Thursday December 1, 2011

Part II – The Situation

If you need to, go back and review yesterday’s post.

But here is the kicker. (my opinion) Since the second class join the first class as part of the 144,000; and the 144,000 are numbered from October 22, 1844, now 167 years. Where does that leave you and me?

Just look at the hundreds of thousands of SDAs that have been exposed to this message, and have been tested by it, . . . and have been found wanting; most of them, or probation would have closed err this. Page 197 of the ‘58GC, is where God tells us the process.

The sealing angel, a figure of God’s people on earth, comes to Christ and tells him that the saints are all numbered and sealed. That number can only be 144,000; for the rest are called “a great multitude, which no man could number.”

I want to point your mind to some pages in a book now. I want you to think about this. You and I are created. We are now going to listen to the Creator as he gives us some information.

The setting is this, Israel was about to enter Cannan, and Balaam worked with the Midianites to seduce Israel from his spiritual position. Do you notice any parallels here? So that gets put down, and the armies of Israel destroy Midian, but capture and hold the women and children. But God had appointed them to be destroyed. Now read this.

Moses commanded the men of war to destroy the women and male children. … The Lord is regarded as cruel, by many, in requiring his people to make war with other nations. They say that it is contrary to his benevolent character. But he who made the world, and formed man to dwell upon the earth, has unlimited control over all the works of his hands; and it is his right to do as he pleases, and what he pleases, with the work of his hands. Man has no right to say to his Maker, Why doest thou thus? There is no injustice in his character. He is the ruler of the world, and a large portion of his subjects have rebelled against his authority, and have trampled upon his law. He has bestowed upon them liberal blessings, and surrounded them with everything needful; yet they have bowed to images of wood and stone, silver and gold, which their own hands have made. They teach their children that these are the gods that give them life and health, and make their lands fruitful, and give them riches and honor. They scorn the God of Israel. They despise his people because their works are righteous. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works.” God has borne with them until they filled up the measure of their iniquity, and then he has brought upon them swift destruction. He has used his people as instruments of his wrath, to punish wicked nations who have vexed them, and seduced them into idolatry. p. 328, Para. 1, [1SP].
A family picture was presented before me: A part of the children seem anxious to learn and obey the requirements of the father, while the others trample upon his authority, and seem to exult in showing contempt of his family government. They share the benefits of their father’s house, and are constantly receiving of his bounty; they are wholly dependent upon him for all they receive, yet are not grateful, but conduct themselves proudly, as though all the favors they received of their indulgent parent were supplied by themselves. The father notices all the disrespectful acts of his disobedient, ungrateful children, yet he bears with them. p. 329, Para. 1, [1SP].
At length, these rebellious children go still further, and seek to influence and lead to rebellion those members of their father’s family who have hitherto been faithful. Then all the dignity and authority of the father is called into action; and he expels from his house the rebellious children, who have not only abused his love and blessings themselves, but tried to subvert the remaining few who had submitted to the wise and judicious laws of their father’s household. p. 329, Para. 2, [1SP].
 For the sake of the few who are loyal, whose happiness was exposed to the seditious influence of the rebellious members of his household, he separates his undutiful children from his family, while at the same time he labors to bring the remaining faithful and loyal ones closer to himself. All would honor the wise and just course of such a parent, in punishing most severely his undutiful, rebellious children. p. 329, Para. 3, [1SP].
 God has dealt thus with his children. But man, in his blindness, will overlook the abominations of the ungodly, and pass by unnoticed the continual ingratitude and rebellion, and Heaven-daring sins of those who trample upon God’s law and defy his authority. They do not stop here, but exult in subverting his people, and influencing them by their wiles to transgress, and show open contempt for, the wise requirements of Jehovah. p. 330, Para. 1, [1SP].
Some can see only the destruction of God’s enemies, which looks to them unmerciful and severe. They do not look upon the other side. But let everlasting thanks be given, that impulsive, changeable man, with all his boasted benevolence, is not the disposer and controller of events. “The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” p. 330, Para. 2, [1SP].

I believe that this is where we are today. Massive numbers of the peoples of the world are doomed. They are children of wicked parents. They have been raised to hate God and religion and all spiritual things. They will never be converted.

I believe this is where most of the deaths occur in events such as the great tsunami of recent years, that wiped out 250,000 people on one shore. We have this testimony by God about Chicago.

How can the value of your houses and lands bear comparison with precious souls for whom Christ died? Through your instrumentality, these souls may be saved with you in the kingdom of glory; but you cannot take with you there the smallest portion of your earthly treasure. Acquire what you may, preserve it with all the jealous care you are capable of exercising, and yet the mandate may go forth from the Lord, and in a few hours a fire which no skill can quench, has destroyed the accumulation of your entire life; they lay a mass of smouldering ruins. This was the case with Chicago. God’s word had gone forth to lay the city of Chicago in ruins. This is not the only city that will realize the visible marks of God’s displeasure. He has made a beginning; but not an end. The sword of his wrath is stretched out over the people who have by their pride and wickedness provoked the displeasure of a just God. Storms, earthquakes, whirlwinds, fire and the sword will spread desolation everywhere, until men’s hearts shall fail them for fear, looking for those things which shall come upon the earth. You know not how small a space is between you and eternity. You know not how soon your probation may close. p. 69, Para. 1, [26OT].

