I determined that we would have everything closely examined, to see if the truths it contained were stated in the very best manner, to convince those not of our faith that the Lord had guided and sustained me in the writing of its pages.” p. 52, Para. 6, [1919BIBL].  

     “As a result of the thorough examination by our most experienced workers, some changing in the wording has been proposed. These changes I have careful examined, and approved.” p. 52, Para. 7, [1919BIBL].  

On our site,, we do a chapter by chapter comparison between the 1884GC, which, I believe,  Willie created in corrupt harmony with Uriah Smith, and the 1911GC, and show plainly that the 1911 was way far and away, more than a few word changes.

     In discussing the revision, W. C. White referred to word changes because of availability of more accurate translations of historical sources, usage of more recent sources necessitated by an inability to locate and thus verify sources previously used,

Let’s see here… humm… I am looking at our comparison, and in the 1884GC, on page 31, and in the 1911 it is page 29, and we have a change that directly contradicts what Willie has just stated. In the 1884GC Willie is quoting from Josephus, book 6, chapter 5, p. 582; this is the part about “A comet, resembling a flaming sword, for a year hung over the city.”

So Willie had to have had access to Josephus, otherwise he could not have found the information. But in the 1911GC he changed it to a quote from Milman, and the comet got left behind. So his excuse in this instance holds no water.

    changes of different expressions to avoid giving unnecessary offense. White noted, “In each of these places the more accurate form of expression has been duly considered and approved by the author.”

We are rather partial to our recent find of the very words of Willie, written in Ellen’s name, “Sister White is not the originator of these books.” We think the sentence exactly accurate, just as it reads; though in context Willie would have you believe otherwise. Speaking of which, here is the clear statement, right from the church. We quote.

“In the absence of direct instruction from Ellen White, or clues in the materials themselves, Miss Davis consulted carefully prepared harmonies of the Gospels, and as the work progressed made considerable use of S. J. Andrews’ “Life of Our Lord Upon the Earth,” which as noted on the title page took into account “Historical, Chronological, and Geographical Relations.”
“As the work [Desire of Ages] was thought to be nearing completion in 1896, Marian [Davis], working on the three general introductory chapters, “‘God With Us,” “The Chosen People,” and “The Fullness of the Time,’” sought the counsel of Herbert Lacey of the Avondale school on the arrangement of the paragraphs.” “The Australian Years,” page 385.

Just looking this over, it doesn’t look like Ellen is writing; no, it looks like Marian Davis is writing; which, of course, was part of the trouble in Willie’s team; i. e. Marian laying claim to authorship.

    In dealing with certain substantive changes, where certain statements in the original edition were strongly disputed by Roman Catholic scholars, W. C. White quoted his mother as follows: p. 52, Para. 8, [1919BIBL].  

     “What I have written regarding the arrogance and the assumptions of the papacy is true. Much historical evidence regarding these matters has been designedly destroyed; nevertheless, that the book may be of the greatest benefit to Catholics and others, and that needless controversies may be avoided, it is better to have all statements regarding the assumptions of the pope and the claims of the papacy stated so moderately as to be easily and clearly proved from accepted histories that are within the reach of our ministers and students.” [100] p. 53, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

I am sure readers of the Bible will be familiar with God, toning down testimonies he sent to people, because they might be offended. NOT! God never does this; only man is guilty of such things.

  One can gain some understanding of the deep involvement of W. C. White with the denominational debate on the “daily” by merely totaling the pages of his letters to some of the participants. He wrote his brother a 20-page letter in June of 1909. The next year Daniells, P. T. Magan, and Washburn received letters of 11, 23, and 36 pages respectively. White believed the statement, in Early Writings pertained to the prophetic periods relating to the “daily” rather than to the character of the “daily” itself.

