Sunday January 30, 2011

Special Post

I am taking the time to give to you something that I have been strongly impressed with this morning upon rising. I have often wondered at just what was the main point between the GCSDA church position and my position, as striving to be in perfect unity with the faith of the pioneers. My mind has been consumed with this for some time now, but this morning understanding has come.

It is the understanding of the absolute necessity of perfecting our Christian character, now, here, in this life, before death closes our probation forever.

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The General Conference Seventh-Day Adventist church teaches that there is no perfection attainable in this life. There may be some who will claim that this is not so; however, it is not what you say, it is what I hear, and for my fifty years in the GCSDA church, this is what I have heard. I have asked many people questions about perfection, pastors, teachers, others, it makes no difference. Go into any SDA church and start asking about perfection and you will get the same answers, i.e., “We can not be perfect in this life.”

What this answer does is it give permission to sin; nay, verily, it makes sinning a necessity, an assumption seed is planted in the mind that, “I must sin, because it is part and parcel of this life.”

This is a device of Satan, which he uses to great advantage.

We must go to God for all our wisdom, all correct understanding. God has clearly defined these matters so that none need err. The great problem lies in man, standing up in pride of education and titles, to teach others and others accepting such, which God’s word condemns, without proving all things. (You can read about this in the book, “Studies in Christian Education,” by E. A. Sutherland. Education has been taken over by the Jesuits.)

Further, God has provided and preserved the original Spirit of Prophecy for the use of his people, who will be living through the closing scenes of this earth’s history, more clearly defining there the proper way to articulate these matters to avoid the sophistry of Satan; who now has one hundred times greater power to deceive (No. 23, p. 103) than when he deceived the angels in Heaven, and this, in the face of the fact that the human mind is more readily affected by Satan’s devices in these last days. (R&H, February 18, 1862)

Here is God, speaking through his servant, Ellen.

Sanctification is not the work of a moment, an hour, or a day. It is a continual growth in grace. We know not one day how strong will be our conflict the next. Satan lives, and is active, and every day we need to earnestly cry to God for help and strength to resist him. As long as Satan reigns we shall have self to subdue, besetments to overcome, and there is no stopping place. There is no point to which we can come and say we have fully attained. [RH 05-06-62 para. 25] p. 23, Para. 6, [1862MS].

Phil. iii, 12: “Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect; but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.” [RH 05-06-62 para. 26] p. 23, Para. 7, [1862MS].

It is constantly an onward march. Jesus sits as a refiner and purifier of his people, and when his image is reflected in them perfectly, they are perfect and holy, and prepared for translation. A great work is required of the Christian. We are exhorted to cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. Here we see where the great labor rests. There is a constant work for the Christian. Every branch in the parent vine must derive life and strength from that vine, in order to yield fruit. Ellen G. White. [RH 05-06-62 para. 27] p. 23, Para. 8, [1862MS].

God tell us here, about the absolute necessity of perfecting our Christian character now.

I also saw that many did not realize what they must be in order to live in the sight of the Lord, without a High Priest in the Sanctuary, through the time of trouble. Those who receive the seal of the living God, and are protected in the time of trouble, must reflect the image of Jesus fully. p. 30, Para. 4, [CEV].

I saw that many were neglecting the preparation so needful, and were looking to the time of the “refreshing” and “latter rain” to fit them to stand in the day of the Lord, and to live in his sight. O, how many I saw in the time of trouble without a shelter! They had neglected the needful preparation, therefore they could not receive the refreshing that all must have to fit them to live in the sight of a holy God. Those who refuse to be hewed by the prophets, and do not purify their souls in obeying the whole truth, and are willing to believe that their condition is far better than it really is, will come up to the time of the falling of the plagues, and then see that they needed to be hewed and squared for the building. But there will be no time then to do it; and no Mediator to plead their cause before the Father. Before this time, the awfully solemn declaration has gone forth, “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” I saw that none could share the “refreshing,” unless they obtain the victory over every besetment, all pride, selfishness, love of the world, and over every wrong word and action. We should, therefore, be drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord, and be earnestly seeking that preparation necessary to enable us to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord. Let all remember that God is holy, and none but holy beings can ever dwell in his presence. p. 31, Para. 1, [CEV].