The Bible asks, “When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”

I believe there “may be,” only a few voices over the whole earth, that just like Noah, most will stand alone.

In all probability, 99 percent of all SDAs you know will not make it. Satan has got them too busy trying to be like the world, too busy to ask, seek or knock. And so they are judged on what they could have had, that which was within their reach.

God Bless your study

Wednesday November 30, 2011

Part I of II – The Situation

The more I get into the truth, this Present Truth message, this faith once delivered to the saints of this church, the more I see the dividing line between the world, Satan’s plans, and God’s plans. Familiarity with sin in it’s many forms does something to the human mind.

I believe at the current time, that Satan and his agents are actively engaged in an effort to cripple, mentally, as many of the human race as possible. It seems that so far they have been highly suscessful. I am only going to touch on a few of these efforts, mostly the gross ones.

The media of the day is a powerful tool to capture and hold the attention of the mind. This keeps the mind filled with worldly thoughts, preventing their being sealed. CEV, p. 46.

GMO foodstuffs; alters people’s thinking processes. They eat, but often are still hungry, which leads to overeating, of food that does not feed. What is offered as food does not have the nutrients the human body needs to function well.

In order to render to God perfect service, you want clear conceptions of his requirements. You should indulge in the use of the most simple food, prepared in the most simple manner, that the fine nerves of the brain be not weakened, benumbed nor paralyzed, making it impossible for you to discern sacred things, and to value the atonement, and the cleansing blood of Christ as of priceless worth. p. 35, Para. 2, [15OT].

Here is a famous quote from the late Dr. William A. Albrecht, a soil scientist at the University of Missouri.

“NPK formulas, (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) as legislated and enforced by State Departments of Agriculture, mean malnutrition, attack by insects, bacteria and fungi, weed takeover, crop loss in dry weather, and general loss of mental acuity in the population, leading to degenerative metabolic disease and early death.”

The continual downward pressure to indulge the sensual senses is another gross trend. Many and great are the professed evidences granting permission. And this happens on every level.

I have mentioned these cases to illustrate the power of this soul-and-body-destroying vice. The entire mind is given up to low passion. The moral and intellectual are over-borne by the baser powers. The body is enervated; the brain is weakened. The material there deposited to nourish the system is squandered. The drain upon the system is great. The fine nerves of the brain, by being excited to unnatural action, become benumbed and in a measure paralyzed. The moral and intellectual are weakening, while the animal passions are strengthening, and being more largely developed by exercise. The appetite for unhealthful food clamors for indulgence. It is impossible to arouse the moral sensibilities of those persons who are addicted to the habit of self-abuse, to appreciate eternal things. You cannot lead such to delight in spiritual exercise. p. 169, Para. 1, [18OT].

But that is not enough. Drugs, made available on every level, and forced on you. Poisons, custom made especially, specifically to inhibit brain function. Enter thimerosal, a mercury based preservative used for vaccines. Kennedy wrote a piece against this practice and it was immediately attacked. It was claimed to have inaccurate information. It was called junk journalism. A man even wrote a whole book on the scaring tactics of those who opposed vaccinations, The Panic Virus.

If you watch this video you will see a shot of mercury attacking a brain neuron, killing off the fine nerves. They also talk about flouride in the water, poisoning the population. It’s not necessary.

Virtually all Americans have been vaccineated at some point. But now they are getting the babies, and have been for years. And you will be in hot water if you resist. The problem is that a lot of money is behind the effort to poison people. Too many “critics” are really paid by the corporations.

Guess what? They have been busted, a little bit.

Autism and Vaccines Researcher for Cdc, Indicted for Fraud and Money-laundering

The point I want to make with you is this. Most of the whole world, at this day, has some form of inhibition in their life, actually preventing them from even understanding spiritual things. This has been on-going for generations now.

This is what I believe at this point in my studies. That right now there are three classes of people.

The first class are those who are exposed to this message and are embracing it, living up to the light they have, preparing for eternal life.

The second class are those who are not exposed to this message, but they are living up to all the light they have, and are preparing for Heaven.
At the sounding of the loud cry, all the living will be exposed to this message. The first class will be the first ones sounding the cry. The second class will be the ones responding to the cry and joining the faith, and joining the giving of that cry, 1858GC, p. 195-196.
All the rest, are the third class, the wicked, doomed to the seven last plagues and some, even to be destroyed by the brightness of Christ’s coming, 2 Thessalonians 2:8.

Tomorrow the kicker.

God Bless your studies

Tuesday November 29, 2011

Here is an interesting thing. Dale Ratzlaff is a name I remember from long ago in the church. I just discovered that he left the church because of all the things that he could not explain from the Bible.