Time to insert that passage. “Then I saw in relation to the “DAILY,” that the work “SACRIFICE” was supplied by man’s wisdom, and does not belong to the text; and that the Lord gave the correct view of it to those who gave the judgment hour cry. When union existed, before 1844, nearly all were united on the correct view of the “DAILY;” but since 1844, in the confusion, other views have been embraced, and darkness and confusion has followed.” The Present Truth, No. 11, page 86.

Now go back to the top of the paragraph and read Willie’s words again; it’s like a sick joke, he looks like a buffoon, when you put the passage from God next to what he is saying!

God Bless your study

Sabbath April 14, 2012

Continuing the 1919 Bible Conference comments.

    He also noted that Mrs. White, aware of her lack of education, admired the presentation of others of “the scenes which God had presented to her in vision.” He continued: p. 51, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

     “She found it both a pleasure and a convenience and an economy of time to use their language fully or in part in presenting those things which she knew through revelation and which she wished to pass on to her readers.” [97] p. 51, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

All through this document Willie is covering for his own acts; lying about his mother, Ellen, and generally leaving a pretty good paper trail. James in “Life Sketches,” 1880 edition, p. 328, tells us, it is unbelief that claims Ellen got information from other books, for what she wrote is not to be found in other books. I suggest you read that section. But, this is the source of the charges of plagiarism — W. C. White.

     White emphasized that his mother was not dependent upon historical research in writing the historical elements of her books. He stated: p. 51, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

     “Of this you may be sure because I know whereof I speak. Her use of the language of the historians was not for the sake of bringing into the book something that had not been revealed to her but was an effort to utilize in the best language she could find, the description of scenes presented to her.” p. 51, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

More of Willie trying to cover for his use of other historians works.

     Thus White believed that (1) the basic framework of the historical works was established by vision, (2) her study of the Bible and histories enabled Mrs. White to fill in certain details, (3) the revelations given Mrs. White enabled her “to select and appropriate that which was true and to discard that which was erroneous or doubtful.” [98] p. 51, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].  

   Although W. C. White recognized the fallibility of Mrs. White, even to the extent of her fallibility “in stating things revealed to her,” he seemed to studiously avoid stating that a specific published spirit of prophecy statement was in error.

Notice the work of the snake here. Speaking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time! Willie’s position of trying to create distance between himself and stating specifically that some quote was wrong, is a bit painfully obvious here; it has been mentioned several times.

    He no doubt feared that some might conclude that the statement in question was thus not to be taken as inspired. Concerning the conflicting statements published between 1864 and 1874 dealing with the question of whether God or Eve mentioned death as the consequence of merely touching the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, White stated: p. 51, Para. 6, [1919BIBL].  

     “It is reasonable to suppose that the statement found in the later writings gives the most correct expression to the views opened up to Sister White in vision. In her earliest writings there are found a few statements which indicate that the vision was imperfectly understood, or imperfectly described.” p. 52, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

We think it was the work of Uriah Smith, in 1874, with Willie covering for him, in this material Bert is quoting. Willie was born in 1854. He would have been only twenty at the time of the conflicting statement being published. I quite doubt Willie had that kind of input at that time. I think (opinion alert) a wide-eyed, wet behind the ears, Willie was enamored, wowed and wooed by Uriah, who was himself deceived by his own intelligence.

The statement, under consideration, was also published in Redemption No.2, and in the R&H February 24, 1874.  Which came first? We do not know. It seems evident that the Redemption series was a project that got sidelined. No. 2, with the error, was published in 1874, while No. 1 was not published until 1877; and the rest after that. Something is not right here.

I wonder if James was N/A for some reason in 1874; long enough that Uriah felt comfortable publishing his view in two places. Research is on-going, trying to make sense of some of this. Fortunately God has preserved the originals of enough publications that we can prove authentic what we study and make available. Praise his holy Name!

