Wednesday December 1, 2010

In 31 more days we will cut a new year. Time is running thin. Soon the final events will begin. All will be forced to show their hand. Some will profess to be a believer right through to the close of probation.

I saw that many were neglecting the preparation so needful, and were looking to the time of the “refreshing” and “latter rain” to fit them to stand in the day of the Lord, and to live in his sight. O, how many I saw in the time of trouble without a shelter! They had neglected the needful preparation, therefore they could not receive the refreshing that all must have to fit them to live in the sight of a holy God. Those who refuse to be hewed by the prophets, and do not purify their souls in obeying the whole truth, and are willing to believe that their condition is far better than it really is, will come up to the time of the falling of the plagues, and then see that they needed to be hewed and squared for the building. But there will be no time then to do it; and no Mediator to plead their cause before the Father. p. 31, Para. 1, [CEV].

Those professed believers who come up to the time of trouble unprepared, will, in their despair, confess their sins before all in words of burning anguish, while the wicked exult over their distress. The case of all such is hopeless. When Christ stands up, and leaves the most holy place, then the time of trouble commences, and the case of every soul is decided, and there will be no atoning blood to cleanse from sin and pollution. p. 134, Para. 1, [3SG].

All this is as it should be. God has a purpose. It is the same purpose he exercised toward Satan and the angels he deceived.

The great God could at once have hurled this arch deceiver [Satan] from Heaven; but this was not his purpose. He would give the rebellious an equal chance to measure strength and might with his own Son and his loyal angels. In this battle every angel would choose his own side, and be manifested to all. It would not have been safe to suffer any who united with Satan in his rebellion to continue to occupy Heaven. They had learned the lesson of genuine rebellion against the unchangeable law of God; and this is incurable. If God had exercised his power to punish this chief rebel, disaffected angels would not have been manifested; hence God took another course; for he would manifest distinctly to all the heavenly host his justice and his judgment. p. 21, Para. 1, [1SP].

Make a determination today to follow Christ all the way. Make no mistake, you must choose from the heart; for God reads hearts. None can fool him. But it is the purpose of the final events to reveal to all,… just which side you are on.

Choose God. Choose truth.

God Bless your preparation for Heaven

Tuesday November 30, 2010

In keeping with our train of thought on perfection, we present this passage from No. 13 for your consideration. Perhaps, just perhaps, these things are true.

In concluding this narrative, I would say that we are living in a most solemn time. In the last vision given me, I was shown the startling fact that but a small portion of those who now profess the truth will be sanctified by it, and be saved. Many will get above the simplicity of the work. They will be conformed to the world, cherish idols, and become spiritually dead. The humble, self-sacrificing followers of Jesus will pass on to perfection, leaving the indifferent, and lovers of the world, behind. p. 54, Para. 1, [13OT].

I was pointed back to ancient Israel. But two of the adults of that vast army that left Egypt entered the land of Canaan. Their dead bodies were strewn in the wilderness because of their transgressions. p. 54, Para. 2, [13OT].

Modern Israel is in greater danger of forgetting God and being led into idolatry than was God’s ancient people. There are many idols which are worshiped even by professed Sabbath-keepers. God especially charged his ancient people to guard against idolatry, for if they should be led away from serving the living God his curse would rest upon them. If they would love him with all their heart, with all their soul, and with all their might, he would abundantly bless them in basket and in store, and would remove sickness away from the midst of them. p. 54, Para. 3, [13OT].

A blessing or a curse is now before the people of God; a blessing if they come out from the world and be separate, and walk in the path of humble obedience; and a curse if they unite with the idolatrous, who trample upon the high claims Heaven has upon them. The sins and iniquities of rebellious, ancient Israel are recorded and the picture presented before us as warnings, that if we imitate their example of transgression, and depart from God, we shall as surely fall as did ancient Israel. “Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples; and they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the world are come.” p. 54, Para. 4, [13OT].

In addition, please consider these two passages in conjunction with the above.

As we near the close of time, the human mind is more readily affected by Satan’s devices. p. 83, Para. 2, [7OT].

Satan has the same power and the same control over minds now, only increased by exercise and experience a hundred-fold. Men and women are today deceived, blinded by his insinuations and devices, and know it not. They are, in giving place to doubts and unbelief in regard to the work of God, and cherishing feelings of distrust and cruel jealousies, preparing themselves for complete deception. p. 103, Para. 1, [23OT].