This is what it means to “Get Ready!” You must work on you. Your very life is at stake.

There is no time today for me to add any emphases, you will have to listen to the Holy Spirit and take these words from God and make of them what you will. I pray you will pray, for your very life.

God Bless your study

Sabbath January 29, 2011

Having just finished reading, from the beginning to page 31, in No. 28, I highly recommend that you take some time to read this touching account of the labors of James and Ellen and God visiting them with his presence. It just moved me to tears.

Please take the time to assess the evidence. Make a decision FOR God, for life, for the truth and message of present truth as laid out by the pioneers of this faith. Decide to believe in God, in the Bible and in the true, authenticated Spirit of Prophecy. You will be so blessed by God, led by the Holy Spirit, anchored in truth, that you will become,… more than you ever thought possible in the power of Jesus.

It pleased God by the foolishness of the preaching of the pioneers, through their writings, to save their brothern of the very last remnant of time, teaching them present truth. And so it is at these last days. Few, very few, there be that have the truth. Virtually all are teaching doctrines of devils. Traps and snares of Satan on every hand.

But PRAISE GOD!!! that his son Jesus, the Christ, has gained the victory! Here is what that means for you….

JESUS remained with his disciples forty days, causing them joy and gladness of heart, and opening to them more fully the realities of the kingdom of GOD. He commissioned them to bear testimony to the things which they had seen and heard, concerning his sufferings, death and resurrection; that he had made a sacrifice for sin, that all who would, might come unto him and find life. He with faithful tenderness told them that they would be persecuted and distressed; but they would find relief in referring to their experience, and remembering the words he had spoken to them. He told them that be had overcome the temptations of the Devil, and maintained the victory through trials and suffering, that Satan could have no more power over him, but would more directly bring his temptations and power to bear upon them, and upon all who should believe in his name. He told them that they could overcome, as he had overcome. p. 76, Para. 1, [GC58].

Do not think for one moment that that was then and this is now, for this next passage reveals your glorious future if you remain in Christ.

Said the angel, List ye! Soon I heard a voice that sounded like many musical instruments, all sounding in perfect strains, sweet and harmonious. It surpassed any music I had ever heard. It seemed to be so full of mercy, compassion, and elevating, holy joy. It thrilled through my whole being. Said the angel, Look ye! My attention was then turned to the company I had seen before, who were mightily shaken. I was shown those whom I had before seen weeping, and praying with agony of spirit. I saw that the company of guardian angels around them had doubled, and they were clothed with an armor from their head to their feet. They moved in exact order, firm like a company of soldiers. [Joel 2 ] Their countenances expressed the severe conflict which they had endured, the agonizing struggle they had passed through. Yet their features, marked with severe internal anguish, shone now with the light and glory of heaven. They had obtained the victory, and it called forth from them the deepest gratitude, and holy, sacred joy. p. 185, Para. 2, [GC58].

VICTORY!!! VICTORY!! VICTORY!!! it is yours by staying in God’s appointed pathway which is his revealed will for your life. There are so many portions and passages in the authenticated Spirit of Prophecy pointing you to the way of life. Christ cries out in agony of spirit, “Why will ye die!?”

Life, living eternal life is yours, if you will be obedient to God’s appointed way, you will become holy and ready for translation. But as long as Satan reigns there is no point to which we can come and say we have fully attained. (Adapted from R&H, May 6, 1862.)

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! We soon will be going home!

May God richly bless your Sabbath study

Sabbath January 22, 2011

We need to talk a little more about God’s providence. Then we will lay out some other points seemingly at random, yet connected by God’s providence, and geared to help you perfect your Christian character.

First off a reminder, that just studying this matter is ever accompanied by the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit ( p. 149, Para. 3, [17OT] ). So relax into it, expect it, relish it. And you might review these pages ( p. 88, Para. 3, [17OT] ) for God’s attitude about such things… he likes to increase your enjoyment of his peace and comfort. John 16:24

On about providence. Here is the point to be made. Many people believe that God has to do something, we will call it X, because another something, we’ll call it Y, is a certain way.

What this belief does, is it gives power to Y, that God has to conform to, by, going the route of X. This, in a subtle way, reduces God to some parameters which can be understood by man.