     Regarding the revision in Patriarchs and Prophets as to whether there were nine or seven generations living contemporaneously for hundreds of years, he noted: p. 52, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

     “At one time mother’s attention was called to the fact that there were nine generations contemporaneous, and many of the nine generations contemporaneous for hundreds of years, but not every one of the nine generations contemporaneous for so long a time. Then she instructed us to change the statement to seven. What circumstance led to the less accurate statement in the early editions of the book was never made known to me.” p. 52, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

     By using such terms as “most correct expression,” or “less accurate statement,” W. C. White seemed to purposely avoid the implications of the word “error.” [99] p. 52, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].

Notice how Willie puts it all on Ellen. It was Ellen’s attention that was called, not his; it was Ellen that ordered the correction, not him, &c.

God Bless your study

Friday April 13, 2012

Continuing the 1919 Bible Conference comments.

     F. M. Wilcox, in 1915, prepared a manuscript dealing with the spirit of prophecy. The manuscript, which was submitted to W. C. White for criticism, contained the observation, “Sister White has not been set in this church as a historian or as a theologian.” White observed that the statement was “undoubtedly true” in the technical usage of terms, but feared that the statement might create an erroneous impression. He suggested the following substitute: p. 50, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].

What Wilcox did here, was define the counterfeit, but knew not what he had done.

     “Sister White, as a teacher of sacred truth, has not been led to a technical treatment of theological questions, but has given such views of the love of God and the plan of salvation, and of man’s duty to God and to his fellow men, that when presented to the people, they arouse the conscience, and impress upon the hearer the saving truths of the Word of God. She says, “The written testimonies are not to give new light, but to impress vividly upon the heart the truths of inspiration already revealed.” p. 50, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].

Willie is misusing and misapplying the statement; plus, it has been altered from the original. Here is the passage in question. “The written testimonies are not to give new light; but to impress with vividness upon the heart the truths of inspiration already revealed.” No. 20, p. 44. While Willie was covering for his own work, with Ellen’s name attached, we would point out that God through Ellen was giving to his church the correct interpretations of difficult texts.

Yet in the face of that, many do not want to be led of God, notably Uriah Smith on the partial resurrection. The correct understanding of Daniel 12:2 is found in The Present Truth, No. 11, p. 86; and the 1851 Christian Experience and Views, p. 34.

     “In the technical sense of the word, Sister White is not a historian. She has not been a systematic student of history and chronology, and she has never intended that her works should be used to settle controversies over historical dates. But as one who relates history, one ‘in whose work the character and spirit of an age is exhibited in miniature,’ she is a historian whose works teach valuable lessons from the past for the present and the future.” p. 50, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

     White had reacted similarly several years earlier when a writer for Southern Watchman used Great Controversy as evidence to prove certain historical questions. W. C. White noted that Mrs. White objected to the use of her writings as authority “regarding the details of history or historical dates.” [96] p. 50, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].  

Willie well knew he had made some mistakes in the Great Controversy that were being closely examined by others. His creation of the 1884GC was something of a disaster, which is why a major re-write was required; something that never was required of the authentic Spirit of Prophecy.

     On the question of Mrs. White’s use of historians, W. C. White asserted: p. 50, Para. 6, [1919BIBL].  

     “I have overwhelming evidence and conviction that [the writings] are the description and delineation of what God has revealed to her in vision, and where she has followed the description of historians or the exposition of Adventist writers, I believe that God has given her discernment to use that which is correct and in harmony with truth regarding all matters essential to salvation. If it should be found by faithful study that she has followed some expositions of prophecy which in some detail regarding dates we cannot harmonize with our understanding of secular history, it does not influence my confidence in her writings as a whole any more than my confidence in the Bible is influenced by the fact that I cannot harmonize many of the statements regarding chronology.” p. 50, Para. 7, [1919BIBL].

Willie is describing his Ellen’s work. He would have all understand that (s)he did the very best job possible. Tongue in cheek there. Willie is speaking out of the abundance of his heart.

     White noted that the visions given Mrs. White concerning historical events usually contained no geographical or chronological setting. Not only did she obtain that perspective by reading historical works, but in so doing, said White, “there was brought vividly to her mind scenes presented clearly in vision, but which were through the lapse of years and her strenuous ministry, dimmed in her memory.”