So we now have a more complete picture of the end. Now we can better understand why so few will accept. Since studying perfection, just the small amount we have to this point, has opened our minds to the planting of heavenly seed thoughts, some of which have already sprung up and bore fruit of good action, we can clearly see the relation between a close walk with God, at least a striving for it, and those who are careless about it. They profess the walk, they attend church, they may even devote lots of time to the church, but they love their idols more.

I knew a man who was fairly active in church. I asked him one day if Christ was going to touch the earth when he came back the second time. His answer, “I’ll have to get back to you on that.” Been a member of the church for years, no clue. He could tell you all about sports though. Knew all about that. Who was on first and who made the most touchdowns. Idols. Destroy them.

God Bless your progress

Monday November 29, 2010

We need to take another look at what is called the fourth angel. It is called the fourth angel because of the focus on first three angels of Revelation 14. This is largely a misnomer. This fourth angel is found in the first few verses of Revelation 18. People who refer to this angel as the fourth angel are very unaware of the chain of angels in Revelation 14 and their place in last day events.

Just a quick review here. The first angel’s message found in Revelation 14:6-7, called people’s attention to the second coming of Christ and the judgment. The second angel’s message was a separation message. This message pronounced the fall of Babylon, the churches who rejected the first angel’s message, and called on God’s people to come out of those churches. Both the first and second angel’s messages continued to October 22, 1844, the great disappointment.

The very next day the third angel’s message started with the vision given to Hiram Edson in a cornfield. As he was crossing the field he was stopped and given the vision showing just what did happen the day of October 22. (Content to be posted later)

The third angel’s message has been sounding for the last 166 years.

The next angel is the true fourth angel. It is found in verse 15 of the same chapter in Revelation. Good reading on this may be found here, page 16, and here, page 14, both by James.

The angel of Revelation 18 might be more properly referred to in software updating terms, as angel 2.1. The reason for this is because of the message itself. This angel repeats the second angel’s message with additional warnings given that could not have applied to Babylon at the sounding of the second angel. For good reading on this point I refer you to James’ work Biblical Institute, pages 84-94.

The angel of Revelation 18 is also the Loud Cry angel. We believe this angel sounds after the beast of Revelation 13:11, the USA, speaks as a dragon, making Sunday sacredness a matter of law and a test for God’s people, and is God’s response to that Sunday law. ( see this post for ref. ) This angel is said to “come down from Heaven (as this is where God’s people are by faith ) having great power ( they are filled with the Holy Spirit ) and the earth was lightened with his glory.”

Here is the principle reason we believe this angel’s message is yet future. It is the circumstances of it’s appearance.

1.) That Sunday becomes a test for God’s people.

2.) The message goes with ten times the power of the midnight cry. {Spalding and Magan, page 4}

Plus, it’s purpose, it is in response to the beast’s speaking as a dragon — making Sunday a test and it is God’s last, and final, call of mercy to a doomed world. It will be made so powerful that it will sweep the world. God will hold all opposition in check until all have had a chance to hear the message. ( 1858 Great Controversy, page 195, I urge you to read the whole chapter “The Loud Cry” )

Excerpt from above.

A compelling power moves the honest, while the manifestation of the power of God holds in fear and restraint relatives and friends, and they dare not, neither have they power to, hinder those who feel the work of the Spirit of God upon them.

Do not be deceived by people making any form of announcement that they are a part of the angel of Revelation 18. Only after Sunday becomes a test can this be true and all will know, it will not be a secret movement. Check out this post for a look at an attempt by unknown persons to do exactly this and putting Ellen’s name to it, making another signpost of the counterfeit.

God Bless your study

Sunday November 28, 2010

In the strife for perfection we will have to put our all on the line. When soldiers go into battle they go with the intent to fight. When we accept the truth we are volunteering for war with Satan, who is our great enemy. Nevertheless, God, our great general, has promised that he will not send you to any part of the battle that you are not fitted for. {1 Corinthians 10:13}

Many go to battle and never pull a trigger. They are those in the support group. Soldiers must eat and have a place to sleep, something to wear, &c. The support group handles most of that. A wise general always plans for the support of the solider who is actually doing the fighting.

God’s providence and his word are your orders. Today his word includes the authenticated Spirit of Prophecy, where that light shines, and it is a test to divide between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not, just like all truth is a test.

