Thursday March 1, 2012

Part 8 of  12

      I saw that God had not changed. He was just as holy and pure, just as particular as ever he was. He changeth not! Those who profess to be the ministers of Jesus, should be men of experience and deep piety, and then at all times, and in all places they can shed a holy influence.
           I have seen that it was now time for the messengers to move out wherever there was an opening, and God would go before them and would open the hearts of some to hear. New places must be entered, and when new places are visited it would be well to go two and two, so as to hold up each others hands, wherever they can consistently, and not neglect other places. It was shown me like this. It would be well for two brethren to start together, and travel in company together to the darkest places, where there is much opposition, and where they need the most labor, and with united efforts and strong faith set the truth before those in darkness. And then if they could accomplish more, by visiting many places, to go separately, but often meet while on the tour to encourage each other by their faith, and thereby strengthen and hold up each others hands. Also, consult upon the places opened for them, and decide which of their gifts will be the most needed, and in what way they can have the most success, and reach the heart. And then as they separate again their courage and energy will be renewed to meet the opposition and darkness, and to labor with feeling hearts to save perishing souls.
           I saw that the servants of God should not go over and over the same field of labor, but should be searching out souls in new places. Those who are already established in the truth should not demand so much of their labor; for they ought to be able to stand alone, and strengthen others about them while the messengers of God are in the dark and lonely places setting the truth before those who are not now enlightened as to the present truth.


           On page 43 of Experience and Views, I stated that a cloud of glorious light covered the Father, and that his person could not be seen. I also stated that I saw the Father rise from the throne. The Father was enshrouded with a body of light and glory, so that his person could not be seen, yet I knew that it was the Father, and that from his person, emanated this light and glory. When I saw this body of light and glory rise from the throne, I knew that the Father moved, which was the cause of the body of light and glory rising, therefore said, I saw the Father rise. The glory, or excellency of his form, I never saw–no one could behold it; yet the body of light and glory that enshrouded his person, could be seen.

           I also stated that “satan appeared to be by the throne, trying to carry on the work of God.” I will give another sentence from the same page. “Then I turned to look at the company who were still bowed before the throne.” Now, this praying company was in this mortal state, on the earth, yet represented to me as bowed before the throne. I never had the idea that these individuals were actually in the New Jerusalem. Neither did I ever think that any mortal could suppose that I thought that satan was actually in the New Jerusalem.

           But did not John see the great red dragon in heaven? Certainly. “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns.” Revelation 12:3. Here seems to be as good a chance for ridicule, as that which some have taken in my views. What a monster to be in heaven!


           The Lord has shown me that great interest should be taken by Sabbath-keepers to keep up their meetings and make them interesting. There has been a lack of interest, and there is great necessity of more energy being manifested by the commandment-keepers in their meetings. All should have something to say for the Lord, and by so doing they would be blest. A book of remembrance is written of those who do not forsake the assembling of themselves together, and speak often one to another.

There is great value in assembling together. We have a duty to give our witness in testimony to encourage others on the strait and narrow path. Many are behind in this matter. All should come up to the help of the Lord. That is, helping to encourage a brother or sister in the way.

  The remnant are to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. Some expect to overcome alone by the blood of the Lamb, without making any special effort of their own. I saw that God had been merciful in giving us the power of speech. He had given us tongue and utterance, and we are accountable to him for it, and we should glorify God with our mouth, speaking in honor of his unbounded mercy, and of the truth, and overcome by the word of our testimony, through the blood of the Lamb.
            We should not come together to remain silent; those only are remembered of the Lord, who come together to honor and glorify him, to speak of his glory, and tell of his power; and upon such the blessing of God will rest, and they will be refreshed. If all moved as I saw they should, no precious time would run to waste, and no reproofs would be needed for long prayers

As a child I used to time the prayers of the two elders, who appeared to be competing with each other, on the length of the opening prayer. Pray around the world they would. I consider it a shame.

    and exhortations; for all the time would be occupied by short, sweet testimonies, and prayers to the point. Ask, believe and receive. There is too much mocking God, too much praying that is no praying, and that wearies angels and displeases God. Too many vain, unmeaning petitions.

I never really thought about it, but one day I listened to another long time SDA member praying. And he said the same things I was taught to say, “And bless the missionaries and colporteurs around the world.” Do you remember that phrase? If so, I might suggest you change your prayer, if you have not done so already.

God Bless your study

Wednesday February 29, 2012

Part 7 of  12

           I saw that they were in danger in the apostles’ days of being imposed upon and deceived by false teachers; and men were chosen by the brethren, or church, who had given good evidence that they were capable of ruling well their own house, and preserving order in their own families; men that could enlighten those who were in darkness. Inquiry was made of God concerning them, and then, according to the mind of the church, and the Holy Ghost, they were set apart by the laying on of hands. Having received their commission from God, and having the approbation of the church, they go forth baptizing in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and to administer the ordinances of the Lord’s house, often waiting upon the saints by presenting them the emblems of the broken body and spilt blood of the crucified Saviour, to keep fresh in the memory of God’s beloved children, his sufferings and death.
           I saw that we are no more secure from false teachers now than they were in the apostles’ days; and if we do no more, we should take as special measures as they did to secure the peace, harmony and union of the flock. We have their example, and should follow it. Brethren of experience, and of a sound mind, should assemble, and follow the word of God, and with fervent prayer, and by the sanction of the Spirit of God, should lay hands upon those who have given full proof that they have received their commission of God, and set them apart to devote themselves entirely to the work. And by this act show the approving voice of the church, in their going forth as messengers to carry the most solemn message ever given to men.
           God will not intrust the care of his precious flock to men whose minds and judgment have been weakened by former errors that they have been in, such as so-called perfectionism and spiritualism, and by their course, while in these errors, have brought reproach upon the cause of truth and disgraced themselves. And although they may now feel free from error, and competent to go forth to teach this last message, God will not accept them. He will not intrust precious souls to their care; for their judgment has been perverted while in error, and is now weakened.
           The great and holy One is a jealous God, and he will have holy men to carry his truth. The holy law, spoken by God from Sinai, is a part of himself, and holy men, who are its strict observers, will alone honor him by teaching it to others.
           I saw that the servants of God who teach the truth should be men of judgment. They should be men that can bear opposition, and not get excited; for those who oppose the truth will pick those who teach it, and every objection that can be produced, in its worst form, will be brought to bear against the truth. And the servants of God, who bear the message, must be prepared, with calmness and meekness, to remove these objections by the light of truth. I saw that the opposers would often talk to ministers of God in a provoking manner, to call out something from them of the same nature, that they can make as much of as possible, and declare to others that the teachers of the commandments have a bitter spirit, and are harsh, as has been reported. I saw that we must be prepared for objections, and with patience, judgment and meekness let them have the weight they deserve, and not throw them away, and dispose of them by positive assertions, and bear down upon the objector, and manifest a hard spirit towards him, but give the objections their weight, then bring forth the light and the power of the truth, and let it outweigh, and remove the errors; and then a good impression will be left, and they will acknowledge that they have been deceived, and that the commandment-keepers are not what they have been represented to be.
           Those who profess to be servants of the living God, must be willing to be servants of all, instead of being exalted above the brethren,