Now, mind you, this really is indicative of some sin in his life that he could not let go of. On that occurrence, confusion enters, doubts arise, Satan leads the mind in paths of darkness.

I lifted part of his bio, to point out what we are studying about Crosier’s article. Here is the excerpt.

After much prayer and through study, they [Dale and his wife Carolyn] felt they could not teach Adventist’s 1844 sanctuary, investigative judgment doctrine unless someone could show them how to get this doctrine from Scripture. Pastor Ratzlaff met with a number of other pastors, administrators and the chair of the religion department at Loma Linda University School of Religion. No one was able to support this doctrine from the Bible and most admitted to pastor Ratzlaff in private, confidential conversations that it was impossible. However, most of these same leaders continued to support this doctrine in public meetings.

So let’s take a look at this from a big picture view. Here we have the whole General Conference Seventh-Day Adventist church, professing to believe something, which in private, according to Dale’s testimony, no one can prove from the Bible. (!?!?!?!)

I’ll tell you what is wrong here. It doesn’t take much thinking. This church has forsaken it’s God. They have turned to the world (Satan), for something called “accreditation” for their schools; thus rejecting God, and inviting Satan to take God’s place teaching the children.

Fast-forward a few years, and now those kids are going to Andrews Seminary to, again, be taught by the agents of Satan. Fast-forward again a few years, now we have for the leadership of the church, people, who, for their whole educational experience, have been taught by agents of Satan.

And they — can not prove the 1844 sanctuary, investigative judgment doctrine from the Bible? What were you thinking?!?! What did you expect?!?!?

(I’ll apologize for all the shouting and desk pounding, I’m cooling down a bit.)

Crosier’s article in The Day-Star, proves it all, … from the Bible, and, the Bible only.

You want an anchor for your soul? Study truth.

The different parties of professed Advent believers have a little truth, but God has given all that to his children who are being prepared for the day of God; also truths that neither of these parties know, and will not understand. Things which are sealed up to them, the Lord has opened to those who will see, and are ready to understand them. And if God has any new light to communicate, he will let his chosen and beloved understand it, without their going to hear those who are in error and darkness to have their minds enlightened. p. 45, Para. 1, [SUPCEV].
   I was shown the necessity of those who believe we are having the last message of mercy, being separate from those who are daily imbibing new errors. I saw that young and old should not attend their assemblies; for it is wrong to encourage them by attending their meetings while they teach error that is poisonous, and death to the soul, and teach for doctrines the commandments of men. And the influence is not good. If God has delivered us from such darkness and error, we should stand fast in the liberty wherewith he has set us free, and rejoice in the truth. God is displeased with those who go to listen to error, when they are not obliged to; for unless he sends us to these meetings, where error is forced home to the people by the power of the will, he will not keep us. The angels cease their watchful care over us, and we are left to the buffetings of the enemy, to be darkened and weakened by him, and the power of his evil angels; and the light around us becomes contaminated with the darkness. p. 45, Para. 2, [SUPCEV].
I saw that we had not time to throw away in listening to fables. Our minds should not be thus diverted; but should be occupied with the present truth, and seeking wisdom that we may obtain a more thorough knowledge of our position; that with meekness we may give a reason of our hope from the Scriptures. While the mind is occupied in hearing false doctrines, and dangerous error, pressed upon the hearers, it cannot be dwelling upon the truth which is to fit and prepare the house of Israel to stand in the day of the Lord. p. 46, Para. 1, [SUPCEV].

It is the Sabbath that is the Seal of the Living God. Dale, as an agent of Satan, strikes directly at the Seal. Satan is real, he is the enemy of God and Christ. He will do everything in his power to prevent you from being sealed.

God Bless your preparation

Monday November 28, 2011

Ready for some math? Not much, just a little, addition, subtraction, &c. Here is the required math for proving your position on the beginning of the 2300 days.

☞ “The Bible gives the data for a complete system of chronology, extending from the creation to the birth of Cyrus, a clearly ascertained date. From this period downwards we have the undisputed Canon of Ptolemy and the undoubted era of Nabonassar, extending below our vulgar era. At the point where inspired chronology leaves us, this canon of undoubted accuracy commences. And thus the whole arch is spanned. It is by the canon of Ptolemy that the great prophetical period of the seventy weeks is fixed. This Canon places the seventh year of Artaxerxes in the year b. c. 457; and the accuracy of the Canon is demonstrated by the concurrent agreement of more than twenty eclipses. The seventy weeks date from the going forth of a decree respecting the restoration of Jerusalem. There were no decrees between the seventh and twentieth years of Artaxerxes. Four hundred and ninety years, beginning with the 7th, must commence in B. C. 457, and end in A. D. 34. Commencing in the 20th, they must commence in B. C. 444, and end in A. D. 47. As no event occurred in A. D. 47 to mark their termination, we cannot reckon from the 20th; we must, therefore, look to the 7th of Artaxerxes. This date we cannot change from B. C. 457 without first demonstrating the inaccuracy of Ptolemy’s Canon. To do this, it would be necessary to show that the large number of eclipses by which its accuracy has been repeatedly demonstrated, have not been correctly computed; and such a result would unsettle every chronological date, and leave the settlement of epochs and the adjustment of eras entirely at the mercy of every dreamer, so that chronology would be of no more value than mere guess-work.—  As the seventy weeks must terminate in A. D. 34, unless the seventh of Artaxerxes is wrongly fixed, and as that cannot be changed without some evidence to that effect, we inquire, What evidence marked that termination? The time when the apostles turned to the Gentiles harmonizes with that date better than any other which has been named. And the crucifixion, in A. D. 31, in the midst of the last week, is sustained by a mass of testimony which cannot be easily invalidated.” ☜