Young and old have a conflict and warfare before them. They should not sleep for a moment. A wily foe is constantly on the alert to lead them astray and overcome them. Believers in present truth must be as watchful as their enemy, and manifest wisdom in resisting Satan. Will they do this? Will they persevere in this warfare? Will they be careful to depart from all iniquity? Christ is denied in many ways. We may deny him in our words, by speaking contrary to truth, or by speaking evil of others, or by foolish talking or jesting, or by words that are idle. In these things we manifest but little shrewdness or wisdom. We make ourselves weak, and our efforts are feeble to resist our great Enemy, and we are conquered. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, and through lack of watchfulness we confess that Christ is not in us. Those who will hesitate to devote themselves unreservedly to God, make poor work of following Christ. They follow him at such a distance they do not really know half the time whether they are following his footprints, or the footsteps of their great Enemy.[ !!! ] Why are we so slow to give up our interest in the things of this world, and take Christ for our only portion? Why should we wish to keep the friendship of our Lord’s enemies, and follow their customs and be led by their opinions?[ read 2 Chronicles 19:2 ] There must be an entire, unreserved surrender to God, a forsaking and turning away from the love of the world and earthly things, or we cannot be his disciples. p. 149, Para. 2, [10OT].

The life and spirit of Christ is the only standard of excellence and perfection, and our only safe course is in following his example. In doing this he will guide us by his counsel, [read: his word, the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, the Living Testimony] and afterward receive us to glory. We must strive diligently, and be willing to suffer much, in order to walk in the footsteps of our Redeemer. God is willing to work for us, to give us of his free Spirit, if we will strive for it, live for it, believe for it; and then we can walk in the light as he is in the light. We can feast upon his love, and drink in of his rich fullness. p. 150, Para. 1, [10OT].

Remember this, you are not alone. Go back and re-read this post for exact steps of how to.

God Bless your walk with him

Sabbath November 27, 2010

It’s important to remember that while we are about vindicating the true Spirit of Prophecy around here, a huge main focus is the application of that Testimony of Jesus to our lives, today in 2010. Soon it will be 2011. Being in a waiting watching position is trying. But that is it’s very purpose, to try, to test, to see what we are made of; for many shall be made white,… and tried.

Today we present some excerpts from the introduction to Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1, by James White. I believe God is using him in this introduction to make some points about the Spirit of Prophecy. I hope you are moved by the reading, as I.

When man in Eden stood in all the perfection of his manhood, before the blight of sin had touched anything that God had made for him, and with open face beheld the glory of the Lord, he could have no need of the spirit of prophecy. But when Eden was lost in consequence of transgression, and man was doomed to grope his way from the gates of Paradise, enshrouded in the moral gloom that resulted from the curse and the reign of Satan, he needed the light of the spirit of prophecy. And his need in this respect will continue, more or less urgent, until the restitution, when the redeemed shall walk and talk with God, and with Christ, and with the holy angels, in Eden restored. p. 12, Para. 1, [1SP].

Let it be borne in mind that God has set [ James used italics, I just added color ] prophets, miracles, and gifts of healings, in the Christian church as verily as he has teachers, helps, and governments. And this expression, “God hath set” them in the church, means more than that he would communicate with this people by his Holy Spirit in the Christian age the same as he had in former dispensations. It conveys the idea that God had especially endowed the Christian church with them. He had established them in the church, to remain until the return of her absent Lord. This was done because the church needed them.

Church leaders now, would have you think that the Spirit of Prophecy is only of Ellen, that “time and place must be considered” which means that we no longer need Ellen’s thoughts. All this is rebellion against God Almighty. This rebellion will be punished.

Did the primitive church need them? So did the true church need them to light her pathway during the dark period of her persecutions and martyrdom. And much more does the church need the gifts in making her course through the perils of the last days, in making ready to receive her soon-coming Lord. p. 13, Para. 1, [1SP].

The church to-day is almost infinitely below this state of unity, knowledge, and perfection. And not until the Christians of the last generation of men shall be brought to the enjoyment of it by the last warning message, and all the means God may employ to prepare them to be translated to Heaven without tasting death, will the ultimate design of the gifts be realized. p. 13, Para. 3, [1SP].