The text “all ye are brethren,” Matthew 23:8, is put here for a reason. All believers are put on a level, equal with each other.

        and they must possess a kind courteous spirit. If they err, they should be ready to confess thoroughly. Honesty of intention cannot stand as an excuse for not confessing errors.

Here is the frog that sticks in the throat of so many. People that have set themselves up to be leaders, or pastors, or whatever name you want to attach, have claimed that God has led them, yet, when faced with the authentic, original Spirit of Prophecy they choke and stumble. Why? It is because the original condemns the counterfeit. In most cases these people have taken various positions, based on statements from the counterfeit, considered to be fact.

When faced with the authentic Present Truth, they quickly realize that they will have to admit to errors, or condemn the authentic. In the past it was easy to condemn the authentic because it was so difficult to present the differences. Today that difficulty has been done away with. No one even has to read, all you have to do is look, at the sea of red ink, red is added, and the oceans of blue ink, blue is deleted, and all the black ink showing where nothing was changed. Then, to get to the real seriousness of the matter, you do have to read and notice the small changes that make a major difference.

One of the best examples of this is found on pages 28-29 of No. 13. All that was done, was to remove a period and make the first letter of the next sentence lower case, and presto! the two distinct sentences were combined into one. This completely changed the meaning of the first sentence, which read, “While in Rochester, I saw that we dand everything to fear in regard to the Office.” Then follows seven paragraphs, each dedicated to one of the seven things being listed as problems. It is a fearful thing that has been done.

           Confession would not lessen the confidence of the church in the messenger, and he would set a good example, a spirit of confession would be encouraged in the church, and sweet union would be the result.

Pride is at the root of not wanting to confess. It is just too high a price for those who have put themselves higher than God intended.

           I have seen that those who profess to be teachers, should be patterns of piety, meekness, and of great humility, possessing a kind spirit, to win souls to Jesus, and the truth of the Bible. A minister of Christ should be pure in conversation and in actions. He should ever bear in mind that he is handling words of inspiration, words of a holy God. He must bear in mind that the flock is entrusted to his care, and he is to bear their cases to Jesus, and plead for them as Jesus pleads for us to the Father. I was pointed back to the children of Israel anciently, and saw how pure and holy the ministers of the Sanctuary had to be, because they were brought by their work into a close connection with God. They that should minister, must be holy, pure and without blemish, or God would destroy them.

In the SDA church today many pastors go through the motions and speak the words that everyone expects, but it is simply a job for them. Some do their job better than others, but, so what; just look at the condition of the church. It matters not.

God Bless your study

Tuesday February 28, 2012

Part 6 of  12

  Even if wicked men talk the truth, some may receive it; but it does not bring those who talked it, into any more favor with God. Wicked men are wicked men still. And according to the deception they practiced, and as they deceived those who were beloved of God, and brought confusion into the church, so will their punishment be greater, and their sins will not remain covered, but will be exposed in the day of God’s fierce anger.

It appears that this covering, which is to cover all who are to have a shelter in the time of trouble, is the blood of Christ blotting out their sins from the book, or covering their sins with Christ’s blood. ref @

      These self-sent messengers are a curse to the cause. Honest souls put confidence in them, think that they are moving in the counsel of God, that they are in union with the church, and suffer them to administer the ordinances, to lead them down into the water and baptize them, as duty is made plain that they must do their first works; and then when light comes as it surely will, and they are aware that these men are not what they understood them to be, God’s called and chosen messengers, they are thrown into trial and doubt as to the truth they have received, and feel that they must learn it all over again, and are troubled, and perplexed by the enemy, about all their experience, whether God has led them or not, and are not satisfied until they are again baptized, and begin anew. And it is much more laborious, and wearing to the spirits of God’s messengers, to go into such places where those have been, who have exerted this wrong influence. God’s servants have to deal plainly, and not cover up wrongs, but act openly; for they are standing between the living and the dead, and must render an account of the faithfulness of their mission, and the influence they exert over the flock of which the Lord has made them overseers.

           These jewels who received the truth and are brought into such trials, would have had the truth the same if these men (who lack the qualifications they must have to be the Lord’s messengers) had stayed away, and filled the humble place God designed for them. God’s eye was upon his jewels, and he would direct his called and chosen messengers to them; men that would move understandingly, and the light of truth would shine and discover to these souls their true position, and they would receive the truth understandingly, and be satisfied with its beauty and clearness. And as they feel the effects and power of the truth, will be strong and shed a holy influence.