This is an outright lie. Here is the truth. “And here I would state that although I am as dependent upon the Spirit of the Lord in writing my views as I am in receiving them, yet the words I employ in describing what I have seen are my own, unless they be those spoken to be by an angel, which I always enclose in marks of quotation.” R&H, October 8, 1867.

Now — the church generally has gotten a lot of mileage out of the last half of that passage. So, let’s take a look at something. Here is Paul saying that he is using his own words. “I speak not by commandment, …” 2 Corinthians 8:8. Paul only thought he was speaking on his own. Here is the truth. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 2 Timothy 3:16.

And here is the correct understanding of inspiration. “The scribes of God wrote as they were dictated by the Holy Spirit, having no control of the work themselves.” No. 26, p. 5. Real inspiration means that neither Ellen, or Paul, nor any other of God’s servants, could tell, in themselves, when they were being controlled by the Holy Spirit. This is so, because that servant was so in tune with God.

God Bless your study

Thursday April 12, 2012

Continuing the 1919 Bible Conference comments.

    In relating to questions concerning the spirit of prophecy and health reform, W. C. White consistently outlined the progressive experience of Mrs. White and the denomination and referred to the historical circumstances that related to the counsel given. Indeed, he applied this likewise to other areas. He wrote the following to F. M. Wilcox in 1921: p. 48, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

What is not being said here, is this: “God just didn’t know the future, so Ellen had to change what was written, and that is why the early visions contradict the later visions.” This is the lie of Satan so often repeated in this document. “God does change,” is the lie. Don’t you believe it for a second! Our God is the great Creator of the whole heavens and the earth and every other planet out there. But here, vain, arrogant and proud man has decided to follow Satan and reject God; and cloak it all behind a smile and words to deceive.

     “You will remember that [Mrs. White] has been very emphatic in her condemnation of drugs, and when pressed for a definition as to what constituted drugs, she has said, “Poisonous drugs.”

We have not said too much on this site,, about drugs. But here, Willie is promoting them, ah…, in the hands of competent doctors, you understand…. Well, let’s put up a fact here. Fact: the drugs of today, are so much more poisonous than the drugs of yesteryear, arsenic, &c., that when the killing power of the two are compared, it takes several times more of the old drugs to kill, than the new drugs. And it is for this very reason that they are not safe and are greatly regulated and controlled; they ARE poisonous.

And, the warning is not from Ellen, she is just the messenger, delivering a message from God.

    Mother has been emphatic in her condemnation of fiction, and when pressed to define what she referred to as fiction, she has always spoken of those works of fiction which lead the mind away from God. With these things in mind, I suppose we may understand her condemnation of fiction to refer to those works of fiction which lead the mind away from heavenly things. When we read what she has written about drugs, we may consider it as applying to poisonous drugs. When we read her condemnation of cheese, we may consider it as applying to unhealthful cheese. If there is any purely, strictly, and unmistakably healthful cheese, it may not come under this condemnation…. It seems to me that the food analysts and the doctors ought to lend a hand, if we are to attach some qualifying phrases to mother’s condemnation of cheese.” [93] p. 48, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].

Vain man is here putting a question mark after what God has placed a period. No cheese has any fiber in it at all. Just based on that point alone, cheese is not good food. White flour has all the fiber removed; white flour is not good food. There are a very great many items “the food analysts and the doctors” consider safe to eat, that are put into items called “food” today, but in this is the subtle workings of Satan the destroyer.

The mind is the great battlefield between Christ and Satan. The great object of health reform is to preserve the fine nerves of the brain to make possible clear spiritual thinking. Without fiber in the diet, the colon quickly creates pockets between the muscle strands designed to move digested food through the system. These pockets collect and hold matter that then decomposes, becomes poisonous and poisons the entire system. A great many people have no idea or experience about what real health feels like. They live their entire lives in a poisoned state.