This is found in The Present Truth, No. 10, p. 78, top of the left column. Evidently Ptolemy’s Canon is quite the instrument. It has been tried and proven and found to be accurate. Plus, for us it confirms the date of the beginning of a time prophecy; one we now know to be correct in every way.

Let’s plug in here the prediction, two years in advance, of the fall from supremacy of the Ottoman empire, by J. Litch, on August 11, 1840. It came to pass on the very day predicted; using the dates as given by Ptolemy. You will find this in Life Incidents, pages 124 and 126. You can read more if you like.

We do have “a more sure word of prophecy” that you can count on! Here is the place to fix your anchor. It will hold you steady through any storm; and they are a com’ng.

Another place to check is Biblical Institute, pages 60-63. Reading this will help drive that anchor deep. Un-certainty comes from a lack of knowing facts. Certainty comes from knowing facts. Facts are truth, real truth. Once you get this material inside you and KNOW that it is true facts, you will be able to meet the enemy with strength, God’s strength of truth.

Remember this, Satan is the father of lies, therefore, his children will always use lies to attempt to confuse you and I from our secure position. This is a great reason to study and understand these things so you will know not to listen to the lies, for there are many of them out there.

God Bless your study

Sunday November 27, 2011

Attaining Heaven is no small work, yet it is accomplished in the small things of life. This testimony was evidently written to one who worked in the Office (Capitalized means the Review and Herald publishing office, as that is what they called it at that time. For some reason this word was changed, to be, not capitalized, in the counterfeit.).

Timely counsel about the great importance God places on things we are trained to look upon as of no consequence.

I used to have my life mentally divided, work, church, personal, family, &c., you get the picture. I did not realize that it’s all about God in our lives, all departments of it. When I would experience trials at work, I would think it had nothing to do with God. How wrong I was!

 It is by small things that our characters are formed to habits of integrity. You, my brother, have been of that disposition to undervalue the importance of the little incidents of careful, every-day life. This is a great mistake. Nothing with which we have to do is really small. Every action is of some account, either on the side of right, or on the side of wrong. It is only by exercising principle in the small transactions of ordinary life that we are tested and proved, and thereby we acquire a power to stand the greater and more important tests that we are called to endure, and are qualified to fill still more important positions. The mind must be trained through daily tests to habits of fidelity, to a sense of the claims of right and duty above inclination and pleasure. Minds thus trained are not wavering between right and wrong, as the trembling reed in the wind, but as soon as matters come before them, they discern at once that there is a principle involved, and they will instinctively choose the right without long debating the matter. They are loyal because they have trained themselves to habits of faithfulness and truth. By being faithful in that which is least, it becomes easy for them, through acquired power, to be faithful in greater matters. p. 24, Para. 1, [21OT].
Bro. —-‘s education has not been such as to strengthen the high moral qualities that would enable him to stand alone in the strength of God in defense of truth, amid the severest opposition, firm as a rock to principle, true to his moral character, unmoved by censure, or human praise, or rewards, preferring death rather than a violated conscience. Such integrity is needed in the Office of publication, where solemn, sacred truths are going forth, upon which the world are to be tested. p. 25, Para. 1, [21OT].
 The work of God calls for men of high moral powers to engage in its promulgation. Men are wanted whose hearts are nerved with holy fervor, men of strong purpose, that are not easily moved, who can lay down every selfish interest and give all for the cross and crown. The cause of present truth is suffering for men who are loyal to a sense of right and duty, whose moral integrity is firm, and their energy equal to the opening providence of God. Such qualifications as these are of more value than if men had untold wealth to invest in the work and cause of God. Moral integrity, energy, and strong purpose for the right, are qualities that cannot be supplied with any amount of gold. Men possessing these qualifications will have influence everywhere. Their lives will be more powerful than lofty eloquence. God calls for men of heart, men of mind, men of moral integrity, whom he can make the repositaries of his truth, who will correctly represent and exemplify its sacred principles in their daily life. p. 25, Para. 2, [21OT].

I am being tested right now from another direction. There has been a failure on the phrifery of life that is beyond any of my control, though it affects me. I can tell that I have made some growth in these things, because right away I realized it was all in God’s hands. My understanding, and thus, my attitude are different. So now I am waiting to see what God is going to bring to pass.