           Again: the danger of those traveling, whom God has not called, was shown me. If they do have some success, the qualifications that are lacking will be felt. Injudicious moves will be made, and some precious jewels may be driven off by a lack of wisdom, where they never can be reached. I saw that the church should feel their responsibility, and should look carefully and attentively at the lives, qualifications, and general course of those who profess to be teachers. And if unmistakable evidence is not given that God has called them, and that the “woe” is upon them if they heed not this call, it is the duty of the church to act, and let it be known that they are not acknowledged teachers by the church. This is the only course the church can take in order to be clear in this matter; for the burden lays upon them.

Again, we can see the harmony of the various parts, working together to make a whole. All throughout this presentation of Present Truth, we see a need for the “living testimony” to speak plainly, the truth about a matter. This passage tells us a part of how Gospel Order is to work to shut out of God’s church the false shepherds.

In God’s providence I was just now led to this passage from No. 24, pages 168-169, that has a direct bearing on the subject at hand. “When the messengers of Christ, who go forth to teach the truth to others, are rejected, and their words find no place in the heart, Christ is rejected, and his word despised in the messengers of truth whom he has chosen and sent. This applies just as fully in this age of the world as when Christ gave the instruction to his chosen messengers.
“When Christ was upon the earth, there were men who had no respect or reverence for God’s messengers, and no more regard for their warning than for their own judgment; also in this age of the world there are those who will not respect the testimony of God’s chosen servants, so highly as their own opinions. Such cannot be benefited by the labors of God’s servants, and time should not be lost in degrading the work of God to meet such minds. Christ said to the servants whom he sent forth, “He that heareth you heareth me, and he that despiseth you despiseth me, and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.”
“Christ gives power to the voice of the church. “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven. There is no such thing countenanced as one man’s starting out upon his own individual responsibility, and advocating what views he chooses, irrespective of the judgment of the church. The highest power under heaven God has bestowed upon his church. It is the voice of God in his united people in church capacity which is to be respected.
“God has given to his church men who have an experience, those who have fasted, and wept, and prayed, even through the entire night, for the Lord to open the Scriptures to their minds. These men in humility have given the benefits of their mature experience to the world. Is this light of Heaven, or of men? Is it of any value, or is it worthless?”

           I saw that this door that the enemy comes in at, to perplex and trouble the flock, can be shut. I inquired of the angel how this door could be closed. Said he, “The church must flee to God’s word, and become established upon gospel order which has been overlooked and neglected.” This is indispensably necessary to bring the church into the unity of the faith.

In all my fifty years in the SDA church, I never once have heard anyone, even speak, on the subject of Gospel Order; let alone teach it. Yet, here we are, told that it “is indispensably necessary to bring the church into the unity of the faith.” That means you can not have true unity in any church, unless you have Gospel Order. Furthermore, if you do have, that which is supposed to be, unity, it just may proceed from another source.

God Bless your study

Monday February 27, 2012

Part 5 of  12

           Numberless words need not be put upon paper to justify what speaks for itself, and shines in its clearness. But it is not so with error. It is so winding and twisting that it needs a multitude of words to explain it in its crooked form.

That is exactly what they have to do to defend the counterfeit SOP. I have on file, crazy explanations for the errors that are to be found in the counterfeit. At one point Vance Ferrell claims that Ellen becomes so enraptured with the contemplation of what she is writing, that she writes out error, claiming that Christ is in the Holy place. What kind of reasoning is this? that a prophet becomes so enthralled with God that he would utter error!? Absurd.

           But truth is straight, plain, clear, and stands out boldly in its own defense. The cause of truth should not be hindered in its onward progress for want of means.
           I saw that in some places all the light they had received came from the paper; and souls had received the truth in this way, and then talked it to others; and now in places where there are several, they had been raised up by this silent messenger. It was their only preacher.

           Gospel Order

           The Lord has shown me that gospel order has been too much neglected and feared. That formality should be shunned; but in so doing, order should not be neglected. There is order in heaven. There was order in the church when Christ was upon earth; and after his departure, order was strictly observed among his apostles. And now in these last days, while God is bringing his children into the unity of the faith, there is more real need of order than ever before.

I used to wonder and ponder just what was the true meaning of this “gospel order.” I could not get my mind around this in the least. But since coming into the true Present Truth, all, or much, is made so much more clear. It is New Testament Gospel Order that is the subject. It is the same order used to run the churches of this faith after Christ left earth and put the disciples in charge.

James has a nice snapshot of this on page 80 of The Present Truth, No. 10, that says it all, and much better than I could. “Gospel order is being restored by the church in this vicinity [Massachusetts?], and all are feeling that thy have a part act in the great and glorious cause of truth. This course has a tendency to produce a strong union among brethren, and is owned and blessed of Heaven. It is hoped that all our brethren will feel the importance of New Testament order in the church, and that they will unitedly act their part in carrying forward the precious cause.”
We should not pass over this lightly. All groups should function using Gospel Order, and God tells us why.

           For as God is uniting his children, satan and his evil angels are very busy to prevent this unity, and to destroy it. Therefore men will be hurried into the field; men without wisdom, lacking judgment, perhaps not ruling well their own house, and not having order or government over the very few that God has given them charge of at home; yet they feel capable of having charge of the flock. They make many wrong moves, and all the messengers are thought, by those unacquainted with our faith, to be like these self-sent men; and the cause of God is reproached, and the truth shunned by many unbelievers, who would otherwise be candid, and anxious to inquire, Are these things so?
           Men, I saw, whose lives are not holy, who are unqualified to teach the present truth, enter the field without being acknowledged by the church or brethren generally, and confusion and disunion is the result.

This is largely where we are right now. Many are out roaming the field with various views. This confusion is generally caused by the counterfeit SOP, for it can be made to support most any error.