The truth of God upon this subject is consistent and harmonious with itself, and with all divine truth. The spirit of prophecy, in consequence of the fall and man’s separation from the visible presence of God, became a necessity. This necessity has not been obviated by any past change of dispensation. And no dispensation needs the gifts of the Holy Spirit more than the Christian age and at no time in the long period of man’s separation from God’s visible presence, have they been so much needed as amid the perils of the raging tempests of the last days. But when the Redeemer shall come, the controversy be ended, the saints’ rest given, and they, all immortal, meet around the throne with angels, and face to face behold the glory of God and the Lamb, the spirit of prophecy will be numbered among Heaven’s choicest blessings of the past. J. W. p. 16, Para. 2, [1SP].

God Bless your march to the city

Friday November 26, 2010

On this site we point out that God has appointed the pioneers, who have been in all the messages, as the ones to set present truth.

This idea is pronounced stupid and misguided by the SDA church of today, which has rejected the faith once delivered to the saints, officially so.

They [ inexperienced ministers] do not appreciate the value of the truth they present, and little realize what it has cost those, who, with prayers and tears, through trial and opposition, sought for it as for hid treasures. Every new link in the chain of truth was to them as precious as tried gold. These links are now united in a perfect whole. p. 85, Para. 2, [29OT].

No. 29 was published in 1880. God is here telling us that the body of Present Truth is now complete, in 1880. That was 130 years ago. The big problem here is all the people who want to be notable for “finding” some new truth. God is not interested in all that. God is looking for a people that will follow him, his leading, his directions; just go and do as they are told.

It’s humbling. The great pride of “I” found this, or “I” put together this chart or that paper. God wants none of that. Present Truth is all put together. It’s a package deal. All we have to do is learn it, then go and share it.

It is not for lack of knowledge that God’s people are now perishing. They will not be condemned because they do not know the way, the truth, and the life. The truth that has reached their understanding, the light which has shone on the soul, that has not been cherished, and which they have neglected, or refused to be led by, will condemn them. Those who never had the light to reject, will not be in condemnation. What more could have been done for God’s vineyard than has been done? Light, precious light, shines upon them; but the light will not save them, unless they consent to be saved by it, and fully live up to the light, and transmit their light to others in darkness. God calls upon his people to act. It is an individual work of confessing and forsaking of sins and returning unto the Lord, which is needed. One cannot do this work for another. Religious knowledge has accumulated, which has increased corresponding obligations. Great light has been shining upon the church, and they are condemned by the light, because they refuse to walk in it. If they were blind, they would be without sin. But they have seen light, and have heard much truth, yet are not wise and holy. Many have not advanced in knowledge and true holiness from what they were years since. They are spiritual dwarfs. Instead of going forward to perfection, they are taking back tracks to the darkness and bondage of Egypt. Their minds are not exercised unto godliness and true holiness. p. 15, Para. 2, [16OT].

God Bless your study

Thursday November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

We thank God that his protecting hand has withheld the great evil Satan would have brought upon our heads in this land. (USA) Were it not for his direct intervention we would have been swept into the grave by the engineered swine flu virus, or carried off by some other invention of Satan’s agents.

TDOEIOHP, (Spoken “Tee-Doe-ee-Op”) that is the operative word here.

The disposing of events is of his providence. p. 212, Para. 4, [1SP].

God is in control. Thanks be to God that he sets up leaders and he takes them down. God has so ordered events that BHO is the president of the USA. God has so ordered events that we now have a massive, world wide program to aerosol sulfur dioxide into the upper troposphere, which increases the earth’s albedo, the earths atmospheric reflectivity of sunlight, and thus alters its radiation balance. Man’s attempt to combat global warming. Just look up.

Read the context of the above passage, God is in control of all things. Our place is to submit to his providence. We are to follow in the path Christ took, one of suffering. This earth is not our home, Heaven is. For many years I was very patriotic, love for country and all that, but that is not for a true Christian. Our loyalty is in Heaven, to God.

God has so ordered events that now, today, we have, still, a great peace in this country. I find that to be truly amazing. For those who have no clue, we (in the USA) are on the brink of Civil War II. God has restrained the powers of darkness; is it to wait until the Loud Cry? Christ is to come very soon, our deliverance is even at the door!

I found this:

My attention [Ellen in vision] was then called from the scene. [ apparently the Ciivil War, just started] There seemed to be a little time of peace. Then the inhabitants of the earth were again presented before me, and everything was in the utmost confusion again. Strife, war and bloodshed, with famine and pestilence, raged everywhere. Other nations were engaged in this confusion and war. War caused famine. Want and bloodshed caused pestilence. [Review and Herald, August 27, 1861, {book 1, page 40}] [available here to download]

At first blush I would say that this vision applies to the first American Civil War and quite possibly the second American Civil War. But more research needs to be done here.