    The work of the Spirit of God, and wisdom from him, are not manifested that we may be happy and satisfied with ourselves, but that our souls may be renewed in knowledge and true holiness. p. 34, Para. 1, [21OT].

In order for things to change for you, you will have to change. You will have to get inside your head (secret prayer and meditation anyone?), and make some decisions that are real. A real decision is one that changes an act.

God is near to you and will help you with a present salvation, remember?

God Bless your study

Sabbath November 26, 2011

In our Sabbath group meeting, we have progressed into No. 21 as our reading for the meeting. There is a portion found on pages 20 to 23, that deals with health reform, from which we will take some excerpts.

Health reform is an interesting topic, probably because it can not be set aside for later decision making. In a few hours from any, now, you and I will be eating, something. I used to ask myself, when hunger’s pangs would interrupt my working to distraction, “What can I eat to stop the pain?” Later on I discovered a more elegant question is, “How can I nourish my body?” The end results are much better with the better question.

We all make decisions the moment we decide to eat. The great question with us is, “How shall we implement what we know about health reform?”

This gets to the core of the matter. Here is the real solution.

Sinners should have a clear impression given them of the nearness and willingness of Christ to give them present salvation. p. 39, Para. 2, [21OT].

We all need “present salvation.” Every day, every moment, every act, and every meal. Now this is for me, only; not you. Because I want to be a part of the 144,000, I choose to reform many things in this life; health being one of them. It’s actually probably better called “eating reform” as that is the operation of the matter. If, you want to be a part of the 144,000, then, and only then, you too can make some interesting choices.

I believe that those who will be a part of the 144,000 will pay any price to buy that pearl, that field with the hidden treasure. And if it costs my darling appetite, then so be it. The very last page, at the top, of No. 17, tells us the diet we might consider as preparation . . . for ourselves . . . for Heaven. It is for me. It is not for me to use as a club for you!

(BTW, in those days, grease = lard. Oil is not grease. A no oil diet is an extreme position.)

As I am sure I made this point we can move into the reading and are better prepared for it.

The Reformer was about dead. Bro. —- had urged the extreme positions of Dr. Thrall, which had influenced the doctor to come out in the Reformer stronger than he otherwise would have done, in discarding milk, sugar, and salt. The position to leave these things entirely may be right in their order. But the time had not come to make a general stand upon these points. And those who do take their position, and advocate the entire disuse of milk, butter, and sugar, should have their own tables free from these things. Bro. —-, even while taking his stand in the Reformer with Dr. Thrall in regard to the injurious effects of salt, milk, and sugar, did not practice the things he taught. Upon his own table these things were daily used. p. 20, Para. 1, [21OT].

We must go no faster than we can take those with us whose consciences and intellects are convinced of the truths we advocate. We must meet the people where they are. Some of us have been many years in arriving at our present position in health reform. Reform in diet is slow to obtain. We have powerful appetite to meet; for the world is given to gluttony. If we should allow the people as much time as we have required to come up to the present advanced state in reform, we should be very patient with them, and allow them to advance step by step, as we have done, until their feet are firmly established upon the health-reform platform. But we should be very cautious to not take one step too fast, that we shall be obliged to retrace. In reforms, we had better come one step short of the mark than to go one step beyond it. And if there is error at all, let it be on the side next to the people. p. 22, Para. 1, [21OT].

And, above all, we should not with our pens advocate positions that we do not put to a practical test in our own families, upon our own tables. This is dissimulation, and a species of hypocrisy. In Michigan we can do better in leaving salt, sugar, and milk, than many who are situated in the far West, or in the far East, where there is a scarcity of fruit. There are but very few families in Battle Creek who do not use these articles upon their tables. We know that a free use of these articles is positively injurious to health, and, in many cases, we think if they were not used at all, a much better state of health would be enjoyed. At present, our burden is not upon these things. The people are so far behind that we see it is all they can bear to have us draw the line upon their injurious indulgences and stimulating narcotics. We bear positive testimony against tobacco, spirituous liquors, snuff, tea, coffee, flesh-meats, butter, spices, rich cakes, mince pies, a large amount of salt, and all exciting substances used as articles of food. p. 22, Para. 2, [21OT].

If we come to persons who have not been enlightened in regard to health reform, and present our strongest positions at first, there is danger of their becoming discouraged as they see how much they have to give up, so that they will make no effort to reform. We must lead the people along patiently and gradually, remembering the hole of the pit whence we were digged. p. 23, Para. 1, [21OT].

There you have it. Health reform in a nutshell. Now what?

Some things must be stopped at once. There is no question on the matter, it must be stopped at once. If a man wants to join your group who is a murderer, he must stop that activity at once. Same with stealing, &c., as there are many things that are not even accepted by the world, let alone a group of Christians.