           Some have a theory of the truth and can dwell upon argument, but lack spirituality, judgment and experience, and they fail in many things which is very necessary for one to possess before they can teach the present truth to others. Others have not the argument; but because a few brethren hear them pray well, and give an exciting exhortation now and then, press them into the field, to engage in a work that God has not qualified them for, and when they have not sufficient experience and judgment for the work. Spiritual pride comes in, and they are lifted up, and act under the deception of thinking that they are laborers. They do not know themselves. They lack sound judgment and patient reasoning. Talk boastingly of themselves, and assert many things which they cannot prove from the Word. God knoweth this, therefore he does not call such to labor in these perilous times. And brethren should be careful and not push out those into the field whom God has not called.
           These men, who are not called of God, are generally the very ones that are the most confident that they are so called, and that their labors are very important. They go into the field, and do not exert a good influence generally, yet in some places they have a measure of success, which leads individuals to think that they are surely called of God. I saw that it was not a positive evidence that men are called of God, because they have some success; for now the angels of God are moving upon the hearts of his honest children to enlighten their understanding as to the present truth, that they may lay hold upon it and live. And even if self-sent men put themselves where God does not put them, and profess to be teachers, and souls receive the truth by hearing them talk it, this is no evidence that they are called of God. The souls who receive the truth from them, receive it to be brought into trial and bondage, as they afterwards find that these men were not standing in the counsel of God.

Here is a pinching point. Most every man who is in some kind of independent ministry will happily testify that God is leading him. And, he can sometimes point to miracles to prove this. The glaring problem here is their acceptance of the counterfeit SOP and it’s errors. Then, when confronted with the authentic Spirit of Prophecy, they choke, for they see that to accept the authentic, they will have to go back to large numbers of people to say that they were wrong. Very, very few are willing to do this; hence, we have God’s direction, not to take this message to the false shepherds.

God Bless your study

Sunday February 26, 2012

Part 4 of  12

and it is an easy thing for him to dictate sentiments through his angels now, and make it appear that it comes through Thomas Paine, who was his devoted servant while he lived. But this is the master-piece of satan. All this teaching purporting to be from apostles, and saints, and wicked men who have died, comes directly from his satanic majesty.

This should be enough to remove the vail from every mind and discover unto them the dark, mysterious works of satan;–that he has got one whom he loved so well, and who hated God so perfectly, with the holy apostles and angels in glory: virtually saying to the world and infidels, No matter how wicked you are; no matter whether you believe in God or the Bible, or disbelieve; live as you please, heaven is your home;–for every one knows that if Thomas Paine is in heaven, and so exalted, they will surely get there. This is so glaring that all may see if they will. Satan is doing now what he has been trying to do since his fall, through individuals like Thomas Paine. He is, through his power and lying wonders, tearing away the foundation of the Christian’s hope, and putting out their sun that is to lighten them in the narrow way to heaven. He is making the world believe that the Bible is no better than a story-book, uninspired, while he holds out something to take its place; namely, Spiritual Manifestations!

Here is a channel wholly devoted to himself, under his control, and he can make the world believe what he will. The Book that is to judge him and his followers, he puts back in the shade, just where he wants it. The Saviour of the world he makes to be no more than a common man; and as the Roman guard that watched the tomb of Jesus, spread the false and lying report that the chief priests and elders put in their mouth, so will the poor, deluded followers of these pretended spiritual manifestations, repeat, and try to make it appear that there is nothing miraculous about our Saviour’s birth, death and resurrection; and they put Jesus back, with the Bible, in the shade, where they want him, and then get the world looking to them and their lying wonders and miracles, which they declare far exceed the works of Christ.

Thus the world is taken in the snare, and lulled to security; not to find out their awful deception, until the seven last plagues are poured out. Satan laughs as he sees his plan succeed so well, and the whole world in the snare.

5. On pages 29-33, is a view given January, 1850.

This would be from The Present Truth, No. 9, here found on page #.

           That portion of this view, which relates to means being withheld from the messengers, more particularly applied to that time. Since that time friends of the cause of present truth have been raised up, who have watched for opportunity to do good with their means. And some have handed out too freely, to the injury of the receivers. For above two years I have been shown more relative to a careless and too free use of the Lord’s money, than a lack of means.

           The following is from a view given me at Jackson, Mich., June 2d, 1853. It related mostly to the brethren in that place. “I saw that the brethren commenced to sacrifice their property, and handed it out without having the true object set before them–the suffering cause–and they handed out too freely, too much and too often. I saw that the teachers should have stood in a place to correct this error, and exert a good influence in the church. Money was made to be of little or no consequence; the sooner disposed of, the better. A bad example has been set by some in accepting large donations, and not giving the least caution to those who had means not to use it too freely and carelessly. And by accepting so large an amount of means, without questioning whether God had made it their duty to bestow so largely, they sanctioned the brethren’s giving too bountifully.

           Those who gave, also erred, not being particular to inquire into the necessities of the case, whether there was actual need or not. Those who had means were thrown into great perplexity. One brother was much hurt by too much means being put into his hands. He did not study economy; but lived extravagantly, and in his travels laid out money here and there to no profit. He spread a wrong influence by making such free use of the Lord’s money, and would say to others, and in his own heart, There is means enough in Jackson, more than can be used before the Lord comes. Some were very much injured by such a course, and came into the truth with wrong views, not realizing that it was the Lord’s money they were using, and not feeling the worth of it. And I saw that these poor souls who have just embraced the third angel’s message, and have had such an example set before them, will have much to learn, to deny self, and suffer for Christ’s sake. They will have to learn to give up their ease, and cease studying their convenience and comfort, and bear in mind the worth of souls. Those who feel the “woe” upon them will not be for making great preparations and fixings outwardly, to travel in ease and comfort. Those who have no calling have been encouraged into the field. Others have been affected by these things, and have not felt the need of economy, of denying themselves, and putting into the treasury of the Lord. They would feel and say, “There are others who have means enough; they will give for the paper. I need not do anything. The paper will be supported without my help.”