The truth is posted here and you should review it. God is in control, period. Just because things turn out the way they do is very simply because it is his appointed way. If he wanted it to be different, it would be. You will get a better picture in a minute.

We are to watch for the signs of the Master’s appearing.

A power vacuum has opened up. The last line of the sixth paragraph of this article states, “the international system is now powerless.”

It looks like the perfect time to set forth some religious leader. History is a teacher of what can be expected. The tree is leaning in that direction. Is this a precursor to Sunday being made a test? Time will tell. We wait and watch, while we perfect our Christian character.

What if it is the last time? Are you ready? Are you ready to be translated to immortal and taken to Heaven?

Just this Friday past I failed to recognize God’s providence is an event in my life. Me! I forgot for the influx of Satan’s angels pressing their darkness around me. God allowed it as a test for to show me how I too often trust to my own strength. Argue*! The test swept me off my feet, but not too far, Christ sits as a refiner and only allows so much heat. The solution, run to God. Lift your mind in prayer to God for help. What a marvelous thing that God proposes to fit you and me for Heaven!

God purposed through Christ that fallen man should have another trial.

Many want to believe in a second chance… well… this life is it! It’s your turn! Get Ready!

Many misunderstand the object for which they were created. It was to bless humanity and glorify God rather than to enjoy and glorify self.

I was so blown away when I read this! All your life you hear things like, “Son, get out there and see what you can make of yourself,” &c. It’s all self-serving. Keeping up with the Jones’ is feeding your pride. Most people spend a lot of time trying to “look good.” I know, I was one of that crowd, by habit.

“You deserve a break today.” Have you heard this advertisement? Virtually all advertizing is targeted to self-serving. One of the main reasons for not watching TV, it washes your brain in dirty water, planting all the wrong thought seeds in the garden of your mind, PREVENTING the formation of a perfect Christian character.

All these habits must be broken or you and I will come up in the second great resurrection, not a good thing.

God is constantly pruning his people, cutting off profuse, spreading branches, that they may bear fruit to his glory and not produce leaves only.

How about you? Got any profuse growth there?

God prunes us with sorrow, with disappointment and affliction, that the outgrowth of strong, perverse traits of character may, be weakened, and that the better traits may have a chance to develop.

Have any sorrow? disappointment? how about affliction? I never used to see these things as being under the hand of God, needing to be submissive to his providence, or connecting these in any way with religious matters. Satan likes that. But PRAISE God that he is able to preserve truth in the earth for us in these last days!! Here, among these books of truth we are walled in with light! No. 20, pages 42-49.

Idols must be given up, the conscience must become more tender; the meditation of the heart must be spiritual, and the entire character must become symmetrical.

God showed me my danger of self-love-serving by putting his hand on one of my idols. It was painful. It took time to understand. Now, I am very grateful for God’s hand in my life, … no matter how painful to self it might become. I need to change! I must change, or die.

Someone sent me a video clip of extreme snowboarding down a very steep and high mountain. I have been on skis a lot, never got into the boarding thing, … this is like a heart-stopper extreme. Now while this is done to enjoy and glorify self, what I want you to see is the lengths people go to just for a personal rush.

What is so baaaad about extreme religion? What is so bad about 100 percent belief in God? Why is extreme religion put down and extreme action for a personal rush lauded? Here is why.

Life in this stormy world where moral darkness triumphs over truth and virtue, will be to the Christian a continual conflict; and he will find that he must keep the armor on, for he will have to fight against forces that never tire, and foes that never sleep. p. 172, Para. 2, [24OT].

Remember that, “Resistance is success.” p. 27, Para. 1, [25OT].

Those who really desire to glorify God, will be thankful for the exposure of every idol and every sin, that they may see them and put them away; but the divided heart will plead indulgence rather than denial. p. 144, Para. 1, [28OT].

And this, … is the true reason for many who turn away from the truth, the word of God spoken from the Testimonies. Sin can not exist in God’s presence.

In my mind’s eye I can see Christ waving down the praise of the angel’s as he makes his way to the Father, all earnest, all intensity, all focus, wanting to hear from the Father himself, was it enough? And further, about my church. And the Father’s response, “Let all the angel’s of God worship him.”

That’s kinda extreme, dying on  a cross… for others.