The bottom line is simply this; America is the largest, fattest, juiciest plum hanging on the tree. Just the juice dripping onto the ground has got gobs of ants going crazy.

Yet, still, peace, great peace reigns over our land. I like to think it is because of the true Christians in the land, following the instructions found in the Bible.

And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace. Jeremiah 29:7

Soon the USA will speak like a dragon, i.e., make Sunday a test through law. Then will come the Loud Cry response. Then will come the fulfillment of Daniel 11:44. Then will come Christ, in the clouds to rescue his people. Then the conflict for God’s people will be forever over, done.

Then will be the greatest Thanksgiving day ever, or ever and ever! What Joy that will be!

I hope you have a good family to spend the day with; one that honors God.

God Bless your preparation for eternal life

Wednesday November 24, 2010

I got involved in another conversation….

This was the part that came to my attention. Notice that it is from the counterfeit. Notice further the mix of truth with a lie. It creates a ‘feeling…’ that it somehow must be correct. Somehow, I just need to understand it. Right there is the big problem. Remember that Satan has had 6,000 years of practicing the arts of deception.

We have only to cling to the truth, the known truth. Make that your foundation, then, when faced with the counterfeit, you have your guard up, you have prayer ascending to God for protection for your mind. Why? Because Satan is constantly putting suggestions and thoughts into your mind and God is our only hope of defense.

We need human instrumentalities [speaking of ministers, &c.] to cooperate with the heavenly agencies in order to set forth the pure, unadulterated truth that the minds of inquirers after truth may be divested of all unscriptural superstitions, idolatrous views, and feelings. It is only thus that the Holy Spirit can reshape the character. Human instrumentalities possess no power or holiness of their own. The agency employed is powerful and efficacious only as God shall make it so. The treasure of the truth is in earthen vessels. {21MR 283.3}

A truth is first stated, the idea that the messengers of God’s truth need to cooperate with heavenly agencies, &c. But then it states “It is only thus that the Holy Spirit can reshape the character.” This is a lie of Satan.

Looking at this lie closer….

1.) The Holy Spirit does not do the actual reshaping of anyone’s character. Just review the past several days worth of posts on perfecting Christian character. To restate the matter: You, individually, must take hold of the work of reshaping your own character; this work is the special part of the work of salvation that is man’s part to do; with power that man gets by calling upon God.

2.) Looking now at the first portion of the sentence, “It is only thus…” If the Holy Spirit were to be reshaping our characters, then, according to this lie, that reshaping can only happen in the presence of a minister, pastor, messenger, (you pick your word there) who is preaching the truth in cooperation with heavenly agencies, presumably angels at least. Further assuming that you attend church once a week, you only get 52 chances a year to have the Holy Spirit reshape your character! Because that is what it says, “It is only thus…” that is what the word “thus” means in this sentence. It would be laughable were it not so serious an error.

Small wonder SDAs are so confused on the truth needed for salvation.

Moving on to the next sentence. “Human instrumentalities possess no power or holiness of their own.”

There are two ways this sentence can be understood.

1.) Whatever power man has is his level of holiness. That’s what the word “or” can function as, meaning that the word ‘power’ is the same as ‘holiness.’

2.) That mankind has no holiness of his own, at all, is largely understood by most professing Christians, therefore this infers a truth.

But what this sentence is actually doing is mixing functions. Mankind does have the power of choice which Satan can not take away. That is a function man holds. Holiness is not a power or function of man, man can only believe a lie that he has some holiness. God declares that all our right-doing (righteousness or holiness) is as filthy rags.

This is the problem with the counterfeit. It is hard to unravel to get to the truth. Thus the importance of studying the truth that is proven to be so. Prove all things. Then, hold fast the truth.

Because that here, in these pages, we study the proven truth, it becomes much easier to discover the lies of Satan.

God Bless the perfecting of your Christian character

Tuesday November 23, 2010

It seems to me that “perfecting Christian character” is a good synonym for “sanctification.” At least at this point. Thinking about it like that, keeping the two thoughts in parallel, seems to give me a better feeling for both. Then, when reading a passage, like the following, it seems to make more sense. We have looked at this one several times already.

There are enough subjects, to meditate and converse upon, that are profitable.