           It has been no small trial to me to see that some have taken that portion of my views which related to sacrificing property to sustain the cause, and make a wrong use of it, and use means extravagantly, while neglecting to carry out the principles of other portions. On page 31, read the following:–“I saw that the cause of God had been hindered, and dishonored by some traveling who had no message from God. Such will have to give an account to God for every dollar they have used in traveling where it was not their duty to go; for that money might have helped on the cause of God.” Page 32.–“I saw that those who have strength to labor with their hands, and help sustain the cause, were as accountable for that strength, as others were for their property.”

           I would here call especial attention to the view of this subject given on pages 45, 46.

This can be found on page # in this work, The Present Truth, No. 11.

           Here is a short extract:–“The object of the words of our Saviour [Luke 12:33] had not been clearly presented. I saw that the object of selling was not to give to those who are able to labor and support themselves, but to spread the truth. It is a sin to support and indulge in idleness, those who are able to labor. Some have been zealous to attend all the meetings; not to glorify God, but for the “loaves and fishes.” Such had much better have been at home laboring with their hands, “the thing that is good,” to supply the wants of their families, and to have something to give to sustain the precious cause.”
           I have seen that it has been satan’s design in times past to push out some with a hurried spirit to make a too free use of means, and influence the brethren to rashly dispose of their property, that means might be thrown out carelessly, and hastily disposed of, and souls injured and lost through an abundance of means, and now when the truth is to be spread more extensively, the lack might be felt. His design has in some degree been accomplished.
           The Lord has shown me the error of many in looking to those only who have property to support the publication of the paper and tracts. All should act their part. Those who have strength to labor with their hands, and earn means to help sustain the cause, are as accountable for it as others are for their property. Every child of God, who professes to believe the present truth, should be zealous to act his part in this cause.
           July, 1853, I saw that it was not as it should be, that the paper, owned and approved of God, should come out so seldom. That the cause, in the time in which we are living, demands the paper weekly, and the publication of many more tracts to expose the increasing errors of this time; but the work was hindered for want of means. I saw that the truth must go, and that we must not be too fearful; that tracts and papers had better go to three where they were not needed, than to have one deprived of them who can be benefited, and who prized them. I saw that the last-day signs should be brought out and clearly shown; for the manifestations of satan are on the increase. Their publishing is increasing, their power is growing; and what we can do to get the truth before others, must be done quickly.
           I was shown like this. The truth once got out now, will stand; for it is the truth for the last days, and it will live, and less need to be said upon the truth after it is out.


This is the passage where God is telling us that the Present Truth the pioneers had, is the exact same Present Truth for all the saints, through to the close of probation. Many are listening to the whispering spirits seeking those whom they can devour. Every wind of doctrine is blowing in these last days. Get Ready!


God Bless your study

Sabbath February 25, 2012

Part 3 of  12

          But if we do what we can on our part to be ready for the conflict that is just before us, God will do his part, and his all-powerful arm will protect us. He would sooner send every angel out of glory to our relief, to make a hedge about faithful souls, rather than they should be deceived and led away by the lying wonders of Satan.

           I saw the rapidity with which this delusion was spreading. A train of cars was shown me, going with the speed of lightning. The angel bade me look carefully. I fixed my eyes upon the train. It seemed that the whole world was on board; that there could not be one left. Said the angel: “They are binding in bundles ready to burn.” Then he shewed me the conductor, who looked like a stately fair person, which all the passengers looked up to and reverenced. I was perplexed, and asked my attending angel who it was. Said he, “It is Satan. He is the conductor in the form of an angel of light. He has taken the world captive. They are given over to strong delusions, to believe a lie that they may be damned.” This agent, the next highest in order to him, is the engineer, and others of his agents are employed in different offices as he may need them, and they are all going with lightning speed to perdition. They are binding in bundles ready to burn. I asked the angel if there were none left. He bade me look in an opposite direction, and I saw a little company traveling a narrow pathway. All seemed to be firmly united, and bound together by the truth, in bundles, or companies. Said the angel, “The third angel is binding them (sealing them) in bundles for the heavenly garner.

God is here giving us an extraordinary piece of information. We know that the “third angel” does not exist; it is a phrase used to illustrate God’s people giving that certain message. Knowing this, we look again at our passage here, and discover something not generally taught. God’s people have a work to do. In part, this work is to bind up people, God’s people, to each other, and to the Present Truth. There are a few tools to do this, which God has given us. Those that immediately come to mind are; footwashing, the Lord’s Supper, fellowshipping at campmeetings, Sabbath church  meetings, and one on one, baptism.

Those who refuse to fellowship, as God has instructed, are to be separated from, and treated as a worldling, which role they have chosen. Remember too, we are living in the great anti-typical Day of Atonement, which requires us to separate ourselves from those who do not participate in the anti-typical services.

A part of this work of the third angel is also the sealing of the saints. You will doubtless remember that the vision from God, on November 18, 1848, was the first time solid confirmation of the Sabbath, being the seal for the last days, of the 144,000. If you turn back to page # of this work, it is there in it’s entirety.

    This little company looked care-worn, as though they had passed through severe trials and conflicts. And it appeared as if the sun had just appeared from behind the cloud, and shone upon their countenances and caused them to look triumphant, as though their victories were nearly won.
           I saw that the Lord had given the world opportunity to discover the snare. This one thing was evidence enough for the Christian if there was no other. There is no difference made between the precious and the vile.
           Thomas Paine, whose body has now mouldered to dust, and who is to be called forth at the end of the 1000 years, at the second resurrection, to receive his reward, and suffer the second death, is purported by satan to be in heaven, and highly exalted there. Satan used him on earth as long as he could, and now he is carrying on the same work through pretensions of having Thomas Paine so much exalted and honored; and as he taught on earth, satan is making it appear that he is teaching in heaven. And some on earth who have looked with horror at his life and death, and his corrupt teachings while living, now submit to be taught by him who was one of the vilest and most corrupt of men; one who despised God and his law.
           He who is the father of lies, blinds and deceives the world by sending his angels forth to speak for the apostles, and make it appear that they contradict what they wrote when on earth, which was dictated by the Holy Ghost.

