Wednesday ~ August 31, 2016

(The following has been edited to include the time as I forgot to add that this morning)

Good News!

Beginning September 10, 2016 there is planned, in God’s providence, a conference call on the 2nd and 4th Sabbath of every month at 1:00pm West Coast time. We will be covering the many topics of the true Advent Seventh-day Keepers, or, as James called it some 135 years ago, Advent Sabbath Keepers.

Just this morning I was reading John 14:28 and came across the phrase, “for my Father is greater than I” and I had to go look it up. Off to the official SDA website and found this phrase as written, apparently by one Jo Ann Davidson, who writes this lie. “The three divine persons are equal but not identical.”

As Advent Seventh-day Keepers we want to be in harmony with the truth, not something taught by man. We are in the last days and I believe we are a few short months away from Sunday being made a test by the two-horned beast. It seems to me that Christ should come on the calendared Day of Atonement as he went into the Most Holy on that very day in October 22, 1844.

Come join us as we cover many important topics that have a direct bearing on the choices you make today.

Format will be a short presentation with a Q&A session following.

Here is what you need to join.

Call: 1-712-770-8031 (long distance charges may apply)

The conference code you will need to enter is: 861111

You will then be placed in the conference call.
Your line will be muted until the Q&A session.

A recording will be available shortly after the conference has ended.


To repeat the important information:

Who: art @

What: A series of conference calls lecturing on the Advent Seventh-day Keepers faith, with a Q&A session.

When: On the 2nd and 4th Sabbath of each month at 1:00pm West Coast Time.

Where: Call: 1-712-770-8031 and enter this conference code: 861111

Why: To establish the true Advent faith, point out the real strait and narrow path we all must walk to be saved, and answer questions.

How: We are widely scattered; it is impossible for us to meet and fellowship as is our duty; God having provided the conference calling tool; we purpose to take advantage of it to help us all grow in faith in preparation for Christ’s coming.


God Bless your study

Friday ~ August 19, 2016

On this site we prove the existence of the counterfeit SOP. When we take the time to give this point some serious thought we are forced by facts to certain conclusions.


1.) The very existence of a counterfeit proves the existence of the authentic, the real.

2.) The counterfeit seeks to take the place of the authentic.

3.) Evil intent is behind the counterfeit.

4.) There are people with evil intent behind the counterfeit because it will not come into existence on it’s own, people must create it.

5.) Because it has been 135 years since the counterfeit was begun, and, just over 100 years since it generally stopped, the original people involved in it’s creation are dead and buried. This means that those who promote the counterfeit as being of value, are more or less deceived, assuming that they are not of that small group who actually know the facts.


With this train of thought as a backdrop against which to observe people professing this faith today, we see that it must take time to educate and inform and we must needs be as gentle with them as God was with us in leading us in the right path, that strait and narrow way.



Some exposed to the existence of the counterfeit SOP will let it be known that they are fully confident in their reading and study to be able to discern any error that might be present. And it is exactly at this point that we want to focus for a moment.

The error that might be is present is actually hidden by the fog of darkness created by their own pride.


Three items immediately come to mind;

1.) Satan has one-hundred times greater power to deceive now than when he deceived the angels in Heaven. No.23,p.103

2.) “As we near the close of time, the human mind is more readily affected by Satan’s devices.” R&H, February 18, 1862

And, as if that were not enough….

3.) Laodiceans universally think that they arerich in spiritual discernment, when they are blind, poor, and wretched. They are doing the work of Satan, and thinking they have a zeal for God.” No.23,p.12

WOW! Good luck with that!, cause luck is all you can count on.


Many are the voices of warning for SDAs. But, it my opinion, any true warning is going to incorporate the following:

1.) The correct definition of inspiration—meaning that God, not Ellen, is the true author of the real Spirit of Prophecy and it speaks ONLY truth. No.26,p.11

2.) Total rejection of the gross errors of the counterfeit SOP for what it is—the lies of Satan.

3.) A true, not fake, love of Christ, manifested by keeping his words, John 14:22-24, by actions.

4.) A humble conformity to present truth, as defined by the pioneers that were in all three messages and firm in all the present truth.
The Present Truth, No.11,p.86


God Bless your Study