At this present time, I believe those who are preparing for the society of sinless angels, are seeking to purify themselves. Moment by moment they are after present salvation, God giving them power to purify themselves, prepared for translation, . . . or resurrection. See R&H, May 6, 1862. I believe we are to encourage each other on the strait and narrow path.

Will the people who are preparing to become holy, pure and refined, that they may be introduced into the society of heavenly angels, continue to take the life of God’s creatures and subsist on their flesh and enjoy it as a luxury? From what the Lord has shown me, this order of things will be changed, and God’s peculiar people will exercise temperance in all things. p. 52, Para. 2, [15OT].

I believe this is exactly where we are. On the very threshold of the doorway into the future. But only those who have purified themselves will pass the portal, unharmed. There are thirteen verses in the Bible containing the word “purify.” Courage Brother! Courage Sister! The enemy is hard at the gate, but we have the truth. Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light.”

All the honest in heart will be rescued. The truth is your lifeline.

He sacrificed himself for the joy that was set before him,–the joy of seeing souls rescued from Satan’s grasp, and saved in the kingdom of God. “Follow me,” was Christ’s command. Those who follow his example will share in the divine work of doing good, and will finally enter into the joy of their Lord. p. 132, Para. 2, [30OT].

God Bless your Sabbath

Friday November 25, 2011

As mentioned before, I have been studying O. R. L. Crosiers article on the sanctuary. It is very impressive for two reasons that I can see.

1.) It is the truth. You can count on what you are reading because God told us that Crosier had the true light. That light could only have come from God.

2.) It uses all Bible texts to make each point. Some of the texts I have wondered for years about the meaning, and here they are, portions from here and there. Lots and lots of texts, actually. I rather guess it must be something like Christ told the disciples on the way to Emmaus. You remember that the Old Testament was all they had at the time.

I got to thinking about how far the SDA church has gone from the position Crosier lays out so clearly. It is the work of a people in rebellion.

With Crosier’s article, it’s like truth is hidden in plain sight, under the satanically contrived, deceptive definition of the word, “inspiration.” Because God said Crosier had the true light, I would not want to touch the wording of any portion of that article. I would treat it “as if” it were inspired.

The way the church defines that word now, gives them liberty to claim it is not the truth, so they don’t have to heed the counsel.

For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge. Jeremiah 4:22
there is none understanding in him. [Esau] Obadiah 1:7
Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. Matthew 13:13

I thank God every day for his preservation of this truth for these last days. Just imagine trying to put it all together again from the beginning.

Praise God! for we know the end is near. Friday, word went out to all Americans in Syria, leave the country immediately. War is the solution to the overspending too many times. It will be much worse this time. Prepare for suffering. Prepare to embrace it as it comes to your sphere in God’s providence.

God will keep every one of his people, but allow him to keep you and I in the grave if it be his will. Think of that moment when you open your eyes, rising out of the grave, and hear the voice of the Father, as you join the rest of the 144,000; his words rolling through the world. Earthquake, fire, people screaming, massive hailstones all over the ground, but in peace and wonder you listen to the covenant of peace from the mouth of the Father.

Then you hear him giving the day and hour of Christ’s coming. What a day that will be!

God Bless your expectations

Thursday November 24, 2011

Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, the three Hebrews, standing there on that Durian plain, in a sea of people bowed down, giving homage to king, knowing it might be their last act.

How do you know when such a time has come? You know, the time for you to make a stand. How do you know it’s your turn?

As it turns out, it’s not that hard, … if.

In order to render to God perfect service, you want clear conceptions of his requirements. You should indulge in the use of the most simple food, prepared in the most simple manner, that the fine nerves of the brain be not weakened, benumbed nor paralyzed, making it impossible for you to discern sacred things, and to value the atonement, and the cleansing blood of Christ as of priceless worth. “Know ye not that they which run in a race, run all; but one receiveth the prize? So run that ye may obtain. And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly: so fight I, not as one that beateth the air. But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection; lest that I by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.” p. 35, Para. 2, [15OT].   

Those three knew by experience that they needed to practice health reform living up to all the light they had. That is how they knew, it was time.

We live in an age when much of what, most, consider to be food, is actually a slow poison. These articles of diet, though not seeming to, do affect the fine nerves of the brain and are the cause that those who eat such can not understand their Bibles, their SOP books, nor can they make right spiritual decisions.

This next passage, though written to ministers, applies to us today. I myself, being a work-a-holic, am working ( 😉 on temperance. Saving strength so that each portion of the day also has energy for that task. While it is good to get tired, I used to work on into the night, and many times into and through the next day. I am learning to pace my work, both being a desk jockey and a shovel jockey.