The counterfeit is in direct opposition to this, just as Satan at the tree in the garden directly and instantly stated the opposite of what God had told Eve, as she repeated it. Here are a couple of references, should you care to look them up; {7BC 945.9}, (MS 24, 1886).

    These lying angels make the apostles to corrupt their own teachings and declare them to be adulterated. By so doing he can throw professed Christians, who have a name to live and are dead, and all the world in uncertainty about the word of God; for that cuts directly across his track, and is likely to thwart his plans. Therefore he gets them to doubt the divine origin of the Bible, and then sets up the infidel Thomas Paine, as though he was ushered into heaven when he died, and with the holy apostles whom he hated on earth, is united, and appears to be teaching the world.

           Satan assigns each one of his angels their part to act. He enjoins upon them to be cunning, artful and sly. He instructs some of them to act the part of the apostles, and speak for them, while others are to act out infidels and wicked men who died cursing God, but now appear to be very religious. There is no difference made between the most holy apostles and the vilest infidel. They are both made to teach the same thing. It matters not who satan makes to speak, if his object is only accomplished. He was so intimately connected with Paine upon earth, and aided him, that it is an easy thing for him to know the very words he used, and the very hand-writing of one of his devoted children who served him so faithfully, and accomplished his purposes so well. Satan dictated much of his writings,

We are taken behind the scenes, just a bit here, to see that Satan is real, he does have agents to do his will, that are submissive to him and his power. Satan probably dictates a lot more than just a book or two. How about a move script?, or a play?, maybe a newspaper article, magazine article, and most probably a few textbooks for the psyc students.


God Bless your study

Friday February 24, 2012

Part 2 of  12

           4. The view that the Lord “had stretched out his hand the second time to recover the remnant of his people,” on page 61, refers only to the union and strength once among those looking for Christ, and that he had begun to unite and raise up his people again.

We suggest a review of The Present Truth, No. 11, found here on page #.

    5. Spirit Manifestations. On pages 25, and 26, read as follows: — “I saw that the mysterious knocking in N.Y., and other places, was the power of Satan, and that such things would be more and more common, clothed in a religious garb, to lull the deceived to more security, and to draw the minds of God’s people, if possible, to those things and cause them to doubt the teachings, and power of the Holy Ghost.”

           This view was given in 1849, nearly five years since. Then spirit manifestations were mostly confined to the city of Rochester, known as the “Rochester knockings.” Since that time the heresy has spread beyond the expectations of any one.
           Much of the view on page 47, headed, Mysterious Rappings, given August 1850, has since been fulfilled, and is now fulfilling. Here is a portion of it:

           “I saw that soon it would be considered blasphemy to speak against the rapping, and that it would spread more and more, and Satan’s power would increase, and some of his devoted followers would have power to work miracles, and even to bring down fire from heaven in the sight of men. I was shown that these modern magicians would yet account for all the miracles wrought by our Lord Jesus Christ by the rapping and mesmerism, and many would believe that all the mighty works of the Son of God, when he was on the earth, were accomplished by this same power.”

           I saw the rapping delusion — what progress it was making, and if it were possible it would deceive the very elect. Satan will have power to bring the appearance of a form before us purporting to be our relatives and friends that now sleep in Jesus. It will be made to appear as though they were present, the words they uttered while here, which we were familiar with, will be spoken, and the same tone of voice, which they had while living, will fall upon the ear. All this is to deceive the saints, and ensnare them into the belief of this delusion.

           I saw that the saints must get a thorough understanding of the present truth, which they will have to maintain from the Scriptures.

There are several other places where we are enjoined to this study of the Scriptures. I wonder if it will be that those who have done so will be the ones that go through the last events, before Christ appears. Here is a partial listing of the other references about learning the Scriptures. 1858 Great Controversy, page 173; No. 26, page 60; Review & Herald, August 11, 1853, found here on page #; further ahead in this Supplement, on page #; Vol. 2, Spiritual Gifts, page 41 and 76; Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 3, pages 309 and 389.

           They must understand the state of the dead; for the spirits of devils will yet appear to them, professing to be beloved friends and relatives, who will declare to them that the Sabbath has been changed, and, also, other unscriptural doctrines. They will do all in their power to excite sympathy, and work miracles before them, to confirm what they declare. The people of God must be prepared to withstand these spirits with the Bible truth, that the dead know not any thing, and that they are the spirits of devils. Our minds must not be taken up with things around us, but must be occupied with the present truth, and a preparation to give a reason of our hope with meekness and fear. We must seek wisdom from on high that we may stand in this day of error and delusion.

The issue of staying in control of our own minds is a very big one, especially for the last days. In the passage above, we are given two points on this. First, we should not be constantly thinking about the world and this life; second, we should be thinking about Present Truth, “and a preparation to give a reason of our hope.” Even in work, people have time to think, or usually, daydream. All have time to choose the main stream of their thoughts.

           I saw that we must examine well the foundation of our hope, for we shall have to give a reason for it from the scriptures; for we shall see this delusion spreading, and we shall have to contend with it face to face. And unless we are prepared for it, we shall be ensnared and overcome.

While one can find most anything, anywhere these days, this subject has not seemed to be overwhelming, yet. But, from what is said, we must prepare ourselves to meet it, face to face.

God Bless your Study

Thursday February 23, 2012

Today we start the Supplement for CEV. This was published in 1854 and is about as far as we will go in this book. The ground we cover contains about ninety eight percent of Present Truth. This is all from just the early visions, and materials from sanctioned pioneers, so designated by God to be setting Present Truth, for the saints to go through to the close of probation.