We are told to control our thoughts, the parents to our acts, in the garden of our minds; which Christ came to change the current of….

The conversation of the Christian should be in Heaven, from whence we look for the Saviour. Meditation upon heavenly things is profitable, and will ever be accompanied with peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit. [I just love that…] Our calling is holy, our profession exalted. God is purifying unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. He is sitting as a refiner and purifier of silver. When the dross and tin are removed, then his image shall be perfectly reflected in us.

This looks like perfection, no dross and tin; both are imperfections of silver.

Right here, look at the movement from “his image shall be perfectly reflected in us,” to the next sentence about sanctification.

Then the prayer of Christ for his disciples will be answered in us, “Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth.”

We have been showing forth the relation of the authentic Spirit of Prophecy to God — it is his truth, it is his word. Therefore, the authentic Spirit of Prophecy is the truth that works sanctification out in us – if – we embrace it.

When the truth has it’s sanctifying influence upon our hearts and lives, we can render to God acceptable service, and can glorify him upon the earth, being partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. p. 149, Para. 3, [17OT].

This looks like perfection. This sounds like perfection. This looks like a people who have no sin or faults in their lives. This looks like a description of a Christ — ian.

Oh! how many will be found unready when the Master shall come to reckon with his servants. They have meagre ideas of what constitutes a Christian.

Just above we have a good description of what constitutes a Christian.

Self-righteousness will then be of no avail. None can stand the test only those who shall be found having on the righteousness of Christ, imbued with his spirit, walking even as he walked, in purity of heart and life.

Ok, so here we have another connecting link, i.e., the Righteousness of Christ. Notice how it is connected with perfection and sanctification. Perfection being clearly laid out in the underlined words, “imbued with his spirit, walking even as he walked, in purity of heart and life.”

The conversation must be holy, and then the words will be seasoned with grace. p. 150, Para. 1, [17OT].

The word ‘perfect’ is used 94 times in the KJV of the Bible. I suggest that you search them up. Read them carefully. Know that you are reading a message that God has sent to you. What does that mean? How important can it be?

God Bless your purification

Monday November 22, 2010

I have two items for you today. For the first item I want to strongly urge and encourage you to read the twenty-ninth chapter of the 1858 Great Controversy, “A Firm Platform.”

The SOPHisTry of Satan has beguiled many, very many. They read and are bathed in the light of the authenticated Spirit of Prophecy, but some unholy attachment to their books, their past, their church, their friends, exists and they just can not stay with the truth. Some where in their life there is some darling sin they are cherishing, this causes the light they are bathed with to fade into darkness, and how great is that darkness.

Time and again we point out the beautiful harmony of all the authenticated Spirit of Prophecy, within itself and with the Bible. This is very hard to controvert. With the SOPHisTry of Satan it is not so; it must be explained and taught and propounded &c., to the inth degree. Why? Because it is so full of lies. It has something of a tempo, like music, in a way, it speaks truth – lie – truth – lie – truth – lie – truth. Something like that anyway. Satan’s lies are shrouded with truth, cloaked with light; thus we are informed, “Satan comes as an angel of light.”

In “A Firm Platform” you will find God revealing people attempting to tear down the platform of truth. This is a very hard thing to do. God’s people are safe on the platform. But, like Eve, many, in the pride of their hearts, believe they can go to the forbidden tree, linger and dally, and fatally believe that they are a match for Satan’s SOPHisTry, matching their 60 years of adult-hood to Satan’s 6,000 years of practicing deception.

When the Son of man cometh, will he find faith on the earth?


For our second item I found the following in No. 17.

Satan will oppose every effort they may make. He will present the world before them in its most attractive light, as he did to the Saviour of the world when he tempted him forty days in the wilderness. Christ overcame all the temptations of Satan, and so may your children. They are serving a hard master. The wages of sin is death. They cannot afford to sin. They will find it expensive business. They will meet with eternal loss in the end. They will lose the mansions Jesus has gone to prepare for those who love him. They will lose that life which measures with the life of God. And this is not all. They must suffer the wrath of an offended God. They have withheld from him their service, and given all their efforts to his worst enemy. Your children have not yet had clear light, and condemnation only follows the rejection of light. p. 112, Para. 3, [17OT].

This is a great example of the beautiful harmony found within the authenticated Spirit of Prophecy. Please go back to this post and find the harmony there revealed.

God Bless your study