God Bless your walk, working to perfect your Christian character for Heaven

Sabbath January 15, 2011

I just started reading this portion from No. 24, pages 147 to 181. Just guessing, it seems to be to just one man, apparently a pastor. That is how it reads to me anyway.

I find the message to be quite profound. It really is a continuation of the same theme from pages 144 to 147.

Here is the theme in a nutshell; God’s true people, his true church, are to be in perfect and total harmony with each other. Now we are going to post some excerpts and go into just a bit of depth on this.

The point is this; if you profess to be one of God’s own, then there are going to be certain characteristics about you, which you and others can easily check to see if you really are in the faith. The simplest one has to do with unity. That is the main subject of this portion of No. 24, but you need to read it with this point strongly in mind.

There is no visible church, that I know of, that is in the Present Truth, as portrayed by the pioneers of this faith, i.e., those who have been in all the messages and are firm in all the Present Truth. All those people are now dead. However, we can read the books and articles they left behind (right? their works do follow them… Rev. 14:13) and we can conform our faith to their’s.

Now the reason we want to conform our faith to their’s is because God delivered present truth to them through dreams and visions and the Holy Spirit’s teaching. And this light, is to lighten the path we are to travel on, all the way to the city. All, God’s true people will be in perfect harmony, no matter when they were born, no matter when they died.

This is the unity which God is emphasizing in this passage. This is where God’s true people will be, or if not, separate yourself from them, a few steps. Insulate yourself with God’s armor. Be careful what you listen to, when you attend a meeting, play a tape or watch a video. Give them time to grow, just like God has given you time to grow, but do not give up the faith once delivered to the saints!

You stay on that PROVEN path. The one endorsed by God with the seal of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Today, I especially urge you to read in context, right? you have all week to work on this one. Pray over it. Let this message sink in to your heart. Determine to be a believer. Decide to come into perfect harmony with the pioneers of this faith and God’s word. Choose to be humble enough to study the light of God’s revealed will. I appeal to you, dear Reader, take this narrow, strait path to the city. There is no “new light” of some different way.

There is only God’s appointed way, the same way the pioneers took.

Christ here gives all his people an example of the manner of his working for the salvation of men. The Son of God identified himself with the office and authority of his organized church. [Now all dead people, yet speaking through their writings] His blessings were to come through the agencies he has ordained, thus connecting man with the channel through which his blessings come. p. 144, Para. 1, [24OT].

The Redeemer of the world does not sanction the experience and exercise in religious matters independent of his organized and acknowledged church, where he has a church. [ This church now lives through you and your unity with the pioneers] p. 145, Para. 1, [24OT].

Many have the idea that they are responsible to Christ alone for their light and experience, independent of his acknowledged followers in the world. But this is condemned by Jesus in his teachings and in his examples of facts given for our instruction. Here was Paul directly brought into the presence of Christ, one whom Christ was to fit for a most important work, one who was to be a chosen vessel unto him, yet he does not teach him the lessons of truth. He arrests his course and convicts him; and when he asks Christ, “What wilt thou have me to do?” the Saviour does not tell him directly, but places him in connection with his church. They will tell thee what thou must do. p. 145, Para. 2, [24OT].

If all who have influence would feel the necessity of cooperation, and would seek to answer the prayer of Christ, that they may be one as he was one with the Father, the cause of present truth would be a power upon this Coast. But the people of God are asleep and do not see the wants of the cause for this time. They do not feel the importance of concentrated action. Satan is ever seeking to divide the faith and hearts of God’s people. He well knows that union is their strength, and division their weakness. It is important and essential that all of Christ’s followers understand his devices, and with a united front meet his attacks and vanquished him. They need to make continual efforts to press together even if it be at some sacrifice to themselves. p. 148, Para. 1, [24OT].

All should labor to come as near to one another as possible. p. 148, Para. 2, [24OT].

I was shown that Bro. —- displeased God and brought great darkness upon himself when he set up his judgment in opposition to his brethren in regard to the true way to observe the Sabbath. p. 149, Para. 1, [24OT].

Here a great point has been made. Conforming ourselves to the pioneers’ faith will place us in a right relation to God; for they truly are our brethren.

Christ commands his followers to walk in the light. Walking means moving onward, exerting ourselves, exercising our ability, being actively engaged. p. 150, Para. 1, [24OT].