This is not some ideas I have come up with. No, I am showing you the visions, in context, and heavily cross-referenced. It is all free to any who want to study and understand and make the connections.

In this posting on the blog, you are getting a first draft look at the content. Later, the whole book will be available to download for free. You can then print it up yourself, if you like. There is in the works a plan to have some pages showing you how to make your own books in the same way I am making them. But that is in the future.

Here is the first of the Supplement.

Various New Visions, Supplement to the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White [August 1851], 1854, (date published)

           Dear Christian Friends

           As I have given a brief sketch of my experience and views, published in 1851, it seems to be my duty to notice some points in that little work; also, to give more recent views.  {ExV54 3.1}

           1. On page 17, is as follows:–“I saw that the Holy Sabbath is, and will be, the separating wall between the true Israel of God and unbelievers; and that the Sabbath is the great question, to unite the hearts of God’s dear, waiting saints. I saw that God had children, who do not see and keep the Sabbath. They had not rejected the light on it. And at the commencement of the time of trouble, we were filled with the Holy Ghost as we went forth and proclaimed the Sabbath more fully.”  

We need to note something important here. This was completely and fully fulfilled at the outpouring of the Holy Ghost on October 22, 1844. You can read about this event in James’ book, “Sermons on the Coming and Kingdom,” in the last chapter titled, Saving Faith; however, this book was counterfeited by the church and the last chapter was completely re-written. I have photocopies of both books. The original can be found on my site, Satan did not want you to know these things.

In addition, you need to put the above together with Ellen’s November 18, 1848 vision. We have the notes taken by Joseph Bates while Ellen was in vision, which he published in a pamphlet, A Sealing Message, also found here, on page #.

And there is more information you need, it’s in the next paragraph.

   This view was given in 1847, when there were but very few of the Advent brethren observing the Sabbath, and of these, but few supposed that its observance was of sufficient importance to draw a line between the people of God and unbelievers. Now, the fulfillment of that view is beginning to be seen.

           “The commencement of the time of trouble,” here mentioned, does not refer to the time when the plagues shall begin to be poured out; but to a short period just before they are poured out, while Christ is in the Sanctuary.

In complete harmony with the November 18, 1848 vision, found here on page #, is this passage which brings definition to the term “the time of trouble,” there used. This is very important. The “short period” is now 167 years long, but in God’s sight, and compared to the last six thousand years, it really is a short period.

    At that time, while the work of salvation is closing, trouble will be coming on the earth, the nations will be angry, yet held in check, So as not to prevent the work of the third angel. At that time the “latter rain,” or refreshing from the presence of the Lord, will come, to give power to the loud voice of the third angel, and prepare the saints to stand in the period when the seven last plagues shall be poured out.

           2. The view of the “Open and Shut Door,” on pages 24-27, was given in 1849. The application of Revelation 3:7, 8, to the Heavenly Sanctuary and Christ’s ministry, was entirely new to me. I had never heard the idea advanced by any one. Now, as the subject of the Sanctuary is being clearly understood, the application is seen in its beauty and force.

You might wish to review The Present Truth, No. 3, found here on page #, for a good connection to these things and also for point No. 3, below.

           3. The “false reformations” referred to on page 27, are yet to be more fully seen. This view relates more particularly to those who have heard and rejected the light of the Advent doctrine.

We can see this in the current teachings of the GCSDA church. I recently listened to a recording of one Herb Mongomery, made at a campmeeting, where Herb was teaching the “Love Doctrine,” as I call it. At the end of a few hours, he presented some things about the last days. At the beginning of this time he asked the audience something about who the antichrist was, and immediately shouted out, “And don’t you dare tell me it is the pope!”
I was shocked, but upon reflection, realized it was the natural next step in the progression down the path the church has been on for some time.

           They are given over to strong delusions. Such will not have “the travail of soul for sinners” as formerly. Having rejected the Advent, and being given over to the delusions of Satan, “the time for their salvation is past.” This does not, however, relate to those who have not heard and have not rejected the doctrine of the Second Advent.

Here we have a more full explanation of what was said in Christian Experience and Views, page 27, page # in this work.

God Bless your Study

Wednesday February 22, 2012

I just learned that a man, Kent Hovind is in jail. This is a classic case of the .gov running roughshod over the populace. Of all things, they added three years to his sentence because he prayed in public, on the radio, for his persecutors, the IRS.

Here is the mans blog, maintained by others.

Click on the “Legal Updates” page, on the right to understand the situation.

You think I was being severe with yesterday’s post? God warned us several times that we are living amid the perils of the last days. Just look around.

Verne Bates, of Echoes from the Past, on his own property, built a care facility for people with alzheimers. The big problem with him — he actually cared for the people and they were outliving all statics on the matter. All he did was make sure they had eight ounces of water, every two hours. Call him up and ask him. He will love to get your call. (541) 497-2000. Early in the morning is best for him, but any time in the day will work. That would be PST, west coast of the USA.

But too many people in power positions in the state of Oregon were embarrassed over the matter and decided to wipe him out. It took some doing, but they finally won. Stole his property from him. Never paid him one cent for it. Call him up and ask him.

I expect the day will come when many will be in prison for more such foolishness. While the real terrorists are running the country. Give Daniel 4:17 a read. It tells you what is running the countries of the world, the “basest of men.”

Are you prepared to be called a criminal?
Are you prepared to be paraded before the world in the press as a dog?
Are you prepared to be blamed for the troubles of the world? All of them?
Are you anchoring yourself to the rock of truth?
Are you beginning to realize the seriousness of the situation?
Are you getting serious about it?

We know the Loud Cry is not going to start tomorrow, because Sunday has not yet been made a test. (No. 6, p. 22) This means that if you survive the night, you will get a few more hours of probation. A little more time in which to perfect your character. A little more time to become aware of the true Present Truth, and conform your life to it.