But after they have been engrossed and entangled all through the laboring days of the week, with the cares and perplexities of this life, they were wholly unfitted for the high, the sacred, important, work of God. The destiny of souls hangs upon the course they pursue, and the decisions they make. How important then that they should be temperate in all things, not only in their eating, but in their labor, that their strength may be unabated and devoted to their sacred calling. p. 21, Para. 1, [11OT].  
 Indulgence of the baser passions will lead very many to shut their eyes to the light; for they fear they shall see sins which they are unwilling to forsake. All may see if they will. If they choose darkness rather than light, their criminality will be none the less. Why do not men and women read, and become intelligent upon these things, which so decidedly affect their physical, intellectual, and moral strength? God has given you a habitation to care for, and preserve in the best condition for his service and glory. Your bodies are not your own. “What! know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” p. 192, Para. 1, [17OT].

God has caused that health reform is a major subject, even with the world at large. No one will have any excuse when they are called to account.

Will the people who are preparing to become holy, pure and refined, that they may be introduced into the society of heavenly angels, continue to take the life of God’s creatures and subsist on their flesh and enjoy it as a luxury? From what the Lord has shown me, this order of things will be changed, and God’s peculiar people will exercise temperance in all things. p. 52, Para. 2, [15OT].

There is a great future before us. Your influence is affecting those who come in contact with you. As you are preparing yourself for Heaven, from time to time you will be prompted to make that stand. Then in the ages to come, one may come near and offer grateful praise to God that, that day, you stood, and your crown will bear their name in one of it’s stars.

I was shown, Oct. 2, 1868, the great and solemn work before us of warning the world of the coming Judgment. Our example in carrying out our faith and good works generally, in accordance with the truth we profess, is saving a few, and condemning the many, leaving them with no excuse in the day when the cases of all will be decided. The righteous are to be prepared for everlasting life, and sinners, who will not become acquainted with the ways and will of God, are appointed to destruction. p. 169, Para. 3, [17OT].

God Bless your stand

Wednesday November 23, 2011

I just reviewed Joseph Bates The Sealing Message, p. 23-24, and gained a much clearer understanding of the truth about the Sabbath being the seal of the Father, which is said to be placed on the 144,000. What he wrote also brought into focus and made much clearer some things Ellen said while in vision.  Here it is.

A SIGN, and signifies subscribe, represent, notify, mark. This being the signification of a sign, it is the same as seal. God says that he gave the Sabbath for a perpetual covenant and “a sign (or seal) between him and the children of Israel forever. (His reasons for it are,) for, (or because) in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested and was refreshed.” — Ex. 31:17. How evident it is to any person of sane mind, that God gave this sign at the same time that he made the Sabbath, viz.: on the seventh day of creation; not for the tribes of Israel only that lived in the days of Moses, but for the whole Israel of God, from Adam to the resurrection of the righteous dead. This sign then was given twenty-five hundred years before there was a descendant of Jacob on the earth. The reason why Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, was because he wrestled all night with an Angel and prevailed with God. In this sense then all who overcome (and none else) will be the true Israel of God. p. 22, Para. 1, [SEAL144].
Again! “Verily my Sabbaths ye shall keep, for it is a sign between me (the children of Israel,) and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you.” The generation of Jacob’s descendants have not ended yet, hence the sign. But it was given for all that keep the Sabbath. It never can be a sign to them that do not keep it. Further, the keepers are sanctified by observing it. It is a sign, because no servile labor is to be done on that day. It is a sign because God has given it to us expressly for that purpose. Further, it is a sign that we shall know him, and be forever with him. It will continue with the Sabbath, and that we have proved, never ends. p. 23, Para. 1, [SEAL144].
A sign, signifies subscribe, represent, notify, mark, similar to our own usages. A sells B his farm, the contract is closed by giving a deed. How would it look if A first delivered, then sealed, afterwards signed, and then wrote it? You say, wrong: well then, reverse it. A writes it, then signs and seals, and then delivers it. Just so with a letter; just so is God’s order; now trying us, to prove us, by seeing whether we will keep his commandments or no; if we do, then we have the sign of the Sabbath, and ready to be sealed, and then delivered by the voice of god from the time of trouble. Here then the sealing process is proved as Paul has Abraham, “and he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had,” &c., Rom. 4:11. The sign shows that the seal must follow, and as there is no other truth which god has given his servants that is to be a sign between him and them but the keeping his Sabbath, then “a seal of the living God” is the Sabbath. p. 23, Para. 2, [SEAL144].
“ASCENDING FROM THE RISING OF THE SUN, having a seal of the living God.” I had believed that this ascending was to have been taken in a literal sense; the sealing messengers going at first from the borders of the Atlantic (sun’s rising,) West, and North, declaring the sealing message, but God in answer to united prayer gave us the clear light upon it, through sister Ellen G. White….