If he could not have confidence in those at the head of the work [ this means James and Ellen and the pioneers] he would have confidence in no one. p. 151, Para. 1, [24OT].

Bro. —- has but little reverence or respect for his brethren [the pioneers]; he thinks that his judgment, and his knowledge and abilities are superior to theirs, therefore he will not receive anything from them, nor trust to their judgment nor seek to counsel with them unless he can lead and teach them. He will act according to his own judgment irrespective of his brethren’s feelings, their griefs or entreaties, and when he separated his confidence from the heart of the work, Satan knew that he was sure of him, unless this confidence could be restored.[in the pioneers] Bro. —-‘s eternal interest depends upon his accepting and respecting the helps and governments which God has been pleased to place in the church. [read, “the faith of the pioneers”] If he follows a course of his own choosing, he will eventually find out that he has been altogether upon a wrong track, and that he has deceived himself to his ruin. He will take first one turning, then another, and yet after all, miss the true and only path which leads to Heaven. p. 151, Para. 2, [24OT].

The farther he separated from God, the less love did he have for his brethren and the truth. p. 153, Para. 2, [24OT].

This is the testing point. Those who know this light are tested by it, and their humility to follow and walk in the exact same path as the pioneers.

I was shown Bro. —- questioning one after another of our points of faith, which had brought us out from the world, and made us a separate and distinct people, looking for the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. His unbelief and darkness have not moved the main pillars of our faith. The truth of God is not made of none effect by him. It remains the truth still; but he has had some influence upon the minds of his brethren. p. 154, Para. 1, [24OT].

Does Bro. —- try his course by this simple test? “Does this knowledge and light that I have found, and which places me at variance with my brethren, draw me more closely to Christ? does it make my Saviour more precious to me, and make my character more closely resemble his?” Para. 1, [24OT].

Bro. —- does not try to be in union with his brethren; Para. 2, [24OT].

The church of Christ is in constant peril. Satan is seeking to destroy the people of God, and one man’s mind, and one man’s judgment, are not sufficient to be trusted. Christ would have his followers brought together in church capacity, observing order, having rules and discipline, and all subject one to another, esteeming others better than themselves. Union and confidence are essential to the prosperity of the church. If each member of the church feels at liberty to move independently of the others, taking his own peculiar course, how can the church be in any safety in the hour of danger and peril? The prosperity and very existence of a church depend upon the prompt, united action and mutual confidence of its members. When, at a critical time, one shall sound the alarm of danger, there is need of prompt and active work, without stopping to question and canvass the whole subject from end to end, and thus letting the enemy gain every advantage by delay, when united action might have saved many souls from perdition. p. 162, Para. 1, [24OT].

God wants his people to be united in the closest bonds of Christian fellowship; confidence in our brethren is essential to the prosperity of the church; union of action is important in a religious crisis. … Jesus would have his followers subject one to another; then God can use them as instruments to save one another; for one may not discern the dangers which another’s eye is quick to perceive; but if the undiscerning will in confidence obey the warning, he may be saved great perplexities and trials. p. 163, Para. 1, [24OT].

I hope the point is driven home to you. Clearly there is a gap that needs to be filled. Clearly many, by their own choice, stay at a distance from their brethren.

God Bless your preparation for Heaven

Sabbath January 8.3, 2011

The theme of resisting Satan and all his attempts to get us to take our minds off Christ, to get us to focus on the darkness around us, is here shown to be in perfect harmony with the Bible.

You are capable of exerting a strong influence in favor of truth, if you will only train your mind to run in the right channel. All your words and acts should be such as to honor your Redeemer, and exalt his love, and magnify his charms. p. 66, Para. 2, [17OT].

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. Isaiah 55:6-7

God Bless

Sabbath January 8.2, 2011

Do you realize that you were actually born in the image of God? This is another beautiful confirmation of the harmony with the Bible. “In the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

When parents and children meet at the final reckoning, what a scene will then be presented. The thousands of children who have been slaves to appetite and debasing vice, whose lives are moral wrecks, will stand face to face with the parents who made them what they are. Who but the parents must bear this fearful responsibility? Did the Lord make these youth corrupt? Oh! no. He made them in his image, a little lower than the angels. Who, then, has done the fearful work of forming the life character? Who changed their characters so that they do not bear the impress of God, and must be forever separated from his presence as too impure to have any place with the pure angels in a holy Heaven. Were the sins of the parents transmitted to the children in perverted appetites and passions? And was the work completed by the pleasure-loving mother in a neglect to properly train her children according to the pattern given her? All these mothers, just as surely as they exist, will pass in review before God. Satan is ready to do his work, and to present temptations which they have no will or moral power to resist. p. 169, Para. 1, [25OT].