Think about it.

God Bless your Study

Tuesday February 21, 2012

Today I am just posting this one vision. Very short, it is found in Spalding and Magan, page 4. Here is the vision and my comments, but after that I will be adding more.

Vision, Washington, N. H., September, 1852.

           You are getting the coming of the Lord too far off.

James W. talks about the church losing faith in the immediate second coming of Christ. Living a full lifetime within the last days of the closing work for the church, can be very distracting. The

           I saw the latter rain was coming as the midnight cry, and with ten times the power.

This is a most amazing passage. Going back and looking at the Midnight Cry, it took place in about ten weeks time. By comparison and extrapolation, we think the Loud Cry could take place in one weeks time. This is easily comparable to today’s “flash parties, crashes, mobs, &c.” I would caution you though, there may be only a few giving the message, just like Noah, all alone. Make sure you are prepared, with your character packed to go, standing without fault before God and man, just like Christ.

That is the end of what has been placed in the book to date, for this vision.

Here is what I am seeing currently. Well, . . . I like numbering things, so, I’ll number my thoughts for ease of reference.

1.) We are standing at the brink of Eternity. We know this is fact because of our study.

2.) We know certain things about the future, which God has revealed to us through the visions, given to his true church, through Ellen. We know the USA is represented in Revelation as a two horned beast. It is this beast that makes Sunday a test, before the formation of the Image Beast. We know that this government is going to work (counterfeit?) miracles to deceive the populace. We also know that through the use of HAARP they can now make fire to come down from the sky. They probably have other devices also.

3.) Current events demonstrate that the cards are being stacked for a more complete fulfillment of those events, than ever before. In The Day-Star, last part, God tells us, “Then I saw the four Angels cease to hold the four winds. And I saw famine, pestilence and sword, nation rose against nation, and the whole world was in confusion.”

Since we know these things in advance, it does not take too much to see that if a tree is leaning hard to the north, if cut, it will fall to the north. I am seeing that the tree is leaning very hard to the north. All these factors are coming into place, hard.

3.2.) We have a growing global population that needs to be fed, at least twice a day. Oil is declining in production. Oil powers everything (generally). Clearly, oil = food. Food production is set to decline, even if there are no problems. That is famine that is going to hit.

3.3.) Currently we are in a global financial collapse. It is happening in slow motion. As the lack of oil is felt, wars over scarce resources increase. So now the USA is going after Iran. But we can not afford the costs of more war, period. But war is in this near future, and it is set to impact the USA in a big way. Few understand this. We are primed for Civil War II in this country. I believe this is the reference to “sword” in the land. But look at what we are told. “Nation rose against nation, and the whole world was in confusion.” I can see civil war happening in this country in the context of many other wars happening around the world.

3.4.) Any more war will start the disruption of “just-in-time-delivery” in the USA. This will agitate more unrest. Civil war and the collapse of the dollar will lead to many supply disruptions. When people can not get food at the store, they will come to your home to take what you have. This will fulfill the 1849 Broadside, that food would be taken from us by violent hands. In all likelyhood, somewheretime in there, the electric grid will collapse. While there can be lots of variables, this will cut off major supplies of water. Think, no water in any big cities. Now we have fertile ground for major pestilence breakout.

3.5.) We know probation closed for Sodom before anything was felt. There was no immediate change.
We know probation closed for the whole world seven days before the predicted rain began to fall.
We know probation closed for the whole Jewish nation before any change was felt.
We know, when probation closes for the whole world in the, yet, future, there will be no change for a period of time, of unknown length. Page 197 of the 1858 Great Controversy, describes the moment of close. But it must be put together with Spalding and Magan, page 2, to get the complete picture. God tells us, “Then I saw that Jesus’ work in the sanctuary will soon be finished. And after His work there is finished, He will come to the door of the first apartment, and confess the sins of Israel upon the head of the Scape Goat. Then He will put on the garments of vengeance. Then the plagues will come upon the wicked, and they do not come till Jesus puts on that garment, and takes His place upon the great white cloud.”

There is some unknown period of time for Christ’s work to end and get on the cloud, before the plagues start to fall. It is in this time that some will have a trial of their faith. Patience is a very big deal with the saints in the last days.

4.) Our lives are short compared to God’s plans for the end, yet, when it comes, all indications are that it will be a quick end. God tells us, through Crosier’s article, that Christ will come in an 10th day of the seventh month timeframe, hence, October. I am seeing all these factors coming into place to play their role in end time events and it could happen this year. If not, in all probability, it will happen in 2013.

5.) Whoever you are, you have a clear duty to prepare to meet thy God. Do not delay any longer to get right with God. From our study we can confidently state: Of those who have been exposed to this faith since October 23, 1844, only 144,000 will be saved. Others will be saved who have not heard this message, but they will not be a part of the 144,000. They will be a part of the “great multitude, which no man could number.”

God has no problem numbering the hairs of your head. When he says 144,000, I am sure the count is exact.

Do not delay. To do so could be fatal to your eternal life. God showed us a vision of his people traveling the strait and narrow path to the city. In reading the first printing of this vision, we find that people who loose faith, fall off the path, never to return. And it says, clearly, plainly, “they fell all the way along the path one after another, until” the voice of God was heard resurrecting those who had died in the faith (you have to plug in here, page 205 of the ‘58GC for the full picture), to hear the covenant the Father was to make with the 144,000.

This means to me that some will realize the loss of their faith after the close of probation. Make sure you are not one of those. Make sure your faith. Make sure your anchor. Do not delay. The media is shouting “Recovery, Recovery, RECOVERY!” Believe them not. It is not happening.

Believe in the immediate coming of Christ. Make sure your hold from above. Make sure you send your treasure before you. Study to prove all things. Do not delay. Question. Ask, Seek, Knock.

Tell me, that you will meet me there.

God Bless your study