The testimony and commandments are linked together, they cannot be separated; that comes first the ten commandments, by God. p. 24, Para. 1, [SEAL144].
All who are saved will be tried upon it in some way. That the truth arises and is on the increase, stronger, and stronger. It’s the seal! It’s coming up! It arises, commencing from the rising of the sun. Like the sun, first cold, grows warmer and sends its rays. p. 25, Para. 2, [SEAL144]. When that truth arose there was but little light in it, but it has been increasing. O the power of these rays. p. 25, Para. 3, [SEAL144]. It grows in strength, the greatest weight and light is on that truth, for it lasts forever when the Bible is not needed. It arose there in the east, it began with a small light, but its beams are healing. O how mighty is that truth; it’s the highest after they enter the goodly land, but it will increase till they are made immortal. It commenced from the rising of the sun, keeps on its course like the sun, but it never sets. p. 25, Para. 4, [SEAL144].
     Look ye! that rising is in strength, and grows brighter and brighter. That truth is the seal, that’s why it comes last. p. 26, Para. 3, [SEAL144].

Joseph brings to light the process; first the writing, then the signing, and last the seal. The giving  of the commandments was the writing. Obedience to the Sabbath is the sign. It becomes the seal last, at death for some, at probation’s close for others.

Plus we have here confirmation that the true pioneers, “those who have been in all the messages [1st, 2nd, and 3rd angel’s messages], and are firm in all the present truth,” are the ones who set Present Truth for the last days. They experienced that last truth, that sealing, present truth, the Sabbath. That truth is the same for all of the saints, the 144,000, to the end.

God Bless your study

Tuesday November 22, 2011

We are all on a journey, . . . on two levels.

There is the macro level, incorporating all other people involved in God’s true church from Adam to the time of the “closing work for the church,” aka, the last days, begun on October 22, 1844.

Then there is the micro level, our own personal life and it’s events, from birth to death.

We each have an emotional stake in seeing the end come, in our lifetime, however short it be. I watched, as my Dad, knowing life’s natural course, knowing that the sands of time were running out for him, struggled with the great questions of life, direction and purpose.

One day he showed me a part of that struggle he had put to paper. It was about the harvest of the grain of the earth, as paralleled with the harvest of the saints. He had figured that the saints were cut down in the harvest as the stalk of wheat; thus not suffering, through a long, drawn out dying process.

I am sure he had second thoughts about that, . .. as he suffered through just what he did not want. It almost seems that every thing you are afraid of will be what you will be tried by. God must know. Therefore, all are given fair warning, you will be “purified, made white, and tried.” It is God’s appointed way.

We get so caught up in our-own-centric world that we forget we are a very small part, of a very big plan. The macro level. As we become aware humans, our-own-centric perspective is all we have. But God comes and offers us something much, much more —  self-less-ness.

 Those who want heaven, must, with every energy they possess, be encouraging the principles of heaven. And instead of their soul’s withering up with selfishness, they should be expanding with benevolence, and every opportunity should be improved in doing good to one another, and increasing and growing more and more into the principles of heaven. JESUS was held up to me as the perfect pattern. His life was without selfish interest, and was marked with disinterested benevolence. p. 181, Para. 1, [GC58].

It seems that those who do think more of others, God, encouraging the principles of Heaven, their perspective changes; they begin to see things more from God’s perspective. They get more of that macro view.

And now it becomes easier to understand the last 167 years. God has a plan. It’s much longer than my lifetime. It’s much bigger than my life. I wonder if the dying process has a great parallel in the time of Jacobs trouble. Something about burning out the world and welding ourselves to God and his ways.

One thing seems to be abundantly clear. If you have come into this faith you will have to be a part of the 144,000. The 1858 Great Controversy makes this clear in an oblique manner.

I saw angels hurrying to and fro in heaven. An angel returned from the earth with a writer’s inkhorn by his side, and reported to JESUS that his work was done, that the saints were numbered and sealed. Then I saw JESUS, who had been ministering before the ark containing the ten commandments, throw down the censer. He raised his hands upward, and with a loud voice said, It is done. And all the angelic host laid off their crowns as JESUS made the solemn declaration, He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be holy still. p. 197, Para. 2, [GC58].

This tells us that, until 144,000 individuals have chosen to “walk in the light as he is in the light,” probation will continue. Now the only ones on earth who have this light available are the SDAs. Each of those will be judged on that light because it was available to them. To be sure, it is only available to those who ask, seek and knock, but it is there. Thankfully, God is judge of each case.

Here is the operative sentence.

The commandments never would be struck against if it were not to get rid of the Sabbath commandment. That one that has relaxed it is very foolish. It was very small, and when it rose, though it rose in strength, it was weak back there, when it came up it increase, (or increased.) If they won’t hear it they are as accountable as though they did hear it. – Ellen’s Public Vision of November 18, 1848, in a small meeting at Dorchester, Mass., notes taken by Joseph Bates of Ellen’s words spoken while in vision, published in, A Seal of the Living God. A Hundred Forty-Four Thousand, of the Servants of God Being Sealed in 1849, pages 24-26, (January ?) 1849 (date published)

This means, that since the sealing time of the 144,000 started October 23, 1844, we do not yet have 144,000 who have made that choice to “walk in the light as he is in the light.” By extrapolation this means you — you and I, best be making sure, very sure, we are “in the light as he is in the light,” or we probably will not be saved.

 Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates? 2 Cor. 13:5

God Bless your self-examination