Sabbath ~ March 25, 2017

The Conference Call for today at 1:00pm, west coast time, is canceled for health reasons.

Please plan on joining us Sabbath, April 8, 2017, for the next Conference Call.

Tuesday ~ March 7, 2017

       Did you miss this post on Tuesday? I’ll tell you why. I’m just now, Thursday ~ March 9, 2017, 6:17 PM, sitting at my desk writing this post.
Verne Bates died this past Tuesday ~ March 7, 2017, at 87 years of age.
       In our little community of believers, Verne is known for making available the all important books of the authentic Spirit of Prophecy.
       Verne told me how it came about. He was at some meeting and speaking on the truth, as taught in the original publication of the Testimonies, and a young man stood up and said, “Yeah, you can teach that, because you have the books, we don’t and can’t get them!”
That got him thinking, and Echoes From The Past was born.
       It was about eleven years ago that I attended a professing historic SDA church, and a woman sitting across the table from me gave me this referral. “Art, I don’t know what it is, the changes are not that great, but you just get a different feeling when you read the original books.” Now, I know why that is. It’s because God’s special blessing is upon his true word and not the changed.
So now Verne sleeps.
       What if Christ comes this year? Have you lost faith in the immediate second coming? We are in the patient, waiting, watching, time. Are you?
       Not one of us knows when we will die. We must all be ready, perfect, without spot, for when the resurrection happens there will be no time to do any character perfecting. You will rise at the call from the grave into the air, there to meet your Saviour. All perfecting must be done now, today. Or, you will rise at the call still within gravity’s grip.
       Now the door is open. You will be accepted if you only walk in God’s appointed way. This is the strait and narrow gate, and few there be that find it. But you have found it. That is why you are here. Examine yourself. Make sure you are ready.
       Then, if WE ALL are faithful, we shall see Verne; but, the faithless, the fearful, the unbelieving, the disobedient, the impatient, those who did not watch, will have a part in the lake of fire, to be punished for  hidden sins we thought we might “forget” and they would be forgotten forgiven. But this is not so. A just and righteous judge is making decisions.
Take the time out of your life to make sure you are ready.
Covenant with me,

to meet under the tree,

in seven or more,

if not before.

God Bless your Study