Sabbath Jan. 8.1, 2011

Many people just do not believe the Bible. It clearly states that Christ was not attractive, or handsome. In fact, to some he may even have appeared ugly, which is what a root out of dry ground looks like.

For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him. Isaiah 53:2

Here now is another instance of the beautiful harmony between the true Spirit of Prophecy and the Bible.

Christ, the Majesty of Heaven, laid — aside his robes of royalty, and came to this world, all seared ad marred by the curse, to teach men how to live a life of self-denial and self-sacrifice, and how to carry out practical religion in their daily lives. He came to give a correct example of a gospel minister. He labored constantly for one object; all his powers, and every act of his life was for the salvation of men. He traveled on foot, teaching his followers as he went. His garments were dusty and travelstained, and his appearance was uninviting. But the simple, pointed truths which fell from his divine lips soon caused his hearers to forget his appearance, and to be charmed, not with the man, but with the doctrine he taught. After teaching throughout the entire day, he frequently devoted the night to prayer. He made his supplications to his Father with strong crying and tears. He prayed, not for himself, but for those whom he came to redeem. p. 176, Para. 1, [28OT].

Sabbath January 8, 2011

Happy Sabbath.

I have been so impressed lately about the very idea of perfection. God has just been revealing link after link in the golden chain of truth that surrounds the truth about perfecting our Christian character. At times it is as if the very walls of the seen around me glow with the light of truth.

I encourage you to enter into this experience for yourself. Just weigh out the evidence about the original, authentic Spirit of Prophecy actually being a special message from the Creator of you, your God, especially for you, especially to help you through these last days and at last to live, forever. Then decide to believe. Just to be a believer. Make a clean break from unbelief and all doubts. It will make a tremendous difference in your life. It really will.

Understand too, I am a great sinner. (God be merciful to me.) Just this week I have been focusing more and more on controlling my thoughts (No. 27, p. 149), realizing that Satan is constantly putting suggestions into our minds. (1858 Great Controversy, p. 180) This is a life-long habit that I will break, only in the power of God. Praise his name.

We have a beautiful piece excerpted from No. 17 today. It gets into the details of the walk on the strait and narrow path to Heaven. But please read carefully the last line.

Conversion is a work that most do not appreciate. It is not a small matter to transform an earthly, sin-loving mind, and bring it up to Heaven, to understand the unspeakable love of Christ and the charms of his grace, and the excellency of God, till his soul is imbued with divine love, and captivated with the heavenly mysteries. When he understands these things, his former life will appear disgusting and hateful. He hates sin. He breaks his heart before God, and embraces Christ as the life and joy of the soul. He renounces his former pleasures. He has a new mind, new affections, new interest, new will. His sorrows, and desires, and love, are all new. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life, which have heretofore been preferred before Christ, are now turned from, and Christ is claimed as the charm of his life, his crown of rejoicing. Heaven, which possessed no charms, is now viewed in its riches and glory; and he contemplates it as his future home, where he shall see, love, and praise Him who hath redeemed him by his precious blood. The works of holiness which appeared wearisome, are now his delight. The word of God, which was dull and uninteresting, is now chosen as his study, the man of his counsel. It is as a letter written to him from God, bearing the inscription of the Eternal. His thoughts, his words, and his deeds are brought to this rule and tested. He trembles at the commands and threatenings, while he firmly grasps the promises, and strengthens his soul by appropriating them to himself. p. 122, Para. 2, [17OT].

The society of the most godly is now chosen by him, and the wicked, whose company he once loved, he no longer delights in. He weeps over the sins in them, at which he once laughed. Self-love and vanity are renounced, and he lives unto God, and is rich in good works. This is the sanctification God requires. Nothing short of this will he accept. p. 123, Para. 1, [17OT].

