Friday ~ December 4, 2015

On my part, I plan on gathering detailed data about the Naples Idaho area relative to existing parcels, size and location, zoning and land usage restrictions, and current ownership. The purpose is to discover two to four “ideal” locations that fit our needs for the establishment of the ASK Press.


In the beginning of any business it is very important to control costs. It is also very important in all that we do, to do it in a quality fashion. James states, I believe it is in the 1880 Life Sketches (mine is still packed in a box so this is from memory), “We have said it a hundred times that it is a discredit to S. D. Adventists to do a second class job at anything.”


In this neck of the woods there are many Mennonite believers. They have a reputation of doing excellent work. ASK believers (Advent Seventh-day Keepers) should do no less.


This applies to every part of the operation. Beginning with the planning, design, and all parts of the execution of that design. All should be done with God’s glory in mind.


Having been in the SDA church for fifty years, I have seen many schools, churches, miscellaneous buildings, &c., probably eighty percent of these exhibit the mindset that “God is coming soon, therefore we have no need to build in a quality fashion.” A small case in point. I remember walking the halls of one of the main buildings at Leoni Meadows in California, and the floor was soft, squishy, and squeaked. It was a terrible testimony from the builders.


Everything we do in this life is a preparation for eternity. Everything we do in this life is an expression of our then current character revealed in our acts. And that is why we need to do a first class job in all we do.


God Bless your study

Thursday ~ December 3, 2015

This is a short note to say that we will be setting up a mailing list. One of those all important items of advertizing. I think most people are rather to somewhat negative about advertizing and with good reason, however, advertizing is really just telling you about what we have. How that is done is where the problems come in.


So we do plan to advertize. To you. 😉 And let you know what we have to offer in the way of books.


Please send me your email that you would like to use for the purpose of getting our advertizing as we begin the establishment of the ASK Press.


(BTW, I rather like the ‘z’ instead of the ‘s’. Just so you know…)


Thank you!



Wednesday ~ December 2, 2015

Here are a few important passages about our subject. These are taken from Testimonies No. 1-11, a photocopy of one published ten years before James’ death, in 1871.


I will not be typing up every word, just enough to help you to find it.


“If we prove unfaithful in the management of what God lends us here, he will never give us the immortal inheritance. … Some who are aged are unwilling to make any settlement of their worldly business, and in an unexpected moment they sicken and die. Their children who have no interest in the truth, take the property. Satan has managed it as it suited him. … I saw the awful fact that Satan and his evil angels have had more to do with the management of the property of God’s professed people, than the Lord has. … And those who should be wise heirs of salvation almost willingly let their Lord’s money slip out of their hands into the enemy’s ranks. In this way they strengthen Satan’s kingdom, and seem to feel very easy about it.” No.5p.133-134


“The matters of the church should not be left in an unsettled condition. Steps should be taken to secure church property for the cause of God, that the work may not be retarded in its progress, and that the means which persons wish to dedicate to God’s cause, may not slip into the enemy’s ranks. I saw that God’s people should act wisely, and leave nothing undone on their part to place matter of the church in a secure state. Then after all is done that they can do, they should trust the Lord to overrule these things for them, that Satan take no advantage of God’s remnant people.” No.6p.149

“No name which we can take will be appropriate but that which expresses our faith, and marks us as a peculiar people. The name Seventh-day Adventist, is a standing rebuke to the Protestant world. Here is the line of distinction between the worshipers of God and those who worship the beast, and receive his mark. The great conflict is between the commandments of God and the requirements of the beast.” No.6p.168


That is enough for today. Earlier I chose the name Advent Sabbath-Keepers because that was what James’ used before the SDA name, and it is imperative that any such action avoid the names trademarked by the SDA corporation.


After some thought, the name Advent Seventh-day Keepers came to mind and I immediately bought a internet domain with that name. It is very close to what James used but it comes closer to God’s instruction to us, as stated above.


Many protestants believe they are keeping the Sabbath. The name Advent Seventh-day Keepers positively, unequivocally draws that “line of distinction” and in fact is a perfect fit to God’s instruction, in that it “expresses our faith, and marks us as a peculiar people” and it “is a standing rebuke to the Protestant world.”


It also keeps the acronym ASK, which I just happen to like. 😉


Going forward, I will be posting more often just not necessarily every day. I have a huge load of work to do to get into production of the books that are so important to the instruction of all.


God Bless your Study

Sabbath ~ November 28, 2015

The date above is when this post was started. A big part of the project I have been working on is complete. We are re-located to northern Idaho. Here is our current contact information.


Art at Sopvindicated
P. O. Box 370
Naples, Idaho 83847
Cell phone: 208-304-3870

One of the biggest reasons for the move is about the business environment. When begin to close down at the end, this location has the possibility of remaining a little more free a little longer.


Naples Idaho has excellent potential for the establishment of the ASK Press; and it is about that that I wish to address.


There is a great deal said in the authentic Spirit of Prophecy about unity among God’s people. And, we are to unite on present truth, not anything else. Here is the list of present truth as I currently understand it.


The 2300 days
The Sanctuary
The Commandments of God
The Faith of Jesus—Christ
The Sabbath question
The Testimony of Jesus—The Spirit of Prophecy
Man not Immortal

I will give references later, just not in this post.


Very many persons that God has used to promote the truth have gone to their grave, leaving their assets to their families that have no part in this faith. This is a sin against their own soul, perhaps never to be blotted out. There is much information given by God to the church on this matter.


I propose that interested believers leave off all strange and different beliefs, even from public discussion and come together spiritually on the platform of present truth as presented and endorsed by God in the words of the authentic Spirit of Prophecy.


A legal trust must hold the assets of the believers for the explicit purpose of ensuring that the assets that come into my hands are not allowed to pass into Satan’s control. The board of trustees must be composed of persons of experience who are dedicated to maintaining the purity of the text of every single bit of light God has been pleased to deliver into my stewardship and all that is given in the future.


I see vacant land being purchased, the ASK Press built, a few dedicated believers living locally and working as independent contractors, with the trust holding the assets for this prophesied second rise of this true Advent faith.


Who is on the Lord’s side?
Stand up and be counted!


We have very much work to be done.


God Bless your Study