     Perhaps W. C. White’s most detailed response to a question relating to health reform principles was given to a Loma Linda student who was preparing a paper on the consistency of the teachings in the testimonies on health reform. White noted that some considered the statements in Volume 3, p. 21, to be out of harmony with Volume 9 relative to the questions of butter, milk and eggs. White pointed out: p. 49, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].  

Do you know what the chicken ate that laid the egg you are eating? Probably ninety percent of the population in America do not know what a healthy egg looks like in the frying pan. Today they are called “premium” eggs by the professional culinary industry; largely, when the Testimony was published, 1870, this was about the only egg available.

     “That which mother wrote in Testimonies, Volume 9 was intended by her to present to the people the best light she had on the subject, after many years of experience and many years of study of the warnings which the Lord had given to her in the earlier years of her experience in the health reform.” p. 49, Para. 2, [1919BIBL].  

Willie is saying that Ellen’s visions did not come from God, but some other source. Those visions could not be counted on, so, Ellen, in order to promote health reform was forced to depend on man’s expert advise. (!?!)

Willie was between a rock and a hard place because of his tampering with the Spirit of Prophecy. He did the best he could, but his work shows the hand of man and not God. Thus, we call these writings, “the counterfeit” SOP.

 He emphasized such considerations in the early period as having to “choose the lesser of two evils,” lack of sterilization techniques, non-examination of cattle for tuberculosis: “Therefore there existed in the milk and in the butter of those days much tuberculosis which was greatly endangering the health of the people who ate it.” Under the circumstances of those days, Mrs. White, on occasion, recommended the use of meat to those having particular problems. p. 49, Para. 3, [1919BIBL].  

     White noted: p. 49, Para. 4, [1919BIBL].  

     “In the later years, since our leading physicians have so fully studied this matter and so fully developed a system of diet that is a perfect substitute for meats, mother has never advised the use of meat, even though she was urged to do so by persons of large influence and of large information regarding medical affairs.” [94] p. 49, Para. 5, [1919BIBL].

Again, Willie is here claiming that God’s prophet is getting her information from man, not God. “Our leading physicians” is not an excuse for changing the Testimonies, but to him it was. Willie was in total darkness. God is the one who does not change. He does not need to change. “God is light and in him is no darkness at all.” Every word God speaks is truth. Every word God’s prophet speaks at his command is truth. The authenticated Spirit of Prophecy is truth, perfect in it’s harmony with all it’s parts, there is none of this confusion of place and time, and explaining this and that, needed. It is a complete whole. Beautiful.

It is the counterfeit that is ugly.

     White explained the historical context to the statement in Volume 3, p. 21: “We bear positive testimony against … butter.” Compounding the problem of tuberculosis germs in butter, Adventists, in their efforts to avoid lard and other fats, turned to the use of butter and sugar and, in avoiding meats, adopted the practice of having from three to seven fried foods at a meal. Mrs. White received a vision concerning these practices and she “bore a positive testimony against … butter.” White considered the statement as “a historical statement regarding the testimony which she was bearing in the churches east and west.” He continued: p. 49, Para. 6, [1919BIBL].  

     “Still later on, when conscientious physicians testified that after very faithful investigation, and study, they had become satisfied that sterilized butter was a better fat for many people than any of the vegetable oils, mother accepted their work and their testimony, and did her best to present in her later writings the clearest and best light she had upon the subject. Personally, I feel free to walk in the light of these later counsels.” [95] p. 50, Para. 1, [1919BIBL].

Here is proof that man is foolish in his attempts to supplant God. This last paragraph tells the tale. All the great and wise “conscientious physicians” of the world and all their vaunted wisdom and learning “testified that after very faithful investigation,” that they know better than God.!?!?   Now, in 2012, it is fairly common knowledge that vegetable oils are far better than animal fat. But Willie would have us believe that Ellen “accepted their work and their testimony” in the place of God’s word.

The problem here is one. Either Ellen was God’s prophet, or, she was not.

God Bless you study