Wednesday ~ August 5, 2015

A little update on activity on this side of the silver screen.

I am currently working on the re-write of the Advent Message Summary page. It is designed to correct the errors of that original message page which was written as a work in progress, under a constant stream of study, pressuring the early writing with a huge wave of corrections.

It has become larger than I expected at first. Later studies have revealed further details all of which are in perfect harmony with what the true pioneers understood to be present truth. This page may become the largest on the site; perhaps to remain so for some time.

As with the first writing, footnotes will be available by clicking on links that will have this appearance. [.1.] There will also be a back link for easy travel between the footnote and the article. Such footnotes are planned to be at the bottom of the page, but may end up on another page, to keep the page easy to load. We shall see what the end product looks like.

This writing should obtain a very wide circulation, as it goes into enough detail to properly support the reasons for each point of faith. It should become something of a handbook for our faith when presenting it to anyone with an SDA background. It is not designed for those who do not have an SDA background and may prove a stumbling block for such, because of the use made of the Spirit of Prophecy.

Also in the plan is the publishing of this in the form of a book. Many people still like hardcopy and we want to meet that need.

From this point, my purpose is to begin the process of covering the details of a plan for the establishment of the Advent Sabbath-Keepers Press, or ASK Press, for short. Posts will not be daily.

God Bless your Study