I beg of you, my brother [or any other], to enter into an earnest search of your heart, and inquire, What road am I traveling, and where will it end? p. 123, Para. 2, [17OT].

God Bless your Sabbath rest

Monday January 3.1, 2011

In God’s providence I will be posting a regular post on Sabbath with occasional posts otherwise. I will wait for God’s providence to open again for daily posts.
God Bless your preparation for Heaven, living forever and enjoying the fullness of living with God and Christ

Monday January 3, 2011

God’s providence controls everything.

The disposing of events is of his providence. p. 212, Para. 4, [1SP].

From an 1828 Webster dictionary, defining “providence.”

3. In theology, the care and superintendence which God exercises over his creatures. He that acknowledges a creation and denies a providence, involves himself in a palpable contradiction; for the same power which caused a thing to exist is necessary to continue its existence. Some persons admit a general providence, but deny a particular providence, not considering that a general providence consists of particulars. A belief in divine providence, is a source of great consolation to good men. By divine providence is often understood God himself.

The operational word from the above is “particular” meaning “details.” God does control all the details of your life.

I have come to the conclusion that anything that irritates me is a trial or affliction from God, which are his tools with which to shape character.

We believe without a doubt that Christ is soon coming. This is not a fable to us. It is a reality. We have to doubt, neither have we had a doubt for years, that the doctrines we hold today are present truth, and that we are preparing for the Judgment. We are preparing to meet Him who is to appear in the clouds of heaven with the holy retinue of angels, to escort Him on his way, to give the faithful and the just the finishing touch of immortality. When he comes he is not to cleanse us of our sins. He is not then to remove from us the defects in our characters. He will not then cure us of the infirmities of our tempers and dispositions. He will not do this work then. Before that time the work will all be accomplished, if wrought for us at all. Then those who are holy will be holy still. They are not to be made holy when the Lord comes. Those who have preserved their bodies, and their spirits, in holiness, and in sanctification, and honor, will then receive the finishing touch of immortality. And when he comes, those who are unjust, and unsanctified, and filthy, will remain so forever. There is then no work to be done for them which shall remove their defects, and give them holy characters. The Refiner does not then sit to pursue his refining process, and remove their sins, and their corruption. This is all to be done in these hours of probation. It is now that this work is to be accomplished for us. p. 2, Para. 1, [18OT].

We embrace the truth of God with our different organizations, and as we come under the influence of truth, it will accomplish the work for us which is necessary to be accomplished, and give us a mortal fitness for the kingdom of glory, and for the society of the heavenly angels. We are now in God’s workshop. We are, many of us, rough stones from the quarry. As we lay hold upon the truth of God, its influence must affect us. It must elevate us. It must remove from us every imperfection. It must remove from us sins of whatever nature. And it must fit us, that we may be prepared to see the King in his beauty, and finally to unite with the pure and heavenly angels in the kingdom of glory. This work is to be accomplished for us here. Here we are, with these bodies and spirits, which are to be fitted for immortality. p. 3, Para. 1, [18OT].

We are in a world that is in opposition to righteousness, holiness, a growth in grace, and to purity of character. Everywhere we look we see deformity and sin. We see corruption. We see defilement on every hand. And what is the work that we are to undertake here just previous to immortality? It is to preserve our bodies holy, our spirits pure, that we may stand forth unstained amid the corruptions teeming around us in these last days. And if this work is to be performed for us, we need to engage in it heartily, and engage in it at once. We want to understand it just as it is. Selfishness should not come in here to control us. We want the Spirit of God to have perfect control of us. It should influence us in all our actions. And if we have a right hold on Heaven, a right hold of the power that is from above, we shall feel the sanctifying influence of the Spirit of God upon our hearts. p. 3, Para. 2, [18OT].

We have been separated from the world by the great cleaver of truth. Our wrong traits of character are not always visible to ourselves, although they may be very apparent to others. But time and circumstances will surely prove us, and bring to light the gold of character, or discover the baser metal. Not one of us is known or read of all men, till the crucible of God tests us. Every base thought, every wrong action, reveals some defect in the character. These ragged traits must be brought under the chisel and hammer in God’s great workshop, and the grace of God must smooth and polish, before we can be fitted for a place in the glorious temple. p. 28, Para. 3, [30OT].

God Bless in the perfecting of your character